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Hear What’s NEW with Hitachi Content Portfolio?

Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) is object storage software designed to intelligently manage data as a key business asset and govern valuable data to reduce compliance risks. It is also the heart of a portfolio of solutions that are uniquely integrated to address today’s challenges and adapt to future needs. The portfolio includes Hitachi Content Platform for object storage; HCP Anywhere for file synchronization and sharing and data protection; HCP Anywhere edge file services as a cloud storage gateway to HCP, and Hitachi Content Intelligence, where rapid insights emerge from data/ Hitachi Content Platform portfolio centralizes data into a single platform to enable you to better understand, govern and control your data.

Join this session to learn about the latest hardware and software updates across the portfolio that will:

•Extend Data Governance to Reduce Risk in Multi-Cloud Environments
•Optimize Storage to Drive Down Costs and Increase Profitability
•Modernize File Services to Improve Productivity and Create a Digital Workplace
Recorded Sep 20 2018 55 mins
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Presented by
Jeff Lundberg, senior product marketing manager, Hitachi Vantara
Presentation preview: Hear What’s NEW with Hitachi Content Portfolio?

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  • Solving the Data Security Remote Working Paradigm Oct 29 2020 10:00 am UTC
    Richard Spedding, Data Intelligence Technical Expert, Hitachi Vantara
    During this session, Data Intelligence Technical Expert Richard Spedding will focus on how to engineer complete control over the data being used or shared in a remote working environment. Never before has remote working posed so much importance to businesses everywhere.

    We will also cover how:
    •Workforces can be more productive and collaborative when working from home by giving users secure access to their data anywhere, anytime, from any device, and from existing NAS shares and Microsoft SharePoint.
    •To ensure data access, security, and compliance while users are scattered.
    •To guarantee continuous data access for users in the event of outages and unforeseen events like a ransomware attack.
    •Hitachi’s Content Platform Anywhere can do all this and more…
  • Innovative IT to Meet the Demands of Covid & Beyond for Healthcare Organizations Recorded: Oct 22 2020 61 mins
    David Branson, Healthcare Alliances Leader, Hitachi Vantara & Jeff Kenkel, Industry Consultant, Sirius Computer Solutions
    COVID-19 has brought enormous suffering to people all over the world. And along with that, the pandemic has placed immense additional pressure on already overburdened health systems, hospitals and clinics.

    Join Hitachi Vantara’s Global Healthcare Alliances Leader, David Branson, and Sirius Computer Solutions’ Industry Consultant, Jeff Kenkel, as they discuss some of the challenges facing healthcare organizations today, and the innovative technologies and capabilities of Hitachi and Sirius that can be used to meet these demands, both now, and in the post-COVID future.
  • Hitachi Ops Centre: A Deep Dive Recorded: Oct 14 2020 50 mins
    Johnny Koen, Technical Expert: Center of Excellence Global Field and Industry Solutions, Hitachi Vantara
    Hitachi Ops Center enables AI-driven management operations that address the key challenges of IT management tool sprawl, critical IT incident response, overburdened staff and on-time resource delivery. Use Ops Center products in combination to exponentially increase operational efficiency: Configure, optimize, orchestrate, protect and quickly take action so your automation initiatives can be achieved while reducing operational overhead and risks.
  • Digital Archive in a Box Recorded: Oct 1 2020 27 mins
    Robert Rowe, Solution Domain Principle, Data Intelligence, Professional Services, Hitachi Vantara
    Whilst archiving was once the place at the end of the Business Process that documents went to die. In the modern Digital world, Archiving has moved very much to the front of the Business process.

    Businesses are using the legacy capabilities of archiving solutions to manage the massive growth in objects, whether documents or records. Satisfying regulatory and compliance needs in the process. Whilst acting as the gateway to analytics over the information being archived. All with the potential to manage down costs.

    As an example, the rise of the smart device and the way that businesses are exploiting it is seeing an explosion of unstructured, object-based data, and associated MetaData. In insurance, claims previously handled via a person visit are self-served via an app that collects images and geospatial data. All of which need to be managed, including against GDPR and other regulations.

    We’ll look at examples of how customers are using our archiving technology to digitise their businesses and gain real value.
  • The Foundation For Your Data Storage Future Recorded: Sep 30 2020 38 mins
    Gilbert Gerber, Technical Consultant, Hitachi Vantara
    In the first in our Accelerate Your Speed to Innovation webinar series, we will cover the storage options for midsized enterprises to accelerate project delivery, protect data, optimize resources, deliver "set and forget" reliability, and act as a foundation for your data storage future.

    In this webinar you will learn, how you can:
    • Go to market faster with modern data storage
    • Keep your data properly safeguarded
    • Drive long-term business agility with scalable data storage that helps keep management costs under control
    • Spend less time and money on maintenance, upgrades, and skills training
  • Hitachi Ops Center Suite Recorded: Sep 24 2020 38 mins
    Johnny Koen, Technical Expert: Center of Excellence Global Field and Industry Solutions, Hitachi Vantara
    In this session the COE will demonstrate a day in the life of a Storage Engineering leveringing Hitachi Ops Center to manage and maintain his storage landscape and proactivly resolve day to day challenges which may arise.
  • 3-Ways to Maximize Hyperconverged Deployments Recorded: Sep 23 2020 38 mins
    Colin Gallagher, VP, Digital Infrastructure Product Marketing, Hitachi Vantara & Lee Caswell, VP Marketing, CPBU, VMware
    Are you challenged with deploying a hybrid cloud without creating yet another silo?

    Wait no more for flexible hybrid cloud infrastructure with Hitachi Hyperconverged IT.

    Join the session to learn how exciting innovations in automated hyperconverged solutions can empower your business and accelerate your hybrid cloud journey. A flexible hybrid cloud enables businesses to experience certainty, reduce risk and improve productivity with:

    1. Unified cloud to support efficient innovation
    2. Scalable performance for mission-critical apps
    3. Unified management for modern and traditional virtual infrastructure
  • Pricing that´s predictable for usage that´s flexible Recorded: Sep 22 2020 17 mins
    Neil Lewis, Services Sales Lead EMEA, Hitachi Vantara & Olivier Fitoussi, Product Marketing Manager at Groupe Hisi – France
    Dynamically scale your infrastructure up or down as needed, use technology to improve performance efficiency and only pay for what you use. Also hear Neil speak to Olivier Fitoussi on Group HISI's experience with Hitachi's Everflex Solution.
  • Customer Case Study: Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich Recorded: Sep 21 2020 16 mins
    Manuel Schwarzinger, Head of IT and Digitalization, Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich
    Learn how Raiffeisenlandesbank manages data and achieves full GDPR compliance with Hitachi Digital Privacy.
  • Leading IT in a Pandemic: The new Normal for IT Leaders Recorded: Sep 21 2020 23 mins
    Tom Christensen, CTO & Customer Advocacy, Northern EMEA, Hitachi Vantara
    The world has changed radically in the last few months, and along with it the IT function and the nature of work. For CIOs and technology leaders, many new challenges have emerged, including: shifting priorities, an evolving definition of collaboration, capacity issues, securing the enterprise, and more. Focus is on the top priorities and challenges for the coming years and how Hitachi can help and support in a pandemic crisis.
  • Hitachi Data Management Solutions Team Recorded: Sep 21 2020 59 mins
    Sasan Moaveni, Henry Schmidt, Stefan Ehmann, Chris Gee, Hitachi Vantara
    Hitachi Data Management Solutions – Get insights into incredible innovations that accelerate your business, allowing you to monetize on data, maintain operational stability & maximize business flexibility.
  • Customer Case Study: Rabobank Recorded: Sep 21 2020 12 mins
    Colin Chatelier, Manager, Cloud & Platform, Rabobank
    Hear from Rabobank to learn more about how they are transforming to meet their customer changing needs, protecting their On-Prem environment from ransomware, supporting the rapid rise of home workers, realized savings, and more.
  • Market Trends & the Impact of Growth and Expansion Recorded: Sep 17 2020 17 mins
    Christian Perry, Research Manager I.T. Infrastructure, 451 Research
    Adversity is the name of the game for today’s infrastructure teams as they grapple with skills shortages and the rapid need to innovate, all amid the chaos of a global pandemic. These challenges are amplified in the midmarket, where growing enterprises perpetually face data sprawl, management complexity, and a rapidly expanding need for processing performance and value extraction. Whatever the disruption, business leaders nonetheless expect efficient, effective IT operations consistent with experiences delivered through cloud services. For IT personnel, this tall task is increasingly addressed through continued innovation in infrastructure technologies, including automated provisioning and management along with related advances that help to overcome inevitable hurdles.

    In this session, Christian Perry will detail the current rocky landscape for infrastructure managers in midsized enterprises and discuss how teams increasingly lean on technology to smooth their transition to digital transformation.
  • Joint Solutions for the Software Defined Datacenter Recorded: Sep 17 2020 9 mins
    Nick Cross, EMEA VP for the Software Defined Datacentre
    Nick Cross, EMEA VP for the Software-Defined Datacenter, showcases the VMware vision, it’s alignment to Hitachi, and how we jointly have created solutions that enable the fastest and safest path to the Hybrid Cloud.

    In partnership with Hitachi, we have a special announcement and a deep dive session (Hitachi UCP HC Appliance Based on vSAN) on the new integrated solution.
  • Maximizing Hybrid Cloud Without Creating Another Silo Recorded: Aug 18 2020 34 mins
    Join Eric Slack, Evaluator Group, Dinesh Singh, Hitachi Vantara and John Nicholson, VMware
    HCI is a great solution for a range of workloads in today’s data center, from standing up a VDI system to support work-at-home initiatives to building a hybrid cloud with VMware Cloud Foundation. But what about the SAN?
    How do you incorporate this new technology into your existing infrastructure so that HCI does not become another silo?

    Join experts from the Evaluator Group, Hitachi and VMware as they share experiences from companies who have leveraged hyper-converged infrastructure technology with SAN storage to significantly improve their networks.

    •Best practices for leveraging HCI technology
    •How to avoid organizational silos when implementing HCI
    •Ways to better manage your network
  • Infrastructure Insights Part 2: From data compliance to data value Recorded: Aug 17 2020 11 mins
    Tom Christensen, CTO & Customer Advocacy, Northern EMEA Hitachi Vantara Jamilia Parry, FTI Consulting
    In the latest CBR Conversations video, Hitachi Vantara CTO, Tom Christensen was speaking with Partner and the Head of Digital Risk and Compliance Practice at FTI Consulting, Jamilia Parry, and CBR Contributing Editor Edward Qualtrough about how many companies - and in particular banks - were able to tackle risk and compliance issues while also mining their data for value.
    •How can you innovate on top of data?
    •How can you begin to make decision making, based on the data that you have?
    •The first line of defense here is to get structured around unstructured data.
  • Infrastructure Insights Part 1: From data compliance to data value Recorded: Aug 13 2020 17 mins
    Tom Christensen, CTO & Customer Advocacy, Northern EMEA Hitachi Vantara Jamilia Parry, FTI Consulting
    In the latest CBR Conversations video, Hitachi Vantara CTO, Tom Christensen was speaking with Partner and the Head of Digital Risk and Compliance Practice at FTI Consulting, Jamilia Parry, and CBR Contributing Editor Edward Qualtrough about how many companies - and in particular banks - were able to tackle risk and compliance issues while also mining their data for value.
    •How can you innovate on top of data?
    •How can you begin to make decision making, based on the data that you have?
    •The first line of defense here is to get structured around unstructured data.
  • Using a structured TCO approach to driving Cloud outcomes that matter Recorded: Aug 11 2020 16 mins
    Wayne Dick, EMEA Business Economic Consultant Hitachi Vantara
    To deliver digital economics, Hitachi Vantara builds on a proven framework for assessing the true costs and economic impacts of infrastructure to bridge technology and value in the new business paradigm. Digital economics takes a comprehensive, integrated approach to measuring what really matters. Understanding and being able to realise economic impact of potential IT solutions is integral to technology-imperative deployments.
  • Optimize your Splunk Data Lifecycle with 3 steps Recorded: Jul 30 2020 36 mins
    Todd Sawler - Content Business Leader, Americas with Hitachi Vantara and Frank Lyles, Splunk Sales Engineer at Arrow ECS
    In today’s data driven world, we have become well-aware that there is tremendously untapped potential in our business data. Machine data has especially become a key strategic asset, as it holds valuable information about customers, transactions, fraudulent activity and system behaviors. Larger datasets provide the foundation for effective analytics. However, as these datasets continue to grow, it becomes increasingly expensive and complex for you to manage.

    Let us help you to ensure that you’re deriving the very best insights and are making the most intelligent decisions that your organization needs to be successful.
  • Storage Wars: Object vs. File vs. Block Recorded: Jul 30 2020 77 mins
    Tom Christensen, CTO & Customer Advocacy - Northern EMEA, Hitachi Vantara
    Research firm IDC projects that by the end of 2020, the world will generate 44 zettabytes (44 trillion gigabytes) of data per year. Data storage, therefore, is no longer simple, and in the age of cloud maturity and Digital Transformation, storage infrastructure strategies are shifting. With object stores having a very different set of characteristics than file and block storage, it can be confusing to know which is the right strategy that will keep up with an expanding digital universe.

    Even small businesses struggle to manage the ever-growing pile of files stored on various networks and systems, so the challenges for enterprise companies can be hard to wrap your head around.

    Join this panel of object, file and block storage experts as they discuss:

    - The best way to manage unstructured data
    - Are there deceptive costs in a file storage strategy?
    - Use cases for object storage

    Alex McDonald - SNIA Networking Storage Forum and Office of the CTO, NetApp (Moderator)
    Tom Christensen, CTO & Customer Advocacy - Northern EMEA, Hitachi Vantara
    Anne Blanchard, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Nasuni
    Sanjay Jagad, Senior Director of Products and Solutions, Cloudian
    Bill Martin, SNIA Technical Council Co-Chair and Samsung
Data is changing the way we work. We are changing the way data works.
Data is your greatest asset, if you know how to use it. The key to new revenue streams, better customer experiences, and lower costs of doing business is there in your data, waiting to be discovered. It reveals your path to innovation and new ways for you and the world to work. Hitachi Vantara elevates your innovation advantage by merging operational and informational experience to offer you a data partner with unprecedented range and depth in data management. We are analytics, industrial expertise, technology and outcomes rolled into one great solution provider. We listen. We understand. We work with you. Visit us at www.HitachiVantara.com

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  • Title: Hear What’s NEW with Hitachi Content Portfolio?
  • Live at: Sep 20 2018 5:30 pm
  • Presented by: Jeff Lundberg, senior product marketing manager, Hitachi Vantara
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