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Sustainability Quarterly July 2019

Schroders' Global Head of Stewardship Jessica Ground provides the Team's views on their latest ESG-related research
Recorded Jul 31 2019 39 mins
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Presented by
Jessica Ground, Global Head of Stewardship
Presentation preview: Sustainability Quarterly July 2019
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  • Schroders Webinar: Evidencing ESG Integration Recorded: Mar 24 2020 52 mins
    Jessica Ground, Global Head of Stewardship & Lesley-Ann Morgan, Head of Multi-Asset Strategy
    With a pension scheme’s Statement of Investment Principles (SIP) now containing trustees’ policies on financially material considerations (including environmental, social and governance matters), the stewardship of investments and the extent to which members’ views are considered, attention is now on October 2020 when trustees must produce an implementation report explaining how they have followed and acted on the investment policies outlined in their SIP.

    Jessica Ground, Global Head of Stewardship and Lesley-Ann Morgan, Head of Multi-Asset Strategy, will discuss the upcoming need for trustees to report to scheme members on the progress they have made in integrating sustainability into their scheme’s default investment strategy. They will also examine the level of reporting available and how investment strategies have adapted to integrate ESG as part of the day-to-day investment decision making process, to help trustees meet this new requirement.
  • Schroders Multi-Credit Investment In Focus Webinar Recorded: Mar 18 2020 49 mins
    Sean Markowicz & Andy Chorlton
    Join us for Schroders Investment In Focus Webinar on Wednesday 18 March on the different investment opportunities across the credit universe.

    Andy Chorlton (Head of US Multi-Sector & Fixed Income Solutions) will lead a discussion around the fundamentals of different credit markets. He will discuss where we see relative value and how we are currently positioned across our multi-asset credit portfolios, especially in the context of the ongoing market volatility. Sean Markowicz (Research Strategist) will outline the case for active asset allocation and security selection in credit portfolios.

    There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and engage in the session.
  • Securitized Quarterly - Q1 2020, with Michelle Russell-Dowe Recorded: Jan 22 2020 32 mins
    Michelle Russell-Dowe, Head of Securitized Credit, Schroders
    Michelle Russell-Dowe, Head of Securitized Credit, presents on the research her team is doing on the credit markets by and large, and trends they’re seeing within Collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), global ABS, and more.
  • Securitized Quarterly, with Michelle Russell-Dowe Recorded: Oct 17 2019 42 mins
    Michelle Russell-Dowe, Schroders' Head of Securitized Credit
    A new event that will focus on current market trends and dynamics, with perspectives delivered by Schroders' Head of Securitized Credit Michelle Russell-Dowe.
  • Avoid the crowds: the case for securitized credit Recorded: Sep 10 2019 27 mins
    Michelle Russell-Dowe, Head of Securitized Credit, Schroders
    Given the challenges facing ‘traditional’ fixed income, we think segments of the securitized market warrant consideration for being a strategic portfolio component, given their better fundamentals and lower volatility compared to the more popular (and crowded) credit markets. Hear from Head of Securitized Credit Michelle Russell-Dowe as she gives her insights and opinions on the securitized space, how we expect the asset class to fare in today’s low rate environment, and where she sees opportunities within the consumer-driven, housing and real estate segments.
  • Local perspectives on the China Equity markets Recorded: Aug 28 2019 20 mins
    Jack Lee, Head of China A-share research, Schroders
    Recorded August 28, 2019. While trade wars and currency concerns have dominated the headlines, we think investors will be remiss if they do not at least begin to consider this tremendous alpha opportunity from a future asset allocation perspective. China’s economic dominance and future equity-market influence will undoubtedly be game-changers. In this two-part webinar, Schroders’ Greater China Equity teams delivers their local perspectives on current trends, and the longer-term secular benefits, of this unique opportunity set.
  • Sustainability Quarterly July 2019 Recorded: Jul 31 2019 39 mins
    Jessica Ground, Global Head of Stewardship
    Schroders' Global Head of Stewardship Jessica Ground provides the Team's views on their latest ESG-related research
  • Sustainability Quarterly Recorded: May 1 2019 36 mins
    Jessica Ground, Global Head of Stewardship at Schroders, and team
    Corporate governance is a well-practices component of ESG analysis. But what about a company's social and/or environmental footprint on society. This is a much more difficult arena of analysis to do with any consistency or success.

    In this edition of our quarterly series, Jessica Ground and Andy Howard discuss SustainEx, a new proprietary tool that provides quantitative analysis of these factors across companies and sectors, so that investors can better understand the financial impact of doing good, or continuing unethical business practices.
  • Schroders' Emerging Market Equity quarterly review and outlook Recorded: Apr 25 2019 43 mins
    Nicholas Field, Emerging Market Equities Strategist and Fund Manager
    Nick Field delivers the Team's latest thematic research on the global emerging market equity markets.
  • EM Debt in 2019 – don’t call it a comeback Recorded: Mar 7 2019 19 mins
    Jim Barrineau, Head of EMD Relative, Schroders
    Emerging market debt has had a remarkable run so far in 2019, but is this just a tactical play in the wake of a challenged year for risk assets? We think it’s more than that. EMD remains a strategic asset class play, and Schroders’ Head of EMD Relative Jim Barrineau will explore the ways in which EMD is attractive as the risk-free rate peaks.

    He will also discuss where he sees the best opportunities among both hard- and local-currency debt, and how investors can be strategic with their EMD allocations in 2019.
  • Sustainability Quarterly Recorded: Jan 17 2019 38 mins
    Schroders' Sustainable Investment team
    Sarah Bratton hosts the Sustainable Investment team as they kick off the New Year with several timely topics including the relevance of ESG factors in managing both trade wars risk and the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) in the global economy. They will also touch on divestment practices and trends among several ‘sin sectors’.
  • Schroders' Emerging Market Equity quarterly review and outlook Recorded: Jan 10 2019 46 mins
    Tom Wilson, Head of Emerging Market Equities, Schroders
    Schroders' longest-standing webinar series, with our Head of EME Tom Wilson offering his outlook on the Emerging Markets in 2019.
  • Trick or Treat? Sustainability Quarterly with Jessica Ground Recorded: Oct 31 2018 22 mins
    Jessica Ground, Head of Stewardship at Schroders, and team
    On this All Hallows' Eve edition of Schroders’ Sustainability Quarterly webinar, we look at ESG-indexing, and ESG within the Emerging Markets, both areas that can potentially offer tricks & treats.

    The combination of rising demand for index-based investment products and an increasing appetite for strategies based on ESG criteria has led to a sharp increase in ESG-branded products. We highlight a number of reasons why these simple, low-cost solutions may not provide either the financial or sustainability outcomes investors are likely to expect.

    EM have tended to exhibit greater volatility than developed markets. Less stringent regulation, rapidly changing demographics and evolving policy environments can add to the uncertainty for EM investors. These
    issues are less likely to impact better managed, more sustainably run companies, in our view.
  • Credit Insights with David Knutson Recorded: Oct 2 2018 40 mins
    David Knutson, CFA, Head of Credit, Americas, Schroders
    Schroders recently held its Quarterly Fixed Income Investment Forum, and for this webinar David Knutson will give a glimpse into this 3-day discussion by recapping several debates that went on, including the state of the USD, and inflation. He will also offer a research analyst's perspective on another current debate sparked by recent tweets - quarterly reporting.
  • Assessing the concentration risks in the Emerging Markets Recorded: Sep 26 2018 27 mins
    Michael O'Brien, Ph.D, and Derek Power, Schroders QEP team
    Emerging market equities remain an attractive area to find growth. While liquidity and FX remain powerful drivers of EM asset prices, for those with a longer-term view, we think the fundamentals are strong and there remains compelling alpha to be had across region, sector, and market cap. So where are we seeing value?

    Join Dr Michael O’Brien and Derek Power from Schroders QEP team as they look at the secular changes that are transforming this dynamic and diverse asset class -- and where they see opportunities.
  • Sustainability Quarterly Recorded: Jul 25 2018 42 mins
    Jessica Ground, Global Head of Stewardship at Schroders, and team
    Please join Jessica Ground and the Sustainable Investment team as they dive into the ESG topics currently making waves.

    No one wants to vacation on a beach full of plastic. With more regions talking about banning some plastic items, what is the impact for the plastics supply chain, and end users. Meanwhile, as summer temperatures reach record highs, we will revisit our Schroders Climate Progress Dashboard a year on from launch and see how the thermostat is re-calibrating. Finally, as you pack up the car for your big summer trip, is there a residual risk that is not being captured within the auto loan industry, despite banks tighten up their consumer protection rules and processes?
  • Schroders' Emerging Market Equity quarterly review and outlook Recorded: Jul 12 2018 50 mins
    Tom Wilson, Head of Emerging Market Equities, Schroders
    The Team's quarterly review and outlook on the Global Emerging Markets.
  • Schroders' Multi-Asset mid-year outlook Recorded: Jun 7 2018 28 mins
    Johanna Kyrklund, CFA, Global Head of Multi-Asset Investments, and Adam Farstrup, CFA, Head of Multi-Asset Product, Americas
    Johanna Kyrklund, Global Head of Multi-Asset Investments, provides a mid-year assessment of the Team’s cyclical & risk scenarios, as well as where they anticipate opportunities arising across the global markets. Topics to be discussed include:

    * Are risks in the global economy moving from a reflationary bias to stagflation?
    * Mid-term scorecard for the Fed
    * Comparing & contrasting European versus US opportunities and risks
    * Is it time to re-engage with emerging markets from an asset allocator’s perspective?
    * And Q&A
  • ESG Quarterly: Engaged and Engaging Recorded: Feb 1 2017 39 mins
    Hosted by Jessica Ground, Global Head of Stewardship
    Join Schroder's ESG Team for this new webinar series aimed at bringing you the Team's latest research highlights. This session, we will present the findings from our Global Investor Study related to ESG, including which counties and demographics are most engaged, and what challenges does this create for investors. Next, we will turn to our recent Global ESG engagement activity and run through our recent research on US Corporate Governance trends, with insights into our pre 2017 AGM season engagement topics. Finally, we will discuss our cutting-edge research on the Emerging Markets where we have been doing some focused work engaging on bribery and corruption.
  • Schroders' emerging market equities quarterly review and outlook Recorded: Jan 12 2017 55 mins
    Thomas Wilson, CFA, Head of Emerging Market Equities, Schroders
    Please join Tom Wilson of the Schroders EME team as he examines the latest trends and market events impacting the Emerging Markets.
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