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Demystifying the Cloud Series - Top 5 Ways to Transition to the Cloud

With so much information floating around, how should you get started with the cloud transition in your organization?

In this webcast, viewers will learn:
•How to properly evaluate your potential needs
•What are the top 5 ways to get started with your transition to the cloud
Recorded Aug 4 2016 51 mins
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Presented by
Mike Gannotti & Todd Furst, Technical Solutions Professionals, Microsoft
Presentation preview: Demystifying the Cloud Series - Top 5 Ways to Transition to the Cloud

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  • Learn How to Transform your Role with Data, Big Data and IoT Dec 28 2016 9:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jeff Johnston, Data Analytics Practice Leader, Artis Consulting
    Your teams ask you about data all the time—big data, streaming data, social data, asset IoT data, and more. They know data could be a game-changer for them, but they’re not sure how to use it, and they need your help. Up until now, integrating, analyzing, and understanding all those data sources hasn’t been easy, timely, or affordable for your team—not to mention for your business users. Your main role has been telling people what they can’t do.

    What if you could offer a comprehensive solution that business groups could use on their own terms to answer their own questions? Just imagine how your role would change from being a traffic cop to a strategic advisor. Help your company unlock value from your data using the end-to-end advanced analytics platform from Microsoft. Leveraging tools and services on-premises and in the cloud, Microsoft enables you to deliver a comprehensive solution that allows self-service BI and advanced analytics at scale to meet your unique business needs.

    Join this webcast to:
    - Learn how to build a solid advanced analytics and big data strategy
    - Hear real examples of maximizing value from data from Microsoft's customers
    - Learn how to get started with a partner-led assessment
  • Is Your Data Keeping Secrets from You? Dec 28 2016 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Josh Fennessy, Principal, Blue Granite
    Your data has stories to tell. For many companies, the secret to their success is hidden in their data

    Unlocking critical insights can help you outperform your competitors. However, turning zeroes and ones into strategic action hasn’t always been straightforward or cost-effective—until now. Today, companies like yours are using Advanced Analytics to revolutionize their businesses and leverage data as a strategic asset. With the large influx of data, big data, and data management platforms, it's becoming increasingly important to leverage and obtain the most value from your data and data analytics teams.

    Join this webinar to:
    - Discover how to leverage your data as a strategic competitive asset
    - See real examples of successful advanced analytics use cases
    - Learn how you can get started
  • Best Practices for Streamlining Collaboration & Teamwork Dec 27 2016 9:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Todd Kirk, Manager of Product Development, Brainstorm, Inc.
    Around the world, teamwork is on the rise. Research suggests employees now work on nearly double the number of teams than they did just five years ago. This means, more than ever, people are reliant on their peers to help get things done. But a “one size fits all” approach does not work when it comes to group collaboration—different tools appeal to different groups and address unique needs.

    With the recent release of Microsoft Teams, Office 365 brings together some great tools into one shared virtual workspace, so you can manage your team plan, tasks, and notes even more easily.

    In this webcast you will learn:

    How Microsoft Teams can be used to streamline teamwork and break down silos
    How to use you Planner to manage team tasks and optimize efficiency
    Capture and share notes with your team, using OneNote
    Best practices to collaborate in an Office 365 Group environment
  • The Truth Behind Lead Qualification Dec 27 2016 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Barbara Giamanco, CEO of Social Centered Selling
    See what's possible with better lead qualification and help get sales and marketing out of their silos!

    Your sales and marketing teams' ability to work together to achieve core revenue objectives is a perpetual challenge within organizations. When it comes to lead qualification and follow-through, both camps often point fingers at each other. Sales says marketing delivers bad leads; marketing says sales doesn't follow up on leads they provide. However, 61% of B2B marketers admit to sending "leads" directly to sales without qualification, according to a Marketing Sherpa Marketing Benchmark Report.

    No longer can marketing hand over a list of names of people who downloaded a white paper and call it good. And to top it off, the lead qualification problem is compounded by sales and marketing being measured against conflicting metrics.

    But what's the solution? This webcast will help you understand the truth behind meaningful and effective lead qualification.

    Join this webcast to learn how to:
    - Involve your CEO to help solve sales and marketing misalignment
    - Learn the top 3 reasons that misalignment occurs, resulting in faulty pipeline accuracy
    - Tie leadership to a lead management process
    - Understand the behavior that leads from interest to close
    - Create a lead definition that everyone in your organization understands
    - Prepare your sales team to be accountable to the lead follow-up process

    This webcast is part of our Microsoft Dynamics Business Applications webcast series. Sign up for this session, or the entire series today!
  • Understanding Windows as a Service Dec 21 2016 9:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    John Savill, Principal Technical Architect, Microsoft
    Introducing constant innovation with the latest version of Windows.

    As Windows moves to a service-based deployment, what does calling it "the last version" really mean? In this webcast, we'll explore what Windows as a Service really means to your organization, where continuous innovation is the standard. We'll also explore new methods of deployment and servicing, and how your organization can utilize Windows 10.

    Join this webcast to:
    - Learn about deployment options for Windows 10
    - Understand what the different branches for Windows 10 are and how to use them
    - See how updates for Windows 10 will be delivered

    This webcast is part of our Windows 10 for your business webcast series. Sign up for this session, or the entire series today!
  • Maximize Data Driven Decisions with Intelligent Insights Dec 21 2016 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Barbara Giamanco, Arun Shastri, Thomas Gatten
    Harvard Business Review reports that companies are “vacuuming up data to make better decisions about everything from product development and advertising to hiring.” HBR notes that “companies in the top third of their industry in the use of data-driven decision making were, on average, 5% more productive and 6% more profitable than their competitors,” even after accounting for several confounding factors. However, integrating massive amounts of information from different areas of your business and combining it to gain actionable data in real-time isn't always easy.

    Join this webcast to learn how to:

    Define data-driven decision management (DDDM)
    Understand why many leaders are changing their decision-making approach, favoring data over intuition
    Choose the right metrics to focus on and ask the right questions
    Leverage real-time insights and mobile to respond quickly to changing conditions
  • Application Development Tools & Services: Migration Made Easy Dec 20 2016 9:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Gerado Gonzalez, VS3 Lead Representative
    The time has come for simple application development tools for any platform and any language. Integrating appdev teams and subscribers to Visual Studio? Migration can be tricky and questions can arise from developers, devops, platform experts, and more.

    Join this webcast to:
    •Review the recent subscriber migration
    •Understand common scenarios subscribers may encounter
    •Learn about recent identity policy changes that may be impacting your organization
    - Help your subscribers acclimate post-migration
    - Get all your migration questions answered
  • Safely and Securely Managing Big Data and Analytics for BI Dec 20 2016 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Ivan Kosyakov, Technical Solutions Professional, Microsoft
    Discover the power of Cortana and transform the way your organization handles data.

    Looking to fully manage big data and advanced analytics to transform all that information into intelligent action? Take action ahead of your competitors by going beyond looking in the rearview mirror to predicting what’s next. The Cortana Intelligence suite is fast, flexible, secure, and scalable and brings intelligence to your data.

    Join this webcast to learn how to:
    - Leverage industry solutions to get going quickly
    - Get value from your data in a secure and scalable way
    - Interact with intelligent agents to get closer to your customers

    This webcast is part of our Unlock insights from any data webcast series. Sign up for this session, or the entire series today!
  • 3 Key Takeaways of Visio Stencils: Customization, Consistency & Communication Dec 16 2016 9:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Paul Kleeberger, Business Architect, Allegient
    While Visio includes a basic set of stencils for process diagrams, there’s no mistaking the power of customizing these tools to your full advantage. Customized stencils take on a new communication punch—allowing you to effectively showcase attributes of a task or event 'at a glance' with informative graphics that speak volumes. And when your entire organization adopts a consistent stencil template, your ability to communicate and share processes across departments increases exponentially. But how do you go about the process of implementing these tools?

    Join this webcast to learn how to:

    - Customize your stencil template
    - Enhance Shape Attributes that communicate qualities effortlessly
    - Improve communication throughout your organization through applying stencil template consistency
  • Deep Dive into the Latest Collaboration & Enterprise Mobility Tools Dec 16 2016 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Todd Kirk, Manager of Product Development, Brainstorm, Inc.
    The way people work together is evolving, and unique projects, workstyles, functional roles and workforce diversity call for a complete set of collaboration and unified communications tools. People are working from everywhere, and even the physical workspaces we’re all familiar with are changing. As this appetite for new ways of working together grows, we’re finding new ways to support it. Office 365 offers a full set of solutions, including Office 365 ProPlus, Outlook, Yammer, SharePoint, Skype and now, Microsoft Teams.

    In this webcast, you will get a deep dive into Microsoft Teams and learn to use:

    - Chat for today’s teams – threaded persistent chat that keeps everyone engaged

    - A hub for team work, designed to work together with Office 365 apps

    - Customization options for each team with channels, connectors, tabs and bots

    - How to add your personality to your team with cool emojis, GIFs & stickers
  • How to Increase Savings, Productivity, Collaboration, & Enterprise Mobility Dec 15 2016 9:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    James Hoff, President, Ace Internet Services
    Kick off the New Year by taking a holistic view of your team's workflow and unified communications strategy!

    Improved productivity, cost savings, and collaboration starts with small business owners and team leaders taking a holistic view. This special presentation will take you inside a "real world" environment in which you can fully leverage the online tools available with Office 365, across multiple devices and platforms.

    Join this webcast to learn how to:
    - Sync up email with calendars for efficient collaboration
    - Quickly deploy Office 365 features in support of any goal
    - Collaborate and share across multiple devices and web platforms so your remote workforce can stay productive and mobile
    - Leverage the toolset as your business grows
    - Increase enterprise mobility and engagement
  • Secure & Protect Your IT Infrastructure On-Prem and in the Cloud Dec 15 2016 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Alex Shteynberg, Technical Solutions Professional, Microsoft
    Get better visibility into potential threats and help secure your IT infrastructure on-premises and in the cloud.

    Microsoft Operations Management Suite Security Center can help you secure your IT infrastructure on-premises and in the cloud through early detection via effective threat intelligence. Microsoft Azure dashboards/glasspane provides simple yet holistic views into what's happening, with the intent of detection-to-mitigate. We'll take you through ‘a born in the cloud approach’ to IT backend infrastructure security that has a high time-to-value, with best practices.

    Join this webcast to learn how to:
    - Collect threat intelligence with good examples such as Malicious IPs and drill down to specific machines to take action/mitigation
    - Leverage Baseline Assessments, a powerful method, that leverages 180 points of security configurations to harden your servers
    - Understand how to bring the power of analytics to configure alerts with a consolidated view
  • Gain Real-Time Data Analytics Across your IT Infrastructure Dec 14 2016 9:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Alex Starykh & Rhett Krulla, Technical Solutions Professionals, Microsoft
    See how the right data makes all the difference!

    The large influx of data, especially big data, is no secret. How do you take full advantage of all the insights, analytics, and monetary value that your data can provide?

    Learn how Operations Management Suite through advanced log analytics can help you easily collect any type of machine data, correlate and visualize data in rich dashboards, and get ready-made operational intelligence for various workloads such as servers, database, active directory, exchange, and Microsoft Office 365.

    Join this webcast to learn how to:
    - Collect machine data from heterogeneous sources, i.e. logs across a variety of workloads
    - Visualize data into meaningful dashboards to drive operational priorities
    - Monitor your infrastructure at hyperscale, across on-premieses and cloud
  • How to Protect & Secure Your Identities, Data & Devices from a Breach Dec 14 2016 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Brendan Newell, Technical Solutions Professional, Microsoft
    Help prevent or stop a breach before your data is comprised!

    200+ days - that's the average time it takes for companies to realize their systems have been breached. Threat hunters, cybersecurity attacks and ransomware are more prevalent than ever, and it's important to stay ahead of the IT Security curve.

    Learn how Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security helps you manage identities. With identity-driven security, it's simple to identify breaches, and defend against them. You'll also learn about how you can help secure corporate data that resides in any SaaS apps or device without affecting users’ personal data. We'll discuss capabilities of EMS E3 (MFA, SSO, SSPR, conditional access, ATA) along with EMS E5 capabilities (Microsoft Azure identity protection, Secure Islands, CAS).

    Join this webcast to learn how to:
    - Manage and help secure your identities across cloud and on-premises
    - Understand reporting available to detect stolen identities and policies to help prevent breaches from happening in future
    - Help protect data in files and mobile apps across various device platforms
  • Seamless Data Migration & Disaster Recovery for VMware, AWS, Hyper-V & Azure Dec 13 2016 9:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    David Hansford, Technical Solutions Professional, Microsoft
    Modernize your IT investments and protect your data with Microsoft Operations Management Suite.

    Do you have VMware? How about AWS? Do you want to migrate to Microsoft Azure and modernize your IT investments? Are you looking for a true PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) offering to replicate on-premises virtual and physical machines to Azure for cost effective migration or disaster recovery?

    If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions on behalf of your customers, then join us in this session and learn how Operations Management Suite (OMS) Site Recovery enables a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) solution for your customer’s heterogeneous IT environments.

    You may have virtualized infrastructure on Hyper-V or VMware, or you may still run physical servers, but ASR can seamlessly enable cost-effective replication, migration and recovery to Azure.

    Join this webcast to learn how to:
    •Deploy replication, recovery, and migration solutions for your heterogeneous environments
    •Help lower your TCO through Azure Site Recovery
    •Enable seamless migration to and recovery in Azure through Site Recovery
  • Unlock Faster Insights & Increased Market Opportunities From Your Data Dec 13 2016 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    David Browne, Technical Solutions Professional, Microsoft
    See what your data can do for you; Connect every user in your organization to the data they need.

    Get faster insights with a complete data platform that speeds up how you access and analyze all types of data. With Microsoft’s data management solutions and online transaction processing (OLTP), it’s easy to connect every user in your organization to the data they need to make better data-driven decisions, faster.

    Join this webcast to:
    - Learn how data represents a competitive advantage in the current business landscape
    - Unlock new breakthroughs and market opportunities
    - Address today's top data management challenges
  • Next-Gen File Sharing, Cloud Storage & Collaboration with OneDrive & SharePoint Dec 9 2016 9:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Todd Kirk, Manager of Product Development, Brainstorm, Inc.
    File sharing and cloud storage are quickly becoming commonplace in the modern business. However, it can be difficult to know when to use one tool over another and what advantages each provides. Moreover, technology is evolving quickly and keeping up to date on the latest and greatest can be extremely time-consuming for many professionals.

    Join us for a few minutes to find out how to take your productivity to the next level, and become a file, sync, and share Office all-star with OneDrive for Business Next Generation Synchronization and SharePoint 2016’s wide array of new cloud collaboration tools.

    In this webcast your will learn:
    - When and why to use particular tools for file sharing, storage, and collaboration
    - How OneDrive for business can help you get the most out of personal file storage
    - How to use some of the newest features to securely store, edit, and share your documents
    - How to make professional teamsites in minutes
  • Dev and Test Better in the Cloud Dec 9 2016 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Rajesh Agadi, Technical Solutions Professional & Rodrigo de Carvalho, Cloud AppDev Marketing Manager, Microsoft
    Support your IT and applications team better than ever!

    Companies of all sizes are under pressure to deliver greater results. The search for quicker and more impactful results, while balancing costs, governance, and agility, are one of the biggest challenges of many IT organizations. While applications – developed internally, packaged, or off-shored – are the engine behind business transformation, the ability to deliver better apps is compromised by the lack of environments to proper develop and test them. High hardware procurement time and costs are usually major roadblocks faced by IT.

    Cloud Computing plays a key role in providing application teams with the tools needed to develop and test in production-like environment, while never ignoring costs, security, and agility.

    Join this webcast to learn how to:
    - Understand the challenges in IT to provision development and testing environments for applications teams
    - See how cloud computing and Microsoft Azure can be the answer for dev-test environments
    - Learn about Microsoft Azure and the Azure Dev-Test Offer
    - Receive an overview of dev-test labs and governance and security of dev-test environments
  • Big Data, Predictive Analytics, and Sales Performance Recorded: Dec 8 2016 58 mins
    Barbara Giamanco, Social Centered Selling, Peter Mollins, Knowledge Tree, & Melissa Treier, Information Builders
    Is your team ready for the new era of data?

    The era of big data and predictive analytics is clearly upon sales and marketing professionals, representing a transformative paradigm shift for sales and marketing teams. No longer can salespeople rely on relationships and other soft factors to target and close business. Marketing has to move beyond one-off campaigns and brand advertising.
    Big data and predictive analytics technologies represent the opportunity to turn the tables. In other words, sales and marketing can finally become more about math than magic.

    Join this webcast to learn how to:
    - Justify big data and predictive analytics as part of your organization's sales and marketing strategy
    - Leverage insights from big data to accurately target high-value prospects in marketing campaigns, keep existing customers on board through account-based marketing strategies, and expand existing opportunities
    - Improve sales forecasting accuracy using more than "gut feel," relying on real-time sales data visualizations

    This webcast is part of our Microsoft Dynamics Business Applications webcast series. Sign up for this session, or the entire series today!
  • Deploy & Manage a Modern Data Platform on Microsoft Azure Recorded: Dec 8 2016 66 mins
    Jennifer Wu, Director of Product Management, Cloudera and Daniel Karuppiah Director of Product Marketing Microsoft
    Discover the new platform within the enterprise! The emergence of Big Data has driven the need for a new data platform within the enterprise.

    Apache Hadoop has emerged as the core of that platform and is driving transformative outcomes across every industry.

    Leverage the unique advantages of Cloudera Enterprise to help you improve products and service offerings, drive operational efficiencies, and reduce your business risk. The Cloudera offering in Azure Marketplace combines the latest open source components from the Apache Hadoop ecosystem with enterprise-grade security, governance, and management tools to help you move quickly from Proof of Concept (POC) to production and deliver value to the business.

    Join this webcast to:
    - See how Microsoft Azure provides first class support for your Linux-based Apache Hadoop applications
    - Explore the Cloudera Enterprise stack, from open source components to enterprise tooling
    - Review common use cases for Cloudera on Azure
    - Discover customer benefits and success stories
    - Learn how to deploy and start recognizing value with Cloudera on Azure

    This webinar is part of the ‘8-part Azure Open Source’ webinar series dedicated to discussing various open source solutions available on Azure, to ensure you're successful with your Linux-based applications provided by our trusted partners like Cloudera, Datastax, Cloudbees, SUSE, Pivotal, and more.

    This webcast is part of our Realize more benefits with open source on Azure webcast series. Sign up for this session, or the entire series today!
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  • Live at: Aug 4 2016 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Mike Gannotti & Todd Furst, Technical Solutions Professionals, Microsoft
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