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iSpeak Digital Transformation: Automating ITIL Compliance by Deisign

A critical success factor in Digital Transformation is building out a compliance by Design approach that is proactive versus reactive. Join Jeanne Morain and special guests - Malcolm Fry - Industry Luminary for ITIL and Mark Bodman - IT4IT strategist to learn prescriptive guidance on designing in the automation of ITIL and other compliance frameworks into your Digital Transformation Strategy.
Recorded Jul 12 2016 33 mins
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Presented by
Jeanne Morain, Malcolm Fry, and Mark Bodman
Presentation preview: iSpeak Digital Transformation: Automating ITIL Compliance by Deisign

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  • Containers & DevOps: Understanding Limitations, Challenges & Risks in Production Recorded: Apr 11 2019 64 mins
    Jeanne Morain, Rahul Ravulur, Pat Spica
    Containers are a secure and portable way to reduce costs, enhance portability, and increase agility in today's multi-cloud world. However, there are risks, limitations and challenges that should be understood and mitigated to ensure cost, compliance and agility in production.

    Join special guests Rahul Ravulur (former CEO AppOrbit), Pat Spica (former CIO Federal Reserve Bank) and others as they provide practical guidance on Containers in Production.
  • MultiCloud, Hybrid Cloud Architecting a Secure Framework for Transformation Recorded: Mar 14 2019 48 mins
    Jeanne Morain, Jo Peterson, Chuck Price, and Alvaro Gonzalez
    Cloud architecture, strategy, and implementation are all impacted by security and compliance guidelines and postures. What are the best practices for Cloud approach? How does it impact your security, cost, and other frameworks within IT?

    Join special guests - Jo Peterson, Chuck Price, and Alvaro Gonzalez for a lively discussion on "Cloud" approach and identifying underlying implications to consider..
  • MultiCloud, Hybrid Cloud & Digital Transformation: Implementation Best Practices Recorded: Mar 12 2019 48 mins
    Jeanne Morain, Jo Peterson, Michelle Ruyle (Optimized), and Lisa McLin (Rackspace)
    Industry terms are overused like Kleenex and Coke. What is the difference between Hybrid Cloud, Multi-Cloud, and Software Defined Data centers? How does your workload affect which strategy you take?

    Join special guests - Jo Peterson, Michelle Ruyle, and Lisa McLin for a lively discussion on the proper "Cloud" approach.
  • Multi-Cloud, AI and Operations: How to Prepare Your Data Center Recorded: Jan 24 2019 60 mins
    Jeanne Morain, Srikanth Balusani, Jo Peterson, Galeal Zino, Wouter Van Eetvelde
    The era of multi-cloud is upon us, and with it comes a flurry of new opportunities for tech teams and data centers alike. Not only does a multi-cloud approach provide more flexibility within your public cloud environments, but can also prepare your data center for an AI-ready cloud infrastructure.

    Join this live panel discussion with renowned cloud and data center experts as they take a closer look at how to properly design, plan and build a multi-cloud strategy, what it means for your data center, and how it intersects with AI and operations.

    Moderator: Jeanne Morain, iSpeak Cloud
    Panelists: Srikanth Balusani, CTO, MST Solutions, Jo Peterson, VP Cloud Services at Clarify360, Galeal Zino, Founder & CEO, NetFoundry and Wouter Van Eetvelde, VP Software Engineering, Western Digital
  • Building a Case for Software-Defined Data Centers: Challenges and Solutions Recorded: Jan 22 2019 63 mins
    Jeanne Morain, Scott Goessling, Dave Montgomery
    When it comes to your SDDC, there are many moving parts, new technologies, and vendors to take into consideration. From software-defined networks and storage to compute, colocation, data center infrastructure, on-prem and cloud, the data center landscape has changed forever.

    Tune into this live panel discussion with IT experts as they discuss what the future holds for compute, storage and network services in a software-defined data center, and what that means for vendors, data center managers, and colocation providers alike.

    Moderator: Jeanne Morain, iSpeak Cloud
    Panelists: Scott Goessling, COO/CTO, Burstorm and Dave Montgomery, Marketing Director - Platforms Business Unit, Western Digital
  • The Future of IT Infrastructure: 2020 and Beyond Recorded: Dec 6 2018 45 mins
    Jeanne Morain, Srikanth Balusani, Don Cox, Scott Goessling, Rob Whiteley
    When it comes to your infrastructure, the buzzwords and technologies are abundant: IaaS, software-defined, composable, cloud, and more. What does the future hold for the cloud infrastructure market and for IT Ops and DevOps teams? How will digital transformation and security continue to play a key role?

    Join this live panel discussion to answer these questions and more, and learn what should be top of mind for IT teams going into 2019 and beyond.

    Topics include:
    - Containers, Kubernetes and serverless - the next wave of IaaS?
    - What is composable infrastructure and what does it mean for your data center, on-prem and in the cloud?
    - Should software-defined infrastructures and SDDC's still be top of mind for your tech teams? Why or why not?
    - Best practices for securing your network infrastructure

    Moderator: Jeanne Morain, Digital Strategist, Author & Speaker, iSpeak Cloud
    Panelists: Srikanth Balusani, CTO, MST Solutions, Don Cox, CISO, MEDNAX, Scott Goessling, CTO, Burstorm, and Rob Whiteley, CMO, NGINX
  • How to Build an EA Roadmap for the Future Recorded: Sep 20 2018 62 mins
    Jeanne Morain, iSpeak Cloud, Bala Kalavala, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Anthony Nguyen, HP
    Tune into this live panel discussion and start building your enterprise architecture roadmap for 2020 and beyond.

    Topics in this panel discussion will include:

    - How to drive business value through technology
    - Enterprise architecture from a UX perspective
    - Cloud transformation and automation, including Robotic Process Automation
    - Services and API strategy
    - How technologies like Blockchain are changing the enterprise

    And much more!

    Moderator: Jeanne Morain, Digital Strategist, Author & Speaker, iSpeak Cloud
    Panelists: Bala Kalavala, Director of Enterprise Architecture, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts and Anthony Nguyen, UX/Enterprise Architect at HP
  • iSpeak Business: Expanding Digital Capabilities for Transformation Recorded: May 17 2018 33 mins
    Trista Bridges Jeanne Morain
    Join Jeanne Morain and special guests Trista Bridges from CapSys as they provide the top 5 Challenges and Solutions for building out Capability driven Digital Transformation for Global Companies across the US, Europe and APAC. Trista brings a wealth of knowledge as an American-French dual national currently based in Japan that has specialized in bridging the digital divide from the business capability perspective
  • [Ep.5] Ask the Expert: Licensing-as-a-Service Recorded: Mar 13 2018 46 mins
    Jeanne Morain, Digital & Cloud Strategist, iSpeak Cloud
    This webinar is part of BrightTALK's Ask the Expert Series.

    Join Jeanne Morain, Digital Transformation & Cloud Computing expert, author and speaker, who will discuss the basics of Licensing-as-a-Service, why it's a critical component of IaaS cloud model, how it supports enterprise application monetization and security, and more.

    Audience members are encouraged to send questions to the expert, which will be answered during the live session.
  • Women in Tech Leadership: Building your Brand & Becoming a Better Leader Recorded: Mar 8 2018 59 mins
    Jeanne Morain, Emerald de Leeuw, Jill Donahue & Andrea Short
    2017 was a historic year for women and feminists around the world. With the #metoo and #knowno campaigns, gender gaps and disparities were brought to light in ways they hadn't been before.

    Now it's a new year and with it comes new challenges for women in hi-tech careers: whether it be navigating your career through these times, finding or becoming a mentor, building your personal and professional brand as a leader, dealing with office politics or maintaining work-life balance, the challenges and opportunities for women in the workplace are endless.

    Join this expert panel with moderator Jeanne Morain and panelists Emerald de Leeuw, Executive Director, EuroComply Data Protection Technology, Jill Donahue, Sr. Director of Marketing, PC Connection, and Andrea Short, Director, Supplier Marketing at Tech Data.

    They will share personal stories and experiences, tips and best practices, problems and solutions around these and other topics for women in tech leadership.
  • Born in the Cloud: Leveraging Tech M&As for Successful Digital Transformation Recorded: Mar 6 2018 64 mins
    Jeanne Morain, George Crump and Simon Kozlowski
    Recently in the IT world it has been announced that VMware may make a reverse merger/acquisition of its current parent company Dell. Reverse mergers, especially with companies as large as these, are pretty rare in the tech world and if it goes through, this could be the biggest tech deal yet.

    Does this type of reverse model hold water as a successful digital transformation strategy? In regards to process innovation and business model innovation, what does it mean for customer value creation?

    Join this expert panel with Jeanne Morain, Digital Catalyst & Cloud Expert, George Crump, Chief Steward, Storage Switzerland, and Simon Kozlowski, Business Model Innovation Specialist at KNect365 Learning, as they discuss:

    - Whether or not the reverse acquisition makes a difference for the customer
    - How this impacts consolidation of debt for involved companies
    - If/how going public again makes a difference both internally and externally
    - What can other companies and parent companies learn/take away from this type of deal?
  • [Panel] When iOS Code is Leaked: How Companies Can Manage App Security Recorded: Feb 22 2018 62 mins
    Jeanne Morain, James Jardine, Don Cox
    Last week it was uncovered that an intern at Apple leaked some of the iPhone's source code was leaked on GitHub.

    The code was for iBoot, a component of the iPhone's OS. While it was an older version of iOS 9 and Apple has declared the leak shouldn't be of concern to the average user, the community has been scratching their heads wondering how sensitive code from a conglomerate like Apple could accidentally be made public.

    We hear about data leaks and security breaches almost on a weekly basis now, but when it comes to something so widely used by global consumers, it poses an even bigger concern that human error could potentially have disastrous results.

    Join this expert panel with moderator Jeanne Morain, Digital & Cloud Strategist, iSpeak Cloud, and panelists James Jardine, CEO & App Security Consultant, Jardine Software, and Don Cox, Advisory Board Member at Netswitch Technology Management and Virtual Rehab, Inc.

    They will discuss and explore the following:

    - What are the potential ramifications of such a breach?
    - Dark web
    - Company costs and impact on brand and PR
    - What are action items companies can do to prevent such a breach from happening?
  • Tech M&A: What the Red Hat Acquisition of CoreOS Means for Containers Recorded: Feb 9 2018 62 mins
    Jeanne Morain, iSpeak Cloud, Jay Lyman, 451 Research and Chris Haddad, Karux LLC
    The containers and microservices industry has exploded in recent years. With companies like Docker blazing the trail, we've seen a huge expansion in the application container market with other open source platforms like Red Hat, Mesosphere, Kubernetes, CoreOS... and the list goes on. However, when it comes to major mergers and acquisitions, the containers market hasn't been high on the list of deals.

    It was recently publicized that Red Hat is acquiring their fellow open source vendor CoreOS for $250 million. This deal will allow them to expand their share of the Kubernetes market and enhance their Kubernetes software management.

    What does this type and size deal mean for such an emerging market? What are the possibilities, potential, and even ramifications for application container, cloud application, and cloud infrastructure providers?

    Tune into this expert panel with Jeanne Morain, Digital Transformation & Cloud Expert, iSpeak Cloud, Jay Lyman, Principal Analyst, 451 Research and Chris Haddad, Chief Architect, Karux LLC as they discuss these and other pertinent questions in the tech M&A marketplace.
  • Building a Career in Enterprise Tech: A Women in Tech Perspective Recorded: Nov 15 2017 60 mins
    Jeanne Morain, Erye Hernandez, Tiffany To, and Karla Zarate
    Though the media spends much more time covering consumer startups like Uber and Twitter, enterprise startups are the ones that have delivered consistent and significant financial returns over the last decade. From companies like Nutanix in infrastructure, Splunk in DevOps and Palo Alto Networks in security, there are many great career opportunities in enterprise tech for women that include but are not limited to engineering.

    This special panel will provide insights about careers in enterprise tech from moderator Jeanne Morain, Principal Researcher/Strategist, iSpeak Cloud, and panelists Erye Hernandez, Sr. Malware Researcher, Palo Alto Networks, Tiffany To, Chief Operating Officer of ForAllSecure, and Karla Zarate, Top Engineering Grad.

    These panelists will share their own career paths, skill sets required for different enterprise tech career paths and some of the challenges they've faced and how to overcome them from a WIT perspective. Webinar will be live on November 15, 2017 at 10:00 AM PST and available for post recording downloads.
  • iSpeak DevOps: Reducing the DevOps Data Velocity Gap Recorded: Nov 14 2017 32 mins
    Jeanne Morain, Robert Reeves
    Got DevOps? Whether you are just starting or down that pathway you will inevitably get hit by the Data Dilemma. Although you can spin up a container or VM in minutes the dependent data store could take hours, weeks or even months depending on the process. When 4 out of 5 requests require updates to the dependent data store - your DevOps velocity can slow to a crawl. Join special guests Robert Reeves and host Jeanne Morain as they provide prescriptive guidance for solving the DevOps Data Dilemma.
  • Overcoming BizDevOps Challenges to Scale Cloud Strategy Recorded: Oct 18 2017 61 mins
    Jeanne Morain, Aditya Vasudevan, Chris Orlando
    According to Pulse, over 84% of Digital Transformation efforts are failing. Companies are worried about how they balance legacy systems while keeping pace with new nimble players in the Cloud Era.

    How do you overcome the traditional silos between IT and the business to achieve success in Digital Transformation? What are the challenges politically, technically, and operationally that need to be overcome to turn your cloud vision into transformation reality?

    Join our host Jeanne Morain, Author & Cloud/Digital Strategist and her special guests Aditya Vasudevan, Co-Founder, appOrbit and Chris Orlando, Co-Founder & Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, ScaleMatrix, as they explore the top 5 challenges and solutions both they and/or their customers have faced to achieve success in Digital Transformation, both from an IT and a business management perspective.
  • iSpeak Cloud: Tips and Tricks on migrating to AWS Recorded: Oct 10 2017 29 mins
    Jeanne Morain, Roger Eisentrager, Paul Mangione
    Many fortune 200 CEOs are considering a bold move to all "public" cloud or virtual private cloud environment. How do you plan a successful migration to AWS? Join Jeanne Morain with special guest Roger Eisentrager as they way the pros and cons on their cloud migration journey.
  • iSpeak Asset: Asset Implications of Cloud Recorded: Jul 11 2017 34 mins
    Jeanne Morain, Paul Doc Burnham
    Are you at risk of a multi-million lawsuit like Mars Candy, City of Denver or Anheiser Busch? The cloud provides many benefits for the Enterprise but when implemented unchecked could result in millions in fines and risks. Join Paul Doc Burnham from ServiceNow and Jeanne Morain as they provide prescriptive guidance on how to get ahead of your license risks before you migrate.
  • iSpeak IOT: Security & Cloud Recorded: Jun 13 2017 34 mins
    Jeanne Morain, Chris Armstrong
    Security and compliance standards for IOT are top of mind as viruses such as Marai plague unsuspecting devices. Join Jeanne Morain and special guests Christ Armstrong Teknow Consulting as they provide insights and solutions to secure IOT devices on your cloud infrastructure.
  • Creating Cloud Migration Command & Control Recorded: May 16 2017 31 mins
    Jeanne Morain
    There is a lot of hype in the market about how you identify and determine the right mix of service workload to the right environment. Don't waste valuable time and money on solutions that will not solve your migration challenge. Join Jeanne Morain as she provides an overview of simple steps that will save you both time and money when making the leap from Legacy to Cloud.
Cutting through the information clutter
Are you tired of being caught up in the latest technology Hype Cycle - wasting valuable time and resources? Join Jeanne Morain (author of highly acclaimed Visible Ops/iSpeak Cloud) and her special guests for the monthly iSpeak ™ Webcast Series as they cut through the information clutter. The series will provide insights and best practices from industry thought leaders on current trends and truths about the state of IT Infrastructure Landscape from Big Data to Cloud. The series will consist of 2 panel members that can provide a balanced perspective and real world examples of key challenges Enterprise IT faces today when combining these newer technologies with their legacy system environments.

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  • Title: iSpeak Digital Transformation: Automating ITIL Compliance by Deisign
  • Live at: Jul 12 2016 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Jeanne Morain, Malcolm Fry, and Mark Bodman
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