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Reprioritizing DNS – Downtime is Not an Option

Domain Name Server (DNS) is an under-valued necessity for application delivery. It’s treated as a “set it and forget it” technology and people fail to consider the impact of an outage.

In this webinar we’re going to reprioritize DNS by outlining some simple options for built-in failover, discussing the new role of applications developers play in DNS deployment, and helping you put protections in place for your applications.

We’ll also review:

- The biggest DNS outages and their impact
- The most common DNS mistakes
- Best practices for a successful, secure deployment

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Recorded Mar 31 2020 23 mins
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Presented by
Roger Barlow, Principal Product Manager, F5 Networks | Tara Shankar Jana, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, F5 Networks
Presentation preview: Reprioritizing DNS – Downtime is Not an Option

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  • Addressing Multi-Cloud Application Management with F5 Recorded: Apr 30 2020 15 mins
    Robert Haynes, Cloud Technical Marketing - F5 Networks | Zach Westall, Product Marketing Manager, F5 Networks
    Applications make life changing experiences happen every day for consumers. Savvy organizations understand that the services they offer may well be the next great experience—which is why they work so hard to create robust applications that delight customers and bring them to market as fast as possible using agile methodologies.

    To meet this demand for high-value applications developed at the speed of thought, IT pros and developers alike are making use public cloud for development and/or to deliver “cloud-native” services. This is the reason organizations often end up in a multi-cloud environment, where IT has to solve the challenges of new technologies, ensure service consistency, remain compliant, and avoid cloud lock-in.

    Join this webinar to learn more about how F5:

    - Supports the journey to a multi-cloud environment whilst being able to maintain the same standards

    - Helps deliver application availability and enforce security policies wherever applications are deployed

    - Simplify the deployment of consistent policies across clouds with F5
  • Automating and Orchestrating the delivery of Network and Security Services Recorded: Apr 28 2020 12 mins
    Daniel Schrader, Senior Product Marketing Manager, F5 Networks
    When NetOps and SecOps teams do not (or are unable to) participate in automated application delivery processes, applications can be released without adequate security or traffic management controls. The result? Poor user experiences and increased business risk as well as significant challenges with post-release management and operability.

    But it doesn’t have to be this way.
    Rapid provisioning of scalable services through declarative APIs or service catalogs gives the SecOps and NetOps teams the tools they need to protect the application and maintain compliance without adding friction to the software delivery lifecycle. Changing manual processes into automated ones helps NetOps and SecOps teams manage thousands of instances and apps at scale.

    But how do you get started with automation? In this webinar, we’ll show how the F5 Automation Toolchain makes it faster and easier to deploy and configure F5 application services via declarative interfaces and introduce you to training to help you expand your skills.

    What you'll learn:

    - How F5’s Automation Toolchain Application Services 3 Extension (AS3) can help you automate easily.
    - How to use AS3.
    - Telemetry streaming basics.
  • Automating DevOps and SecOps Deployments with CI/CD Pipeline Integration with F5 Recorded: Apr 22 2020 12 mins
    Kevin Delgadill ,Principal Product Manager, F5 Networks | Payal Singh, Principal Solution Engineer, F5 Networks
    As a result of a significant ideological mismatch between app dev teams and enterprise network and security teams, apps are getting released into market without important traffic management and security services attached to them.

    Most well-functioning CI/CD pipelines handle the integration and deployment of code with minimal human intervention. However, many still manage application services and policies through manual configurations of network and security policy using slow, ticket-driven processes. This can lead to decisions to bypass corporate security policy, network operations, and other controls in favor of releasing code quickly.

    The solution? Empower NetOps and SecOps to contribute security and network policies that integrate seamlessly into the automation pipeline used by dev teams to manage application development and deployment.

    In this webinar and demo to find out how F5 can help you:
    Increase CI/CD velocity by integrating application performance, corporate security, and compliance policies into the automation pipeline.
    Provision a consistent set of services using whatever automation tools are already in your workflow.

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  • Optimize and Secure your Container-Based apps with F5 Recorded: Apr 21 2020 7 mins
    Daniel Schrader, Senior Product Marketing Manager, F5 Networks
    Application developers have embraced containers and microservices for a variety of reasons, including portability, scalability, and increased efficiency of the development and deployment lifecycle. But scalability, security, automation, and performance of containerized applications is often insufficient. For example, application-layer attacks including hacks, bots, and data exfiltration are real threats to the integrity of your customer and operational data—and containers provide more points of entry.

    Native services available within container platforms such as Kubernetes and Openshift lack robust features like web application firewalls and protocol gateways needed to secure and optimize enterprise applications. And in our fast-paced world, the reality is that faced with a choice between deployment velocity and security, speed-to-market often wins—despite the risk.

    What’s the solution? Companies must deploy robust app security, availability, and performance services within container environments that integrate seamlessly with container management platforms and CI/CD pipelines.

    At F5, we’ve developed a powerful application services platform that integrates with your container management solution to deliver robust application security and performance.

    In this webinar we'll show you:

    - The basics of containers and Kubernetes.

    - How to apply advanced network services such as sophisticated load balancing and web application firewalls to container-based apps.

    - How F5’s open-source Container Ingress Services create a bridge between container-based apps and your F5 BIG-IP
  • Moving Towards Simpler Automation with Abstraction Recorded: Apr 16 2020 49 mins
    Payal Singh, Principal Solutions Engineer, F5 Networks | Forrest Crenshaw, Product Management Engineer, F5 Networks
    Moving Towards Simpler Automation with Abstraction Using Ansible Roles and F5 Declarative APIS

    Automation is valuable, but how to we stay focused on adding features rather than maintaining code and tools?

    In this session, we will cover how to promote value focused automation using Ansible Roles and F5 Automation Toolchain including Application Services 3 (AS3), Declarative Onboarding (DO), and more. Leveraging a single Role or Task, we will demonstrate how to achieve lengthy use-cases such as deploying an application or GSLB configuration.

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  • Red Hat Ansible automation for F5 web application firewall (ASM) Recorded: Apr 14 2020 49 mins
    Matt Mabis, Solutions Architect, F5 Networks | Andrius Benokraitis, Sr. Product Manager, Ansible
    As your applications get more complex, so do the threats they face. IT organizations today are embracing automation to keep up with the increasing complexity of applications and to ensure consistency.

    Automating your application security with the right tools allow you to respond to threats quicker and manage policy consistently across hybrid cloud.

    In this webinar you'll learn about:

    - {Live Demo} Managing F5 BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM) WAF policy using Red Hat Ansible

    - Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and F5 content collections
  • Leveraging Application Services to Enhance and Secure Application Capital Recorded: Apr 9 2020 44 mins
    Samuel Barnett, Principal Individual Contributor, Application Services, F5 Networks
    Applications are the currency of the digital economy and their deployments are exploding, bolstered by a bevy of developers enjoying the freedom of chaotic innovation. That innovation, while necessary for digital transformation, needs support from consistent application services regardless of environment.

    Join us to explore this transforming world of applications with insight from our annual State of Application Services report and learn how F5’s application services can help you enhance and secure your application capital.

    Join us for this webinar to learn about:

    - Why applications are the currency of the digital economy and are the key to digital transformation and business value

    - How multi-cloud application services can enhance and secure your application capital

    - Why chaotic innovation can help you on your digital transformation journey

    - How other large enterprises are capitalizing on cloud in support of digital transformation
  • The Importance of Secondary DNS Recorded: Apr 7 2020 28 mins
    Roger Barlow, Principal Product Manager, F5 Networks
    Learn how F5 DNS Cloud Service delivers a self-service, secondary authoritative DNS that can be provisioned and configured within a few clicks.

    - Provides globally redundant cloud-based DNS
    - Utilize APIs or intuitive user interfaces
    - Offers built-in security options
    - Free for up to 3 million queries, 1 zone per month
  • F5 Cloud Services DNS Load Balancer Demo Recorded: Apr 2 2020 17 mins
    Roger Barlow, Principal Product Manager, F5 Networks
    Learn how F5 DNS Load Balancer Cloud Service, a cloud-native SaaS solution, can help you easily perform geolocation-based routing and build in multi-cloud load balancing and redundancy within minutes.

    Join this demo to learn more about how you can utilize F5 DNS Load Balancer Cloud Service to:

    - Add high availability by load balancing across multiple clouds
    - Direct traffic to the nearest application instance
    - Route traffic based on location for GDPR compliance
    - Automatically detect failed app instances and reroute traffic
    - Easily configure and automate DNS Load Balancing via APIs
    - Get started in a few clicks for free with up to 3 million queries,1 configuration, and 10 health checks per month
  • Reprioritizing DNS – Downtime is Not an Option Recorded: Mar 31 2020 23 mins
    Roger Barlow, Principal Product Manager, F5 Networks | Tara Shankar Jana, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, F5 Networks
    Domain Name Server (DNS) is an under-valued necessity for application delivery. It’s treated as a “set it and forget it” technology and people fail to consider the impact of an outage.

    In this webinar we’re going to reprioritize DNS by outlining some simple options for built-in failover, discussing the new role of applications developers play in DNS deployment, and helping you put protections in place for your applications.

    We’ll also review:

    - The biggest DNS outages and their impact
    - The most common DNS mistakes
    - Best practices for a successful, secure deployment

    Learn more by registering for this webinar!
  • The Monsters We Make: Understanding New Model Applications (PODCAST) Recorded: Mar 26 2020 33 mins
    Joel Moses, Office of the CTO, F5 Networks
    (PODCAST) Applications today are loosely connected assemblies of small, often widely distributed parts, some of which may be sourced outside your organization. This enables delivery of great new capabilities faster and more easily than ever before, but it also introduces risk—security risks and risks associated with latency or maintenance of external components over time.

    In the first episode of F5’s podcast series What Lies Beneath, A Deep Dive into the Underpinnings of Our Digital Lives, Joel Moses from F5’s Office of the CTO talks about learning to live with (and maybe even love) the monsters we make.

    Listen Now
  • Bridging the Divide (Part 3 of 3): Modern API Management Recorded: Mar 25 2020 32 mins
    Karthik Krishnaswamy, Director of Product Marketing, F5 Networks | Jon Calalang, Sr. Specialist System Engineer, F5 Networks
    Today, APIs are everywhere. Mobile apps, cloud services, IoT devices, and social media all communicate and exchange data via APIs.

    But managing those APIs is no easy feat. You need to do so across their full lifecycle—which includes defining and publishing them, as well as securing and managing API traffic. You also have to monitor and troubleshoot performance to ensure customer satisfaction.

    Register now for part three of our webinar series—Bridging the Divide: Modern API Management.

    Learn how F5 and NGINX can help you achieve full API lifecycle management across multi-cloud environments for both traditional and modern apps.

    In the webinar and demo, we will cover:

    - Creating and publishing APIs
    - Securing APIs and backends
    - Troubleshooting API performance and security issues
    - Boosting developer productivity with a policy-driven approach

    Register Now
  • Collaborating and Automating Across Teams to Get From Code to Customer Faster Recorded: Mar 19 2020 41 mins
    F5 Networks
    Responsibility for app development and deployment decisions—including those that impact security and compliance—have been shifting left towards developers and away from network and security professionals in the interest of speed. While the benefits are real, significant security threats, compliance requirements, and operational concerns remain.

    In our webinar, Product Evangelist Teri Patrick explores how teams are experiencing these changes. She’ll be joined by a panel of experts from F5 representing the people grappling with these challenges—Cloud architects and NetOps, SecOps, and DevOps professionals. They’ve been working with some of the biggest companies in the world, and helping solve their most significant issues.

    We recommend gathering your entire team so you can listen to this webinar together while we cover:

    - What’s driving the changes in how organizations deliver new applications

    - How those changes impact the individual teams supporting the app delivery pipeline

    - What organizations can do to better plan and equip teams for ongoing technology evolution and faster app delivery pressures

    Register Today
  • VMworld 2019 Follow-up Recorded: Mar 17 2020 40 mins
    Matt Mabis, Solution Architect, F5 Networks, Paul Pindell, Principal Solution Architect, F5 Networks
    Top Business Challenges Revealed: VMworld 2019

    In this webinar, F5 VMware experts will discuss how to protect and automate your VMware environments for improved business operation and reduce management overhead. There will also be an opportunity for you to directly ask our F5 VMware experts and get the answers you need to solve your problems.
  • Bridging the Divide (Part 2 of 3): Our Joint Vision for ADC Services Recorded: Mar 11 2020 20 mins
    Ken Bocchino, Director of Product Management, F5 Networks | Owen Garrett, Sr. Director of Product Management, F5 Networks
    Register now for part two of our Bridging the Divide webinar series to get a closer look at how you can build speed, simplicity, security, and scale into your key ADC use cases through a joint F5 + NGINX product demo.

    The way companies are developing, deploying, and delivering apps is changing. And as DevOps and enterprise IT teams embrace new approaches and solutions to meet seemingly conflicting priorities, the divide between them has grown.

    F5 and NGINX solutions can help you bridge that divide—and let you focus on building and deploying scalable, high-performing, and secure apps.

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  • Zero Touch Application Delivery with F5, Terraform and Consul Recorded: Mar 10 2020 56 mins
    Lance Larsen, Technical Specialist - Field CTO Office, HashiCorp | Sanjay Shitole - Solutions Architect - Business Dev, F5
    In today’s digital world, organizations compete on speed-to-market. As application development teams strive to roll out new services to customers faster, the networking team is pressured on keeping the pace with provisioning and configuration during the application delivery process. The traditional manual, and often “ticket based” approach struggles to handle the increasing demands and scale bottlenecking the modern application delivery lifecycle.

    To accelerate this “last mile” process, F5 works with HashiCorp to provide a complete solution with an automated approach. With Terraform, the F5 platform can be treated “as code” and can be provisioned automatically along with the new service getting deployed. With Consul, any further changes to the back-end pool of F5 will get updated dynamically. As services scale up, down, or fail, the F5 will automatically reload the configuration and route traffic to available and healthy servers with zero downtime.

    In this webinar, we will cover:

    ● F5 provider with Terraform to provision new service resources
    ● F5 with Consul service discovery integration to dynamically reconfigure back-end pool

    Register Today
  • The Freedom to Deploy SAP Applications Anywhere Recorded: Mar 5 2020 34 mins
    Frank Kyei-Manu Sr. Product Marketing Manager | Tom Atkins Product Marketing Manager
    Migrating your SAP apps to the public cloud requires a trusted partner with advanced application delivery and security services to meet the enterprise-grade requirements for business-critical apps. That’s why SAP recommends a web application firewall (WAF) and reverse proxy for Internet-facing deployments of SAP Fiori and SAP S/4HANA apps.
    Enterprises Trust F5 for Their First Line of Defense

    Watch the webinar to learn how F5 public cloud solutions complement SAP S/4HANA and Fiori architectures with holistic perimeter-based security, intelligent traffic management, and secure app access with identity authentication and authorization.

    Who Should Watch?

    Cloud architects, SAP app owners and network and security operations teams will learn how to quickly and securely migrate SAP applications freely in the cloud with:

    - Streamlined migration through policy reusability and automated services insertion

    - Richness of choice across cloud providers, solutions and partners
    SAP security, access and traffic management across hybrid environments

    View Now
  • Troubleshoot Your Application Health and Performance with F5 Recorded: Mar 4 2020 18 mins
    Roman Jouhannet, Product Management Engineer | Zach Westall, Product Marketing Manager
    Troubleshooting application health and performance is challenging. Application performance problems can stem from many causes—flaws in the application code itself, network issues, application-layer attacks, spikes in bot traffic (malicious or otherwise), even incompatibility with specific browser or OS versions. This issue is only compounded with the steady rise in the adoption of multi-cloud infrastructures for application development and deployment.

    According to an IDC Study, the annual average cost of unplanned application downtime for the Fortune 1000 is between $1.25 and $2.5 billion. That means every second counts. And being able to quickly and accurately troubleshoot application availability, performance, and security is paramount. To gain the required visibility to effectively identify and remediate application issues quickly and accurately, application development teams need the appropriate tools and dashboards.

    Join this webinar to learn more about how F5 can help you:

    - Provide unified dashboards that offer role-specific access to the data that each team cares about.

    - Gain robust analytics that reduces mean time-to-innocence and fosters proactive remediation.

    - Avoid lengthy root cause investigations and troubleshooting cycles.
  • Bridging the Divide (Part 1 of 3): Modern App Development with F5 and NGINX Recorded: Feb 26 2020 31 mins
    Jon Kuhn, VP of Product Management, F5 Networks | Sidney Rabsatt, VP of Product Management, F5 Networks
    The application landscape is transforming

    Join us as we review: Bringing it together: F5 and NGINX

    - Market and key trends

    - Bridging the divide—F5 and NGINX

    - F5 + NGINX—Key use cases, solutions, capabilities and benefits

    - Summary and next steps

    Register Today
  • 2019 State of DevOps Report Findings Recorded: Feb 19 2020 44 mins
    Lori MacVittie, Principal Technical Evangelist F5 Networks | Alanna Brown, Sr. Director Community and Dev Relations Puppet
    The Puppet State of DevOps Report:

    Top 5 Insights That DevOps Practitioners Should Be Actioning Now

    Analysis of survey results from nearly 3,000 technical professionals and executives reveals that organizations which have evolved their DevOps practices to a high level have also achieved a high level of security.

    They've done this by successfully integrating security practices into the software development lifecycle from its very earliest stages.

    Register Now
F5 makes apps go faster, smarter, and safer.
F5 makes apps go faster, smarter, and safer for the world’s largest businesses, service providers, governments, and consumer brands. F5 delivers cloud and security solutions that enable organizations to embrace the application infrastructure they choose without sacrificing speed and control.

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  • Title: Reprioritizing DNS – Downtime is Not an Option
  • Live at: Mar 31 2020 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Roger Barlow, Principal Product Manager, F5 Networks | Tara Shankar Jana, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, F5 Networks
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