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Discover Data Insights for your Organization with Business Intelligence

Visualize your business data like never before! Line of business decision makers are the end users that turn insight into action.

By providing a BI solution that connects your decision makers to a broad range of live data, they can make the right decisions at the right time.

Join this webcast to learn how Power BI provides meaningful insights on live data through:
•Easy-to-use dashboards
•Interactive reports
•Compelling visualizations

This webcast is part of our Building a Data Culture Leveraging Power BI webcast series. Sign up for this session, or the entire series today!
Recorded Sep 22 2016 22 mins
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Presented by
Kevin Orbaker, Technical Solutions Professional, Microsoft
Presentation preview: Discover Data Insights for your Organization with Business Intelligence

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  • The Truth Behind Lead Qualification Dec 27 2016 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Barbara Giamanco, CEO of Social Centered Selling
    See what's possible with better lead qualification and help get sales and marketing out of their silos!

    Your sales and marketing teams' ability to work together to achieve core revenue objectives is a perpetual challenge within organizations. When it comes to lead qualification and follow-through, both camps often point fingers at each other. Sales says marketing delivers bad leads; marketing says sales doesn't follow up on leads they provide. However, 61% of B2B marketers admit to sending "leads" directly to sales without qualification, according to a Marketing Sherpa Marketing Benchmark Report.

    No longer can marketing hand over a list of names of people who downloaded a white paper and call it good. And to top it off, the lead qualification problem is compounded by sales and marketing being measured against conflicting metrics.

    But what's the solution? This webcast will help you understand the truth behind meaningful and effective lead qualification.

    Join this webcast to learn how to:
    - Involve your CEO to help solve sales and marketing misalignment
    - Learn the top 3 reasons that misalignment occurs, resulting in faulty pipeline accuracy
    - Tie leadership to a lead management process
    - Understand the behavior that leads from interest to close
    - Create a lead definition that everyone in your organization understands
    - Prepare your sales team to be accountable to the lead follow-up process

    This webcast is part of our Microsoft Dynamics Business Applications webcast series. Sign up for this session, or the entire series today!
  • Understanding Windows as a Service Dec 21 2016 9:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    John Savill, Principal Technical Architect, Microsoft
    Introducing constant innovation with the latest version of Windows.

    As Windows moves to a service-based deployment, what does calling it "the last version" really mean? In this webcast, we'll explore what Windows as a Service really means to your organization, where continuous innovation is the standard. We'll also explore new methods of deployment and servicing, and how your organization can utilize Windows 10.

    Join this webcast to:
    - Learn about deployment options for Windows 10
    - Understand what the different branches for Windows 10 are and how to use them
    - See how updates for Windows 10 will be delivered

    This webcast is part of our Windows 10 for your business webcast series. Sign up for this session, or the entire series today!
  • Safely and Securely Managing Big Data and Analytics for BI Dec 20 2016 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Ivan Kosyakov, Technical Solutions Professional, Microsoft
    Discover the power of Cortana and transform the way your organization handles data.

    Looking to fully manage big data and advanced analytics to transform all that information into intelligent action? Take action ahead of your competitors by going beyond looking in the rearview mirror to predicting what’s next. The Cortana Intelligence suite is fast, flexible, secure, and scalable and brings intelligence to your data.

    Join this webcast to learn how to:
    - Leverage industry solutions to get going quickly
    - Get value from your data in a secure and scalable way
    - Interact with intelligent agents to get closer to your customers

    This webcast is part of our Unlock insights from any data webcast series. Sign up for this session, or the entire series today!
  • Unlock Faster Insights & Increased Market Opportunities From Your Data Dec 13 2016 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    David Browne, Technical Solutions Professional, Microsoft
    See what your data can do for you; Connect every user in your organization to the data they need.

    Get faster insights with a complete data platform that speeds up how you access and analyze all types of data. With Microsoft’s data management solutions and online transaction processing (OLTP), it’s easy to connect every user in your organization to the data they need to make better data-driven decisions, faster.

    Join this webcast to:
    - Learn how data represents a competitive advantage in the current business landscape
    - Unlock new breakthroughs and market opportunities
    - Address today's top data management challenges
  • Next-Gen File Sharing, Cloud Storage & Collaboration with OneDrive & SharePoint Dec 9 2016 9:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Todd Kirk, Manager of Product Development, Brainstorm, Inc.
    File sharing and cloud storage are quickly becoming commonplace in the modern business. However, it can be difficult to know when to use one tool over another and what advantages each provides. Moreover, technology is evolving quickly and keeping up to date on the latest and greatest can be extremely time-consuming for many professionals.

    Join us for a few minutes to find out how to take your productivity to the next level, and become a file, sync, and share Office all-star with OneDrive for Business Next Generation Synchronization and SharePoint 2016’s wide array of new cloud collaboration tools.

    In this webcast your will learn:
    - When and why to use particular tools for file sharing, storage, and collaboration
    - How OneDrive for business can help you get the most out of personal file storage
    - How to use some of the newest features to securely store, edit, and share your documents
    - How to make professional teamsites in minutes
  • Dev and Test Better in the Cloud Dec 9 2016 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Rajesh Agadi, Technical Solutions Professional & Rodrigo de Carvalho, Cloud AppDev Marketing Manager, Microsoft
    Support your IT and applications team better than ever!

    Companies of all sizes are under pressure to deliver greater results. The search for quicker and more impactful results, while balancing costs, governance, and agility, are one of the biggest challenges of many IT organizations. While applications – developed internally, packaged, or off-shored – are the engine behind business transformation, the ability to deliver better apps is compromised by the lack of environments to proper develop and test them. High hardware procurement time and costs are usually major roadblocks faced by IT.

    Cloud Computing plays a key role in providing application teams with the tools needed to develop and test in production-like environment, while never ignoring costs, security, and agility.

    Join this webcast to learn how to:
    - Understand the challenges in IT to provision development and testing environments for applications teams
    - See how cloud computing and Microsoft Azure can be the answer for dev-test environments
    - Learn about Microsoft Azure and the Azure Dev-Test Offer
    - Receive an overview of dev-test labs and governance and security of dev-test environments
  • Big Data, Predictive Analytics, and Sales Performance Dec 8 2016 9:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Barbara Giamanco, Social Centered Selling, Peter Mollins, Knowledge Tree, & Melissa Treier, Information Builders
    Is your team ready for the new era of data?

    The era of big data and predictive analytics is clearly upon sales and marketing professionals, representing a transformative paradigm shift for sales and marketing teams. No longer can salespeople rely on relationships and other soft factors to target and close business. Marketing has to move beyond one-off campaigns and brand advertising.
    Big data and predictive analytics technologies represent the opportunity to turn the tables. In other words, sales and marketing can finally become more about math than magic.

    Join this webcast to learn how to:
    - Justify big data and predictive analytics as part of your organization's sales and marketing strategy
    - Leverage insights from big data to accurately target high-value prospects in marketing campaigns, keep existing customers on board through account-based marketing strategies, and expand existing opportunities
    - Improve sales forecasting accuracy using more than "gut feel," relying on real-time sales data visualizations

    This webcast is part of our Microsoft Dynamics Business Applications webcast series. Sign up for this session, or the entire series today!
  • Deploy & Manage a Modern Data Platform on Microsoft Azure Dec 8 2016 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jennifer Wu, Director of Product Management, Cloudera and Daniel Karuppiah Director of Product Marketing Microsoft
    Discover the new platform within the enterprise! The emergence of Big Data has driven the need for a new data platform within the enterprise.

    Apache Hadoop has emerged as the core of that platform and is driving transformative outcomes across every industry.

    Leverage the unique advantages of Cloudera Enterprise to help you improve products and service offerings, drive operational efficiencies, and reduce your business risk. The Cloudera offering in Azure Marketplace combines the latest open source components from the Apache Hadoop ecosystem with enterprise-grade security, governance, and management tools to help you move quickly from Proof of Concept (POC) to production and deliver value to the business.

    Join this webcast to:
    - See how Microsoft Azure provides first class support for your Linux-based Apache Hadoop applications
    - Explore the Cloudera Enterprise stack, from open source components to enterprise tooling
    - Review common use cases for Cloudera on Azure
    - Discover customer benefits and success stories
    - Learn how to deploy and start recognizing value with Cloudera on Azure

    This webinar is part of the ‘8-part Azure Open Source’ webinar series dedicated to discussing various open source solutions available on Azure, to ensure you're successful with your Linux-based applications provided by our trusted partners like Cloudera, Datastax, Cloudbees, SUSE, Pivotal, and more.

    This webcast is part of our Realize more benefits with open source on Azure webcast series. Sign up for this session, or the entire series today!
  • Digital Transformation: Reinventing Productivity in Retail Recorded: Dec 6 2016 26 mins
    Paul Summers, Technical Solutions Architect, Microsoft Corporation
    As a retailer, you need solutions that put the customer experience at the forefront of business.

    Retail is undergoing digital transformation rapidly, and with that comes new challenges and opportunities. The current technology landscape is forcing even the most formidable retailers to reassess what it means to deliver customer experiences that are personalized, seamless, and differentiated, so that customers choose the retailer or brand first, spend more money, recommend the brand to others, and want to keep coming back.

    Microsoft is empowering your retail employees to reinvent the customer experience.

    Join this webcast to learn how Microsoft solutions can help you to:
    - Address current retail business challenges
    - Streamline store management and operation
    - Empower store associates to deliver superior customer experiences
    - Transform sales and marketing with data-driven insights
  • Windows-as-a-Service: Your Questions Answered Recorded: Dec 1 2016 62 mins
    Stephen Rose, Industry Lead, US Windows and Devices & Michael Niehaus, Director of Product Marketing, Microsoft
    Planning to deploy Windows 10 in your business?

    Here's a 'don't miss' webcast providing a refresher on deployment options you can take advantage of.

    From exploring the benefits of Windows-as-a-Service, to easier and faster deployment options and live Q&A, this robust yet efficient webcast will get you set up to move quickly with Windows 10.

    Join this webcast to:
    - Learn how Windows as a Service provides for frequent upgrades, less burden on IT staff, and increased control over deployments
    - Explore options that would make deployment easier and faster
    - Get your top deployment questions answered in real time

    Submit your questions in advance: Tag @MSFT_Business on Twitter and use the hashtag #Win10webcast. Top questions will be answered during the webcast.
  • Cloud Scale for Backup and Disaster Recovery Recorded: Dec 1 2016 42 mins
    Todd Furst and Rich Ross, Technical Solutions Professionals, Microsoft
    Help protect your organization's data and applications. Even a minor outage can put you at a competitive disadvantage

    Mitigate your risk and be ready with a business continuity plan that enables backup and disaster recovery if needed. Increase capacity, decrease costs, and delivery disaster recovery at cloud scale.

    Join this webcast to learn how to:
    - Implement disaster recovery for all your major IT systems
    - Unify data management, security, and protection
    - Provide protection for your data and applications, no matter where they reside
    - Extend on-premises backups storage and data archiving solutions to the cloud

    This webcast is part of our Why and how to move to the cloud webcast series. Sign up for this session, or the entire series today!
  • Not All Clouds are Created Equal [Local Gov Tech Summit] Recorded: Dec 1 2016 22 mins
    Mike Donlan, Vice President, State & Local Government, Microsoft
    Hear Microsoft’s state and local government expert discuss cloud technologies for government and the conversations you need to be having with your cloud provider.
  • What is the Government Cloud? [Local Gov Tech Summit] Recorded: Dec 1 2016 15 mins
    Chris Niehaus, Senior Director, National Cloud Programs, Microsoft
    Learn how Microsoft, and its ecosystem of cloud solution providers, is uniquely positioned to help local, state, and federal government organizations make this transformation.
  • Panel: Government’s Transformation for the Digital Age [Local Gov Tech Summit] Recorded: Dec 1 2016 25 mins
    Jason Zander, Microsoft; Paul Smith, Red Hat; Michael S. Hansen, National Institutes of Health
    Panel discussion: Hear how not all clouds are created equal, and how Microsoft is the market leader in secure, compliant cloud computing, and is enabling the government’s digital transformation.
  • Microsoft CISO: Security in Practice [Local Gov Tech Summit] Recorded: Dec 1 2016 25 mins
    Bret Arsenault, Chief Information Security Officer, Microsoft
    Cybersecurity continues to be a top priority; leaders must constantly judge how to balance business enablement and cyber protection priorities as they support the digital transformation of their organizations. Join CISO, Bret Arsenault as he discusses examples of this balancing act in action and where Microsoft can help to improve your security posture.
  • Reinventing Productivity & Business Processes [Local Gov Tech Summit] Recorded: Dec 1 2016 9 mins
    Natalia Boldyreva, Director, Office 365, Microsoft
    In this session, Natalia will speak to new capabilities in the Office 365 Suites that provide innovate new productivity capabilities while offering the highest level of security and compliance for government customers.
  • eDiscovery, Records and Compliance [Local Gov Tech Summit] Recorded: Dec 1 2016 15 mins
    Tom Moen, Cloud Architect, Microsoft
    Hear from Cloud Architect, Tom Moen, as he explores solutions designed to assist legal, compliance and records employees in conducting searches, public records requests and eDiscovery.
  • What’s New in Microsoft Azure for Government? [Local Gov Tech Summit] Recorded: Dec 1 2016 29 mins
    Tom Keane, General Manager, Azure, Microsoft
    Learn about the newest features in Azure for Government and how to enable your agency to achieve more while staying compliant and secure.
  • The Connected Officer: Bringing IOT to Law Enforcement [Local Gov Tech Summit] Recorded: Dec 1 2016 15 mins
    Jeff King, Justice & Public Safety Solutions Architect, Microsoft
    This session explores how cloud connected sensor devices are providing new crime fighting tools and real-time situational awareness for law enforcement. Jeff will demonstrate how data from cameras, LPRs, and drones are used to investigate crime and improve officer safety.
  • CIO Insights: The Future of Public Service [Local Gov Tech Summit] Recorded: Dec 1 2016 28 mins
    Dustin Haisler, Chief Innvoation Officer, e.Republic
    Keynote from CIO of e.Republic, Dustin will provide a tour of the meta-trends that are reshaping our communities – demographics, economics, methods of work, customer expectations and the relevance of governmental institutions — all annotated with real world examples.
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  • Presented by: Kevin Orbaker, Technical Solutions Professional, Microsoft
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