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Bringing a Real-Time Flavor to Your Enterprise Analytics (APAC)

Real-time analytics techniques promise to enrich your traditional analytics with real-time data points. It's key for many scenarios like supply chain management or customer care. Data Virtualization is well known for offering real-time connectivity to diverse sources and federation capabilities: the two base ingredients for real-time analytics. However, building a strategy around these concepts can be challenging. Impacting delicate data sources, security, and performance concerns are often mentioned.

Attend this session to learn more about:
- What are the scenarios where the value of real-time analytics can make a difference
- The core capabilities that enable them
- Key best practices to make them succeed
Recorded Aug 19 2021 61 mins
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Presented by
Sushant Kumar, Product Marketing Manager, Denodo and Katrina Briedis, Sales Engineering, Denodo
Presentation preview: Bringing a Real-Time Flavor to Your Enterprise Analytics (APAC)

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  • Introduzione alla Virtualizzazione dei Dati: Tecnologia e casi d'uso Oct 1 2021 9:30 am UTC 60 mins
    Andrea Zinno, Denodo| Paolo Crivelli, Denodo
    In un’era sempre più dominata dal Cloud Computing, dall’AI e dall’analisi avanzata, può sembrare per lo meno anacronistico che molte organizzazioni facciano ancora affidamento ad architetture di dati costruite prima della fine del secolo.

    Fortunatamente questo scenario sta subendo un cambiamento repentino con l’adozione di nuove tecnologie di integrazione dati, come la virtualizzazione dei dati, che forniscono un livello logico, in tempo reale e sicuro di accesso ai dati aziendali. Le diverse sorgenti dati non devono più essere trasferite fisicamente in un nuovo repositorio e trasformate, prima di essere utilizzate dall’azienda. E’ per questo che la virtualizzazione dei dati soddisfa le esigenze di trasformazione dell’architettura e permette la costruzione di un Data Fabric aziendale.

    Unisciti a noi per questo webinar, dove approfondiremo il valore aggiungo che una tecnologia come quella della virtualizzazione dei dati può portare alla tua azienda in ambito di gestione e integrazione dei dati, e vedremo i casi d'uso abilitati dalla tecnologia.

    In questa sessione parleremo di:
    1. Cos'è la virtualizzazione dei dati;
    2. Come differisce da altre forme di integrazione a livello Enterprise;
    3. Casi d’uso della Virtualizzazione dei dati: Business Intelligence, Data Science, democratizzazione dei dati, Master Data Management, Dati distribuiti
    4. Perché la virtualizzazione dei dati si sta espandendo dentro le organizzazioni in Italia;

    Andrea Zinno - Data Evangelist, Denodo
    Paolo Crivelli - Technical Sales Director Denodo
  • Сервисы Данных в современной информационной экосистеме Sep 30 2021 7:00 am UTC 16 mins
    Алексей Сидоров, Главный Евангелист и Директор по управлению данным
    Цифровая трансформация в корне изменила способ предоставления информационных услуг. Экспоненциально растущие объёмы данных и требования к их анализу в реальном времени заставляют ИТ организации пересмотреть парадигмы Управления Данными, принятые в прошлом веке.
    Сервисы Данных по требованию используют широко принятые стандарты совместимости, обеспечивая прочную основу для обмена информацией, которая традиционно была заперта в некотором внутреннем хранилище или озере данных.
    В данном выступлении мы обсудим, как бизнес может легко поддерживать платформу Сервисов Данных и управлять ею, обеспечивая гибкий подход к обмену информацией, поддерживая все более разнообразное сообщество потребителей данных.

    Презентация Denodo на IDC CIO Summit – Россия
  • Data Virtualization: From Zero to Hero Sep 29 2021 7:30 am UTC 60 mins
    Alexey Sidorov, Denodo | Stefano Cruciani, Denodo
    At the rate which enterprise data volume is increasing, replicating data to a central repository for analysis purposes is slow and expensive, which might not even be a necessary part of the data integration process in many situations. With technologies such as data virtualization, companies can now place a single secure virtual layer between all disparate data sources (including both on-premise and in the cloud) on one side and various consuming applications on the other. Data replication for data integration is now an option and not a necessity.

    Join us for this webinar to become a "Data Virtualization Hero" inside your organization. In this session, you will learn:

    - What data virtualization really is
    - How it differs from other enterprise data integration technologies
    - Why data virtualization is finding enterprise-wide deployment inside some of the largest organizations

    Alexey Sidorov - Chief Data Evangelist and Data Governance Director, Denodo
    Stefano Cruciani - Marketing Manager Southern Europe & Middle East, Denodo
  • Accelerate your Data Science Ops using Denodo Sep 23 2021 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Senthil Ramesh, Sales Engineer, Denodo
    Data Scientists are often in need of data from many datasets to get proper insights for their AI / ML needs. Even if they figure out the location of their datasets, accessing, transforming and having the ability to store in a single place for frequent access is often difficult and time intensive. With Denodo Platform, you can easily apply the transformations and then make it available for your end users. Additionally, you can also automate this process using our Scheduler jobs.

    Attend & Learn how Denodo helps you:

    * Combine data from multiple datasets
    * Transform the data into a usable format that Data Scientists can use
    * Move the data into a common repository for use by Data Scientists
    * Automate the process with the Denodo Scheduler
  • Data Science Operationalization: The Journey of Enterprise AI Recorded: Sep 16 2021 50 mins
    Inessa Gerber, Director of Product Management, Denodo
    As we move into a world driven by AI initiatives, we find ourselves facing new and diverse challenges when it comes to operationalization. Creating a solution and putting it into practice, is certainly not the same. The challenges span various organizational and data facades. In many instances, the data scientists may be working in silos and connecting to the live data may not always be possible. But how does one guarantee their developed model in a silo is still relevant to live data? How can we manage the data flow and data access across the entire AI operationalization cycle?

    Join us to explore:

    * The journey and challenges of the Data Scientist
    * How Denodo data virtualization with data movement streamlines operationalization
    * The best practices and techniques when dealing with siloed data
    How customers have used data virtualization in their data science initiatives
  • Доступ к важным для бизнеса данным в режиме реального времени Recorded: Sep 16 2021 69 mins
    Алексей Сидоров, Главный Евангелист и Директор по управлению данным
    Виртуализация данных — это современный метод управления данными, который интегрирует данные в режиме реального времени без физической репликации. Он может легко сочетать представления данных из самых разнообразных источников и выдавать их для инструментов BI и аналитики, магазинов данных и движков AI/ML из универсального слоя Сервисов Данных.
    Архитектура Сервисов Данных, основанная на подходе виртуализации, обеспечивает единую платформу для обмена информацией, и позволяет создать надежные каналы взаимодействия и интегрировать ранее недоступные источники данных.
    Присоединяйтесь к нам на этом вебинаре, чтобы узнать:
    · Как Виртуализация Данных обеспечивает доступ к информации в режиме реального времени и без репликации.
    · Как Виртуализация Данных может быть использована для обработки и трансформации данных.
  • Modernising Data Architecture Using Data Virtualization (APAC) Recorded: Sep 16 2021 64 mins
    Mantry Simhachalam (Chalam), Principal Consultant, Infosys & Chris Day, Director, APAC Sales Engineering, Denodo
    Ongoing digital transformation is generating new data assets that have the potential of offering organisations unprecedented insights into operations, business processes, customer behaviour, the competition, and much more. But, if organisations cannot effectively access, integrate, and govern the data that is distributed across on-premises and multiple cloud platforms, they are doomed to fall short of realising its value. Enterprise data hubs and data fabrics - built on Data Virtualization capabilities - can avoid the traditional approach of integrating data. In this session, you will learn how organisations can create an enterprise data hub with Data Virtualization technology to:

    - Minimize time-consuming, expensive data movement and data replication
    - Virtually integrate, manage and govern enterprise data across on-premises and cloud
    - Examine how and why an enterprise data hub could benefit your organisation
  • Data Virtualization – Your ‘Digital Transformation’ Game Changer Recorded: Sep 15 2021 65 mins
    Vikram Kole - Business Head, Mastek ; Alex Hoehl - Senior Director, Denodo
    Data led digital transformation empowers banking, insurance and financial services organisations to shift focus from survival to thriving with competitive advantage in the market. However, given the exponential increase in the volume of data and the added complexity with multiple formats and mix of hybrid, legacy data sources, charting a digital transformation journey can get challenging. Join our session to understand how data virtualization modernises the underlying data architecture providing additional capabilities, without business disruption, enabling enterprise organisations to overcome the challenges with their digital transformation journey.

    Attendees will learn how banking, insurance and financial services organizations can benefit from –
    • Accelerated Data projects - timelines of 6-12 months reduced to 3-6 months with data virtualization
    • Real-time integration and data access with 80% reduction in development resources
    • Self-Service, security and governance in one single integrated platform - savings of 30% in IT operational costs
    • Faster business decisions - BI and reporting information delivered 10 times faster using data services
  • Discover how a logical data fabric helps organisations avoid data silos Recorded: Sep 8 2021 60 mins
    Jacqueline Bloemen, Senior Analyst Data & Analytics, BARC & Robin Tandon, Director of Product Marketing, EMEA & LATAM, Denodo
    In this webinar, we’ll be tackling the question of where our data is and how we can avoid it falling into a black hole.

    We’ll examine how data blackholes and silos come to be and the challenges these poses to organisations.

    We will also look at the impact of data silos as organisations adopt more complex multi-cloud setups.

    Finally, we will discuss the opportunities a logical data fabric poses to assist organisations to avoid data silos and manage data in a centrally governed and controlled environment.

    Join us and Barc’s Jacqueline Bloemen on this webinar to get the answer and further insights on how to better avoid falling into a #datablackhole. Hope to see you connected!
  • Виртуальный семинар: Знакомство с виртуализацией данных Recorded: Sep 7 2021 89 mins
    Алексей Сидоров, Главный Евангелист и Директор по управлению данным
    Об этом вебинаре
    По данным аналитической компании Gartner, "к 2022 году 60% предприятий включат виртуализацию данных в качестве основного метода доставки данных в свою интеграционную архитектуру". Компания Gartner назвала Denodo лидером в Магическом квадранте 2020 года по инструментам интеграции данных.
    В ходе этого 1,5-часового занятия вы узнаете, как виртуализация данных революционизирует бизнес и ИТ-подход к доступу, доставке, потреблению, управлению и защите данных, независимо от возраста вашей технологии, формата данных или их местонахождения. Эта зрелая технология устраняет разрыв между ИТ и бизнес-пользователями и обеспечивает значительную экономию средств и времени.

    Онлайн-семинар продолжительностью 1 час 30 минут.
    Благодаря записи вы можете выполнять упражнения в своем собственном темпе.

    - ИТ-менеджеры / архитекторы
    - Специалисты по анализу данных / аналитики
    - CDO

    В программе: введение в суть виртуализации данных, примеры использования, реальные примеры из практики клиентов и демонстрация возможностей платформы Denodo Platform:
    - Интеграция и предоставление данных быстро и легко с помощью платформы Denodo Platform 8.0
    - Оптимизатор запросов Denodo предоставляет данные в режиме реального времени, по запросу, даже для очень больших наборов данных
    - Выставлять данные в качестве "сервисов данных" для потребления различными пользователями и инструментами
    - Каталог данных: Открывайте и документируйте данные с помощью нашего Каталога данных - пространства для самостоятельного доступа к данным.
    - Виртуализация данных играет ключевую роль в управлении и обеспечении безопасности данных в вашей организации

    - Введение в виртуализацию данных
    - Примеры использования и примеры из практики клиентов
    - Архитектура
    - Управление и безопасность
    - Производительность
    - Демо
    - Следующие шаги: как самостоятельно протестировать и внедрить платформу
    - Интерактивная сессия вопросов и ответов
  • ROI e valore per il business della Data Virtualization Recorded: Aug 27 2021 68 mins
    Andrea Zinno - Data Evangelist | Denodo
    Gartner prevede che le organizzazioni che utilizzeranno la virtualizzazione dei dati spenderanno il 40% in meno per l'integrazione dei dati rispetto a quelle che utilizzano tecnologie tradizionali.

    I clienti di Denodo, infatti, hanno registrato miglioramenti del time-to-deliver fino al 90% nei loro processi di provisioning dei dati e un risparmio dei costi di gestione e integrazione dati superiori al 50%.

    Partecipa a questo webinar per scoprire come la virtualizzazione dei dati può aiutare ad accelerare il vostro time-to-value dai dati riducendo allo stesso tempo i costi di gestione e integrazione del patrimonio informativo aziendale. Come diceva Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding Jr.) nel film "Jerry Maguire", "Show me the money!”

    Registrati per partecipare a questo webinar e approfondire su come la virtualizzazione dei dati può:

    • Ridurre i tempi di delivery dei dati agli utenti aziendali
    • Accelerare le iniziative di trasformazione digitale
    • Ridurre i costi e le timelines dei progetti
    • Portare valore alll’interno della tua organizzazione
  • Self Service Analytics enabled by Data Virtualization from Denodo Recorded: Aug 26 2021 33 mins
    Octavio Arreaza
    Self-service Analytics BI is often quoted by many - ie, allow users to discover and access data without having to ask IT to create a data mart, or by allowing users to directly export/copy the data from the data sources themselves into their analytics tools and systems. The challenge is not just to provide access to the data – even from Excel this can be done - but to do this in real time without creating processing overhead, while getting trusted data, with the best response time possible, in a managed, governed and secure way in order for these users to trust the output of the analysis.

    Data Virtualization provides a data access platform that allows users to access the data they need from multiple data sources, when they need it, and with the best possible response time. In addition, a Data Marketplace built on top of this proven technology enables Self Service Analytics by exposing consistent and governed data sets to be discovered by users, providing the trusted foundation for a successful Self-Service Analytics initiative.
  • Data Services and The Modern Data Ecosystem Recorded: Aug 25 2021 73 mins
    Alexey Sidorov - Chief Evangelist Middle East, Stefano Cruciani - Marketing Manager Middle East
    Digital Transformation has changed IT the way information services are delivered. The pace of business engagement, the rise of Digital IT (formerly known as “Shadow IT), has also increased demands on IT, especially in the area of Data Management. Data Services exploits widely adopted interoperability standards, providing a strong framework for information exchange but also has enabled a growth of robust systems of engagement that can now exploit information that was normally locked away in some internal silo.

    Join us for our upcoming Middle East Webinar series episode, “Data Services and the Modern Data Ecosystem,” presented by Chief Evangelist MEA, Alexey Sidorov. Tune-in as we explore how a business can easily support and manage a Data Service ecosystem, providing a more flexible approach for information sharing supporting an ever diverse community of consumers.
    Attend this webinar to learn:
    ● Why Data Services are a critical part of a modern data ecosystem
    ● How IT teams can manage Data Services and the increasing demand by businesses
    ● How Digital IT can benefit from Data Services and how this can support the need for rapid prototyping allowing businesses to experiment with data and fail fast where necessary.
    ● How a good Data Virtualization platform can encourage a culture of Data amongst business consumers (internally and externally)
  • Augmentation, Collaboration, Governance: Defining the Future of Self-Service BI Recorded: Aug 19 2021 47 mins
    Saptarshi Sengupta, Denodo
    According to Dresner Advisory’s 2020 Self-Service Business Intelligence Market Study, 62% of the responding organizations say self-service BI is critical for their business. If we look deeper into the need for today’s self-service BI, it’s beyond some Executives and Business Users being enabled by IT for self-service dashboarding or report generation. Predictive analytics, self-service data preparation, collaborative data exploration are all different facets of new generation self-service BI. While democratization of data for self-service BI holds many benefits, strict data governance becomes increasingly important alongside.

    In this session we will discuss:

    The latest trends and scopes of self-service BI
    The role of logical data fabric in self-service BI
    How Denodo enables self-service BI for a wide range of users
    Customer case study on self-service BI
  • Bringing a Real-Time Flavor to Your Enterprise Analytics (APAC) Recorded: Aug 19 2021 61 mins
    Sushant Kumar, Product Marketing Manager, Denodo and Katrina Briedis, Sales Engineering, Denodo
    Real-time analytics techniques promise to enrich your traditional analytics with real-time data points. It's key for many scenarios like supply chain management or customer care. Data Virtualization is well known for offering real-time connectivity to diverse sources and federation capabilities: the two base ingredients for real-time analytics. However, building a strategy around these concepts can be challenging. Impacting delicate data sources, security, and performance concerns are often mentioned.

    Attend this session to learn more about:
    - What are the scenarios where the value of real-time analytics can make a difference
    - The core capabilities that enable them
    - Key best practices to make them succeed
  • Myth Busters III: I’m Building a Data Lake, So I Don’t Need Data Virtualization Recorded: Aug 11 2021 43 mins
    Paul Moxon, SVP Data Architectures & Chief Evangelist, Denodo
    So you’re building a data lake to solve your big data challenges. A data lake will allow you to keep all of your raw, detailed data in a single, consolidated repository; therefore, your problem is solved. Or is it? Is it really that easy?

    Data lakes have their use and purpose, and we’re not here to argue that. However, data lakes on their own are constrained by factors such as duplication of data and therefore higher costs, governance limitations, and the risk of becoming another data silo.

    With the addition of data virtualization, a physical data lake, can turn into a virtual or logical data lake through an abstraction layer. Data virtualization can facilitate and expedite accessing and exploring critical data in a cost-effective manner and assist in deriving a greater return on the data lake investment.

    You might still not be convinced. Give us an opportunity and join us as we try to bust this myth!

    Watch this webinar as we explore the promises of a data lake as well as its downfalls to draw a final conclusion.
  • Data Virtualization per la Multicloud Data Integration senza barriere né confini Recorded: Aug 6 2021 65 mins
    Andrea Zinno - Data Evangelist, Denodo | Ersilia Silvestri - Database Specialist, Miriade
    In questo contesto la virtualizzazione dei dati riveste un ruolo strategico nelle architetture multicloud, garantendo agli utenti aziendali un accesso controllato a tutti i dati, indipendentemente dalla loro localizzazione, in modo semplice e veloce. Al contempo aggiunge la semantica e la governance, necessaria nei moderni ambienti di dati e garantendo il controllo locale ai "proprietari dei dati"e il rispetto delle normative locali sulla privacy e la protezione dei dati.

    Unisciti a noi per capire come la tua azienda può affrontare e superare le sfide insite nell’adozione di un modello Cloud/Multi-Cloud e conoscere le Best Practice per una corretta gestione dei dati e dei costi in un tale modello.

    In questa sessione approfondiremo:
    1. Le sfide che le organizzazioni devono affrontare quando adottano strategie di dati multi-cloud
    2. Come la Piattaforma di virtualizzazione dei dati di Denodo fornisce un livello di accesso ai dati controllato per tutta l'organizzazione
    3. Le diverse architetture multi-location che possono massimizzare il controllo locale sui dati, rendendoli comunque facilmente disponibili
    4. Come le organizzazioni hanno beneficiato dell'utilizzo della piattaforma Denodo nelle architetture multi-cloud
  • Data Virtualization: Fulfilling The Digital Transformation Requirement In BFSI Recorded: Aug 4 2021 63 mins
    Alexey Sidorov - Chief Evangelist Middle East, Stefano Cruciani - Marketing Manager Middle East
    In the digital transformation era, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) organizations are globally accelerating their digital journey, making rapid strides with their digitization efforts, and adding key capabilities to adapt and innovate in the new normal.

    BFSI institutions need to update their legacy systems, create a single view of all their data, establish security controls across the entire infrastructure and implement strategies and services that will transform them into digital financial organizations. This can be achieved with Data Virtualization.

    In this joint live webinar session from Denodo, you will learn:

    • Industry key trends and challenges driving the digital transformation mandate and platform modernization initiatives
    • How data virtualization can help update and modernize data architectures
    • Key concepts of Data Virtualization, and how it can enable BFSI customers to develop critical capabilities for real-time / near real-time data integration
    • Success stories of BFSI companies that already use this technology to differentiate themselves from the competition, optimize processes, and create new business opportunities through more agile data management.
  • Se la meta è la Self-Service Analytics, il Logical Data Warehouse ne è la rotta Recorded: Jul 30 2021 77 mins
    Andrea Zinno - Data Evangelist, Paolo Crivelli - Technical Sales Director Italy | Denodo
    In tutte le aziende c’è una necessità crescente di ottenere informazioni e di prendere decisioni, spesso strategiche, a partire da dati che continuano a crescere in numero, volume e varietà delle fonti, e in cui la componente non strutturata è sempre più prevalente.

    La maggior parte delle soluzioni più classiche adottate fino ad oggi, come i tradizionali Data Warehouse e Data Lake hanno una governance più complessa e non garantiscono un accesso agile ai dati.

    I sistemi di Business Intelligence devono essere in grado di supportare nuove forme di reporting e di analisi, come l’analisi Self-Service, le analisi investigative e la Data Science; nuovi utenti, come clienti online, partner e fornitori; tecnologie emergenti, come Hadoop e NoSQL; fonti di dati esterne, come i dati sui Social Media e gli Open Data.

    Inoltre, elemento non meno importante, la velocità con la quale le aziende devono prendere decisioni o portare sul mercato nuovi prodotti o servizi, è sempre maggiore.

    La risposta a queste necessità aziendali, secondo gli analisti, è il Data Warehouse Logico (LDW), che ha dimostrato garantire una elevata agilità per il Delivery e la trasformazione dei dati, semplificando la connessione a nuove sorgenti dati, comunque siano fatte e ovunque siano.

    Partecipa a questo webinar per approfondire:
    • Come implementare un Data Warehouse logico secondo Gartner
    • Come la tua organizzazione può migrare in modo graduale e con successo verso un'architettura di Data Warehouse logico flessibile
    • Come rendere disponibili in modo agile e veloce nuove fonti di dati agli analisti e ai data scientist
    • In che modo il Logical Data Warehouse aiuta a integrare l'analisi Self-Service con le altre forme più classiche di Business Intelligence
  • My ETL Tools Do Everything That I Need. Why Do I Need Data Virtualization? Recorded: Jul 28 2021 47 mins
    Paul Moxon, SVP Data Architectures & Chief Evangelist, Denodo
    So your data architecture keeps getting more and more complex - new data sources, new data types and formats, and ever-increasing demands from the users for more, better, and faster data. You're struggling to keep up and your users are getting more and more vocal about the amount of time it takes to get their data. But you have faith in your ETL tools. They've solved the problem in the past and you're sure that they can do the same now…or can they?

    ETL tools - or even the ELT variants - have their use and purpose. We're not going to argue that. However, they are not the solution to all of your data integration and access challenges. Data Virtualization can provide quicker and easier access to integrated and curated data that doesn't require the creation of data replication pipelines and tasks. In many circumstances, this can be a better alternative to ETL and can promote self-service initiatives to reduce the pressure on stressed ETL teams.

    Not convinced? Give us an opportunity and join us as we try to bust this myth!

    Watch this webinar as we explore the benefits and pitfalls of ETL and how Data Virtualization can be a complementary alternative to copying data to make it accessible by users.
Achieving Business Agility with Data Virtualization
For IT professionals who are focused on data integration and enterprise data management and are overwhelmed by the growing number of data and data types, data virtualization provides real-time integration with agility to access and integrate disparate sources with ease. For business professionals, Data Virtualization brings agile information access that in turn drives business agility. The webcasts provided in this channel by Denodo, the leader in Data Virtualization, provide the latest in common usage patterns, use cases, best practices and strategies for driving business value with data virtualization.

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  • Title: Bringing a Real-Time Flavor to Your Enterprise Analytics (APAC)
  • Live at: Aug 19 2021 3:00 am
  • Presented by: Sushant Kumar, Product Marketing Manager, Denodo and Katrina Briedis, Sales Engineering, Denodo
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