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iSpeak IOT: Security & Cloud

Security and compliance standards for IOT are top of mind as viruses such as Marai plague unsuspecting devices. Join Jeanne Morain and special guests Christ Armstrong Teknow Consulting as they provide insights and solutions to secure IOT devices on your cloud infrastructure.
Recorded Jun 13 2017 34 mins
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Jeanne Morain, Chris Armstrong
Presentation preview: iSpeak IOT: Security & Cloud

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  • iSpeak Asset: Asset Implications of Cloud Recorded: Jul 11 2017 34 mins
    Jeanne Morain, Paul Doc Burnham
    Are you at risk of a multi-million lawsuit like Mars Candy, City of Denver or Anheiser Busch? The cloud provides many benefits for the Enterprise but when implemented unchecked could result in millions in fines and risks. Join Paul Doc Burnham from ServiceNow and Jeanne Morain as they provide prescriptive guidance on how to get ahead of your license risks before you migrate.
  • iSpeak IOT: Security & Cloud Recorded: Jun 13 2017 34 mins
    Jeanne Morain, Chris Armstrong
    Security and compliance standards for IOT are top of mind as viruses such as Marai plague unsuspecting devices. Join Jeanne Morain and special guests Christ Armstrong Teknow Consulting as they provide insights and solutions to secure IOT devices on your cloud infrastructure.
  • Creating Cloud Migration Command & Control Recorded: May 16 2017 31 mins
    Jeanne Morain
    There is a lot of hype in the market about how you identify and determine the right mix of service workload to the right environment. Don't waste valuable time and money on solutions that will not solve your migration challenge. Join Jeanne Morain as she provides an overview of simple steps that will save you both time and money when making the leap from Legacy to Cloud.
  • iSpeak Cloud: Incorporating Mobile First into YOUR Cloud Strategy Recorded: Apr 11 2017 29 mins
    Jeanne Morain, Jamie MacQuarrie, Founder, Appivo & Harish Sathisan, Director of Mobility, Technology Solution
    Mobility connects your most critical assets - your people to your cloud resources. Often times Mobility is an after thought of the bigger Cloud or Transformation strategy versus an integral part. As companies focus on a user in versus a technology approach to transformation - they need to put their mobility cloud strategy at the front and center. Join Jeanne Morain and special guests Jamie MacQuarrie (Founder of Appivo) and Harish Sathisan (Director of Mobility, Technology Solution) for a lively discussion and insight on what a mobile first strategy means. The trio will provide best practices and prescriptive guidance on how mobility will/should affect your transformation efforts. They will give the top challenges and solutions to overcome them in the enterprise.
  • iSpeak™ DevOps: Containerizing your Apps for Cloud Deployments Recorded: Mar 14 2017 33 mins
    Jeanne Morain, Earl Greer, and Rahul Tripathi
    Containers are being used to revolutionize how software is developed, tested, and delivered from inception to launch. Join Jeanne Morain and special guest Earl Greer from Connection and Rahul Tripathi from HPE. Earl Greer will provide an overview on how containers are transforming DevOps journey. Rahul will discuss the journey that HPE Software is taking to modernize the IT Operations Management portfolio, moving beyond traditional monolithic software delivery to a more agile approach, incorporating microservices and containers. Find out how HPE is progressing on this journey to accelerate IT to run at the speed of DevOps.
  • iSpeak DevOps: Effective Lab Management with Containers Recorded: Feb 14 2017 33 mins
    Jeanne Morain, Rahul Ravulur, Toddy Mladenov
    Join host Jeanne Morain with special guests VP of Products, Rahul Ravulur and CTO Toddy Mladenov as they provide guidance on best practices for leveraging containers to manage your DevOps Lab Environment. Learn tips, tricks, and real world challenges that containers can address across the DevOps journey.
  • iSpeak™: Compliance: Privacy Shield (Safe Harbor) Update Recorded: Dec 13 2016 33 mins
    Jeanne Morain, Emerald de Leeuw, Don Cox
    Privacy Shield has replaced Safe Harbor as the standard for to regulate software when dealing with the European Union. Over 4000 US companies are said to be impacted. Privacy Compliance by Design is at the forefront in assisting companies with rethinking their software strategy to reduce risks to security and compliance. Join special guests Emerald de Leeuw, CEO Eurocomply and Don Cox, former CISO for this update on the latest around Privacy Shield and Implementing policies to enable security and compliance as part of your Cloud Center of Excellence.
  • iSpeak(TM): 2017 The Year of Hybrid Service Management Recorded: Nov 22 2016 44 mins
    Jeanne Morain
    According to a report by Cisco the average company has over 1100+ Shadow IT applications in use and growing. As the technology and compliance requirements have grown so has the need for companies to understand and map their current cloud state. Join Jeanne Morain as she provides insights and prescriptive guidance for building out a Hybrid Service Management strategy to embrace Shadow IT, manage business expectations, and optimize current service workloads.
  • iSpeak Cloud: Fine Tuning Cloud Migration Strategy Recorded: Nov 8 2016 29 mins
    Jeanne Morain, Paul Mansfield
    You wouldn't buy groceries without first checking the refrigerator to see what you have. The same should hold true for compute capacity. Most companies are cloud by happenstance because of acquisitions by the business and IT itself working around the Ops team. Join Jeanne Morain and special guest Paul Mansfield, CTO as they provide guidance on best practices principles for determining service workloads and migration strategy.
  • iSpeak DevOps: Building a Cloud Service Platform Recorded: Sep 13 2016 29 mins
    Jeanne Morain
    Some DevOps aficionados will say that they are not as involved in the Cloud or Cloud based initiatives. If your company is undergoing any type of Digital Transformation the cloud is at the epicenter. A critical success factor is creating a cohesive cloud strategy and platform that automates what needs to automated, eliminates what is unnecessary, and focuses on results. Join Jeanne Morain and her special guests as they provide best practices and prescriptive guidance for designing your cloud strategy around your company's strategy not vice versa.
  • iSpeak Digital Transformation: Automating ITIL Compliance by Deisign Recorded: Jul 12 2016 33 mins
    Jeanne Morain, Malcolm Fry, and Mark Bodman
    A critical success factor in Digital Transformation is building out a compliance by Design approach that is proactive versus reactive. Join Jeanne Morain and special guests - Malcolm Fry - Industry Luminary for ITIL and Mark Bodman - IT4IT strategist to learn prescriptive guidance on designing in the automation of ITIL and other compliance frameworks into your Digital Transformation Strategy.
  • Embracing Digital Transformation Recorded: Jun 14 2016 30 mins
    Jeanne Morain, Muneer Mubashir (HP Enterprise), Paul Mangione (Mangione Payne & Associates)
    Many technology and business leaders alike struggle to keep up with the fast pace of change in the Digital Era. As more workloads move to the cloud - the complexity and agility of change has to be understood to reduce risk. Join Jeanne Morain and special Guest Muneer Mubashir from HP Enterprise Software, and Paul Mangione - as they discuss findings from her new book sponsored by HPE. Learn the different levels and approaches from top performers for implementing Digital Transformation Strategies across Hybrid Cloud while ensuring Security, Compliance and Agility.
  • iSpeak™ DevOps: Building a Bimodal Bridge Recorded: May 17 2016 33 mins
    Jeanne Morain, Dave Angradi (Logicalis), Paul Peisner (Collabnet)
    Bimodal IT has been the topic of great debate amongst both DevOps and Traditional IT enthusiasts. Hands on practitioners realize that IT will always be biomodal because certain functions require a waterfall approach like building out infrastructure. DevOps enthusiast worry about legacy processes impeding progress and business agility. The missing link is building a bridge between development methodologies using a common language and tool - Business Requirements Document. Join Jeanne Morain and special guests - Dave Angradi (Logicalis) and Paul Peisner as the provide prescriptive guidance on building the Bimodal bridge to reduce friction while enhancing agility, time to value, and benefits of DevOps.
  • iSpeak™: Compliance: Understanding Implications of Privacy Shield (Safe Harbor) Recorded: Apr 19 2016 32 mins
    Jeanne Morain (Host), Emerald de Leeuw (CEO Eurocomply)
    Safe Harbor was repelled by the European Union. The US and EU have come together with a new agreement called Privacy Shield. The changes may impact not only your business but technology strategy in purchasing solutions and creating architectures that are compliant. Join Jeanne Morain and special guests Emerald de Leeuw (EuroComply) for learn more about how Privacy Shield can affect your organization.
  • iSpeak™Security: So you have been breached - now what? Recorded: Mar 15 2016 32 mins
    Jeanne Morain (Host), Don Cox (CISO), Chris Armstrong (Teknow)
    In 2015 alone there was an average of 1 million new viruses a day. Security in the As-A-Service Cloud Era is essential for a company's success. Join Jeanne Morain with special Guests - Don Cox (Chief Information Security Officer) and Chris Armstrong (consultant for Federal Agency) as they provide best practices and lessons learned on taking a Risk Assessment approach during your Client to Cloud implementation strategy.
  • iSpeak™: IT and Business Alignment Recorded: Feb 9 2016 34 mins
    Jeanne Morain (Host), Lorenzo Hines (Executive #Citi), Marco Bussadori (VP #BMC)
    Making the transition from service provider to trusted adviser to the C-Suite can be a difficult task. Join Jeanne Morain with special guests Lorenzo Hines (Executive Citi) and Marco Bussadori (GM BMC Software) as they provide prescriptive guidance on aligning Technology and Business initiatives. This session will explore use of mobility and the growing dependency on it as a use case to bridge the chasm between technology leaders and their counterparts based on common ground.
  • Asset Mgmt & Hybrid Cloud Recorded: Dec 15 2015 28 mins
    Jeanne Morain, Business Technology Specialist, Paul "Doc" Burnham Solutions Architect ServiceNow
    With the "Everything-As-A-Service" Application Era - Enterprise customers are tasked with monitoring, managing and compliance of Assets in hybrid cloud environments. Join Jeanne Morain and featured guest Paul "Doc" Burnham as they explore the challenges and techniques in managing the next-generation applications.
  • iSpeak(TM) DevOps: Container Management & Hybrid Cloud Recorded: Nov 10 2015 34 mins
    Jeanne Morain, Rahul Ravulur, Paul Peissner
    Join Jeanne Morain and special guest Rahul Ravulur (co-founder of AppOrbit and former Director of Product Management for VMware) and Paul Peissner (Dev Ops Evangelist) as they explore the top Considerations, Risks and Solutions for Managing Containers across hybrid clouds.
  • iSpeak™ Internet of Things: Understanding Security Risks Recorded: Oct 20 2015 33 mins
    Jeanne Morain, Business Technology Specialist; Alex Ryales - IOT Strategist Avnet
    The Internet of Things is an ideal concept for the digital connected world that we live in. Many technology organizations disagree because of the security risks. What are the top security risks? How do you address them before it becomes an epidemic? Join Jeanne Morain with special guests Alex Ryals & TBD to learn more about the best practices when planning your IOT strategy.
  • iSpeak™ Cloud: Solving the Licensing Cloud Conundrum Recorded: Sep 15 2015 33 mins
    Jeanne Morain, Business Technology Specialist; Heather Young, Microsoft; Cyndi Tacket Flexera Software
    Cloud Computing has signficantly changed the way software is installed, deployed, and licensed. How do you know if you are deploying the right license in the right Cloud? Does Cloud Bursting change the type of license and approach needed? What are some key considerations Enterprise IT and Asset Managers should take into consideration to stay in compliance? Join Jeanne Morain and license specialist Heather Young from Microsoft and Cyndi Tacket from Flexera Software as they answer some of these challenging questions.
Cutting through the information clutter
Are you tired of being caught up in the latest technology Hype Cycle - wasting valuable time and resources? Join Jeanne Morain (author of highly acclaimed Visible Ops/iSpeak Cloud) and her special guests for the monthly iSpeak ™ Webcast Series as they cut through the information clutter. The series will provide insights and best practices from industry thought leaders on current trends and truths about the state of IT Infrastructure Landscape from Big Data to Cloud. The series will consist of 2 panel members that can provide a balanced perspective and real world examples of key challenges Enterprise IT faces today when combining these newer technologies with their legacy system environments.

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