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Improve CSAT, Increase Audience, Expand Catalog

Automating global services and managing them through a single IT services portal built for enterprise is the dream of many in Senior IT. AstraZeneca, a global pharmaceutical company, made that dream a reality with ServiceNow. And, it was so successful, their Finance and HR departments cloned their approach for their own portals.

Join us for this in-depth look at how AstraZeneca combined knowledge management, improved request and catalog management, and more. You’ll get insight into the best practices that can help drive your own digital transformation to better self-service.

Attend this webinar and:

-Get practical insight into launching an IT self-service portal for a global internal audience through a gradual build based on customer feedback
-Discover ways to incorporate multiple IT services into a one-stop-shop to enable the full self-service experience
-Find out how a self-service portal is just the first step in a process of continuous improvement-one that can offer multiple languages, chat and virtual agent services, and ServiceNow-to-Workplace integration
Recorded Jun 16 2020 48 mins
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Presented by
Sudie Bennett and Denise Riddell
Presentation preview: Improve CSAT, Increase Audience, Expand Catalog

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  • Exploring advanced automation use cases, measuring business value Jul 14 2021 3:00 pm UTC 43 mins
    Peter Doherty, principal solution consultant, ServiceNow & Brett Hamilton, principal solution architect, ServiceNow
    Ready to start your IT service management transformation? Or, maybe you’re a pro and want to improve efficiencies even further! Either way, get more from your technology investment in this three-part series on automation.

    Join us and get actionable insights on:
    - Designing continual improvement programs and using analytics to drive them
    - Assembling metrics, reporting to share with stakeholders
    - Tracking the business value that automation on the platform delivers
    - Building out zero-touch automation use cases based on machine or human-initiated processes

    Featured speakers:
    Peter Doherty, principal solution consultant, ServiceNow
    Brett Hamilton, principal solution architect, ServiceNow
  • Hear University of South Carolina’s Knowledge Management journey Jul 7 2021 4:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    Trevor Jerue, Knowledge Manager, University of South Carolina & Bill Hansey, ITSM product marketing director, ServiceNow
    Register to hear the Knowledge Management journey undertaken by the University of South Carolina. You’ll learn how to streamline capturing, structuring, and sharing information using Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®) and the Now Platform®.

    Experience how people discover and share new knowledge in the higher-ed space, and the benefits and drawbacks of these findings to USC’s Knowledge Management implementation. Trevor Jerue, Knowledge Manager at USC, will share lessons learned and best practices for taking this journey, including:
    - Setting realistic expectations by asking, “What’s in it for me?”
    - Avoiding the classic trap of too much tech—not enough process or people
    - Understanding that Knowledge Management is a journey, not a destination

    Featured speakers:
    Trevor Jerue, Knowledge Manager, University of South Carolina
    Bill Hansey, ITSM product marketing director, ServiceNow
  • How USF cut incidents by 10% Jun 30 2021 3:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    Steph Carter, product manager, University of San Francisco & Bill Hansey, ITSM product marketing director, ServiceNow
    Join us as the University of San Francisco (USF) shares an insightful use case of how its new service portal proved to be the right catalyst for creating a cohesive service environment—reducing its volume of incidents by 10%!

    In this session, you’ll get an overview of how you can deliver scalable IT services on a single IT Service Management (ITSM) cloud platform while increasing IT agent productivity to resolve your issues faster with platform-native AI. You’ll learn how:
    - You can create resilient service experiences for our world today
    - USF greatly improved its time to incident resolution by over 30%
    - The university overcame the challenge of increasing incident volume—now on track for 3K fewer incidents this year

    Featured speakers:
    Steph Carter, product manager, University of San Francisco
    Bill Hansey, ITSM product marketing director, ServiceNow
  • A Practical Approach to Addressing Operational Risk Recorded: Jun 23 2021 52 mins
    James Fong Risk & Security Solutions, Asia & Michael Murphy Principal Technical Consultant, Customer Outcomes at ServiceNow
    A Practical Approach to Addressing Operational Risk

    The key to effective risk management does not end at communication and resilience; you must embark on the journey of addressing your own operational risks. Operational risks are the uncertainties and hazards a company faces in its day-to-day business activities. It can result from breakdowns in internal procedures, people and systems. These risks can include internal and external fraud, failure to adhere to internal policies, and even computer hacking.

    Operational risks can pose as much a threat to your organisation as data breaches and other vulnerabilities, and it’s important to make sure that you are as prepared for these areas of weakness as possible.

    In this sessions, you will:
    - Learn how to implement a program that engages your front line to identify the small control failures
    - Discover the risks of these small control failures
    - See ServiceNow GRC Advanced Risk and user-friendly capabilities in action
  • Get the 411 on ITIL to avoid the 911 calls Recorded: Jun 22 2021 59 mins
    Troy DuMoulin, VP, research and development at Pink Elephant & Bill Hansey, ITSM product marketing director, ServiceNow
    Watch this ITIL webinar presented by Pink Elephant and ServiceNow®—focused on increasing the speed and success of your ITIL adoption, while avoiding any frantic 911 calls.

    Tens of thousands of global organizations are seeing the benefits of ITIL adoption now. Learn ITIL best practices from proven use cases, so you’re not left behind. Take the steps to adopting the ITIL framework—learning from the successes and failures of early adopters. You’ll learn how you can:
    - Deliver scalable IT services on a single ITSM cloud platform
    - Increase IT agent productivity—resolving your employees’ issues faster using platform-native AI
    - Create resilient service experiences that fit the world your employees work in—today

    Featured speakers:
    Troy DuMoulin, VP, research and development at Pink Elephant
    Bill Hansey, ITSM product marketing director, ServiceNow
  • Reduce IT spend, rationalize your estate, and address technology risk Recorded: Jun 17 2021 53 mins
    Zaki Bajwa, Evan Orgel, & Albert Hsu of ServiceNow
    During a time of economic uncertainty, cost-savings is a business-critical initiative. Learn how you can optimize IT with actionable insight into consumption across on-premises and cloud environments—helping reduce your costs significantly.

    Register now to hear how you can distribute software and app intelligence to rationalize your costly legacy applications and reallocate resources and spend to your priority projects. By attending, you’ll learn how you can:
    - Detect, analyze, and act on unauthorized IT spending
    - Reduce business service risk across an aging application portfolio
    - Enable faster outcomes to slash spending and license compliance risks
    - Utilize Hardware Asset Management (HAM) capabilities for even more outcomes

    Featured speakers:
    Zaki Bajwa, VP IT Solution Consulting, ITX, ServiceNow
    Evan Orgel, Sr Advisory Solution Consultant, ITAM, ServiceNow
    Albert Hsu, Sr Principal Product Manager, ITBM, ServiceNow
  • The Cyber Risk Landscape: Vulnerability Management and Threat Intelligence Recorded: Jun 16 2021 50 mins
    Brian Spring Security Product Specialist & Guy Newell Regional Manager APAC at ServiceNow
    The Cyber Risk Landscape: Vulnerability Management and Threat Intelligence

    With organizations embracing a remote workforce, the attack surface has greatly expanded and introduced new levels of cyber risk—exposing flaws in existing vulnerability management strategies. For remote employee devices, these flaws often include inconsistent patching refreshes, the inability to pinpoint exploitability, and unclear collaboration between IT and Security.

    According to Gartner, one of the three most important SOAR capabilities are threat and vulnerability management. Like automation, vulnerability management can support your security solutions by identifying issues and security breaches, making it easier to decide on a course of action.

    In 2019, the numbers of vulnerabilities increased by over 17% from the year previously (Imperva) and in light of the increasingly distributed and remote workforce, we can only expect this number to continue to rise.

    In this session, we will discuss:
    - Providing centralized reporting and visibility of exploitability data, remediation progress, and playbook effectiveness
    - Establishing workflows for a variety of use cases, including application and IT-based vulnerabilities, and software misconfiguration
    - How to accelerate your response by 25%, dramatically reduce case backlog
    - How Threat Intelligence Can be Used to Create a Phishing Playbook
  • Employee experience in a post Covid world Recorded: Jun 15 2021 29 mins
    Alex Margarit, Director Employe Experience, ServiceNow
    Join our industry experts and customers as we look at how organisations have had to radically transform as a result of COVID 19 and how this has impacted employee experience. 

    During the panel discussion we will cover:
    The forcing function of COVID 19 – new ways of working, changing workplaces, and the impact on employee experience
    What the future holds as workforces shift to hybrid ways of working 
    How, as a result, technology is enabling organisations to better adapt while maintaining a high focus human-centric design
  • The new future of work Recorded: Jun 15 2021 24 mins
    Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst, Bersin Consulting
    We once thought digital transformation would define the “future of work.” We now see the need to define it in much broader terms.

    In this research-based presentation, Josh Bersin, global industry analyst, will describe the different aspects of work that leaders must consider when planning for the new future.
    - The new world of remote and distributed work
    - Agile teams and agile careers go mainstream
    - A new focus on wellbeing and resilience
    - New and upgraded skills for everyone
    - The need for a personalized strategy for employee experience
  • Why 2021 is the future of CX Transformation Recorded: Jun 15 2021 40 mins
    Gerald Carroll, AVP Customer Workflows, ServiceNow
    Join our panel of industry experts and customers as we take a look at the future of customer experience and how it is transforming as we emerge from the disruption of COVID 19. During the panel discussion we will cover:
    - The impact of organisations scrambling to work from home in 2020 and moving to a hybrid model in 2021 ​
    - Technology as both an enabler and hindrance​ - Customer experience expectations
    - Why people are fed up being sold to when they want service ​
    - Why Customer experience needs to go beyond a focus engagement and pivot to resolution"
  • Elevating the Human Experience Recorded: Jun 15 2021 22 mins
    Sam Roddick, Global Lead, Deloitte Digital
    Join Sam Roddick, Global Lead for Deloitte Digital as he shares how digital technology can elevate the human experience for customers, employees, and partners by unlocking human potential and accelerating human connectivity. Looking at why it matters and what it means for your business.
  • Is your business future proofed? Recorded: Jun 15 2021 37 mins
    Melissa Ries, Area Vice President, IT Transformation Solutions Sales, ServiceNow​
    Join us to hear from industry experts and customers on the role IT and Enterprise Risk plays in accelerating digital transformation and building a future-ready connected enterprise.
    IT must evolve to provide technology services, respond to issues, manage expectations while delivering value at speed and scale.

    During the panel discussion we will cover: ​
    Covid has impacted the way we operate. What IT innovations are you seeing today that will impact businesses in the next 3-5 years ​
    How should enterprises move from reactive problem solving to proactive issue resolution​
    IT Skills needed for the future​
    IT Transformation Journey of our panelists​
    How ServiceNow has helped customers in their journey to be a future-ready connected enterprise ​
  • Business Agility: Work redefined Recorded: Jun 15 2021 19 mins
    Sandra Ng, Group Vice President, IDC
    In this IDC presentation, Sandra Ng will highlight the new expectations in a digital economy, post COVID-19 outbreak, and the impact they have on organizations in 2021 and beyond. In 2020, we saw digital adaptation as organizations invested in projects that addressed weaknesses resulting from the pandemic.

    This will continue for some enterprises as new operational requirements emerge. 2021 will also open new chapters for organizations on their way to the next normal.

    Although >80% of the organizations in APAC recognized the strategic importance of agility in the future success of their companies, <20% are truly agile.

    There is therefore great urgency for a new work model. Business agility is/will be key in this journey as work is being redefined and business benchmarks are being reset.

    Organizations need to prepare themselves to compete differently and the sooner/faster this is done, the more digitally resilient they will be.
  • The case for change: Paradigm shifts demand a 21st century approach Recorded: Jun 15 2021 13 mins
    Dave Wright, Chief Innovation Officer, ServiceNow
    With the accelerating pace of change, traditional business models & processes will not suffice in a digital economy. Speed is everything. Overcoming a silo mentality is the biggest organisational obstacle to improving the customer experience. Across the changing business landscape, CIO’s face immense pressure to deliver innovative outcomes & modernise operations. Join Dave Wright, Chief Innovation Officer, ServiceNow, to discuss the challenges, opportunities and how a new wave of citizen developers are experimenting with new ways of working.
  • Swiss Re reached IT Service Management excellence Recorded: Jun 9 2021 45 mins
    Martin Frain, ServiceNow Architect, Swiss Re & Bill Hansey, ITSM product marketing, ServiceNow
    Lower costs, faster upgrades, and innovative automation

    In 2018, Swiss Re, a world-leading provider of insurance, embarked on a major three-year modernization program to significantly reduce its IT costs by adopting out-of-the-box processes. With over 10 years of experience in customizing its ServiceNow® instance, Swiss Re knew it could reach its goal.

    Register now to hear this innovative company’s roadmap to digital transformation, along with the challenges it faced and resolved along the way. You’ll learn how you can deliver scalable IT services on a single ITSM cloud platform and increase IT agent productivity to resolve your issues faster. Other key takeaways include:
    - Achieving true business transformation—not just technical
    - Gaining commitment from business owners—maximizing the ServiceNow investment value
    - Ensuring strong governance in place to stay in the box and focus on the costs and risks of customization

    Featured speakers:
    Martin Frain, ServiceNow Architect, Swiss Re
    Bill Hansey, ITSM product marketing, ServiceNow
  • How To Manage Risk with Effective Communication Recorded: Jun 7 2021 49 mins
    James Fong, ServiceNow, Andrew Wheatley, ServiceNow & Chee Kong Wong, EY
    How To Manage Risk with Effective Communication

    Privacy and security risks drive many board and audit conversations. However, the ability to effectively communicate these risks is one of the greatest challenges’ executives face. To effectively manage risks, and develop visibility across organisations, it is essential that communication is encouraged and supported.

    In this session, we will discuss:
    - How efficient communication can be a strong business asset
    - The best practices to prepare for these important meetings
    - How using a common language, processes, controls, and issues management across the company can make the message simple and consistent
  • How to Transform and Automate Security Operations: A Case Study Recorded: Jun 2 2021 44 mins
    Brian Spring Security Product Specialist & Lou Fiorello Head of Security Product at ServiceNow | Muhammad Ahmad CISO at FINCA
    How to Transform and Automate Security Operations: A Case Study

    Automating security operations eases the load for your security team by detecting threats in your environment, determining the response to threats, and reducing the amount of time consuming manual work that goes into SecOps.

    Automation and orchestration are no longer intimidating but have actually become trusted allies in the fight against increasing demands and limited resources. In 2021, your company will depend ever more heavily on digital services, which means you must adapt and extend security and vulnerability operations.

    In this session, we will discuss:
    - How digitized, cross-functional workflows can embed best practices, efficiency, and security resilience into operations
    - The benefits of automating your security operations
    - The adoption and advances in both incident and vulnerability response
  • Burns & McDonnell saves $5M with ServiceNow Software Asset Management Recorded: Jun 1 2021 47 mins
    Burns & McDonnell and ServiceNow
    Join us for this webinar with Burns & McDonnell who walks us through their Software Asset Management workflows and quick time to business outcomes. Learn why automating the end to end IT life cycle on a single platform helped Burns & McDonnell reduce software costs and mitigate compliance risk.
  • How To Build Resilience with Effective Risk Management Recorded: Jun 1 2021 59 mins
    James Fong Risk & Security Solutions, Asia & Scott Ferguson Director, Outbound Product Management at ServiceNow
    How To Build Resilience with Effective Risk Management

    According to Quantivate, only 36% of organizations have a formal enterprise risk management program. An effective risk management solution allows organizations to identify and take action against risks and vulnerabilities, building resilience and strength, and keeping visibility at the core of their security model.

    Resilience demands that we make a conscious commitment to anticipate, prevent, respond, and adapt to adverse events. To be resilient, we must optimise our risk management. As we inch toward the end of 2020, one overwhelming takeaway is the need to plan and execute risk management at a different pace - in real time. Business continuity, customer retention, workforce productivity -- these pillars of business success depend on effective operational risk management across the entire organization.

    In this session, we will discuss:
    - How to ‘anticipate’ risk using IRM and BCM to aggregate business and asset context
    - ‘Prevent’ by establishing indicators, updating response plans, and proactively testing event scenarios
    - Monitoring to ‘respond and recover’ to support quick response of your action plans
    - Arming your team to ‘adapt’ by collecting and analyzing data to identify root cause and necessary controls and process adjustments
    - How to achieve true resilience, and embed risk and compliance processes into daily work
  • WellStar Health overhauls their CMDB and self-service automation Recorded: May 25 2021 47 mins
    Dianne Kokotoff, executive director, ITSM, WellStar Health Systems Inc. and Kristen Hoyt, ITSM product marketing, ServiceNow
    Join us as WellStar Health System shares its journey to provide world-class experiences for its employees and customers—via a service-aware CMDB and the Now Platform®. You’ll learn how you can deliver resilient remote service experiences for today’s uncertain times.

    We’ll also discuss how you can drive down costs while swiftly resolving issues, scale IT to support changing employee needs/business goals and provide real-world insights into the benefits WellStar Health obtained. These include:
    - Improving IT services and operations on a single platform
    - Decreasing root cause analysis from 30 to only 4 days
    - Reducing mean time to repair (MTTR) by 25%

    Featured speakers:
    Dianne Kokotoff, executive director, ITSM, WellStar Health Systems Inc.
    Kristen Hoyt, ITSM product marketing, ServiceNow
ServiceNow makes work, work better for people.
Transform old, manual ways of working into modern digital workflows, so employees and customers get what they need, when they need it—fast, simple, easy. When people work better, business works better.

ServiceNow delivers digital workflows that create great experiences and unlock productivity for employees and the enterprise. We simplify the complexity of work on a single, enterprise cloud platform. The Now Platform®: The intelligent and intuitive cloud platform for work™

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  • Title: Improve CSAT, Increase Audience, Expand Catalog
  • Live at: Jun 16 2020 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Sudie Bennett and Denise Riddell
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