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Consolidate disjointed services and applications to a single system of action

Employee experience is essential for digital transformation, but are disparate systems, manual processes, and continual firefighting sapping your resources?

Attend this webinar series to discover new ways to deliver timely IT services that
employees love, and achieve the results your organisation expects from your IT investments.

Join us for the first of our three-part webinar series. You’ll learn new ways to consolidate disjointed services and applications, including:

- How built-in best practices can rapidly consolidate your inefficient tools (CMDB, and Incident, Problem, Change) to a single, cloud-based system of action
- How integrated service management with a single CMDB can help your team deliver timely IT services that make employees happy
- How to help your organisation be “better, faster, cheaper” and accelerate value delivery
Recorded Mar 25 2020 60 mins
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Presented by
Bill Hansey, Sr Product Marketing Mgr, ServiceNow and George Rubio, Director Technical Product Marketing
Presentation preview: Consolidate disjointed services and applications to a single system of action

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  • Using automation to secure your remote workforce Oct 1 2020 3:30 am UTC 33 mins
    Karl Klaessig, Director of Product Marketing for Security Operations Solutions, ServiceNow
    After years of keeping personal devices with dubious security at arm’s length, BYOD is suddenly necessary for remote employees. Learn the various solutions CIOs and CISOs are now using to help secure their remote workforces during these uncertain times.

    Join Karl Klaessig, our Director of Product Marketing for Security Operations Solutions, as he shares insights on:

    - Mitigating enterprise security risks from BYOD
    - Securing your remote workforce via automation
    - Ensuring resilience for your critical business operations
  • Ensuring the resilience of your critical business operations Sep 24 2020 3:30 am UTC 49 mins
    Peter Doherty, Principal Consultant, and Nathalie Tousignant, Senior Principal Product Manager, ServiceNow
    In this webinar, Peter Doherty, Principal Consultant, and Nathalie Tousignant, Senior Principal Product Manager from ServiceNow discuss how to address the challenges of driving resilience to provide stable and highly available business services without over investing to get an extra Nine in percentage availability.

    For many years the investment has been in hardware, even more so now using the high availability afforded by moving to public cloud providers. Though you cannot move everything to the cloud, often times HA is about minimising the impact of an outage. Now many organisations want to get ahead of this and predict when outages may occur.

    During this discussion, they will cover:

    - Moving from reactive to predictive in minimising service outages
    - How Machine Learning enables the understanding of the operational norms of business services
    - Using AIOps to give you extra time to respond to possible service interruptions
    - Maximising your resources in challenging times
    - Managing the ongoing demand from customers now “wanting more!”
    - The benefits of gaining insights across service management to identify issues and challenges
  • Digitising your core Governance, Risk and Compliance programs Recorded: Sep 17 2020 58 mins
    Otu Umoren, National Lead, Risk Solutions and Guillaume Burdy, GRC Advisory Solution Consultant, ServiceNow
    With ever-increasing operational challenges on the horizon, and reliance on digital services at an all-time high, this webinar explores how ServiceNow is uniquely positioned to help organisations improve their operational resilience by embedding risk, compliance, and business continuity into everyday workflows.

    Join us and learn how to digitise your core Governance, Risk and Compliance programs, realise quick wins by leveraging data already on the platform, and how this sets the foundation to continuously evolve your risk and compliance programs into the future.
  • Keep your IT operations always running smoothly with automation and AIOps Recorded: Sep 15 2020 62 mins
    Anthony Segran, Senior Manager, Solutions Practices ANZ and Simon White, Senior Advisory Solution Consultant, ServiceNow
    As organisations face ongoing business impacts in uncertain times, they're learning valuable lessons about IT resilience. The sudden shift in how and where people work has presented new challenges, causing spikes in IT resource demands and unplanned outages. Untested work-from-home processes have slowed overall productivity and increased IT trouble tickets. These rapidly unfolding consequences lay bare the critical importance of IT resilience.

    Join us to see how you can scale your IT operations using automation and AIOps, how you can support these changes with increased productivity and reduced costs, while still delivering resilient and compelling service experiences.

    During the webinar, we will also cover:

    - Newfound efficiencies critical to success in today’s business climate, and how AIOps-driven intelligence can reduce outages in digital services
    - How automation can eliminate manual processes and boost productivity
    - Strategies to prioritise impacts and remedies across users, services and applications
    - Real time log analytics for anomaly detection
  • KPMG Powers SAM at Exelon Recorded: Sep 3 2020 57 mins
    Cathy Guthrie, Troy McLaughlin, and Angelo Rivera
    Software plays a major role in IT and needs careful measuring, management, and optimization. Continuing to use manual processes and/or legacy tools only offers limited visibility—leading to budgetary overspend and possible non-compliance.

    ServiceNow® Software Asset Management (SAM) can optimize usage with reallocation workflows and rightsize future purchases for real savings—all while mitigating software license risk and providing a single source of truth for a perpetually clean CMDB.

    And only ServiceNow allows you to run SAM natively with IT, allowing you to take actions with intelligent and intuitive workflows—reducing the time and cost for implementation and maintenance. This empowers organizations to deliver value cross functionally to business stakeholders and achieve fast time to value.

    Join Exelon and KPMG as they discuss the use case and success story of Exelon, a leading energy provider in the Fortune 100, and the benefits it experienced when adding SAM to their ServiceNow capabilities. You’ll learn:

    -Why enterprises need SAM
    -How to create an achievable plan
    -The approach and the results
    -What’s next for Exelon
  • Overview of ServiceNow maturity programs Recorded: Aug 26 2020 35 mins
    Christoper Brown, Lisa Wolfe, Glen Kaminski
    To succeed today and extend that success, businesses need to build an organization that is fully digitally enabled. That requires advancing multiple areas of your business—from planning to agile, to portfolio management, and onto IT asset management. And this must all happen as part of an integrated approach to create a modern business.

    Join us as we discuss how digital transformation is changing not just how organizations use technology, but every aspect of what they do and how they think. By attending, you’ll:

    -Understand the elements of a digitally mature business
    -Recognize the strengths and opportunities for the organization
    -Be able to develop a plan to advance the organization and increase the ability to leverage digital transformation
  • Modernize and automate your IT service management like a boss Recorded: Aug 13 2020 54 mins
    Bill Hansey, senior product marketing manager, and George Rubio, technical marketing leader
    Oftentimes, IT teams aren’t able to innovate due to spending so much time simply trying to keep their tools working. And an overall lack of visibility only compounds the problem by creating risk, as the team is always in a reactive—rather than proactive—mode. Does this sound familiar?

    Join our webinar on modernizing IT by consolidating to a single system of engagement. You’ll learn how to accelerate your digital transformation and propel your organization’s growth—all while delivering outstanding employee experiences.

    By attending our webinar, you’ll learn how to effectively:

    -Modernize IT by consolidating legacy tools to a single cloud-based system of engagement and gain real-time visibility, going from firefighting to innovation
    -Scale your IT staff using conversational virtual agents and automating routine work
    -Provide service desk agents with everything they need—including AI-assisted recommendations—to deliver better experiences that make IT a hero

    Hosted by: Bill Hansey, senior product marketing manager, and George Rubio, technical marketing leader, both of ServiceNow
  • How the State of Texas delivers brokered services to 100+ customer agencies Recorded: Aug 5 2020 52 mins
    Jennifer Buaas, David Rudel, Chris Dillery, and Sheila Pickett
    In 2014, 60% of mission-critical applications in Texas met the definition of obsolete according to a state study, while satisfaction levels of customer agencies were a disappointing 20%. To accelerate its modernization efforts, the Department of Information Resources (DIR) turned to Capgemini’s Multi-sourcing Service Integration (MSI) model and ServiceNow for service management.

    Today, DIR has a single pane of glass and a marketplace to offer services from multiple providers to customer agencies and other public institutions. The overall customer satisfaction rating skyrocketed to 95%.

    Just as the State of Texas successfully brokered services to more than 100 customer agencies, your organization can do the same for the departments and agencies you serve.

    Join our webinar to learn:

    -How Capgemini’s service integration program implemented and leveraged help from Texas DIR to become a world-class broker of IT services to customer agencies
    -How portfolio legacy applications were replaced with digital workflows – allowing automation of business processes, communications, digital governance, and process-compliance management
    -What’s next for the State of Texas as part of its continuous push to further automate existing business processes and cloud technologies.
  • A New Era in Enterprise DevOps Recorded: Jul 28 2020 55 mins
    RJ Jainendra, W. Eric Ledyard, Mik Kersten, and Tameem Hourani
    Digital transformation leads many organizations to DevOps in the hopes of driving innovation faster. But those that weren’t “born in the cloud” may need major adjustments to see the true value from DevOps, reducing its inherent complexity for enterprise.

    Register for our webinar and learn how our Enterprise DevOps platform can help you realize the speed and agility of DevOps—expanding its adoption while lowering risk across your environment.

    -Simplify and intelligently automate your IT services
    -Align work to business priorities and decrease time to market
    -Accelerate the pace of delivery and improve the availability of services
    -Deliver great experiences for all users
  • Transform your IT value chain to improve employee satisfaction Recorded: Jul 23 2020 57 mins
    Bruce Randall and George Rubio
    Imagine being able to transform your IT value chain from planning through operations— all with a single platform. Innovate more and better align to your business priorities, while delivering modern AI-powered services to your employees. Join our webinar and learn how it’s possible. See how you can unify your IT planning, delivery, and operations on the Now Platform®, making it possible to:

    -Simplify and intelligently automate your IT services
    -Align work to business priorities and decrease time to market
    -Accelerate the pace of delivery and improve the availability of services
    -Deliver great experiences for all users
  • Creating Excellent CX - The Need for Updated Customer Service Management Recorded: Jul 15 2020 59 mins
    Emily Jarvis
    Mail, email, social media, chatbot, phone call - the list goes on and on. The number of channels and data types that agencies need to keep track of, record and respond to is overwhelming. To make the situation even more challenging, customers are demanding more timely and thorough responses.

    How can agencies keep up? One solution is to use a cloud-based customer service management solution that enables organizational transformation.

    Watch this webinar to learn how agencies can use the cloud to deliver excellent services to citizens.

    Specifically, you’ll learn about:

    -The biggest barriers facing agencies who are struggling to deliver operational excellence and outstanding customer service.
    -The difference between customer relationship management and customer service management.
    -How agencies are embracing digital transformation to update outdated legacy systems.
  • What’s new in the ITBM Now Platform New York release Recorded: Jul 7 2020 52 mins
    Jim Tisch, Doug Page & Scott Fuller from ServiceNow
    Please join our webinar to learn how this release can benefit you—further enabling your IT department to align better with the rest of your organization. Some of the new features we’ll cover include:

    ServiceNow Innovation Management - View a vetted pipeline of ideas that can be easily filtered by state and category; convert vetted ideas to demands, projects, epics, stories and other task types; and keep users, reviewers and subscribers automatically informed as the idea progresses.

    SAFe Program board - Scale agile across multiple teams with our Scaled Agile Framework Program Board. The SAFe Program Board is a key enhancement to our existing ITBM Essential SAFe application that enables users to view features across teams and sprints and the dependencies between them.

    Mobile - Know current project status anywhere, anytime. The PPM Mobile Project Status app enables you to view your projects including status, details, and notes. Get notified of changes and collaborate with your project team—helping keep your projects on track and deliver results faster.

    Hosted by: Jim Tisch, Doug Page & Scott Fuller from ServiceNow
  • Implement ITSM Like a Pro—Modernize your service delivery fast with ServiceNow Recorded: Jul 2 2020 47 mins
    Gerald Beaulieu, ITSM, director of product marketing and Chris Shakespear, ITSM, global practice leader
    Fact: The longer you hang onto your legacy ITSM tools, the more your organization risks in terms of productivity loss. Myth: Modernizing is a protracted, painful process that’s likely to break your budget. It’s time to set the record straight.

    Delivering excellent user experiences, while helping drive down IT costs, hinges upon streamlining your digital transformation initiatives. This includes migrating your legacy on-prem ITSM solution—transforming your team’s speed, efficiency, and productivity. There are simply too many opportunities left on the table to ignore.

    Join our webinar. You’ll learn best practices for easing ITSM implementation through proven outcomes.

    -Regain opportunities missed by not migrating to a cloud solution
    -Learn how not making the switch can greatly increase IT costs over time
    -See how your time to value will be shorter than you think

    Hosted by:
    Gerald Beaulieu, ITSM, director of product marketing
    Chris Shakespear, ITSM, global practice leader
  • To the Cloud and Far Beyond Recorded: Jun 24 2020 55 mins
    Andy Jordan, President, Roffensian Consulting S.A
    Effecting change through digital transformation is top of mind for many enterprises - with the “digital” part receiving most of the attention. You can’t stop there, however. Bringing about a successful transformation ultimately requires cultural change - impacting IT more than most areas.

    Digital transformation is more about using technology to improve every aspect of your business - helping your organization evolve and adapt more quickly with less disruption. To achieve this, you must change mindsets, not just technology.

    Join our webinar. You’ll receive valuable insights on nurturing your own digital transformation from the expert, including:

    -Why creating a new business environment is more important than ever
    -The mechanics of IT transformation and how to proceed effectively
    -How to enable and nurture innovation consistently going forward

    Hosted by:
    Andy Jordan, president of Roffensian Consulting S.A.
  • Augmenting your reality with ITSM Pro Recorded: Jun 23 2020 38 mins
    Peter Doherty, Principal Solution Consultant and Nathalie Tousignant, Senior Principal Product Manager, ServiceNow
    As service demands increase and business goals evolve, many organisations are looking for the next step in IT Service Management (ITSM) delivery and performance.

    ServiceNow’s ITSM Professional package can help you leverage the power of AI to drive up service excellence, while empowering your business with the insight to make better service decisions.

    Join this webinar, where Peter Doherty, Principal Solution Consultant, and Nathalie Tousignant, Senior Principal Product Manager, ServiceNow, discuss the rapidly evolving landscape of Machine Learning and AI. They will cover: 

    - Why ServiceNow is investing so heavily in AI
    - The types of AI that is being delivered and the value outcomes
    - The platform capabilities and how to use them
    - Real world use cases by ANZ customers
  • Improve CSAT, Increase Audience, Expand Catalog Recorded: Jun 16 2020 48 mins
    Sudie Bennett and Denise Riddell
    Automating global services and managing them through a single IT services portal built for enterprise is the dream of many in Senior IT. AstraZeneca, a global pharmaceutical company, made that dream a reality with ServiceNow. And, it was so successful, their Finance and HR departments cloned their approach for their own portals.

    Join us for this in-depth look at how AstraZeneca combined knowledge management, improved request and catalog management, and more. You’ll get insight into the best practices that can help drive your own digital transformation to better self-service.

    Attend this webinar and:

    -Get practical insight into launching an IT self-service portal for a global internal audience through a gradual build based on customer feedback
    -Discover ways to incorporate multiple IT services into a one-stop-shop to enable the full self-service experience
    -Find out how a self-service portal is just the first step in a process of continuous improvement-one that can offer multiple languages, chat and virtual agent services, and ServiceNow-to-Workplace integration
  • How a healthy CMDB helps you deliver great service quality Recorded: Jun 16 2020 55 mins
    Richard Brounstein, Solution Architect, Drew Hart, Product Manager, and Lisa Wolfe Sr. Manager Product Marketing, ServiceNow
    When an outage occurs, the IT operations team is bombarded with thousands of events coming from their siloed monitoring systems and overwhelming their inbox. Sifting through these events to get to the critical few takes a significant amount of time; and if your business services are mapped manually, there is a high likelihood the IT resources supporting these services have changed. While your team is actively trying to identify the services impacted, the business itself is losing money and customer satisfaction.

    Join this webinar to learn how to cut through the infrastructure noise-identifying and responding to service outages more quickly and intelligently.

    During the webinar you will also discover how ServiceNow CMDB and Event Management enables you to:

    - Deduplicate and filter events across all monitoring systems, turning a flood of events into a trickle of meaningful alerts
    - Bind alerts to corresponding CIs in your CMDB, so you know which IT components are affected and who is responsible for diagnosing and fixing them
    - Correlate events using service maps in the CMDB to determine business service health
  • How ServiceNow is changing IT self-service for its employees Recorded: Jun 11 2020 55 mins
    Rajeev Sethi, Mirza Baig, Bruce Randall
    The right IT service management can greatly shape and influence employee engagement and productivity. After all, employees want to grow with their organization and a self-service, frictionless interface that enables them to get work done provides an all-around win-win.

    Join our webinar and hear the Now on Now story. See how we’re changing IT self-service for our employees: transforming our organization’s culture and improving the overall mindset in the process. You’ll learn how ITSM Professional on the Now Platform® empowers us to:

    -Provide an employee-centric, role-based portal-improving efficiency and productivity
    -Focus on making the digital employee experience a journey, not an endpoint
    -Offer greater personalization, resulting in a more satisfying employee experience
  • Transform IT to deliver more growth-oriented innovation Recorded: Jun 9 2020 56 mins
    Darren Hamway, Portfolio Manager, Tiffany & Co. and Bruce Randall, Director, Product Marketing-ITSM, ServiceNow
    Digital transformation means transforming IT. Whether increasing productivity, driving insights, delivering innovation, or simply providing a consumer-like experience for employees; IT has proven to be an indispensable element in business success.

    Join Darren Hamway, Portfolio Manager/ IT Project Management Officer, Tiffany & Co. along with Bruce Randall, Product Marketing – IT Service Management Director, ServiceNow as they discuss how Tiffany & Co. has successfully increased IT throughput and productivity with ServiceNow.

    In this webinar you will also learn:

    - How modernised IT can help drive digital transformation for you and your business
    - How to deliver innovation without negative employee impact, or breaking the bank on infrastructure and resources
    - How combining IT Service Management and IT Business Management helps to deliver new innovations
    - How to transition from successful IT Service Management to successful IT Business Management
  • How Deloitte uncovers hidden SAM opportunities on a single platform Recorded: Jun 3 2020 52 mins
    Dave Dawson, Global Leader, Software Asset Management, Deloitte
    Your organization needs a complete picture of your IT infrastructure - what’s deployed, who’s using it, and whether it’s up to date. After all, your IT team can’t protect what it can’t manage.

    The right Software Asset Management (SAM) application is now an essential component to managing enterprise software spend, both for compliance and reducing licensing complexity.

    Sign up for our webinar, hosted by Dave Dawson, a principal in the Deloitte U.S. Risk and Financial Advisory practice. By attending, you’ll learn the potential risks your business may face without a formal SAM strategy - and uncover hidden SAM opportunities you may be missing.
    Hosted by:
    Dave Dawson, Global Leader, Software Asset Management, Deloitte

    -Find opportunities you’re currently missing to save on software costs
    -Help stay audit-ready and increase visibility of license and compliance positions
    -Unlock software savings faster with intuitive workflows on a single platform
ServiceNow makes work, work better for people.
Transform old, manual ways of working into modern digital workflows, so employees and customers get what they need, when they need it—fast, simple, easy. When people work better, business works better.

ServiceNow delivers digital workflows that create great experiences and unlock productivity for employees and the enterprise. We simplify the complexity of work on a single, enterprise cloud platform. The Now Platform®: The intelligent and intuitive cloud platform for work™

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  • Title: Consolidate disjointed services and applications to a single system of action
  • Live at: Mar 25 2020 2:30 am
  • Presented by: Bill Hansey, Sr Product Marketing Mgr, ServiceNow and George Rubio, Director Technical Product Marketing
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