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NTT DATA Secure Healthcare Cloud

NTT DATA Secure Healthcare Cloud
Recorded Jun 5 2017 2 mins
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  • The API Economy in Banking Part 1, Preparing internal environments for PSD2 Dec 4 2017 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    David Harvey, Senior Principal Banking Practice, NTT DATA Services, Richard Price Sales Director, FSI UK & Ireland, TIBCO
    Regulatory conditions are preventing many banks from consolidating in the market, and there is evidence to support those financial institutions will need to re-engineer their own businesses and internal environments, transform current models to remain relevant, nurture and grow their customer bases.
    As part of this process, preparing internal IT environments and developing differentiating capabilities will be key in highly competitive markets and innovation before the adoption of the new ‘Fintech ecosystems’ or “fintegration” (i.e. the marrying up of banks and Fintechs) will be pivotal in the banking industry’s fight to maintain their current business and grow. Join David Harvey, Senior Principal, Banking Practice, NTT Data Services, and guest speaker Richard Price, Sales Director – FSI UK & Ireland, TIBCO.
    You will learn:
    - Trends, Implications, Challenges and Proposed Solutions
    - Internal preparation of your IT Environment for the new Digital banking Economy
    - Approaches on how to better prepare for new technologies through Open APIs
    - How to set up infrastructure and workflows to align Data Governance and Security in preparation for Open Banking.
  • Are applications taking too long to implement? Sep 27 2017 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Simon Spence, Vice President, ERP Practice, NTT DATA
    Discover next-gen services built for speed.

    Gone are the days of multi-year application projects with the promise of vague business transformation. Join us as we unveil the next-generation of application services that are built for the speed of today’s digital enterprise.
  • Mangesh Kulkarni, discusses the various Automation initiatives being Undertaken Recorded: Sep 19 2017 3 mins
    Mangesh Kulkarni, Head of Automation and Integration, EMEA, NTT DATA Servcies
    Mangesh as a pratitioner working with multiple customers, talks about the initiatives being undertaken, the types of tools, process fits and assessments depending on where customers are at on their RPA Journey.
    To request attendance to the Event on the 28th September register here: http://bit.ly/2wKdNlL
  • Arnaud Lagarde, Explains the Automation Journey & What Companies Start With Recorded: Sep 19 2017 4 mins
    Arnaud Lagarde Strategic Account Manager, Automation Anywhere
    Arnaud Lagarde Strategic Account Manager, Automation Anywhere describes the content to be covered in the upcoming automation event on the 28th September at the CBR Dining Club with NTT DATA Services,relationship with man and machine,where companies are automating and the adjustments companies are making with software robots taking on the human tasks.
    Interested in Attending the event on the 28th September - visit http://bit.ly/2wKdNlL
  • Durvesh Ganveer discusses Success learnings and how best to Harness RPA and AI Recorded: Sep 15 2017 4 mins
    Durvesh Ganveer, Chief Architect and Global Head of Solution Consulting
    CBR and NTT DATA Services Are hosting a dinner on the 28th September at the Ivy Restaurant in London.To bring RPA, IoT and AI to life, NTT Data is assembling a panel of experts including speakers from Banks and Insurance companies, AXA and AIG.
    This industry gathering is designed to address the Automation Conundrum. Discuss these techniques and present practical examples of how they are being applied in today’s digital environment. Attendees included senior leaders from Zurich Insurance, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, RSA and Experian to name but a few. To request attendance register here: http://bit.ly/2wKdNlL
  • NTT DATA’s Intelligent QA Approach Recorded: Aug 10 2017 36 mins
    Nikhil Joshi - VP QAT Practice, Katsutoshi Imai - QAT Global R&D Lead
    Join this informative webinar to see how we achieve superior test acceleration using NTT DATA's ML/AI based Intelligent QA solution. Our Software Test Acceleration Toolkit forays into Intelligent Automation space with its in-house built analysis driven testing engine, helping organizations improve their testing quality by taking better decisions.
  • Provider Data Evolution Recorded: Aug 2 2017 55 mins
    John Hurd (NTT DATA), Liz Peters (NTT DATA), Karen Way (NTT DATA), Jeff Rivkin (IDC Health Insights)
    Turn your provider directory into an asset, not a liability.

    Comprehensive provider data combined with analytics can yield actionable business insights to help you improve member satisfaction and financial performance. You can track patients’ health, physician performance towards shared savings goals and understand network and attribution patterns. You can also see referral patterns and practice variations, benchmark physicians’ performance on cost and quality measures to help you improve member health and your financial performance.

    This session will explore the evolving use of consumerism practices and using advanced analytics to understand provider data and to impact satisfaction, retention, and outcomes.

    Participants will learn how to:

    - Link your provider directory to your CRM, allowing you to expand members’ profiles and provide more personalized experiences
    - Use an intuitive and user-friendly member portal and dynamic content to enhance the user experience when searching for providers and educational material, which will encourage members to share additional details for better resource alignment
    - Integrate an online scheduling tool and telehealth virtual visits for greater member convenience and to improve outcomes
    - Identify high-performing providers using a combination of provider data and other data sources (e.g., claims)
    - Enable monitoring and prediction of provider performance via cost/quality metrics to ensure adherence to value-based agreements.
    - Ensure network adequacy by comparing provider locations to population distribution

    John Hurd - Go to Market Lead, Provider Data Management Solutions, NTT DATA Services

    Liz Peters - Go to Market Lead, Customer Relationship Management Solutions, NTT DATA Services

    Karen Way - Go to Market Lead, Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions, NTT DATA Services

    Jeff Rivkin - Research Director, Payer IT Strategies, IDC Health Insights
  • NTT Security - Advanced Analytics Recorded: Jul 8 2017 3 mins
    NTT Security
    This video discusses how to find a critical threat, advanced analytics and a skilled set of people are needed with the time, right expertise and skill set to fully understand the context and impact of a security threat.
  • InsureRelevance, exciting new technologies for Digital Insurance Acceleration Recorded: Jul 7 2017 13 mins
    NTT DATA & NTT DATA Servcices
    An overview of new technologies leveraging tradition, data, and insight to help make history. Insurance needs to stay relevant to the the changing way of life. Respecting privacy, accepting everyone is different, allowing for always on, and broadening support to the customer with money advice via digital media.

    This video explores exciting new technologies delivered via an innovative services platform to channel digital accelerators including:

    - NTT DATA Digital Vault
    - NTT DATA Services IoT Accelerator platform
    - NTT DATA Services Digital Transformation omni-channel experience
    enabling customers to cross sell and and engage more efficiently with

    These innovative new technologies improve the customer experience, increase customer interaction allowing to cross sell and upsell new products and services, reduce claims, and make buildings smart and help create and archive of digital assets with low risk and fast role out.
  • NTT DATA Patient Engagement and Telehealth Solution Recorded: Jul 5 2017 2 mins
    NTT DATA Patient Engagement and Telehealth Solution
  • NTT DATA Consumerism Solution for Health Plans Recorded: Jun 5 2017 3 mins
    NTT DATA Consumerism Solution for Health Plans
  • Disrupting Insurance with IoT, Demo Recorded: Apr 12 2017 8 mins
    Joe Policella, Principal Consultant at NTT DATA Services
    Joe Policella presents ongoing exciting new developments for Insurance Industry. performing a live demonstration on how IoT can disrupt traditional business models in the insurance industry. The demonstration of a water leak scenario illustrates Insurance as a Service, Usage Based Insurance/Dynamic Pricing, and Prescriptive Analytics. The demo uses NTT DATA Services’s Insurance IoT Accelerator which is an end-to-end cloud based IoT Fabric
  • Leveraging Connected environments & IoT to improve the customer experience Recorded: Apr 12 2017 53 mins
    Jamie Macgregor, SVP, Celent, Joe Policella, Principal Consultant at NTT Data Services,
    Hosted by Jamie Macgregor, Senior Vice President of Celent’s Insurance practice, and co-presented by Joe Policella, at NTT DATA, Inc., This interactive video debate will be unique in discussing how connected environments & IoT can improve and deliver a new customer experience, and drive efficiency and ROI for insurers. IoT is accelerating existing pressures and disrupting traditional insurance models—whilst at the same time opening new frontiers for growth. Can an old industry learn new tricks?

    Areas covered:
    1)How to enable disruptive Insurance business models to stay ahead
    of the competition including non-insurers entering the market as a
    result of IoT.
    2)How IoT helps insurers understand the behaviour and the risks of
    customers, and hence forth know the price and prevent bad things
    from happening and offer products that are more suited for their
    3)How radical innovation and next-generation customer services can
    be enabled,
    4)How can insurers seamlessly integrate channels and devices while
    putting security first?
    5)What approaches can be used to boost customer retention rates
    and keep your best customers?
    6)How can data and services be leveraged to predict risk and reduce
    loss ratios?
  • Artificial Intelligence in Insurance, Where it can be used in customer journey Recorded: Apr 7 2017 15 mins
    Lisa Woodley, Vice President of Experience Design within Financial Services, NTT Data
    There is much hype about Artificial Intelligence. Jamie MacGregor, Vice President of Insurance at Celent Interviews Lisa Woodley, Vice President of Experience Design within Financial Services, NTT Data.
    Lisa Discusses her role as the experience designer at NTT Data and discusses:

    - Her approach with clients when looking at how AI and RPA and how it can be used to improve Claims Processes
    - Looking at processes and where can automation help.
    - How Self help and AI chat can help streamline process and reduce your churn
    - Lisa discusses how Self Service and chat can help reduce customer churn and how machine learning will help improve the level of automation in customer support enquiries.
    - Lisa discusses some on the future advancements in AI and how this can be applied to improve customer experience in getting faster claims processing and more automated back end processes.
  • Beyond Digital,getting value from Data Visualisation, AI & Robotics in insurance Recorded: Apr 6 2017 44 mins
    Jamie Macgregor, SVP, Celent & Tom Winstanley, Head of Consulting, VP Digital, NTT Data UK
    The insurance industry is certainly no stranger to change. New technology, regulatory requirements and shifts in customer demand are driving almost constant change.

    The Natural perils, globalisation, and disruption in distribution
    combined with regulatory intervention and increased
    competition has put immense pressure on insurers.

    Rapid integration of technology and life has created a
    proliferation of data, presenting unprecedented
    opportunities to use Data visualisation and advanced analytics to leverage new information – about potential markets, risks, customers,
    competitors and natural disasters.

    Reporting and visualisation can enable the insurer for faster decision making and identifying the key areas for improvements.

    Infusing Data Visualiation, Advanced Analytics, Machine based learning can add significant new capabilities into an insurer’s
    DNA allowing for identification of new growth opportunities
    while at the same time protecting and optimising the enterprise.

    Insight into the impact of the change ahead is especially important for insurers looking to deploy new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, and robotic process automation to gain strategic advantage.

    During this webcast you will learn:
    - Trends, implications and opportunities
    - The Key questions insurers are asking such as achieving success - how to use advanced analytics modelling methods and tools to leverage useful internal and external structured and unstructured Data

    - How to begin using new models beyond digital , such as Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation
  • The Race to Innovation in Insurance Recorded: Apr 4 2017 53 mins
    Jamie Macgregor, SVP, Celent, and Kim Gray, Senior Consultant, NTT DATA
    In the last 10 years, digital and new engagement models have completely transformed the consumer and buying experience. And yet, the insurance industry continues to operate almost exactly the same; from the annual quote and buying or renewal process to the contact centre and an online experience designed 15 to 20 years ago.

    Celent and NTT DATA would like to invite you to attend a series of three one-hour online BrightTALK video events during April starting with “The Race to Innovation in Insurance.” Hosted by Jamie Macgregor, senior vice president of Celent’s Insurance practice, with a panel of guest speakers from leading insurance innovators including Aviva, Legal & General, NTT DATA and Ingenin, this video series will feature a panel discussion on what’s new and at the cutting edge, and how to truly create new markets, improve profitability for insurers and deliver value for the end customer.

    The event will focus on five technology innovations that insurers have ultimately no choice embracing. It will explore what continues to hold back insurers in their innovation ambition and what green shoots are emerging to change all of that:

    The panel will discuss topics such as:
    •Is agile proof-of-concept planning being strangled within insurance corporations?
    •How can you leverage connected environments? Does the connected environment improve customer service and/or enhance underwriting decisions?
    •What new, differentiated and transformative digital approaches/models are out there to help you improve customer experience?
    •How you should be using application/cloud deployment to significantly reducing CIO cost of ownership and responsiveness to innovation demand.
    •Are technologies beyond digital, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, able to transform routine risk appraisal and process execution?
    •What will the new transformations using blockchain and the Internet of Things do to allow automation and straight-though processing?
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We are a top 10 global IT services and consulting provider that wraps deep industry expertise around a comprehensive portfolio of infrastructure, applications and business process services.

We focus on the insights, solutions and outcomes that matter most to clients. We invite you to explore our channel.

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