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Leveraging Security Validation to Operationalize Threat Intelligence

When optimizing security defenses, organizations need to know as much as possible about today’s attacks and threat actors to protect critical systems, data and users against likely attack scenarios.   Cyber threat intelligence can give organizations rich context on the threat landscape to bolster security effectiveness testing that can identify gaps in security controls before incidents occur.

In this session, Mandiant security experts discuss the use of threat intelligence and security validation to understand who might attack, where organizations are most vulnerable, and how to respond. You’ll hear about:

- The value of cyber threat intelligence to proactively identify the latest and most sophisticated threats and support strategic decisions
- The importance of automatic and routine controls testing against the latest attack behaviors
- How security effectiveness validation and cyber threat intelligence can help rationalize security investments, align business and security programs and best equip security teams to defend against adversaries.
Live online Jun 10 8:00 pm UTC
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Presented by
Henry Peltokangas, Director of Product, Mandiant Security Validation & Jeffrey Berg, Sr. Director​, Mandiant Threat Intel
Presentation preview: Leveraging Security Validation to Operationalize Threat Intelligence
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  • Security Without Barriers: How to Adopt, Implement, and Measure Cyber Resilience Jun 10 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Chris Schreiber, Christian Schreiber, CISM, PMP Cybersecurity Platform Strategist, FireEye
    Adoption of cloud computing, an increasingly remote workforce and more reliance on mobile devices to access enterprise applications has radically changed how technology is deployed and used. Organizations need to protect their digital assets with strategies that evolve to support changing conditions.
    Attend this session to learn how a cyber resilience strategy can help protect your organization, as well as how you can explain the new cyber security landscape to your stakeholders.
    Topics include:
    • How cyber resilience can better protect your assets whenever and wherever your users require access
    • How to maintain an open and collaborative environment while still meeting security needs
    • How you can explain your security program goals to stakeholders
  • Election Protection: Real World Guidance and Best Practices Jun 10 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Ron Bushar, Sr. Vice President & CTO - Government Solutions, FireEye, Ben Woolsey, Manager, Mandiant Services
    Election security is a top concern for national and local governments across the world. With real-world experience from the frontlines of cyber attacks, our experts share hard-won guidance on strategies to reinforce elections infrastructure against malicious cyber activity.
    Join us to learn best practices and get frontline insights into how officials at all levels should address the threats to election security. We will share the current threat landscape and best practices to address the challenges.
  • How MITRE ATT&CK and Intelligence-Led Validation Prove Effectiveness Jun 9 2020 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Chris Key, Sr. VP Mandiant Security Validation featuring Josh Zelonis, Principal Analyst, Forrester
    Proactive Security Operations: How MITRE ATT&CK and Intelligence-Led Validation Prove Effectiveness

    With economic uncertainty and an evolving threat landscape, organizations must prove their effectiveness across various operational functions, especially cyber security. While they usually focus on detection and response capabilities, they need to do more to develop proactive security operations.

    Join this webinar on Tuesday, June 9 at 9 a.m. PT/ 12 p.m. ET as FireEye Sr. VP of Mandiant Security Validation, Chris Key and featured speaker, Forrester Principal Analyst, John Zelonis highlight the:

    -MITRE ATT&CK knowledge base and how it can be used to help test your security posture and prove effectiveness
    -Importance of relevant threat intelligence for your organization and how its application can help pinpoint failure points
    -Impact of environmental drift on your security posture and how to plan for it
    -Evidence continuous validation delivers to prove effectiveness, reduce costs and optimize your security infrastructure

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  • Part 2: Security and Visibility for a Multi-Cloud World Recorded: May 15 2020 58 mins
    JR Wikes, FireEye Principal Systems Engineer, and Christopher Glidden, FireEye Solutions Architect
    Join us for part two of our security and visibility for a multi-cloud world webinar series, as we demonstrate Cloudvisory's capability to ensure visibility, compliance, and governance across multiple cloud environments.

    Cloudvisory solution is designed to provide:

    •Visibility into network data traffic for workloads, applications, and microservices
    •Ability to detect and remediate misconfigurations and malicious activities across multiple cloud providers
    •Compliance assurance standard benchmarks for CIS, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and compliance requirements
    •Ability to detect, alert, block, and quarantine attacks using cloud-native microsegmentation

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    The FireEye Team
  • Part 1: Security and Visibility for a Multi-Cloud World Recorded: May 14 2020 39 mins
    JR Wikes, FireEye Principal Systems Engineer, and Christopher Glidden, FireEye Solutions Architect
    Two-part Cloud Security Webinar Series: May 14,2020 | 1PM EST and May 15,2020 | 1PM EST

    FireEye continues to see risk when leveraging Public, Private, and Hybrid cloud infrastructure. The challenge of using cloud native controls for AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, OpenStack & even traditional virtualized and bare metal environments is a growing risk.

    So, how are organizations solving for shadow IT, poor visibility, and fragmented security management? Join FireEye solution experts for a two-part webinar series to explore how FireEye Cloudvisory is solving multi-cloud security challenges for IT and security business units.

    Common needs now include:

    •Gaining visibility of cloud assets, security controls, and security events from multiple cloud providers
    •Ensuring compliance and security controls are in place to mitigate risk
    •Automating governance policy to help prevent security incidents

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    Best Regards,

    The FireEye Team
  • M-Trends 2020: Información sobre los ataques cibernéticos en la actualidad Recorded: Apr 28 2020 60 mins
    Jorge Lozano, Consultant
    Seminario web de M-Trends 2020 | martes veintiocho de abril a las 8 a.m. PT/11 a.m. ET

    Explore los últimos desarrollos detrás de las técnicas, los comportamientos y las motivaciones de los atacantes actuales basados en experiencias de primera línea en los casos de FireEye Mandiant.
    Únase a los expertos de FireEye Mandiant en una discusión sobre los aspectos destacados y estudios de caso de la última edición 2020 del informe.

    •Perspectivas globales sobre los ataques frecuentes y cómo combatirlos
    •Detalles sobre los grupos de ataque más activos en 2019
    •Tendencias de familias de malware
    •El auge de usuarios internos maliciosos
    •Conocimientos de las investigaciones en la nube, junto con debilidades comunes y mejores prácticas para evitar ser la próxima víctima
    •Casos prácticos con lecciones de seguridad prácticas

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  • 5 Steps to Security Validation Recorded: Apr 27 2020 61 mins
    Major General Earl Matthews (USAF)
    Organizations have been managing security based on assumptions, hopes and best guesses for decades. We assume our technology will detect, block and send alerts, we hope our incident response techniques will be efficient and effective when under assault, and we believe that our security teams are well trained and practiced when everything goes wrong. These assumptions result in financial and operational inefficiencies, defensive regression and an inability to determine if we are investing in the right areas to communicate the state of our security effectiveness to stakeholders.

    Join this webinar to hear from Retired Major General Earl Matthews (USAF), as he discusses:

    • How to move beyond assumptions with automated and continuous security controls validation
    • Identify and measure vulnerability gaps
    • Manage and suggest remediation steps by arming security practitioners with meaningful evidence
    • Validate an organization's ability to defend itself by using real adversary behaviors

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  • FireEye Managed Defense – Aprimore sua Postura de Segurança Recorded: Mar 11 2020 58 mins
    Arthur Cesar Oreana, Brazil Sales Leader
    11 de Março de 2020 | 12:00 p.m. UTC/GMT – 3 | 8:00 a.m. PST

    Atualmente as organizações permanecem dependentes de soluções de segurança reativas, baseadas em tecnologia, para proteger seus ativos mais valiosos. O problema é que a tecnologia sozinha não protege totalmente contra um invasor determinado. Além disso é difícil e dispendioso encontrar, contratar, treinar e reter especialistas em segurança para proteger contra ameaças 24x7x365.

    Aqui está a solução: FireEye Managed Defense é um serviço gerenciado e especializado de detecção e resposta que oferece proteção 24x7 contra ameaças, combinando a experiência de quem está na linha de frente com a tecnologia e a inteligência líderes do setor para detectar ameaças precocemente e ajudar a evitar um incidente de segurança. Neste webinar você ouvirá:

    •Os benefícios do Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
    •Como o Managed Defense pode apoiar sua equipe de segurança
    •Um dia na vida de um consultor do Managed Defense
    •Exemplos e histórias do mundo real (diretamente das trincheiras)

    Inscreva-se hoje e aprenda como o serviço Managed Defense pode ajudar a sua organização.

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  • Mejore Su Postura de Seguridad con Defensa Administrada Recorded: Mar 10 2020 49 mins
    Omar A. Orozco, FireEye Managed Defense Consultant
    Seminario Web | martes diez de marzo a las 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET

    Las organizaciones actuales siguen dependiendo de soluciones de seguridad reactivas, basadas en tecnología, soluciones de seguridad para proteger sus activos más valiosos. El problema es que la tecnología por sí sola no protege completamente contra un atacante determinado. Y es difícil y costoso encontrar, contratar, capacitar y retener expertos en seguridad para protegerse contra amenazas las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana, los 365 días del año.

    Aquí tiene la solución: La Defensa Administrada de FireEye es un servicio de detección y respuesta manejado por expertos que brinda protección 24 x 7 contra amenazas, combinando experiencia de primera línea con tecnología e inteligencia líderes en la industria para detectar amenazas temprano y ayudar a prevenir un incidente de seguridad.

    En este seminario web, mientras comenta:

    • Los beneficios de la detección y respuesta administrada
    • Cómo la Defensa Administrada puede aumentar su equipo de seguridad
    • Un día en la vida de un consultor de defensa administrada
    • Escuche ejemplos e historias del mundo real desde las trincheras

    Regístrese hoy y descubra cómo la Defensa Administrada puede ayudar a su organización.
  • Valide a Eficácia da Segurança Cibernética com o novo Purple Team Assessment Recorded: Feb 19 2020 56 mins
    Arthur Cesar Oreana, Sales Manager Brazil
    19 de Fevereiro 2020 | 1:00 p.m. UTC/GMT – 3 | 8:00 a.m. PST

    Para proteger os ativos mais importantes da sua organização, tanto a sua arquitetura de segurança quanto o seu ecossistema devem cumprir suas funções adequadamente.

    Tecnologias de segurança configuradas mal configuradas e integrações inadequadas são extremamente suscetíveis a falhas quando falamos do cenário de ameaças em constante mudança.

    Neste webinar apresentaremos o novo FireEye Purple Team Assessment. Esse serviço combina a expertise da FireEye Mandiant com a recém-adquirida plataforma de instrumentação de segurança Verodin (SIP). Durante o webinar você aprenderá sobre:

    •Configuração e ajuste aprimorados para suas ferramentas de segurança existentes
    •Testes automatizados baseados no MITRE ATT&CK Framework
    •Testes contínuos para descoberta e solução das vulnerabilidades

    Dê o primeiro passo para fortalecer o seu ecossistema de segurança hoje.

    Reserve sua vaga agora!

  • Valida la Efectividad de la Ciber Seguridad con la nueva Evaluación de Equipo Mo Recorded: Feb 18 2020 46 mins
    Jorge Lozano, Consultant
    Seminario Web | martes 18 de febrero a las 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET

    Para proteger los activos corporativos más importantes, su arquitectura y ecosistema de seguridad debe de cumplir con el propósito de seguridad.

    Cuando las tecnologías de seguridad están configuradas incorrectamente o existen integraciones inadecuadas es probable que se queden cortas con los retos del panorama de amenazas tan cambiante.

    Este seminario web le introduce en la Evaluación de Equipo Morado. Servicio que combina la experiencia de FireEye Mandiant con nuestra nueva adquisición La Plataforma de Instrumentación de Seguridad Verodin. Durante el seminario web, usted aprenderá lo siguiente:

    •Cómo mejorar la configuración y afinación de las herramientas existentes de seguridad
    •Cómo automatizar las pruebas con el marco de referencia ATT&CK de MITRE
    •Cómo realizar pruebas continuas para descubrir y solucionar las vulnerabilidades

    Tome el primer paso para fortalecer su ecosistema de seguridad hoy.

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  • Validate Cyber Security Effectiveness Recorded: Dec 11 2019 54 mins
    Joseph Rood, Director, Mandiant Consulting and Brice Daniels, Sr. Manager, Mandiant Consulting
    To protect your most important corporate assets, your security architecture and ecosystem must fulfill your security intent.

    Incorrectly configured security technologies and inadequate integration are likely to fall short when it comes to the challenges of the ever-changing threat landscape.

    This webinar introduces you to the new FireEye Purple Team Assessment. This service combines FireEye Mandiant expertise with our newly acquired Verodin Security Instrumentation Platform (SIP). During the webinar, you will learn about:

    * Improved configuration and tuning for your existing security tools
    * Automated MITRE ATT&CK Framework testing
    * Continuous testing to uncover and address vulnerabilities

    Take the first step toward strengthening your security ecosystem today.
  • O apagão técnico: Como enfrentar o déficit de mão de obra em Cibersegurança Recorded: Nov 6 2019 48 mins
    Arthur Cesar Oreana, Brazil Sales Leader
    A previsão é de que até 2021 haverá cerca de 3,5 milhões de cargos de segurança cibernética vagos, e as pesquisas sugerem que esse quadro ficará cada vez mais grave. Chegou a hora de mudar a maneira de pensar sobre a contratação de especialistas em segurança cibernética. Em vez de usar o orçamento para contratar um único especialista para uma função, as equipes de segurança estão precisando cada vez mais ter acesso ad hoc a um variado conjunto de competências, habilidades e funções de segurança cibernética.

    Participe do evento da FireEye para uma apresentação do “Expertise On Demand”, uma assinatura anual que amplia suas competências e capacidades em operações de segurança com acesso flexível à ampla gama de habilidades, experiências e conhecimentos em segurança da FireEye, reconhecidos pelo setor. Este serviço exclusivo pode ajudar na redução dos riscos dos negócios e de gerenciamento associados com contratação, treinamento e retenção de talentos em segurança cibernética, fornecendo as especializações que você precisa, quando precisa.
  • Seminario web sobre ciberseguridad: Acceso a experiencia bajo demanda para resol Recorded: Nov 5 2019 46 mins
    Antonio Ramirez
    Según los pronósticos, en 2021 aproximadamente 3,5 millones de puestos en ciberseguridad estarán vacantes y la investigación sugiere que la situación empeorará. Es momento de encarar de otra manera la adquisición de experiencia en ciberseguridad. En lugar de destinar el presupuesto a contratar un solo experto para una sola función, los equipos de seguridad necesitan cada vez más acceso especializado a un conjunto diverso de capacidades, cualidades y funciones de ciberseguridad.

    Únase a Alberto Rodríguez Guevara de FireEye para más detalles acerca de Expertise On Demand, una suscripción anual que amplía las capacidades de sus operaciones de seguridad mediante el acceso flexible a una amplia gama de habilidades, experiencia y conocimiento en seguridad reconocida por la industria de FireEye. Este servicio único puede ayudar a reducir los riesgos comerciales y de gestión asociados con la contratación, capacitación y retención del talento en ciberseguridad, ya que proporciona los expertos que necesita, cuando los necesita.
  • Verodin: Analisando sua efetividade e maturidade de CyberSec Recorded: Sep 25 2019 42 mins
    Bruno Tarasco
    O conceito de eficiência das ferramentas de Cyber Segurança é cada vez mais utilizada pelos principais analistas de tecnologia como um processo essencial de melhora contínua na gestão de qualquer CISO.

    Graças às novas soluções de instrumentação de segurança, pode-se verificar de forma constante a efetividade da estratégia de defesa atual contra ameaças avançadas.

    Gostaríamos de te convidar para nosso Webinar no dia 25 de Setembro de 2019 para analizar o contexto que enfrentamos atualmente:

    • Você obtém atualmente o máximo retorno do valor investido em todas as soluções de segurança que possui hoje?
    • Como medir e avaliar a maturidade dos domínios de Cyber Segurança presentes hoje em sua empresa.
    • Como as mudanças recorrentes, as atualizações, ou falta delas, podem impactar diretamente a eficiência dos controles de segurança?
    • Como saber se o SIEM/SOAR continua detectando as ameaças e incidentes para que possamos tomar ações para proteger tanto as suas informações, como as informações pessoais de seus clientes?
  • Verodin: Analizando la efectividad de las capacidades actuales y madurez en Cibe Recorded: Sep 24 2019 28 mins
    Alberto Rodriguez Guevara, Gerente de Ingeniería de Ventas
    El concepto de efectividad de las herramientas de Ciber Seguridad es cada vez más usado por los principales analistas de tecnología como un proceso esencial de mejora continua en la gestión de cualquier CISO.

    Gracias a las nuevas herramientas de instrumentación de seguridad se puede verificar en forma constante la efectividad de la postura actual contra amenazas avanzadas.

    Queremos en tal sentido invitarte a nuestro Webinar el día 24 Septiembre 2019 para analizar el contexto al cual nos enfrentamos:
    •Se esta obteniendo el máximo retorno de la inversión con las soluciones de Ciber Seguridad con las que cuenta la organización
    •Como medir y validar el estado de madurez así como las capacidades en Ciber Seguridad que hemos planteado
    •Como afectan los cambios en la organización, las desactualizaciones en las configuraciones, las nuevas versiones de software y/o las metodologías de bloqueo y detección?
    •Cómo saber si el SIEM sigue detectando las amenazas y/o los incidentes de manera efectiva para tomar las acciones que protejan su organización?
  • SOAR to New Heights: Streamline Your Security Operations Workflow Recorded: Aug 13 2019 48 mins
    Alex Ruhl, Principal Product Manager
    Every enterprise is inundated with threat alerts and manual security processes that exacerbate their risk. But there is a way to dramatically speed up your response time and help reduce risk exposure.

    The FireEye Helix security orchestration and automation response (SOAR) platform can help streamline your alert management and incident response processes.

    In our Aug. 13th webinar, FireEye Principal Product Manager, Alex Ruhl, will cover how FireEye Helix can help you:

    • Integrate your disparate security tools and services.
    • Automate repetitive tasks.
    • Orchestrate alert triage and enrichment.
    • Streamline the incident response process and remediation.
    • Accelerate response times and reduce threat exposure.
    • Return valuable time back to security analysts.
  • Partner Tech Talk: ETP Cloud Recorded: May 4 2017 34 mins
    Ric Rojas, Dan Smithson, Rob Marchi
    Thursday, May 4
    8am PST / 11pm EST / 4pm GMT
    Join us on May 4th for the next FireEye Tech Talk webinar.

    In this month’s 30-minute technical webinar we will be focusing on Email Threat Prevention (ETP Cloud), which is a cloud-based platform that combats today’s advanced email attacks and provides anti-spam and antivirus software protection.

    In this 30 mins we will dive into ETP and cover the following:

    - Positioning ETP to your customers
    - Technical Q&A with our ETP Product Manager
    - ETP Demo
    - Our latest ETP Promotion & Resources

    Join us and learn more on how to position and demo ETP to your customers.
FireEye Private Channel for Partners and Customers
FireEye Channel for Partners and Customers

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  • Title: Leveraging Security Validation to Operationalize Threat Intelligence
  • Live at: Jun 10 2020 8:00 pm
  • Presented by: Henry Peltokangas, Director of Product, Mandiant Security Validation & Jeffrey Berg, Sr. Director​, Mandiant Threat Intel
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