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Robeco Expected Returns 2016-2020: ‘Still more bullish than bearish’

Interview with Chief Economist Léon Cornelissen and CIO of Investment Solutions Lukas Daalder on the main themes and issues of Robeco’s ‘Expected Returns 2016-2020’. Both are fairly optimistic about the world economy through to 2020.
Recorded Sep 17 2015 10 mins
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Presented by
Léon Cornelissen (Chief Economist Robeco) and Lukas Daalder (CIO of Investment Solutions Robeco)
Presentation preview: Robeco Expected Returns 2016-2020: ‘Still more bullish than bearish’

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  • Chinese A-shares: How to reap the benefits Recorded: Jun 28 2017 5 mins
    Victoria Mio, CIO China & Fund Manager Robeco Chinese Equities Chinese A-share Equities
    Robeco Chinese A-Share Equities offers foreign investors direct access to the growing onshore Chinese equity market
  • Grab illiquidity by the horns! Recorded: May 18 2017 5 mins
    Patrick Houweling, Portfolio Manager Robeco Conservative Credits
    Liquidity has come down a lot in credit markets. It is crucial to embed this in the investment process. Learn how we screen the investment universe for liquidity opportunities.
  • Enhanced indexing: passive investing, the smart way Recorded: May 11 2017 4 mins
    Wilma de Groot, Senior Portfolio Manager Quantitative Equities
    Investors are taking the step from purely passive to enhanced indexing. Find out how we keep enhancing our strategy knowing our clients expect returns.
  • The Risk-Return Paradox of Low-Volatility Investing - Robeco Recorded: Apr 21 2017 6 mins
    Pim van Vliet, Portfolio Manager Conservative Equities
    Low volatility has become a new investment style offering lower-risk, without reducing return.
    It is this risk-return paradox that still shakes the fundaments of financial theory. Since 2016, Robeco has had a distinctive and proven approach – we call Conservative Equities. If you’d like to find out what our Conservative approach can do for you, read more on www.robeco.com/lowvolatility
  • The rise of Factor Investing - is it just a hype? Recorded: Apr 7 2017 6 mins
    Joop Huij, Head of Factor Investing Research
    Factor Investing is increasingly in the spotlight. Financial magazines run features on it, seminars are organized on the subject, and investors consider adopting its approach. Yet you might wonder: is it just a hype? Is the increased interest in Factor Investing no more than a passing trend? This question demands an answer.
  • Emerging Markets: are they booming? Recorded: Mar 1 2017
    Jan de Koning, Client Portfolio Manager Quant Equities Robeco
    Robeco’s history investing in emerging markets is almost as long as our history as a company: we made our first emerging market investment – in Peru – back in 1930, the year after our company was founded.
  • Emerging markets first, despite Trump Recorded: Feb 22 2017 6 mins
    Fabiana Fedeli, Portfolio Manager Emerging Markets
    After outperforming Developed Markets in 2016, the outlook for 2017 is positive too for Emerging Markets, says Robeco's Fabiana Fedeli. Despite Donald Trump.
  • US Conservative: the best defense Recorded: Feb 22 2017 5 mins
    Jan Sytze Mosselaar, Portfolio Manager Robeco Conservative Equities
    It is hard to predict when the present uptrend will end in the US, but it always pays to reduce volatility with a Conservative strategy.
  • Generating stable returns and high income | Roundtable Recorded: Jan 16 2017 34 mins
    Jan de Koning, Client Portfolio Manager Quant Equities Robeco
    Income is historically expensive, but is that pricing right or wrong? In this Roundtable discussion, experts from Robeco, Brewin Dolphin, The Adviser Centre and Cambridge Associates discuss low volatility investing in both the equity and bond sectors; the risk of crowding; and the relationship between capital preservation and income generation.

    Taking part are:
    •Jan de Koning, Client Portfolio Manager, Robeco
    •Shakista Mukhamedova, Fund Research Analyst, Brewin Dolphin
    •Peter Toogood, Managing Director, Investments, The Adviser Centre
    •Martin White, Senior Research Consultant, Cambridge Associates
  • Low-volatility investing: how does the robeco approach differ? Recorded: Dec 15 2016 2 mins
    Pim van Vliet, Portfolio Manager Conservative Equities
    What makes the Robeco approach to low-volatility investing special? Pim van Vliet, Portfolio Manager Conservative Equities, reveals three main differences.
  • Asset TV Global Credit Roundtable Recorded: Oct 18 2016 46 mins
    Victor Verberk, Portfolio Manager Robeco Global Credits
    With much weaker inflation again than we would have hoped for, political turmoil around the world and central bank policy coming to the end of its effectiveness, will volatility increase in credit markets? A panel of experts looks at the risks coming from the US elections and the Italian referendum and explain why they wouldn’t want to pick a fight with the Fed.

    Taking part in the roundtable are:

    Victor Verberk, Portfolio Manager, Global Credit, Robeco
    Darren Ruane, Head of Fixed Interest, Investec Wealth & Investment
    Edward Fane, Portfolio Manager, Morningstar
    Samantha Lamb, Investment Director, Standard Life Investments
  • We know where to find Alpha! Recorded: Aug 1 2016 5 mins
    Victor Verberk, Portfolio Manager Robeco Global Credits
    Victor Verberk explains why being contrarian is vital in the later stages of the global credits cycle.
  • Dynamic duration protects and delivers Recorded: Aug 1 2016 4 mins
    Olaf Penninga, Portfolio Manager
    Yields are low, but they are still moving substantially. And that means that there are opportunities for Robeco Lux-o-rente’s dynamic duration model, says Olaf Penninga.
  • Building better core:Integrating factors in low tracking error equity portfolios Recorded: Jul 7 2016 52 mins
    Michael Strating, Managing Director, Head of Quantitative Equities; Wilma de Groot, CFA, Director, Portfolio Manager; Robeco
    Institutional investors are increasingly searching for new ways to add value to equity portfolios, without taking on unnecessary risk.

    Curious how we create a balanced combination of factors aimed at consistently outperforming a benchmark with controlled tracking error?

    You are invited to join Michael Strating (Head of the Quantitative Equities team) and Wilma de Groot (Portfolio Manager Quantitative Equities) who will discuss how low tracking error multi-factor approach can add value, without affecting your risk budget.
  • Passive Low Volatility versus Robeco approach Recorded: Apr 14 2016 13 mins
    Jan Sytze Mosselaar, Portfolio Manager Robeco Conservative Equities
    In this video interview, Jan Sytze Mosselaar, portfolio manager quantitative equities at Robeco, explains why he prefers ranking stocks based on several factors over using a mean-variance optimisation process.

    • Mosselaar also explains why he attached most importance to factors such as value and momentum in his process of ranking stocks.

    • Trading costs are a large cost component for many funds, and especially for funds that follow an index. However, the Robeco Conservative Equity fund manages to bring down turnover significantly, reducing costs for investors. Mosselaar explains why fund outflows can actually be instrumental in this.
  • The rationale of a Total Return approach in bonds Recorded: Mar 2 2016 6 mins
    Kommer van Trigt, Portfolio Manager Robeco Global Total Return Bond
    When achieving maximized risk-adjusted returns?

    Find the right combination of a global universe, a flexible investment style and no benchmark constraints.

    •The concept of Total Return explained
    •Why is such a strategy attractive for clients?
    •Expectations of the bond market
    •Where are the opportunities?
  • Why a conservative strategy works in emerging markets. Recorded: Feb 29 2016 7 mins
    Jan Sytze Mosselaar, Portfolio Manager Robeco Conservative Equities
    Emerging markets have been disappointing for investors recently, but it's still possible to find the winners by using low-volatility techniques.
  • Webinar: Unlocking the Potential of Global Opportunities Recorded: Nov 12 2015 57 mins
    Chris Hart, Portfolio Manager at Robeco Boston Partners
    What is driving global equities at the moment, and where are the best places to buy them? World stocks have been popular as a means of providing good returns while other asset classes offered low yields. But in recent months, equities have been falling on concerns over Chinese growth and a possible Fed rate rise.

    Join our webinar with Chris Hart, portfolio manager of the Robeco Boston Partners Global Premium Equities fund, to find out what are the latest developments. Chris will be available to answer questions on where global equities are heading, what are his favored regions, and how he applies his investment principles to his own global fund.

    The Robeco BP Global Premium Equities fund has outperformed consistently since its inception. It was recently awarded a Silver Rating by Morningstar, which had already given the fund a record nine Morningstar awards across Europe in the Global Equity category in 2014.

    Speaker's bio:
    Chris Hart has 22 years of experience in asset management, research and finance. Based in Boston, he is a portfolio manager for the global and international equity products. Prior to this he was an assistant portfolio manager for the firm’s small cap value products for three years. He joined Robeco from Fidelity Investments, where he was a research analyst specializing in conglomerates, engineering and construction, building, machinery, aerospace and defense, and real estate investment trusts (REITs).

    He holds a bachelor’s degree in finance, focusing on corporate finance, from Clemson University in South Carolina. He also holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

    The event will be hosted and moderated by Funds Europe's editor-in-chief Nick Fitzpatrick.
  • Video 'Factor investing: it works for credits too' Recorded: Oct 9 2015 4 mins
    Patrick Houweling, Portfolio Manager Robeco Conservative Credits
    Factor investing has been successfully applied to equity markets. It can also work in the corporate bond market and can generate substantial premiums.

    Pension funds, insurance companies and sovereign wealth funds increasingly apply factor investing to equities in their portfolios. And now they would also like to apply this concept to credits. “These investors believe that factor investing can give long-term outperformance in equities and have started to wonder why they should stop there,” says portfolio manager and researcher Patrick Houweling of Robeco Global Multi-Factor Credits.

    The concept of factor investing in credits is similar to equities, explains Houweling. “It is a disciplined way of constructing portfolios where we apply rules to identify which companies or bonds score well on specific metrics. All decisions are based on research: both academic and our own proprietary research.”
  • Five things about factor investing maximizing performance Recorded: Sep 29 2015 4 mins
    Learn 5 things on factor investing
    For the best results, we look at several factors. Discover the five things regarding factor investing you need to know about.
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  • Title: Robeco Expected Returns 2016-2020: ‘Still more bullish than bearish’
  • Live at: Sep 17 2015 7:15 am
  • Presented by: Léon Cornelissen (Chief Economist Robeco) and Lukas Daalder (CIO of Investment Solutions Robeco)
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