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What is the “Internet of Things”?

Our panel of experts will discuss what is meant by the "Internet of Things".
Recorded Mar 24 2015 50 mins
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Presented by
John Booth, Carbon3IT; Richard Lanyard Hogg, IBM; and Alex Bardell, BCS Green IT SG
Presentation preview: What is the “Internet of Things”?

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  • Delivering Data Security with Hadoop and the IoT Recorded: Aug 9 2016 62 mins
    Robert D. Schneider, Partner at WiseClouds LLC, Reiner Kappenberger, HPE Security - Data Security
    The Internet of Things (IoT) is here to stay, and Gartner predicts there will be over 26 billion connected devices by 2020. This is driving an explosion of data which offers tremendous opportunity for organizations to gain business value, and Hadoop has emerged as the key component to make sense of the data and realize the maximum value. On the flip side the surge of new devices has increased potential for hackers to wreak havoc, and Hadoop has been described as the biggest cybercrime bait ever created.

    Data security is a fundamental enabler of the IoT, and if it is not prioritised the business opportunity will be undermined, so protecting company data is more urgent than ever before. The risks are huge and Hadoop comes with few safeguards, leaving it to organizations to add an enterprise security layer. Securing multiple points of vulnerability is a major challenge, although when armed with good information and a few best practices, enterprise security leaders can ensure attackers will glean nothing from their attempts to breach Hadoop.

    In this webinar we will discuss some steps to identify what needs protecting and apply the right techniques to protect it before you put Hadoop into production.
  • How the IoT hype is changing an entire industry Recorded: Apr 13 2016 44 mins
    Stefan Skarin, CEO, IAR Systems
    · IoT represents the biggest IT opportunity since decades. How to find the path of market or targeted audience?

    · The hype of IoT attracts a vast majority of new vendors, products and solutions. How to position, reposition your offering/message to find your niche and to be unique?

    · For a vendor of an end-to-end IoT solution there is a mix of business models to reach an one-stop-shop for the their customers. What could be of guidance in exploring new business models and what are the boundaries in making them successful RoI?

    · Is a “blue ocean strategy” a perfect concept to use for an IoT offering?

    · Much of IoT focus in offerings and media channels are consumer driven. How to make a consumer driven demand in a IoT B2B solution?
  • Requirements for Collecting and Analyzing IOT Data Recorded: Apr 7 2016 49 mins
    Dr. Stefan Radtke, CTO for Isilon, EMEA, EMC Emerging Technology Division
    In 2020, Gartner expects that more than 30 billion devices will be connected to the Internet, generating 44 Zetabytes of data. The Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics will affect almost all industries and should be an important part of the business strategy.

    Using a smarter cities example, we’ll explain the analytics process and how it supports your business initiatives (from data to business decisions). We’ll illustrate why it is important to gather as much data as possible and how the data insight can help to answer relevant questions and to make informed decisions.

    With that in mind, we’ll discuss how an appropriate storage and analytics infrastructure should look like and what the requirements are. Some key aspects: the cost of copying data, multi-protocol access, scalability, performance, availability, enterprise features, ease of use and others.
  • iSpeak™ Internet of Things: Understanding Security Risks Recorded: Oct 20 2015 33 mins
    Jeanne Morain, Business Technology Specialist; Alex Ryales - IOT Strategist Avnet
    The Internet of Things is an ideal concept for the digital connected world that we live in. Many technology organizations disagree because of the security risks. What are the top security risks? How do you address them before it becomes an epidemic? Join Jeanne Morain with special guests Alex Ryals & TBD to learn more about the best practices when planning your IOT strategy.
  • Integrating Smarter Cybersecurity into the IoT Recorded: Sep 29 2015 36 mins
    David Dufour | Senior Director of Security Architecture
    Traditional cybersecurity approaches aren’t effective in the world of IoT with the vast disparity in device capabilities, resource constraints and architectural designs. This diversity has created an environment where attacking the IoT infrastructure of an organization will become more common place. This presentation will discuss what can be done in the near term to help protect against attacks on the varying device types and their ecosystems.
  • Internet of Things in the Enterprise: The data behind the risks Recorded: Sep 29 2015 47 mins
    Andrew Hay, Director of Security Research, OpenDNS & Meg Diaz, Product Marketing Manager, OpenDNS
    Many have hypothesized about the security impact of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) for enterprises, but for the first time, we have actual data on the potential security risks introduced by these devices—and the results may surprise you!
    Andrew Hay, Director of Security Research at OpenDNS, conducted a multi-month study on the prevalence of IoT devices in enterprise networks. In this webcast, Andrew will walk through the key findings, including:
    The prevalence of IoT devices—even in the most regulated industries—and which devices are most commonly found
    Where IoT hosting infrastructure is located on the internet
    Vulnerabilities found in IoT hosting infrastructure
    Implications to consider for your security program
    How to gain IoT visibility in your enterprise network
    - See more at: https://www.opendns.com/enterprise-security/resources/webcasts/internet-of-things-in-the-enterprise-the-data-behind-the-risks/#sthash.INikZJu0.dpuf
  • The Internet of Things (IoT): Critical risks for all enterprises Recorded: Aug 26 2015 60 mins
    Patrick Foxhoven, VP & CTO of Emerging Technologies at Zscaler and Frank Gillett, VP Principal Analyst at Forrester Research
    A recent report by Forrester Research identified security as being the "top concern" for enterprise technology and business decision-makers for IoT*. While the Internet of Things offers great potential for businesses to create new services and improve operational efficiencies, it offers a greater potential for security breaches.

    Join us for a compelling webcast that will walk you through the latest security insights for combating IoT risks.

    We will also discuss:
    - Key trends driving IoT
    - Vulnerabilities within your organization that you need to be aware of
    - The latest strategies and techniques cyber-criminals are using today
    - What your organization can do to address these security risks
  • What is the “Internet of Things”? Recorded: Mar 24 2015 50 mins
    John Booth, Carbon3IT; Richard Lanyard Hogg, IBM; and Alex Bardell, BCS Green IT SG
    Our panel of experts will discuss what is meant by the "Internet of Things".
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  • Title: What is the “Internet of Things”?
  • Live at: Mar 24 2015 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: John Booth, Carbon3IT; Richard Lanyard Hogg, IBM; and Alex Bardell, BCS Green IT SG
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