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Cybersecurity Tips for Device & Data Protection: Summertime Edition

It's officially summertime and temperatures aren’t the only thing on the rise! We now live in a mobile-first, cloud-enabled world where data is the new currency. It lives everywhere and hackers want it. When dealing with IT staff shortages during the summer months, data protection is even more difficult than usual.

Crafty phishing attempts, rogue WiFi hotspots, lost or stolen devices, and varying encryption laws are just a few of the examples of how you can get burned this summer. Apply the right level of protection to avoid the scarring effects of a cyber incident.

In this webinar, cybersecurity expert Duncan McAlynn, CEO of Operandis, will discuss the top threat factors that should be considered before approving that next vacation request. Attend our live event where we discuss how to:

- Prevent CEO impersonation/wire-transfer fraud schemes
- Protect your sensitive company data, wherever it may live
- Create a solid mobile device management strategy
- Incorporate best practices for internationally-traveling employees
- Encourage good cyber-hygiene practices for all staff

Join us as we dive into the waters and help you to navigate your way to safe shores, for a safe and enjoyable summer season.
Recorded Jul 5 2019 63 mins
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Presented by
Duncan McAlynn, CEO, Operandis
Presentation preview: Cybersecurity Tips for Device & Data Protection: Summertime Edition

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  • SASE, la convergencia de la seguridad y el networking en la nube Jan 14 2021 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Xavi Garcia Faura, Security Sales Leader at Cisco Umbrella
    El aumento del uso de SaaS, la proliferación de sedes remotas, el crecimiento masivo de trabajadores itinerantes; esto es la nueva normalidad. Garantizar la seguridad de esta realidad centrada en la nube es primordial.conozca el avance de Cisco en la convergencia SASE, incluyendo la convergencia de la seguridad en la nube y el SD-WAN. Conozca las nuevas funcionalidades de nuestro proxy y firewall en la nube, nuestro CASB y la integración de todas estas soluciones de seguridad en SecureX, para poder dar una visibilidad más detallada y mejor control de tráfico internet, al mismo tiempo que simplifica su operación y administración.
  • Cisco Umbrella Live Demo for Small Business Jan 7 2021 11:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Ishaan Korotane, Consulting Systems Engineer at Cisco Umbrella
    This webinar is for any small to medium sized business that may be feeling overwhelmed by IT security threats. During this session we will look at how Cisco Umbrella can help small businesses and what you can do to protect your data and employees

    Join this live demo to learn how you can:
    - See and block threats other solutions miss
    - Reduce alerts and gain context into high-priority threats
    - Deploy in minutes to protect all devices and locations
    - Secure your apps, data and users whenever they are on the move
    - Integrate seamlessly with your existing security stack

    You’ll see how easy it is and that you don’t need to be an IT expert to use Cisco Umbrella. Register now to view this session!

    More about Cisco Umbrella: Built into the foundation of the internet, Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security platform that provides a first line of defense against threats, wherever users access the internet — on or off the corporate network. Umbrella is deployed enterprise-wide in minutes and gives you the threat intelligence and context you need to block threats before they become attacks.
  • Working from Home: How to Keep Remote Workers Safe Dec 29 2020 7:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    Duncan McAlynn, CEO, Operandis
    With an unprecedented shift to remote work, new cybersecurity challenges are emerging, along with many new opportunities for cybercriminals to exploit.

    Join cybersecurity expert ,Duncan McAlynn, who will shine a light on this issue and provide key tips on addressing remote employees, as well as how to adjust to office life again when things settle down.

    You will learn how to address the challenges of remote working scenarios such as:

    •Employee-introduced unmanaged devices and networks
    •Necessity of rapid VPN deployments and usage
    •Cost, complexity and duplicity of shadow IT services
    •Corporate legal issues arising from TOS acceptance
    •Potential for data compromise
    •Reducing single points of failure
    •We look forward to sharing these insights with you and helping your organization stay safe and protected.
  • New ESG Research: The Emergence of Elastic Cloud Gateways as a Path Towards SASE Dec 17 2020 11:00 am UTC 75 mins
    Paul D'Cruz Director, Cyber Security EMEAR at Cisco Umbrella and John Grady , Analyst at ESG
    Threats, network complexity, and inefficient tools — all of these factors drive the need for a new approach to network security.

    With more mobile devices, more cloud access, and a wide assortment of point tools, it’s hard for organisations to enforce consistent policy and efficiently respond to threats. SASE has seen immense interest, but questions remain about what functionality should be included, the drivers for this transition, and the most important attributes for these types of solutions. Recent ESG research on elastic cloud gateways provides answers to these and other related questions.

    Join us and find out why more than 90% of organisations are fed up with managing multiple tools and are interested in a converged, cloud-delivered approach to network security.
  • Protecting from ransomware attacks with DNS Dec 15 2020 7:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Artsiom Holub, Senior Security Analyst
    The session is focused on the ways DNS can be used to improve protection against ransomware campaigns and speed up investigations of such incidents. We will cover fresh tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) used by ransomware actors which actively adopt advanced persistent threat (APT)-style tactics and evasion techniques.

    These actors’ goals have shifted from deploying ransomware on a few vulnerable machines to achieving persistence in the network and causing maximum damage to push victims into paying the ransom.

    We will share DNS-based classifiers developed by the Cisco Umbrella team and discuss our approach to building them based on changes in the threats landscape.
  • Cisco Umbrella Demo - Arabic Webinar Dec 10 2020 7:00 am UTC 75 mins
    Moneim Yehia, Cyber Security Systems Engineer at Cisco Umbrella
    Users today work from anywhere — and they’ll often bypass the VPN to get work done. Sound familiar? Get the boost you need to secure your apps, data, and users whenever they’re on the move. Built into the foundation of the internet, Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security platform that provides a first line of defense against threats, wherever users access the internet — on or off the corporate network. Umbrella is deployed enterprise-wide in minutes and gives your security team the threat intelligence and context they need to block threats before they become attacks. Join this live demo, in Arabic to learn how you can:

    See and block threats other solutions miss
    Reduce alerts and gain context into high-priority threats
    Deploy in minutes to protect all devices and locations Integrate seamlessly with your existing security stack
  • The Small Business Cybersecurity Survival Guide Dec 8 2020 7:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Kevin Beaver, Author of Hacking for Dummies
    Small businesses are the backbone of the economy, yet many are woefully underprepared for cybersecurity threats. A common misconception is that having a resilient network is going to be costly. That isn’t so … if security is addressed in the right ways.Pulling on his two and a half decades of experience consulting directly with small and medium-sized organizations, information security expert Kevin Beaver explores: * Top weaknesses in SMBs, where the stakes are high and the resources are limited. * Down-to-earth suggestions on how to best address the security gaps. * How small businesses can have networks that are as secure as the largest of enterprises without breaking the bank. Watch now to learn more.
  • Cisco TV Live: Cloud Security Coffee Hour with CISO, Just Eat Dec 3 2020 11:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Paul D'Cruz Director, Cyber Security EMEAR at Cisco Umbrella and Kevin Fielder, CISO at Just Eat
    Grab a cup of coffee and join us to hear from Kevin Fielder, CISO from Just Eat who will share experiences of delivering a rapid response to business challenges in 2020.

    Companies of all sizes and industries are having to adapt to unpredictable business challenges this year from working remotely; protecting data; adapting to customer needs and changing their roadmap to move with the changing environment.

    In this session, we will discuss how as an organisation Just Eat has made adjustments and adapted their roadmap accordingly. Join us to hear security best practices and lessons learned from Kevin.
  • 3 mistakes to avoid with SD-WAN security Dec 1 2020 7:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Negisa Taymourian, Product Marketing Manager
    In today's business environment, more users are remote than ever before, and the boundaries of the workplace are blurring. But in most organizations, security is still seen as an issue to be addressed at the data center, not at the cloud edge. With software as a service (SaaS) app usage and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) applications on the rise, traditional perimeter-based security can't keep up. Users need every one of those devices to have fast, reliable access to the internet, so they can be as productive as possible and stay protected.

    In this webinar, we’ll discuss three mistakes to avoid when developing an SD-WAN security plan:

    1) Adopting SD-WAN without a security strategy
    2) Choosing solutions that don’t integrate easily with your existing investments
    3) Treating protection for branch offices and roaming users as an afterthought

    Reap the benefits of a converged approach to networking and security while avoiding the risk. We’ll show you how quickly you can deploy SD-WAN and Cisco Umbrella across your network to keep users and data secure wherever they work, on whatever devices or apps they choose.
  • Top 10 favorite exploits of cyberattackers and how to stop them (on a budget) Recorded: Nov 23 2020 60 mins
    Duncan McAlynn, CEO, Operandis
    Sophisticated cyberattackers are routinely exploiting vulnerabilities in 2020, and you may be surprised by the tactics that they are using. Cybersecurity expert Duncan McAlynn uses the latest data from the United States Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to reveal a cybercriminal’s favorite exploits. He also highlights the industry study’s top 10 most exploited flaws.

    In this webcast, you’ll learn about:

    -Top 10 most exploited vulnerabilities
    -Threat intelligence and countermeasures
    -New attack vectors seen in 2020
    -Strategies to mitigate targeted intrusions
    -Resources that can help improve your security posture
  • A Look into Cisco Umbrella's Secure Internet Gateway Recorded: Nov 19 2020 66 mins
    Marko Tanaskovic, Technical Solutions Architect at Cisco Umbrella
    Join us for this webinar: A Look into Cisco Umbrella’s Secure Internet Gateway.

    This session will illustrate the benefits enabled by cloud-delivered security with practical examples.

    The following services will be reviewed: DNS-layer, intelligent proxy, full proxy, firewall as service, cloud access security brokerage service and roaming users coverage.

    You will also learn how Umbrella enables branch transformation, increases security posture with leading DNS-layer (added layer) protection, allows for secure XaaS adoption and supports customers' cloud-first strategies
  • Securing remote workers: protecting the cloud workplace Recorded: Nov 17 2020 45 mins
    Negisa Taymourian, Cisco Umbrella Product Marketing Manager, Sean Earhard, AMP Product Marketing Manager
    Today’s networks are transforming digitally before our eyes. Organizations across the globe are either cloud-first or cloud-next, and are moving their workforce, workplace, and workloads to cloud service applications and infrastructure.

    To effectively – and efficiently – secure this new reality, organizations are seeking solutions that maximize:

    - Simplicity: Move from fragmented cloud and endpoint security to maximized protection, via a fully integrated cloud-to-endpoint solution, eliminating the struggle of integrating multiple, disparate tools.

    - Visibility: Gain cloud-to-endpoint visibility across an environment that prioritizes information, so your team sees what’s critical, and where - right now.

    - Efficiency: Immediately take action across multiple security layers, and move from manually clicking to pre-built and customizable, automated workflows from cloud-to-endpoint.

    Learn how combining Cisco Umbrella and AMP for Endpoints and powering it with SecureX, our cloud-native, built-in platform technology, can smooth your transition to the cloud and protect your remote workforce by maximizing your defense.
  • 3 simple steps to improve IT Security at your organisation Recorded: Nov 12 2020 32 mins
    Ishaan Korotane, Consulting Systems Engineer at Cisco Umbrella
    When you look at the transition to cloud and transformation of the network, how does it impact how you think about security?

    The majority of infections happen in 3 ways. So if we know this –why can’t we stop the rise of attacks?

    Watch this session as we take a closer look at the #1 vector for attacks: email, the #1 target for attacks: endpoint and the #1 source of most attacks, the Internet.

    Find out how to stop these attacks before they start, and safeguard your organisation against this turbulent attack.
  • Cybersecurity Regulations 101: What Rules Your Company Should Follow and Why Recorded: Nov 10 2020 59 mins
    Duncan McAlynn
    Determining which rules and regulations apply to an organization is not easy undertaking. Oftentimes, companies need to comply with multiple controls and regulations, many of which have overlapping statutes along with stiff penalties for non-compliance. Watch our on-demand webinar as Duncan McAlynn demystifies common cybersecurity frameworks and regulatory requirements to help organizations improve their security posture and achieve compliance.
    Key takeaways:
    * Compliance versus security and how to recognize the difference
    * Know which regulations are related to your company or industry
    * How to keep up with the ever-changing state regulations
    * What to do and who to notify when you’ve suffered a security incident
    * How to establish a security roadmap for your organization

    Learn more by viewing now.
  • Better together: Cisco Umbrella and Meraki Recorded: Nov 5 2020 50 mins
    Luke Hebditch, Systems Engineer, Cloud Security at Cisco Umbrella and Mark Anderson, Consulting Systems Engineer Cisco Meraki
    Cisco Umbrella and Cisco Meraki have both revolutionised the way we manage and protect our networks and devices through the cloud. Both solutions provide rapid provisioning, an intuitive dashboard and simple policy-based management.
    Cisco Meraki MX Security appliances and Cisco Umbrella offer simple and effective protection for your network. Umbrella is a DNS-layer security solution built into the backbone of the Internet. It blocks users from accessing malicious sites before the connection is made, and offers the first line of defense against security breaches in your organisation.
    With Cisco Umbrella, it takes only a few clicks to set up custom policies and deploy them across your Meraki MX security appliances in minutes.
  • How to Leverage Key Security Metrics and Improve Your Info Security Program Recorded: Nov 3 2020 42 mins
    Kevin Beaver, Ziff Davis
    If your information security initiatives are to be worthwhile, you must measure to improve. With all of the time, effort, and money that you’ve invested in IT and security to this point, why not take the next few steps and seek out the tweaks you need to make?

    By using the right metrics in the right ways, you can go from wondering when the next incident or breach is going to occur, to being able to confidently say where things truly stand. In this webinar, Kevin Beaver, information security expert and author of the best-selling book Hacking For Dummies, will discuss measurable steps you can take to improve your security.

    Stop guessing where the gaps are. No more assumptions about where the business stands in terms of network resilience. No MBA required. Watch now for some down-to-earth advice you can immediately put to use in order to flesh out your security efforts.
  • How IT security is adapting to the changing environment in 2020 Recorded: Oct 29 2020 73 mins
    Paul D'Cruz Director, Cyber Security EMEAR at Cisco Umbrella, Martin Lee Manager, Talos Outreach EMEA at Cisco
    The average company has had to deal with more changes in 2020 than in previous years.

    Join our conversation as we discuss the IT security challenges these changes encounter and what organisations are doing to reduce complexity, deliver greater flexibility and enact more consistent enforcement to adapt to these changes. In this panel discussion we’ll cover…

    What are the main challenges organisations are facing from a IT security perspective?
    How organisations are adapting to stay 100% secure as more employees and customers work from home? KPIs to look for through this changing environment including what does good/not so good look like?
    Trends Cisco are seeing from Talos Threat Intelligence How will the business challenges in 2020 adapt the roadmap and vision for an organisation?
  • Small businesses deserve big protection Recorded: Oct 27 2020 24 mins
    Rohit Sawhney, Cisco Umbrella Group Product Manager
    Small businesses are facing many of the same cybersecurity challenges as these larger businesses: 66% of small businesses experienced a cyberattack in 2019, and 63% experienced a data breach. But securing your business doesn’t have to be complicated. In this webinar, you’ll learn more about small business cybersecurity and why DNS protection makes a difference.

    Learn how to get powerful protection against today’s biggest threats with Cisco Umbrella, a cloud-delivered security service that is simple and cost-effective for a team of any size to deploy, use, and manage, with no hardware to maintain or upgrade. Umbrella protects your users wherever they choose to work and speeds up your detection and incident response times, letting you focus on more important things (like running your business!).
  • Using Shadow IT to mitigate risks Recorded: Oct 22 2020 27 mins
    Riaan Maritz, Technical Solutions Specialist at Cisco Umbrella
    Do you know all of the cloud apps and services in use in your organisation...and their risk level?

    According to industry analyst firm Gartner, by 2020, a third of successful attacks experienced by enterprises will be on their Shadow IT resources. It’s time for better visibility into sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud services across your enterprise. Now more than ever you need to be able to see what’s happening at every level of your organisation —and block risky or inappropriate cloud apps easily.

    Watch this session to learn how you can gain visibility into cloud apps, quickly identify trends and turn possible risks into insight to better secure your users and data.
  • Defend better and respond faster with security that works together Recorded: Oct 20 2020 23 mins
    Andrew Tsui, Product Manager at Cisco Umbrella
    We know already that most malware infections happen in one of 3 ways. So why can’t we stop these attacks more easily? Join us as we take a closer look at the #1 vector for attacks: email, the #1 target for attacks: endpoint and the #1 source of most attacks, the Internet. As networks transform and more organizations embrace the cloud, it’s more important than ever to take a new approach to securing your users and devices. Find out how to stop these attacks before they start, and safeguard your organization with a layered approach to cybersecurity.
Webcasts and videos for security professionals.
Cisco Umbrella provides a cloud-delivered network security service that blocks advanced attacks, as well as malware, botnets and phishing threats regardless of port, protocol or application. Our predictive intelligence uses machine learning to automate protection against emergent threats before your organization is attacked. Umbrella protects all your devices globally without hardware to install or software to maintain.

Learn more: https://umbrella.cisco.com/

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  • Title: Cybersecurity Tips for Device & Data Protection: Summertime Edition
  • Live at: Jul 5 2019 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Duncan McAlynn, CEO, Operandis
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