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Your WAN is a Mess, Freshen it up With SD-WAN

Join us for a fireside chat with Steve Woo (Co-founder and Sr. Director Products at VeloCloud, now part of VMware) and Steve Phillips (Dell Senior Director, Engineering Technologist) as they discuss the Dell + VeloCloud, now part of VMware advantage, why platform is important to SD-WAN, and Dell's established, yet growing presence in networking.
Recorded Apr 20 2020 32 mins
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Presented by
Steve Woo | VMware and Steve Phillips | Dell Technologies
Presentation preview: Your WAN is a Mess, Freshen it up With SD-WAN

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  • Ensuring Network Health with Edge Network Intelligence Nov 4 2020 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Shamus McGillicuddy, Vice President of Research at EMA
    IT operations teams have increasingly focused on improving visibility at the edge of their networks, especially now that millions of people are working from home under pandemic conditions. With today’s distributed workforce, network managers simply cannot guarantee quality of experience when all their monitoring solutions are pointed at the core of the network. To be successful, IT needs an edge network intelligence solution that can reveal the health and performance of individual user sessions on the network.

    Join a panel of experts, including EMA Vice President of Research Shamus McGillicuddy, VMware experts, and VMware customers for a live discussion about how you can improve your visibility into the edges of your network.

    This webinar will explore:

    *Technology and business trends driving the importance of edge network intelligence
    *What to look for in an edge network intelligence solution
    *The role that AI and machine learning technology can play in enable self-healing edge networks
    *How VMware is innovating to support these new demand for visibility at the edge
  • SASE in a Work from Anywhere World: Why You Should Care Oct 27 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Mark Vondemkamp, Vice President of Product at VMware
    Business requirements are evolving to deliver any-user, any-device connectivity to any cloud, and any-application. This demands a digital transformation that is spanning distributed edge, data center, and cloud, and is enabled by a new digital foundation. The legacy WAN and security architecture in the middle of this transformation is obsolete and must undergo a drastic change to be part of the new digital foundation. Customers are rapidly adopting a new SASE architecture model predicted by Gartner.

    As a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure in 2018 and 2019, VMware is positioned to enable organizations to transform their WAN edge, to build a new digital foundation for new application adoption, and to enable your work-from-anywhere initiatives.

    Join this session to learn how VMware’s network transformation vision, along with its unique cloud gateways and SASE PoPs, delivers a SASE platform with intrinsic security, including ZTNA, for organizations embracing cloud and SaaS.
  • Healthcare’s New Normal: A Highly Connected and Optimized Network Environment Oct 22 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Bob Laliberte, Senior Analyst at ESG & Abe Ankumah, Stephen Lynn, and Michael Leonard from VMware
    Healthcare organizations are increasingly embracing digital transformation to provide the proper policies, processes, workflows, and IT environments to deliver an enhanced experience to their customers and become more operationally efficient. As a result of dealing with an unprecedented global pandemic, healthcare organizations are accelerating their digital transformation efforts to accommodate on-premises needs and enable a surge in remote workers. In this webinar, ESG’s Practice Director and Senior Analyst Bob Laliberte joins VMware experts to discuss how SD-WAN and edge network intelligence are helping healthcare organizations gain network security, network visibility, and the flexibility needed to keep with evolving changes.
  • The Value of End-to-End Visibility for SD-WAN + Data Center + Cloud Oct 21 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Matt Just, Sehjung Hah, and Jay Thontakudi from VMware
    This session shows why and how better visibility and analytics for VMware SD-WAN, combined with data from data centers and multiple clouds, provide a better outcome when using VMware vRealize Network Insight for VMware SD-WAN. We’ll cover:

    -Visibility of end-to-end latencies and overall SLAs for improved application performance
    -Troubleshooting performance issues and security issues
    -Capacity planning & forecasting across ISPs
  • SASE – Ushering in a new paradigm for networking Oct 20 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Zeus Kerravala, analyst at ZK Research & Karl Brown, Senior Director of Product Marketing at VMware
    Secure access service edge (SASE, a term coined by Gartner) is seen as the next wave of evolution for SD-WAN, bringing together the traffic optimizing power that SD-WAN offers with intrinsic security functionality. No longer just a vision, vendors are adopting it left and right and making it available to customers to derive further value from their networks and elevate the experience for all. But what does SASE really mean to these end users, to people who have transitioned to working from home? Is it all it’s cracked up to be? Are there implications we need to consider? In this webinar, founder and principal analyst of ZK Research Zeus Kerravala discusses the merits of SASE and why businesses should embrace it while also looking to broaden its scope.
  • Get a Rich Client Experience with AIOps Solution from Edge Network Intelligence Oct 14 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Puneet Shetty, Product Line Manager at VMware & Jay Thontakudi, Senior Product Marketing Manager at VMware
    VMware Edge Network Intelligence is focused on the Enterprise Edge, ensuring end user and IoT client performance, security and self-healing through wireless and wired LAN, SD-WAN and SASE. Join us in this webinar to learn how the solution leverages ML algorithms to provide deep visibility and actionable insights that enable proactive remediation.
  • Ubiquitous Healthcare Delivery: Get Your Network Ready for the Paradigm Shift Oct 13 2020 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Rohit Tripathi, Sr Business Dev Mgr, Strategic Enterprise Solutions, Hughes | Karl Brown, Sr Dir, Prod Marketing VMware
    What keeps healthcare CIOs up at night? Fundamental changes are combining to drive interoperability, complexity, and security challenges to the top of their action lists.

    - Very active vertical and horizontal integration of new healthcare delivery providers into large and growing healthcare systems, driving a dynamic environment requiring a near constant flow of new users, new platforms, and new points of integration.
    - Growing number of connected devices and data systems used to facilitate healthcare delivery, creating its own unique connectivity and security issues for these platforms, while also impacting the broader health system’s IT design and operations.
    - Points of care are more geographically dispersed, even into the home. All these points of care have vastly different infrastructures, creating complex orchestration and interoperability challenges.

    In this webinar, we seek to examine these broad drivers of change, and relate them to specific use cases reflecting the challenges and possible solutions to the interoperability and security needs of the modern healthcare organization.
  • Strengthen your Multicloud Strategy with SD-WAN Recorded: Sep 24 2020 49 mins
    Jaspreet Bhatia, Product Manager at VeloCloud, now part of VMware
    The increasing adoption of cloud services makes traditional backhauling—along with its centralized security stack—obsolete. Organizations today rely heavily on cloud-delivered applications to effectively serve their employees and customers across locations beyond their enterprise infrastructure. However, the quality of experience and application performance for the end user primarily depend on the quality of the network connecting users to applications deployed on- or off-cloud.

    Further, with so many options for security, mid-mile, analytics, compute, IaaS, and network exchanges, SD-WAN needs to be intelligent to selectively steer traffic to these clouds based on each business use case.

    This webinar describes the comprehensive set of capabilities and common features that VMware SD-WAN™ by VeloCloud® offers to drive your multicloud strategy. Learn how VMware SD-WAN delivers optimal performance for applications no matter where they are deployed, without compromising payload security.
  • Secure Your Enterprise WAN with VMware SD-WAN Recorded: Sep 16 2020 58 mins
    Rohan Naggi, Senior Technical Product Manager at VeloCloud, now part of VMware
    Security is a huge concern for any enterprise network. With more and more people working from home, remote access and endpoint security become crucial. When it comes to SD-WAN security, you have questions: Which best-of-breed security options are available? What about built-in security? And what does Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) mean from an architecture perspective?

    In this webinar, we’ll answer those questions and more. VMware SD-WAN™ by VeloCloud® provides comprehensive security for all software-defined networking planes – control, management, and data – including how to closely monitor network access. Because one size doesn’t fit all, we’ll discuss our own security features and our best-of-breed partner integrations. The webinar will also help you understand what SASE is and how VMware SD-WAN uses SASE architecture to provide high-quality, secure remote access.
  • Find Out How Dell IT Saved Millions from Their Global SD-WAN Roll-out Recorded: Sep 15 2020 60 mins
    Jason Chan | Dell Technologies and Marco Murgia | VMware
    Join Jason Chan, Dell Sr. Director of Global Network Services and Marco Murgia, Sr. Director of Product Engineering at VMware, as they discuss why Dell chose to implement the VMware SD-WAN solution. This chat will provide insight into what changes Dell’s network has seen since implementing SD-WAN and how it has affected their IT costs.
  • Zoom Around Easily with VMware SD-WAN Recorded: Aug 26 2020 58 mins
    Pavan Pothuri at VMware and Anand Srinivas at VMware
    Come join us to learn about our partnership with Zoom and how VMware SD-WAN™ by VeloCloud® can deliver high quality Zoom sessions, even over a congested network. We’ll also walk through how we can help with your business continuity initiatives.
  • SD-WAN Powers End-to-End Solution for Digital Workspace Transformation Recorded: Aug 12 2020 61 mins
    Jay Thontakudi, Senior Product Marketing Manager at VMware & Rohan Naggi, Senior Technical Product Manager at VMware
    VMware SD-WAN™ by VeloCloud® delivers reliable, secure and efficient branch to cloud connectivity as an integral part of a holistic solution. With the integration of AIOps features, VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator (VCO) and vRealize Network Insights, VMware offers a comprehensive solution that includes correlated end-to-end visibility, actionable insights for self-healing and predictive analysis for proactive resolution. In this session you will learn how VMware SD-WAN delivers an exceptional user experience for real time applications like Horizon VDI.
  • Optimizing Remote Worker Connectivity to Cloud Applications Using SD-WAN Gateway Recorded: Aug 5 2020 38 mins
    Roopa Honnachari, Industry Director at Frost and Sullivan & Michael Leonard, Product Manager at VMware
    In the 2019 Frost & Sullivan Global Cloud end-user survey, 57% of the respondents indicated they have deployed Cloud IaaS and 41% say they currently use SaaS applications. Increase application availability or uptime, and deliver applications faster to users, are among the top five reasons businesses are embracing cloud. However, implementing and maintaining a secure, high performing WAN that allows for efficient access to cloud-based applications can be costly and complex for enterprises, whether large or small. SD-WAN solutions automate the process of network selection and put traffic steering control in the hands of your organization’s network administrators to do direct internet breakout to cloud-based applications.

    VMware SD-WAN offers a unique approach of a cloud-hosted SD-WAN service with cloud-based gateways that complements branch deployments that provides connectivity for cloud and SaaS applications while eliminating the challenges of deploying and maintaining SD-WAN appliances in the cloud. The SD-WAN gateway approach has been even more significant in the current COVID-19 situation as remote workers connect to cloud over residential broadband links.

    Please join VMware and Frost & Sullivan on this webinar to learn about:

    • How SD-WAN plays a critical role in Cloud connectivity
    • The value of extending SD-WAN to remote workers
    • Why VMware's SD-WAN Gateway approach is unique and delivers superior value for cloud networking
    • Examples of customers on how they utilized VMware SD-WAN to transition to remote working environment
  • Enhanced Remote Experience with VMware Secure Access Recorded: Jul 30 2020 44 mins
    Chris Le, Senior Product Marketing Manager at VMware & Aamer Akhter, Product Line Manager at VMware
    With the rise of cloud computing, enterprises can host applications in their data centers and in IaaS and SaaS clouds, enabling their users to access these applications from anywhere. The traditional remote-access VPN solution for applications has a lot of drawbacks in today’s environment and is no longer effective. Enterprises are choosing Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) for adaptable network designs focused on users, identity, and applications. Learn how VMware Secure Access uses ZTNA and a network of worldwide managed service nodes to provide remote users with consistent, optimal, and secure application access.
  • Say No to Legacy Routers: Migrate Easily to VMware SD-WAN Recorded: Jul 22 2020 60 mins
    Ramnath Shenai, Senior Technical Product Manager at VeloCloud, now part of VMware
    With more than 90% of employees worldwide working from home, the need for better connectivity is greater than ever. Legacy, inflexible WAN technologies like MPLS were never designed for such a distributed workforce. That creates a mismatch between network performance and employees’ end user experiences with their applications.

    An over-the-top SD-WAN deployment is a simple and reliable way for end users to take advantage of the cloud, while preserving existing network investment. Making the transition to SD-WAN can seem overwhelming, but it’s really not as complex as you think. VMware SD-WAN™ by VeloCloud® was designed with simplicity as a main goal—without sacrificing security, flexibility, or speed.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn best practices and recommendations for a successful SD-WAN transformation for both regional and worldwide deployments. We will also show you how VMware SD-WAN can enable your enterprise to adopt work-from-home strategies during these unprecedented times.
  • SD-WAN – Ideal Solution for Businesses & Big Data Delivers Actionable Insights Recorded: Jul 16 2020 62 mins
    Mike Frane, Mark Winer, Jim Sage, Karl Brown, Tom Countryman
    Multi-location organizations need better application performance and resiliency to keep their businesses running and customers satisfied. Managing the data associated with multiple locations can be overwhelming without the right analytical tools. Hear from the CIOs at Famous Supply and Davey Tree on how they are leveraging SD-WAN to transform their businesses. We will demonstrate how enhancements from VMware SD-WAN™ by VeloCloud® and Windstream Enterprise are improving the digital experience for all organizations.

    Join our webinar to learn:
    - Recent enhancements by VeloCloud and Windstream’s Insight Engine
    - Customer use cases on how SD-WAN enables a next generation network for digital transformation
    - How SD-WAN is improving the digital experience with data analytics

    Presented by:
    - Mike Frane, VP SD-WAN Product Management, Windstream
    - Mark Winer, Senior Director Digital Experience, Windstream
    - Jim Sage, CIO, Famous Supply
    - Tom Countryman, CIO, Davey Tree
    - Karl Brown, Senior Director, Product Marketing, VMware
  • What Makes Dell Technologies Networking Different? Truly Open Networking Recorded: Jul 15 2020 53 mins
    Adam Waddell | Dell Technologies, Bob Laliberte | ESG and Greg Walton | VMware
    Join the webinar to hear from industry experts at Dell, ESG, and VMware about what makes Dell Technologies Networking truly different and sets them apart.
  • Business Continuity with QOS Networks and VMware SD-WAN Recorded: Jun 15 2020 51 mins
    Mike Kalas, VP of Enterprise Sales at QOS Networks and Chris Le, Sr Product Marketing Manager at VMware
    Enterprises have transformed their businesses and adopt digital workspace solutions, and they are looking to provide the same technologies to remote workers during COVID-19. Join us in this webinar to learn how QOS Networks and VMware SD-WAN address the challenges in policy management, security, performance, stability, speed of deployment when rolling out a Work @ Home solution. We will also look at how a large national retail financial services company enabled 9k employees to work from home in record time with VMware SD-WAN.

    Join this webinar to learn:
    · Why traditional VPNs lack the scalability needed for widespread Work @ Home
    · How to support policy and security management for the home worker
    · Why SD-WAN can improve the performance and stability of home broadband
    · About real-world deployment experiences for a large scale Work @ Home project
    · How 24x7 monitoring and proactive support can improve ROI for remote employees
  • Making “Business impossible” Possible with VMware SD-WAN Recorded: Jun 10 2020 59 mins
    Rohan Naggi, Senior Technical Product Manager at VMware & Travis Carlson, Product Line Manager at VMware
    Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is enabling business continuity with SD-WAN. With an increasingly distributed workforce, business continuity is more essential now than ever. It is critical that your workforce is able to run the business from anywhere, regardless of the network topology, applications, or WAN infrastructure.

    If your underlying network is not designed for these challenges presented, employee productivity can be dramatically reduced. Join us in this webinar to learn about VMware SD-WAN™ by VeloCloud® and how it can ensure business continuity while simplifying operations. We will discuss the different use cases, deployment options, and how they can help your users get connected in the office, at home, or remote locations. The demo shown will self-destruct after viewing.
  • Real-life SD-WAN Drivers & Use Cases to Enable Enterprise Digital Transformation Recorded: Jun 3 2020 60 mins
    Ramnath Shenai, Senior Technical Product Manager at VeloCloud, now part of VMware
    SD-WAN is a relatively new technology compared to routing, switching constructs. SD-WAN started off with the goal of reducing MPLS costs by utilizing lower cost Internet/public WAN links. While this still holds true today, the use cases for SD-WAN have expanded greatly over time. Some use cases are unique for a particular vertical and many are common across verticals. What are the critical use cases of an SD-WAN solution that helps organizations transform their enterprise networks? With more than sixty vendors who claim to sell SD-WAN, how do you choose a winner?

    This webinar provides a comprehensive set of use cases and common drivers behind enterprises’ transition to VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud.
The leader in network edge
VMware SD-WAN™ by VeloCloud® simplifies branch WAN networking by automating deployment and improving performance over private, broadband Internet and LTE links for today's increasingly distributed enterprises, as well as service providers.

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  • Title: Your WAN is a Mess, Freshen it up With SD-WAN
  • Live at: Apr 20 2020 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Steve Woo | VMware and Steve Phillips | Dell Technologies
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