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Managing Media in a ‘Multi-Multi’ Broadcast World

As broadcast station groups grow larger through consolidation and acquisition, they’re looking for ways to avoid duplicating content and effort while control costs. And it’s not just dealing with the complexity of multi-site operations, it’s multi-source, multi-format content created for multi-platform delivery.

By creating “hubs” for content, processes and distribution, station groups can deliver the same content to multiple owned-and-operated stations for multiple platforms, while at the same time tailoring or differentiating the content so that it fits the local audiences or regional market they need to target.

Attend this webinar and learn how to:
• Intelligently manage media assets brought into your organization from multiple sources
• Resolve collaboration issues for content development, processing and approvals
• Automatically process and prepare content for multiple distribution platforms
• Optimize storage to streamline processes and meet scalability and cost requirements

Eivind Sandstrand - Arvato
Amy Lounsbury - Diversified
Josh Hatter - Diversified
Karl Paulsen - Diversified
Dave Frederick - Quantum
Recorded Aug 17 2016 62 mins
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Presented by
Moderator: Mary Yurkovic - Digital Strategies Inc.
Presentation preview: Managing Media in a ‘Multi-Multi’ Broadcast World

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  • Leveraging Cloud for Seismic and Interpretation Data Retention and Protection Recorded: Mar 29 2017 44 mins
    Mark Pastor, Director of Archive and Technical Workflows, Quantum Corporation
    Quantum and Interica have teamed together to provide cost effective archive solutions, with responsive access to project content, data durability and seamless longevity of your highly valued digital assets. And yes, the solution includes cloud storage.

    In about 30 minutes we will describe the solution and answer your questions about how you can integrate these solutions into your infrastructure.

    Join Quantum and Interica for this joint webinar and learn:

    •How to implement an effective project archive
    •How easy it is to add cloud storage to your environment
    •What are key trade-offs between private and public cloud
  • Enhance Existing Security Systems for a Safer College Campus Recorded: Mar 14 2017 54 mins
    Drew Deatherage - Crux Solutions, Dan Berg - OnSSI, Russ Wellmon - Quantum
    Public safety professionals agree that enhancing existing campus safety and security infrastructures are among the top priorities at colleges across the country. Technology migration compatibility, budget constraints, and deployment challenges are some of the hurdles that must be overcome to secure a safer campus.

    Join Crux Solutions, OnSSI, and Quantum for a webinar that explores how educational institutions are finding ways to enhance their existing security and surveillance infrastructure, incorporate a workable migration solution that is cost effective, easy to deploy, and easy to use.

    About the speakers:
    Drew Deatherage is an innovative leader in the telecommunications and security fields, as well as a trusted and proven partner. For more than 25 years, he has helped clients design systems that address key operational priorities while enhancing the learning experience and work environment. His expertise includes the design of network infrastructure, electronic security, physical security systems and life safety codes.

    Dan Berg assists integrators and end users with system design, hardware recommendations, product demonstrations, and RFP responses. Dan is also responsible for the creation of technical documentation and working with the development team to implement product improvements and feature requests from customers. Dan has over 20 years of experience working with manufacturers, integrators and end users.

    Russ Wellmon is the Eastern Regional Manager focused on assisting customers with their video surveillance storage requirements while meeting budget goals. Russ has 35 years’ experience in the security integration business. Holding positions in sales at security integration companies and manufactures. He continues to assist customs with large-scale complex integration projects.
  • How to Ensure Your Backups Are Not Held Ransom by Ransomware Recorded: Mar 8 2017 53 mins
    Ronn Martin, Solution Architect - Veeam and Eric Bassier, Sr Director Datacenter Solutions - Quantum
    Ransomware is just one of the many threats that can impact your business data. With the use of cloud storage and virtualization expanding, and with a +500% in attacks and +600% in new variants, NOW is the time to ensure you have a proactive backup plan.

    Join Veeam and Quantum to learn how to set up a solid BCDR (business continuity and disaster recovery) and backup strategy to protect your virtual data against any ransomware and cyber security threat, including some lessons learned by our customers.
  • Scality | Quantum Webinar Recorded: Mar 7 2017 27 mins
    Phillip Tribble - Scality & Greg Holick - Quantum
    Organizations face complexities when it comes to using and managing archived storage on tape or in the cloud. Common struggles include balancing growth, costs, capacity, and data retrieval. One particularly effective way to address these challenges is to tier data from existing storage devices to object storage solutions like the Scality RING.
  • A Deep Dive into StorNext 5.4 (APAC) Recorded: Feb 16 2017 28 mins
    Dave Frederick, Sr. Director of Product Marketing - Quantum and Nick Elvester, Sr. Product Manager
    Quantum's StorNext 5.4 brings new levels of performance, efficiency, flexibility and compatibility to media storage and data management. Enhancements include more tiering options, support for integrated applications, and even faster network connectivity.
  • What S.B. 507 Means for the Future of Classroom Surveillance and Security Recorded: Feb 15 2017 30 mins
    Alex Quinonez
    What is your school district doing about Senate Bill 507? In Nov. 2016, S.B. 507 required all Texas school districts to install audio/video monitoring equipment in any self-contained classroom in which special education services are provided.

    Join Quantum (leading expert in scale-out storage solutions) for an informational webinar to learn:
    - How this law impacts your district
    - What type of surveillance solution is needed to meet compliance
    - How Quantum can help you meet the mandate's requirements

    - Alex Quinonez, Quantum

    About the Speakers:
    Alex Quinonez
    Mr. Quinonez is a 25 year Security industry veteran. He is a Board Certified Physical Security professional and has consulted in many industry verticals such as K-12, Higher Education, State & Local Government and Critical Infrastructure Protection. He has been a featured speaker at many industry conferences such as RSA, ASIS, RSA and Infraguard events. He has recently focused on best practices for implementing Texas S.B. 507
  • BBC | Cinegy | Quantum Webinar Recorded: Feb 2 2017 59 mins
    Roland Rodgers - BBC, Andrew Ward - Cinegy and Janet Lafleur - Quantum
    How BBC Northern Ireland Turned Decades Of Content Into A Secure, Accessible Petascale Archive

    As the national branch of the BBC, BBC Northern Ireland produces a complete schedule of news and current affairs programming that it distributes over two television channels, two radio stations, and multiple online platforms.

    BBC NI also delivers content from other BBC production centers to Northern Ireland audiences. In addition, its facilities also serve as a central digital archive for the Rewind Projects, hosting thousands of hours of existing content from all of the BBC’s different national sites.

    To meet their challenge of storing, protecting, and making the content available for reuse, they turned to a workflow management solution from Cinegy built on the Quantum StorNext storage platform.

    Attend this webinar and learn more about key elements of the BBC NI solution:

    • Unified asset management environment spans multiple, discrete storage tiers for storing video and audio essences together with metadata

    • Teams of users and applications in all areas have fast, simultaneous access to all media content on disk and tape

    • Automated movement of data between disk and tape tiers for backup and archive

    • High-speed, multi-stream transcoding delivers content quickly for accelerated production because data is visible on any computer

    • Dual-redundant systems supports around-the-clock operations and provides back-end storage support to ensure DR protection

    • A scalable solution that can grow as storage demands increase in the future
  • Address Today's Data Growth while Cutting Costs with Quantum and Komprise Recorded: Jan 25 2017 33 mins
    Mark Pastor, Director of Archive and Technical Workflows, Quantum Corporation
    See how you can get analytics across your storage into how data is growing and being used. Then understand the ROI of moving data to Quantum storage, the cloud, and how to transparently move data without any changes to users or applications.

    - Cut over 70% of costs
    - Watch a live demo
    - Qualify for a free assessment in your environment
  • How To Save 50% Or More On Storage Costs Recorded: Jan 25 2017 49 mins
    Mark Pastor, Quantum Corporation, Krishna Subramanian, Komprise
    For most organizations today, over half of their data is not active yet it consumes expensive storage and data protection resources. Quantum and Komprise have teamed together to show you how to know more about your data and to identify how you can store it more intelligently: to keep it protected and fully accessible but at much lower costs than the traditional approach.

    In 15 minutes you will be able to see how much money you can save on your next storage purchase, and we will even provide you a return on investment (ROI) analysis for your internal discussions.

    Join Quantum and Komprise for this joint webinar and learn:

    • How you can get analytics across your storage to know how data is being used
    • How to cut costs and see the ROI of implementing a simple active archive
    •How this strategy can help you leverage public cloud storage if desired

    We will give you a live demo so you can see how easy it is.
    Join us and qualify for a free analytics assessment in your environment!
  • A Deep Dive into StorNext 5.4 Recorded: Jan 17 2017 31 mins
    Dave Frederick, Sr. Director of Product Marketing - Quantum and Nick Elvester, Sr. Product Manager
    Quantum's StorNext 5.4 brings new levels of performance, efficiency, flexibility and compatibility to media storage and data management. Enhancements include more tiering options, support for integrated applications, and even faster network connectivity.
  • Streamlining Media Supply Chains with Object-Based Content Delivery Recorded: Dec 14 2016 38 mins
    Greg Holick, Quantum & Erik Åhlin, Vidispine
    Vidispine and Quantum will show you how easy it is to create a best of breed Hybrid Cloud Content Management solution.

    Learn how you can use your large video files on-premise and user interface collaboration, for your workflows and sharing in the cloud.

    Presented by Vidispine | Quantum
  • End NAS Sprawl - Gain Control Over Unstructured Data Recorded: Dec 13 2016 60 mins
    George Crump, Storage Switzerland
    The key to ending NAS Sprawl is to fix the file system so it can offer cost effective, scalable, high performance storage. In this live webinar Storage Switzerland Lead Analyst George Crump, Quantum VP of Global Marketing Molly Rector, and the Quantum StorNext Solution Marketing Senior Director Dave Frederick discuss the challenges facing the typical scale-out storage environment and what IT professionals should be looking for in solutions to eliminate NAS Sprawl once and for all.

    In this webinar learn:

    1. What's Causing NAS Sprawl
    2. How Vendors are putting bandaids on the problem
    3. What to look for in a unifying file system
  • From Hype to Reality: How the Transition to 4K/UHD Really Affect Your Business Recorded: Dec 2 2016 60 mins
    Janet Lafleur, Quantum - Sr. Manager StorNext Product Marketing & Wes Simpson, TV Technology - Research Consultant
    Many video production professionals believe that 4K/Ultra High Definition technologies will have a big impact on the video entertainment industry. Will you be prepared? Join TV Technology Editor-in-Chief Tom Butts, and a panel of industry leaders for an in-depth look into the latest research that answers many questions, including:

    -What are the primary motivations for adopting 4K/UHD technology?

    -How extensively have your competitors integrated 4K/UHD technology?

    -Which steps along internal workflows have been quickest to migrate to 4K/UHD? Which have lagged behind?

    -How does adoption of 4K/UHD technology impact product purchases and upgrades down the line?

    Watch our webinar and learn more.

    How will your current workflow and archiving solutions handle these 4K/UHD files?
  • Aiding Healthcare Organizations Tackle Security Challenges Recorded: Dec 1 2016 61 mins
    Wayne Arvidson-Quantum, Paul Baratta-Axis Communications, Mickey Watson-Sarasota Hospital,
    The Affordable Healthcare Act and federal security mandates coupled with hospital organizations most common challenges—workplace violence, drug related crimes, gang violence, infant/child abduction threats, natural disasters, terrorism, and more—are requiring healthcare organizations to make significant surveillance upgrades or complete system over-hauls. 80% of hospitals are in need of an upgrade of access control systems and CCTV (IAHSS).

    Join the market leader in network video, Axis Communications, and the multi-tier storage leader, Quantum, for our webinar on Thursday, December 1 at 11am EST. We’ll explore current and future security challenges in healthcare and how a modern video surveillance solution is imperative to improve overall facility safety and security while also increasing operational efficiency.
  • Realize and Protect the Value of Your Unstructured Data Recorded: Nov 10 2016 39 mins
    Mark Pastor, Director of Archive and Technical Workflows, Quantum Corporation
    IT managers from all industries are experiencing exponential growth of unstructured data. This data is coming from an ever increasing proliferation of video, sensor and machine generated data as well as richer file and print data. All of this data needs to be securely protected, managed and stored for future use and analysis. If you are faced with similar challenges, join Varonis and Quantum for a joint webinar to learn how you can securely protect, manage and store your organization’s unstructured data files.
  • VIDEO IS NOT JUST FOR HOLLYWOOD ANYMORE Recorded: Nov 2 2016 50 mins
    Speakers: Lance Hukill, Ewan Johnston, Dave Frederick
    Building high-quality, streamlined workflows are just as important for Corporate Video as it is in entertainment. Corporations are challenged to roll our high-resolution content to maintain brand image, while producing more and more content in a shorter timeframe. To stay on top this, you’ll need a solution that will keep up with consumer trends, trainings, product launches, social media and help your business grow. And just like Hollywood, you also need a collaborative workflow that’s reliable and ensures the integrity of all of your key business assets.

    Attend this webinar and learn how to:
    • Deliver media streaming with secure, frame accurate content to multi-platform interfaces
    • Intelligently manage media assets to improve collaboration and simplify reuse
    • Streamline workflows with a converged architecture supporting NAS and SAN storage access
    • Select a complete, integrated solution to meet scalability and cost requirements

    Presented by: StorExcel, IPV & Quantum
  • How to Ensure Your Backups Are Not Held Ransom by Ransomware Recorded: Oct 27 2016 47 mins
    Jason Leiva Solutions Architect, Veeam & Stephane Estevez Product Marketing, Quantum
    Ransomware is just one of the many threats that can impact your business data. With the use of cloud storage and virtualization expanding, and with a +500% in attacks and +600% in new variants, 2016 is the year of ransomware!

    Join Veeam and Quantum to learn how to set up a solid BCDR (business continuity and disaster recovery) and backup strategy to protect your virtual data against any ransomware and cyber security threat, including some lessons learned by our customers.
  • Future-Proof Your Digital Assets with Workflow Built to Scale Recorded: Oct 27 2016 65 mins
    Dave Clack - CEO Square Box, Matt Stamos - Technology Alliance Manager, Quantum and Ken Bell - MD | CEO, QLS Distribution
    Media asset management is more than putting the right content in the right hands at the right time today. Your digital library holds business value waiting to be unlocked through content reuse and monetization on new platforms in the future. Whether you’re rolling out your first MAM solution or looking to replace one that’s not keeping up with your business growth, you need to choose one that that’s built to adapt to technology changes and to keep up with your business growth.

    Join this webinar and learn how to:
    • Empower creative teams to tap directly into your asset library and collaborate efficiently
    • Intelligently track asset changes and usage through auditing, reporting and analytics
    • Manage assets across multiple storage tiers throughout its lifecycle
    • Select the right storage for your workflow: disk, object storage, LTO tape and cloud
    • Scale your workflow to millions of assets and petabytes of data

    Moderator: Bryant Frazer, StudioDaily
  • Introducing the New Scalar Storage Platform Recorded: Oct 19 2016 20 mins
    Eric Bassier, Senior Director, Data Center Solutions, Quantum Corporation
    Unstructured data is growing exponentially across all industries; the industry is in a state of transition from a sheer scale-of-data perspective. And now we’ve completely redesigned one of our flagship storage platforms to help you deal with it. Be the first to experience our newest storage platform for large-scale unstructured data.
  • Incorporating Cloud Storage Into On Premise Workflows Recorded: Sep 14 2016 59 mins
    Mark Pastor, Director, Archive & Technical Solutions, Kieran Maloney, Manager, Archive & Technical Solutions, Quantum Corp.
    Today, IT managers are faced with the challenge of storing and protecting massive amounts of data associated with applications that are hosted in their datacenter. This data comes from a wide variety of sources and often includes data types such as video, research data, transaction logs, creative assets, sensor generated data, simulations as well as file and print data from all departments. In today’s world of large active archives, the challenge goes well beyond storing and protecting data. Data now needs to be made available and easy to find.

    Cloud infrastructures offer attractive benefits which is why many companies are looking to cloud-based solutions to meet their organization’s workflow requirements.

    Join us for this live webinar that will cover:

    · How public and private cloud storage can integrate into existing workflows
    · What situations are best for considering cloud storage, and what situations are not ideal for cloud storage
    · Key considerations for getting data to the cloud and for storing data in the cloud
    · Real use cases in practice today
A Different Approach to Storage
We're global experts in scale-out storage, archive and data protection. It's all about providing end-to-end storage solutions for the most demanding workflows. For more info, check out Quantum.com, Stornext.com and follow our storage experts at blog.quantum.com.

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  • Title: Managing Media in a ‘Multi-Multi’ Broadcast World
  • Live at: Aug 17 2016 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Moderator: Mary Yurkovic - Digital Strategies Inc.
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