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Comparing Apache Ignite & Cassandra for Hybrid Transactional Analytical Apps

The 10x growth of transaction volumes, 50x growth in data volumes and drive for real-time visibility and responsiveness over the last decade have pushed traditional technologies including databases beyond their limits. Your choices are either buy expensive hardware to accelerate the wrong architecture, or do what other companies have started to do and invest in technologies being used for modern hybrid transactional analytical applications (HTAP).

Learn some of the current best practices in building HTAP applications, and the differences between two of the more common technologies companies use: Apache® Cassandra™ and Apache® Ignite™. This session will cover:

- The requirements for real-time, high volume HTAP applications
- Architectural best practices, including how in-memory computing fits in and has eliminated tradeoffs between consistency, speed and scale
- A detailed comparison of Apache Ignite and GridGain® for HTAP applications

About the speaker: Denis Magda is the Director of Product Management at GridGain Systems, and Vice President of the Apache Ignite PMC. He is an expert in distributed systems and platforms who actively contributes to Apache Ignite and helps companies and individuals deploy it for mission-critical applications. You can be sure to come across Denis at conferences, workshop and other events sharing his knowledge about use case, best practices, and implementation tips and tricks on how to build efficient applications with in-memory data grids, distributed databases and in-memory computing platforms including Apache Ignite and GridGain.

Before joining GridGain and becoming a part of Apache Ignite community, Denis worked for Oracle where he led the Java ME Embedded Porting Team -- helping bring Java to IoT.
Recorded Mar 28 2018 61 mins
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Presented by
Denis Magda, Director of Product Management, GridGain Systems
Presentation preview: Comparing Apache Ignite & Cassandra for Hybrid Transactional Analytical Apps

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  • IoT Series [Ep.2]: Current State -- Maturity and Success Jan 24 2019 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Johna Till Johnson, CEO & Founder, Nemertes Research
    Everybody knows IoT is the wave of the future. But what are successful organizations doing differently when it comes to their IoT initiatives? Are they saving more? Generating new revenue and lines of business? Or increasing operational efficiency and other metrics?

    This webinar unveils the secrets of top-performing companies when it comes to IoT initiatives. You'll learn how they plan for, design, secure, and operate their IoT initiatives--and how they track the benefits.
  • IoT Series [Ep.1]: Foundations -- Architecture and Framework Dec 18 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Johna Till Johnson, CEO & Founder, Nemertes Research
    Everyone talks about IoT, and many organizations are implementing it and reaping the business benefits. But even those who have had IoT projects deployed for years may not have a comprehensive architecture and framework in place to help guide technology decisions and streamline operations.

    Join Nemertes CEO Johna Till Johnson as she reviews the IoT architecture and framework and shares guidance gleaned from leading-edge clients and research study participants.
  • Smart Cities: Real IoT Use Cases Recorded: Nov 26 2018 60 mins
    Steve Brumer- Partner at 151 Advisors and Steve Wimsatt - Senior Director, Alliances and Business Development Ruckus Network
    Problems faced by IoT and smart city opportunities are knowing how all the moving pieces work together to obtain a real ROI! Join Steve Brumer, Partner at 151 Advisors and Steve Wimsatt, Senior Director, Alliances and Business Development Ruckus Networks, a unit of ARRIS for a 45-minute open discussion on IoT in Smart Cities, the real-world applications and uses cases across the globe and how to make money!

    Topics will include:
    - Real World Applications & Uses Cases
    -Where is the money in supplying products and services and the commercialization aspects of them!
    - What is the true meaning of ROI in the Smart Cities and Smart Buildings space?

    Key takeaways will focus on where should you focus your time, energy and efforts within this space and how to drive revenue.
  • Cloud Transformation Demystified Recorded: Oct 18 2018 53 mins
    Jacqueline Touma & Chaitra Vedullapalli
    Cloud Transformation has gained greater traction in the recent years. However, to propel your business to achieve the cloud profitability that you deserve, there are three core concepts that need to be understood.

    Opportunity, Knowledge, and Actions

    It works like this:

    1. Your business realizes that there’s an opportunity to solve a problem or add value to the lives of many customers and make a recurring revenue from it.
    2. You and your team acquire the knowledge that you need to take advantage of the cloud opportunity.
    3. You and your team will execute actions based on the knowledge obtained, and your profit will be directly proportionate to how many customers you empower with Cloud technologies.

    In this webinar, we will share the secret formula for you to lead the transformation:
    1. Establishing cloud transformation principles
    2. How to develop a strategic business case & roadmap
    3. Get access to best practices & Case Studies
    4. Learn about our special offer to get you started at (no cost)
    5. Learn how to assess Cloud Hyperscalers such as Microsoft, AWS, Google in the market

    Join us in making you and your business cloud ready company. We look forward to collaborating with you.
  • Monetizing IoT in Smart Agriculture Recorded: Sep 26 2018 49 mins
    Steve Brumer, Partner at 151 Advisors & Mark Young, CTO at Climate Corporation
    Join Steve Brumer, Partner at 151 Advisors and Mark Young, CTO at Climate Corporation for a 45-minute informative discussion on monetizing IoT in Smart Agriculture.

    This webinar will focus on the Smart Ag landscape, uses cases, opportunities and how vendors & partners can monetize with IoT. Exploring all the business aspects, connectivity, sensors, big data, platforms, and system integration.

    Key takeaways will focus on where should you focus your time, energy and efforts within this space and drive revenue.

    -Steve Brumer, Partner at 151 Advisors
    -Mark Young, CTO & Interim Product Lead at Climate Corporation
  • Next-Generation Cybersecurity Architecture Recorded: Sep 13 2018 56 mins
    Johna Till Johnson, CEO & Founder, Nemertes Research
    You've got firewalls, antimalware, next-generation endpoint security, and NAC. You're rolling out CASB and analytics, and extending protection to cloud, mobile, and IoT resources. But how does it all come together?

    This webinar reveals what a next-generation security architecture looks like--and which technologies, and vendors, should be part of it.
  • Real World IoT Podcast | Ep. 19 | ft Sigfox | Cusp of the IoT Recorded: Sep 5 2018 32 mins
    151 Advisors | Christian Olivier | Ken Briodagh
    On this week’s episode of the Real World IoT Podcast, host Ken Briodagh discusses where we are seeing growth in the IoT industry with President at Sigfox, Christian Olivier.
  • Real World IoT Podcast | Ep. 18 | ft Trevally Group | Working in the IoT Recorded: Aug 22 2018 56 mins
    151 Advisors | Michele Williams | Ken Briodagh
    On this week’s episode of the Real World IoT Podcast, host Ken Briodagh discusses the status of employment and what is like working in the IoT Industry with Executive Recruiter in Wireless & IoT at Trevally Group, Michele Williams. Trevally Group is a recent spin out from the previous firm that Michele worked with, but despite being a relatively new firm, Michele has been recruiting in the Mobile and Wireless Technology industry since about 2007. About 6 or 7 years ago, she began focusing down on a more niche sector of telematics and then to IoT which is now a huge piece on its own.
  • Real World IoT Podcast | Ep. 17 | ft Procon Analytics | Strategic Partnerships Recorded: Aug 8 2018 52 mins
    151 Advisors | Daniel Walpole | Ken Briodagh
    On this week’s episode of the Real World IoT Podcast, host Ken Briodagh discusses how important relationships and partnerships are within the Internet of Things Industry with Chief Data Officer of Procon Analytics, Daniel Walpole. Since coming to the United States, Daniel ran business units and sales organizations for major cellular networks like AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon. Over the last 15 years, Daniel has worked with Verizon Wireless; and for the last 6 or so of those 15, he was in charge of developing the Verizon partner program.
  • Real World IoT Podcast | Ep. 16 | ft MultiTech | Partnerships & Solutions Recorded: Jul 25 2018 29 mins
    151 Advisors | Derek Wallace | Ken Briodagh
    On this week’s episode of the Real World IoT Podcast, host Ken Briodagh discusses how partnerships and bundled solutions are shaping the Industrial IoT with Derek Wallace, Director of Product Management at MultiTech Systems. MultiTech designs, develops and manufactures data communications equipment for the industrial Internet of Things — connecting physical assets to business processes to deliver enhanced value. MultiTech has been around for almost 48 years and has been diving deep into low power wireless and will be eventually working on devices with 5G.
  • Real World IoT Podcast | Ep. 15 | ft Timescale | Data Management Recorded: Jul 11 2018 44 mins
    151 Advisors | Ajay Kulkarni & Mike Freedman | Ken Briodagh
    On this week’s episode of the Real World IoT Podcast, host Ken Briodagh discusses the management of IoT data with Co-Founder and CEO of Timescale, Ajay Kulkarni, as well as Mike Freedman, Co-Founder and CTO of Timescale. Timescale is addressing one of the largest challenges in databases for years to come: helping developers, businesses, and society make sense of the data that our machines are generating in copious amounts. Timescale provides the only open-source time-series database that natively supports full-SQL, combining the power, reliability, and ease-of-use of a relational database with the scalability typically seen in NoSQL systems.
  • Real World IoT Podcast | Ep. 14 | ft CallPass | Consumer v. Enterprise IoT Recorded: Jun 27 2018 39 mins
    151 Advisors | Jason Ashton | Ken Briodagh
    On this week’s episode of Real World IoT Podcast, host Ken Briodagh discuss the differences between the consumer and enterprise IoT markets and the impacts of “gold rush mentality” with President of the CallPass companies, Jason Ashton. CallPass consists of CallPass Tech and CallPass M2M Solutions Inc, both of which specialize in asset tracking through GPS technology, working directly with consumers and enterprises alike.
  • Real World IoT Podcast | Ep. 13 | ft Avnet | Evaluating Risk Recorded: Jun 13 2018 35 mins
    151 Advisors | Lou Lutostanski | Ken Briodagh
    On this week’s episode of Real World IoT, Ken Briodagh speaks with Vice President of IoT for Avnet, Lou Lutostanski. In this role, Lou works across the company to identify and create opportunities to leverage Avnet’s capabilities and expand the company’s reach and expertise to entrepreneurs, startups, leading technology OEMs and other IoT innovators, enabling them to bring IoT solutions to market, from idea to production. Lou has 30 years of experience and industry knowledge, joining Avnet in 1987 as a system sales manager. Throughout the next 13 years, he gained increasing responsibility as a field application engineer, sales manager, branch manager, and vice president, area director. Throughout his most recent years at Avnet, he served as vice president of sales for the Americas and as vice president of demand creation for the Americas.
  • Amazon Sumerian - Create VR AR 3D Experiences Recorded: Jun 7 2018 100 mins
    Kyle Roche, General Manager, Amazon Sumerian
    VR/AR Association presents this special webinar with Amazon

    Creating Immersive VR, AR and 3D Experiences Using Amazon Sumerian.

    Consumers are desiring more immersive and engaging experiences, but developing such experiences can be challenging and costly. Amazon Sumerian strips away this complexity by making it easier, faster, and less expensive to develop and deploy AR, VR, and 3D applications. Join us for an overview of the Sumerian IDE, console, editor and hosts as well as renderings of demo use cases. In this hands-on webinar, participants will learn how Sumerian’s browser-based approach to application development is being used to create and publish scenes.

    Kyle Roche, General Manager, Amazon Sumerian

    Kyle is the General Manager of Amazon Sumerian. Kyle was the founder of 2lemetry which was acquired by Amazon in 2015 and became AWS IoT. He is a regular speaker at industry events for IoT, AR, and VR. He has authored numerous technical publications on subjects ranging from cloud computing to augmented reality. He lives in Seattle with his wife and 5 kids and is an avid wake surfer and hockey player.
  • Creating IoT Offerings to Make your Business Smarter Recorded: Jun 6 2018 41 mins
    Carrie Francey, Tom Bradicich and Chaitra Vedullapalli
    IoT offers incredible revenue growth potential for companies building and bringing solutions to market, and co-selling their innovations with enterprise brands. This session outlines the 7 principles of IoT, sharing IoT Solutions tackling tourism & automotive market and exploring data and analytics to help you make faster business decisions. Established IoT partners are collaborating with emerging organizations in new ways. We will highlight examples of successful organizations thriving in the ecosystem, leveraging new types of partnerships to approach solution building and solution scaling.

    Key Takeaways:

    - Learn about 7 Principals of IoT
    - Invest in the IoT solutions to help your business become smarter
    - Connect with market leaders to adopt IoT framework


    Carrie Francey – Moderator- VP Information Builders – BI and Analytics, everything Data
    Tom Bradicich – Phd, VP IoT HPE - 7 Principles of IoT and 1st mover innovation and leadership
    Chaitra Vedullapalli- Co Founder Meylah – Smart Tourism IoT – Smart City with Integrated Hospitality To Produce Economic Prosperity
  • Monetizing Smart Cities Recorded: Jun 6 2018 60 mins
    Steve Brumer, Partner, 151 Advisors and Ben Easterling, AT&T Smart Cities Business Unit
    Join Ben Easterling, Strategic Alliance Lead for the AT&T Smart Cities Business Unit and Steve Brumer, Partner with 151 Advisors, a leader in providing Advisory and Strategic services around “Monetizing the Connected World” for a 60 minute open discussion on Smart Cities and Smart Buildings and the commercialization aspects of them.

    Topics will include:
    - Where is the money in supplying products and services?
    - What is the true meaning of ROI in the Smart Cities and Smart Buildings space?

    Key Takeaways will focus on where should you focus your time, energy and efforts within this space and drive revenue.
  • IoT, Blockchain and Healthcare: Are we Ready? Recorded: Jun 5 2018 44 mins
    Monique J. Morrow, President & Co-Founder, The Humanized Internet
    With the Internet of Things and applications such as wearable personal health trackers, we are becoming more the center of our active care management. The issues of privacy and security are foundational to the safety of our healthcare data.

    What is the possible function of blockchain, in our healthcare industry given the numerous players such as insurance, physicians, pharmaceuticals, researchers and above all the patient where transactions such as medical care records; drug trial results may be transacted immutably on a public ledger or perhaps a ledger that is hybrid, public-private? The speaker will articulate blockchain use cases that may be considered for application in the healthcare industry.

    There is work in progress in this space of healthcare and blockchain, however, what must be pivotal in the discussion is that the patient remain the center of this dynamically changing universe. Education will be critical and an opportunity for this industry!

    The key takeaways from this webinar are:
    1.Assess Blockchain and its application in the healthcare industry;
    2.Understand the polarity between regulation-privacy-security and transparency;
    3.Call to action re: Education for all players especially the patient

    About the presenter:

    Monique is President and Co-Founder of the Humanized Internet, a non-profit organization focused on providing digital identity for those individuals most underserved. Blockchain is certainly a potential mechanism for this billion-people challenge. Visit thehumanizedinternet.org for more information.
  • The Intersection of IoT & Blockchain: Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together Recorded: Jun 5 2018 46 mins
    Scott Udell, VP IoT Solutions and Ed Featherston, VP Principal Architect, Cloud Technology Partners
    The recent Southwest Airlines fatal engine failure has brought the discussion around predictive maintenance to the forefront. This webinar discusses how the intersection of two disruptive technologies, The Internet of Things and blockchain, could be applied in the development of a Predictive Maintenance As A Service solution.

    Discussion points will include:

    - Internet of Things, sensors
    - Blockchain concepts, distributed ledger, smart contracts
    - Intersection of these technologies through the supply chain
    - How to leverage the features of that intersection towards a predictive maintenance as a Service

    About the speakers:

    Scott Udell is VP, IoT Solutions at Cloud Technology Partners. He brings 27+ years of consulting and technology industry success. He has spent most of the last 15 years working in startups focused on IoT, M2M, Video Analytics, RFID, Retail/CPG/Supply Chain and Logistics.

    Ed Featherston is VP, Principal Architect at Cloud Technology Partners. He brings 35+ years of technology experience in designing, building, and implementing large complex solutions. He has significant expertise in systems integration, Internet/intranet, and cloud technologies. He has delivered projects in various industries, including financial services, pharmacy, government and retail.
  • 8 Trends of IoT in 2018 and Beyond Recorded: Jun 5 2018 46 mins
    Prof. Ahmed Banafa, IoT Expert, Faculty, Author and Keynote Speaker, SJSU
    The Internet of things (IoT) is growing rapidly and 2018 will be a fascinating year for the IoT industry. IoT technology continues to evolve at an incredibly rapid pace. Consumers and businesses alike are anticipating the next big innovation. They are all set to embrace the ground-breaking impact of the Internet of Things on our lives like ATMs that report crimes around them, forks that tell you if you are eating fast, or IP address for each organ of your body for doctors to connect and check.

    2018 and beyond, IoT will see tremendous growth in all directions. Join this webcast to learn and discuss the 8 biggest trends that are the main developments we predict for coming the coming years.

    About the speaker:
    Prof. Ahmed Banafa has extensive experience in research, operations and management, with focus on IoT, Blockchain and AI. He is a reviewer and a technical contributor for the publication of several technical books. He served as a faculty several at well-known universities and colleges, including the University of California, Berkeley; California State University-East Bay; San Jose State University; and University of Massachusetts.
  • Blockchain and IoT: Enabling Business Critical Decisions with Trusted Data Recorded: Jun 5 2018 51 mins
    Liam Jones, Enterprise Engagements and Trent Kalisch-Smith, Technology Sales Engineer, Gospel Technology
    Gospel is an enterprise data platform built on blockchain, providing an accessible distributed environment, as well as enterprise grade scale-ability and security to streamline processes and avoid data breaches.

    Join Gospels’ webcast with Liam Jones, Enterprise Engagements, and Trent Kalisch-Smith, Technology, as they discuss:

    - Enabling IoT and automation with blockchain technology
    - The importance of security and trust in data
    - Use cases for IoT and blockchain

    Have your questions answered directly in this live presentation!

    About the presenters:

    Trent is Gospel's Technical Sales Engineer. He helps our customers understand the more technical aspects of Gospel and works with them to successfully integrate our product into their environments.

    Liam has proven experience of being part of something new and exciting, applying innovative and disruptive technology to solve critical problems in the world of Enterprise data. Liam is now applying this skill to help customers deploy Gospel and explore the world of Blockchain.
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  • Title: Comparing Apache Ignite & Cassandra for Hybrid Transactional Analytical Apps
  • Live at: Mar 28 2018 9:00 pm
  • Presented by: Denis Magda, Director of Product Management, GridGain Systems
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