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Cybersecurity Regulations 101: What Rules Your Company Should Follow and Why

Determining which rules and regulations apply to an organization is not easy undertaking. Oftentimes, companies need to comply with multiple controls and regulations, many of which have overlapping statutes along with stiff penalties for non-compliance. Watch our on-demand webinar as Duncan McAlynn demystifies common cybersecurity frameworks and regulatory requirements to help organizations improve their security posture and achieve compliance.
Key takeaways:
* Compliance versus security and how to recognize the difference
* Know which regulations are related to your company or industry
* How to keep up with the ever-changing state regulations
* What to do and who to notify when you’ve suffered a security incident
* How to establish a security roadmap for your organization

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Recorded Nov 10 2020 59 mins
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Presented by
Duncan McAlynn
Presentation preview: Cybersecurity Regulations 101: What Rules Your Company Should Follow and Why

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  • Cisco’s approach to SASE: live demo Jun 30 2021 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Justin Murphy & Aaron Rodriguez, Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco Umbrella
    A rise in remote employees and an increased reliance on SaaS applications creates new, wider gaps in security. It’s much more challenging to protect users at the edge -- ensuring seamless connections that optimize productivity without creating performance issues that drag down user satisfaction.

    Join us to learn how Cisco Umbrella can help you consolidate multiple security functions in a single cloud-delivered service to improve both security and network performance. We’ll demonstrate how you can:
    • Deploy with flexible consumption models
    • Streamline network and security operations in the cloud
    • Secure seamless access to the internet and cloud apps anytime, anywhere
  • Making Sense of the Buzz Around SASE Jun 23 2021 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Diana Kelley, CTO & Founding Partner @ SecurityCurve and John Grady, Senior Analyst @ ESG
    With network security demands changing in response to the pandemic-driven move to remote and hybrid working, enterprise security teams are grappling with how to meet the evolving requirements of modern, distributed businesses. Appliance-centric approaches that require traffic to flow through a static, on-premises security stack simply aren’t meeting the needs of the 2021 organization.

    Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) has evolved in response to these changing IT Security needs. But with so much buzz around SASE, it can be tricky to understand exactly what it is and the changes it can bring to IT security teams and businesses. In episode 1 of Cisco Umbrella’s ‘The Future of CyberSecurity: SASE 101’ series, ESG Senior Analyst John Grady and guests are making sense of the buzz and sharing insights and best practices for companies thinking of investing in SASE.

    Join us to discover:

    - Why SASE has garnered so much interest
    - What SASE is and what it isn’t
    - Core use cases of SASE
    - Key considerations for those interested in SASE
    - Insights into where most organizations with SASE adoption
  • Cisco TV: Cisco Umbrella Coffee Hour with INEOS Jun 23 2021 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Paul D'Cruz Director, Cyber Security EMEAR at Cisco Umbrella, Claudio Bolla, Group Information Security Director, INEOS
    Join this webinar with Claudio Bolla, Group Information Security Director, INEOS Group and Paul D'Cruz, Director Cyber Security EMEAR at Cisco, for a real world perspective on managing security through the pandemic. Ineos is a global chemical company whose products touch every aspect of modern day life. Ineos is comprised of 36 businesses with 194 sites in 29 countries throughout the world, and also encompasses consumer brands and sports interests.

    What you’ll learn:
    - Gain insight into security trends and challenges
    - Hear Claudio’s viewpoint on managing IT security during the pandemic
    - Discover best practices, lessons learned and outcomes seen from rolling out Cisco Umbrella
  • Reduce complexity and gain efficiency with SASE Jun 18 2021 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    JT Clay, TME, Cisco Umbrella
    We can help you more readily combine your WAN capabilities with network security services to streamline management, connect and protect users at the edge, and gain more operational efficiency. A coordinated cloud enablement strategy can help improve your network security, without compromising performance. Plus, the streamlined approach and consolidated tools will save you time, money, and resources.

    Join us to learn how you can move access control to the cloud edge, converge multiple security functions in the cloud, and gain infrastructure improvements to help your business scale into 2021.
  • The 2021 Security Tech Stack: Key Considerations to Succeed with SASE Jun 16 2021 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Mark Murtagh, Head of WW Cloud Security Systems Engineering @ Cisco and John Grady, Senior Analyst @ ESG
    With the need for cross-functional collaboration and organizational convergence, understanding and prioritizing how to implement Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) in the modern enterprise isn’t always the easiest. It’s therefore essential that businesses looking to invest in SASE are aware of the considerations they need to address in order to benefit from the improved security, lower costs, increased efficiency and better agility that SASE can offer.

    In episode 1 of Cisco Umbrella’s ‘The Future of CyberSecurity: SASE 101’, we looked at how enterprises can make sense of the buzz around SASE and what SASE actually means - in episode 2, ESG Senior Analyst John Grady and guests are going one step further, diving deeper into what best practices and strategies can help businesses succeed with SASE.

    Join us to hear:

    -Different approaches to SASE, including security-centric vs. SD-WAN centric vs. fully converged
    - Insights into how organizations can overcome the challenges of implementing SASE - including determining timelines, facing the skills shortage and understanding the importance of cross-functional collaboration and organizational convergence
    - The importance of stakeholder engagement and how SASE benefit discussions can extend beyond the CIO, CISO and CTO to the CEO, CFO, CPO and others
    - What organizations can in expect in terms of cost savings and operational efficiencies when implementing SASE
  • Cisco TV: Will SASE Transform the Future of Work? Jun 16 2021 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Paul D'Cruz Director, Cyber Security EMEAR Cisco Umbrella / Martin Lee Manager, Talos Outreach EMEA Cisco
    The past few months have seen IT transformation on an unprecedented scale as organisations across the globe change how they do business.

    Join us for this session with three of our experts in Cybersecurity where we will cover the following:
    - What is SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) and why are we seeing an increasing rise in companies shifting towards SASE?
    - Where is the security landscape heading and what steps do organisations need to take to keep their organisation safe and secure?
    - What are the latest threats that Talos are seeing as a result of the remote working trends?
    - How securing SD-WAN with Cisco Umbrella can simplify your cloud security strategy?
  • SASE in 15 minutes Jun 15 2021 3:00 am UTC 15 mins
    Meg Diaz, Director Cisco Cloud Security
    The network and security landscape has changed dramatically. Users are dispersed, organizations are embracing multi-cloud, and applications are everywhere. These changes, which can lead to gaps in your security, pave the way for a new model, the secure access service edge (SASE). SASE converges security and networking capabilities in the cloud to provide seamless, secure access to applications spanning any device, location, and user.

    During this 15-minute power-packed event we cover how Cisco’s approach to SASE can help you:
    - Combine networking and security functions in the cloud.
    - Connect users reliably to apps and data in any environment, from anywhere.
    - Control access and enforce the right security protections.
  • Simplify, secure, and scale with SASE Jun 9 2021 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Nitin Kumar, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco Umbrella
    A thoughtful approach to SASE can help you simplify the IT environment while improving security and enabling scalability.

    During this event we’ll cover the three core tenets of SASE: simplicity, security, scalability, and the importance of keeping these in mind as you develop your SASE strategy for your organization.

    1) Simplify: How can you streamline services form procurement to access and from management to enforcement, while keeping security invisible to the user?
    2) Security: How can you secure users, data, devices, and services from the data center to any cloud with the best threat detection in the industry, without adding latency or impacting productivity and performance?
    3) Scalability: How do you ensure the global cloud architecture that these services run on will scale with your business today, into support?
  • 5 Key Takeaways from Cisco Live 2021 - Cloud Security Jun 9 2021 10:00 am UTC 30 mins
    Ishaan Korotane Technical Solutions Specialists, Cloud Security Cisco Umbrella
    This year, Cisco hosted the first global, virtual Cisco Live event. Customers from all around the world converged virtually to experience the latest technology innovations, network with peers and colleagues, and find out what Cisco has in store for 2021. Join us for this 20 minute webinar post-Cisco Live, where we will be discussing with our cloud security experts what their key takeaways were from Cisco Live 2021.
  • Back to Work: Cyber Security Checklist Jun 8 2021 2:00 am UTC 28 mins
    Ishaan Korotane, Consulting Systems Engineer at Cisco Umbrella
    Find out how a secure internet gateway can help you reduce the time it takes to detect and contain threats. Join us to hear from Cisco cloud security expert Ishaan Korotane as he walks you through our Back to Work: Cybersecurity Checklist.

    During this webinar, you will learn how to:
    • Protect the workforce, regardless of where they may be
    • Gain a better understanding of your internet activity across all devices, on and off the network
    • Report and monitor unsanctioned cloud services

    Plus, we’ll highlight some of our new features, like iOS and Android protection, App Discovery and the Threat report.
  • Getting started with SASE: connect, control, and converge with confidence Jun 2 2021 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Niles Pyelshak, Technical Marketing Engineer
    SASE Security Academy - Session 1

    Digital business transformation and the shift to a more distributed workforce are driving the need for anywhere, anytime access to resources, wherever they may exist. These changes require networking and security to move to the cloud, where they can be delivered as a single converged service with flexible deployment and consumption models. The secure access service edge (SASE) model consolidates numerous networking and security functions -- traditionally delivered in siloed point solutions -- into a single integrated offering.

    Join us to learn how Cisco's approach to SASE can help you converge, connect, and control multiple networking and security functions in a single cloud service.
  • What your cloud security provider might be missing Jun 1 2021 3:00 am UTC 58 mins
    Nitin Kumar, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cloud Security
    Today, securing your network is more challenging than ever — you need to secure users, devices, apps, and data at the point of access, working at the cloud edge to deliver protection and performance. Choosing the right partner for your cloud journey can help your business thrive, while choosing the wrong one might mean falling short on your goals. Let us tell you what’s missing and how we can help.  

    View this session to learn about the four key components of a robust, forward-thinking cloud strategy: simplicity, security, scalability, and support. You’ll learn how Cisco delivers on each of these components with a single cloud-delivered service for strong security protection and performance you can rely on for your critical business needs.
  • 4 propositions pour faire face aux attaques dans le monde hospitalier May 31 2021 9:00 am UTC 90 mins
    Jean Sebastien Milliere, Cyber security Specialist, Martin Briand, Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco
    Les hôpitaux figurent parmi les intérêts vitaux de la Nation et l’actualité de ces dernières semaines nous démontre que ce sont des cibles particulièrement vulnérables. Les conséquences d’une cyberattaque sur un centre hospitalier sont importantes et de nombreuses questions se posent à ceux qui n’ont pas encore été touchés :
    Votre établissement a-t-il mis en place des solutions permettant de s’en prémunir et de minimiser la propagation ?

    Cisco, premier acteur mondial de la cybersécurité, souhaite s’engager avec vous dans la lutte contre ces menaces. Dans ce contexte, notre équipe est à votre disposition pour discuter des solutions permettant de vous protéger :
    • Comment sécuriser la navigation Internet de vos utilisateurs (sur site ou en mobilité) ? Comment empêcher l’échange de clés de chiffrement dans le cas d’attaques Ransomware ?
    • Authentification Multi-Facteur : les hackers utilisent aujourd’hui des identifiants / mots de passe légitimes pour entrer dans votre SI. Utilisez une solution moderne pour confirmer l’identité de vos utilisateurs lors de leurs accès applicatifs et unique quel que soit le terminal et le type d’application !
    • Protection des emails : La messagerie reste à ce jour le moyen le plus couramment utilisé par les attaquants pour infecter votre SI. Découvrez comment protéger vos utilisateurs grâce à des solutions transparentes et adaptées à votre déploiement (Cloud ou dans vos datacenters)
    • Protection des postes de travail : la dernière barrière face aux attaques modernes. Nous mettons régulièrement en place cette dernière ligne de défense au niveau du poste de travail. Véritable tour de contrôle de l’activité du poste, cette solution permet d’éviter et détecter les attaques complexes et offre des capacités d’investigation très poussées.
  • How SASE helps improve threat detection May 25 2021 6:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Austin McBride, Data Scientist, Cisco Umbrella and Eric Trolan, Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco Umbrella
    Let’s face it: the internet is a dangerous place. Phishing sites, ransomware, and malicious malware lurk around every connection. With more workers connecting from anywhere, and often skipping the VPN, it’s time to take back control. Rapid SaaS adoption and the global pandemic brought new challenges in 2020. IT can be left in the dark, unable to mitigate the risk of data loss, compliance violations, or yikes - malware!

    Join us to learn how you can move access control to the cloud edge, converge multiple security functions in the cloud, and gain infrastructure improvements to help your business scale into 2021. We’ll demonstrate how Cisco’s unmatched threat intelligence can help you adapt to constantly shifting threat vectors, connect and protect users at the edge, and keep your users and their data safe.
  • CISCO TV: Key Cybersecurity Trends in 2021 with Talos and Cisco Umbrella May 25 2021 3:00 am UTC 55 mins
    Martin Lee with Cisco Talos, and Paul D'Cruz, Director, Cyber Security EMEAR
    Organisations have had to deal with more changes in the last year than ever before. As companies turn to the cloud in order to reduce complexity and deliver greater flexibility, they must also adapt to meet these changes head on.

    In this session we will cover…
    • How have the changes in 2020 impacted the roadmap in 2021 and beyond for organisations
    • How are companies adapting to more employees and customers working from home - what added responsibility does this have on the CISO and security teams?

    •Considerations to ensure improved Security Visibility and Automation what options are available?

    Key takeaways:
    - Cybersecurity threats for FY21
    - How AI in Cybersecurity is set to increase
    - Trends we are seeing with the implementation of SASE and Zero Trust as a strategy
    - Best practice for companies to protect their workers and customers
  • Protecting from ransomware attacks with DNS Recorded: May 6 2021 31 mins
    Artsiom Holub, Senior Security Analyst
    The session is focused on the ways DNS can be used to improve protection against ransomware campaigns and speed up investigations of such incidents. We will cover fresh tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) used by ransomware actors which actively adopt advanced persistent threat (APT)-style tactics and evasion techniques.

    These actors’ goals have shifted from deploying ransomware on a few vulnerable machines to achieving persistence in the network and causing maximum damage to push victims into paying the ransom.

    We will share DNS-based classifiers developed by the Cisco Umbrella team and discuss our approach to building them based on changes in the threats landscape.
  • Cisco TV: Transforming IT Security with SASE Recorded: May 5 2021 52 mins
    Martin Lee from Cisco Talos, Paul D'Cruz, Director of Cyber Security EMEAR
    Will SASE transform IT security for businesses? The past few months have seen IT transformation on an unprecedented scale as organisations across the globe change how they do business.

    With the adoption of cloud-delivered services, SD-WAN has proved that it can deliver improved application performance, reduced costs, and simplified branch operations. But, despite all these benefits, security remains one of the biggest concerns.

    How do you secure users accessing the internet or cloud apps, either remotely or at multiple branch offices? What is Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and how can it deliver multiple security functions from the cloud? How does the quality of threat intelligence you have access to help avoid security blind spots and stop false alerts?

    If you’re considering the move to SD-WAN, or if SD-WAN is already part of your infrastructure, join us as we discuss the latest developments in security networking. Understand the key challenges and learn how to set up your business for success today and in the future.

    Key takeaways:
    - What is SASE and why are we seeing a rapid rise in companies shifting to SASE?
    - How will the business challenges we have seen this year adapt the roadmap and vision for an organisation in 2021?
    - What threats are we seeing as a result of the remote working trends from Talos; what does the cloud centric threat landscape look like and the trends we expect to see over the coming months.
    - How securing SD-WAN with Cisco Umbrella can simplify your cloud security strategy
  • Cisco Umbrella Live Demo for Small Business Recorded: Apr 29 2021 42 mins
    Ishaan Korotane, Consulting Systems Engineer at Cisco Umbrella
    This webinar is for any small to medium sized business that may be feeling overwhelmed by IT security threats. During this session we will look at how Cisco Umbrella can help small businesses and what you can do to protect your data and employees

    Join this live demo to learn how you can:
    - See and block threats other solutions miss
    - Reduce alerts and gain context into high-priority threats
    - Deploy in minutes to protect all devices and locations
    - Secure your apps, data and users whenever they are on the move
    - Integrate seamlessly with your existing security stack

    You’ll see how easy it is and that you don’t need to be an IT expert to use Cisco Umbrella. Register now to view this session!

    More about Cisco Umbrella: Built into the foundation of the internet, Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security platform that provides a first line of defense against threats, wherever users access the internet — on or off the corporate network. Umbrella is deployed enterprise-wide in minutes and gives you the threat intelligence and context you need to block threats before they become attacks.
  • Hunting threats in harm’s way and dissecting it the Holmes way! Recorded: Apr 28 2021 48 mins
    Shyam Sundar Ramaswami, Lead Threat Researcher - Umbrella Research Org
    The threat landscape continues to expand, paving the way for new cyber attacks. Attackers have nothing to lose and they have thrown a lot of new tricks from their mystery hats. The majority of these threats use pandemic-themed email as their entry point and deploy new tricks to infect endpoint users.

    This talk will cover the rise of RATS, the rise of XLS attachment exploits, and new obfuscation techniques to conceal core code and configuration files by malware authors. The talk also touches on the theme of how techniques in exfiltration are changing and how rapidly other threat actors are adopting or improvising on these trends.
  • SASE in 15 minutes Recorded: Apr 22 2021 21 mins
    Chris Frost, Technical Solutions Architect at Cisco Umbrella
    The network and security landscape has changed dramatically in 2020, which leaves gaps in your existing security. These changes have paved the way for a new concept: the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), which delivers a combined set of security and networking capabilities to provide improved performance and robust security for any device, location, and user.

    Join us now for this short, information-packed, 15-minute webinar.

    You’ll hear about how cloud-delivered security can help your organization meet these challenges head-on. Topics we’ll cover:

    - Network traffic changes and the risk and performance issues they cause
    - What’s needed to address current challenges and enable a secure cloud transition
    - How a cloud security platform with integrated networking options can simplify your environment
    - Benefits of a SASE approach
Webcasts and videos for security professionals.
Cisco Umbrella provides a cloud-delivered network security service that blocks advanced attacks, as well as malware, botnets and phishing threats regardless of port, protocol or application. Our predictive intelligence uses machine learning to automate protection against emergent threats before your organization is attacked. Umbrella protects all your devices globally without hardware to install or software to maintain.

Learn more: https://umbrella.cisco.com/

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