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Code Less, Optimise More: How to Automate Image and Video Management at Scale

Our lives have shifted online. Without the ability to see and touch, images and videos are providing the connections to our physical world. Consumers rely on what they can see online before making a buying decision.

But these are also times of limited bandwidth and network overload. Media-rich websites and apps are creating challenges for marketers, visual design teams, and web developers alike. Delivering high-quality images and video with speed and impact is more difficult than ever. Nothing is more frustrating for consumers if they want to zoom in on a detail and all they get is a pixelated, blurry mess.

Imagine all your videos and images delivered in the optimal format, tailored to the screen size of each end user, and always with the best possible visual quality — all without the need to touch your code or your image and video files. And imagine you could do this in a heartbeat across all your websites and apps without having to touch every single one of them.

Too good to be true? In this webinar, we will introduce and demonstrate how Image & Video Manager can be used to:

- Simplify and automate the process of image and video optimisation
- Deliver the right formats, sizes, and visual quality tailored to each end user’s specific browser, device, and network connection in real time
- Decrease page weight by reducing file sizes without quality degradation
- Do all of the above without the need to write complex code and generate countless derivative renditions of your media assets
- In fact, do all of the above without writing any code, generating any derivatives, or making any changes to your digital asset management (DAM)

You’ll also learn about next steps for your free trial of Image & Video Manager.
Recorded Apr 28 2020 48 mins
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Presented by
Adam Newman Global Sr. Product Manager, Web Performance Solutions Akamai, Sven Dummer Global Sr. Product Market
Presentation preview: Code Less, Optimise More: How to Automate Image and Video Management at Scale

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  • Technological Approaches to a Zero Trust Security Model Jul 28 2021 1:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    John Tolbert, Lead Analyst, KuppingerCole, Richard Meeus, Director of Security, Technology and Strategy, EMEA, Akamai
    The traditional model of enforcing security at the network perimeter is no longer valid as employees, devices, and workloads move outside the corporate network.

    A Zero Trust model offers an alternative that secures data while ensuring it is accessible from wherever employees are working. But finding the right technological approaches to Zero Trust is challenging.

    Join this KuppingerCole webinar to:
    - Understand how best to approach implementing Zero Trust
    - Explore the technological considerations and options available
    - Learn how to create a smarter way for users to access applications
    - Discover effective ways to protect users from cyberthreats
    - Learn how to deliver a phish-proof MFA strategy
    - Get answers to your questions about Zero Trust
  • Protect Against Data Breaches with Phish-Proof MFA Jul 27 2021 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Andy Crail, EMEA Senior Manager Enterprise Solutions & Jim Black, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Akamai
    With 80% of breaches using compromised credentials*, authentication attacks are big business, and no one is immune to them. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) reduces the risk of compromised credentials, but traditional MFA can be easily circumvented by cyber criminals.

    In this webinar we will cover the types of bypass attacks against MFA and how to mitigate them to prevent employee account takeover and data breaches.

    We will also demo Akamai MFA, a next-generation solution that features a phish-proof authentication factor and leverages FIDO2 standards without the need of hardware keys.

    You will learn:
    - The role of MFA within your cybersecurity program
    - Different types of MFA solutions and why some are failing
    - Standards to base your solution on
    - Best practices to select a cost-effective and low-friction solution

  • How Zero Trust Network Access Can Help You Sleep at Night Recorded: Jul 20 2021 47 mins
    Richard Meeus, Director of Security Technology and Strategy, EMEA, Akamai
    Talking to CISOs today, there are two themes that keep coming up — ransomware and FoW (Future of Work).

    Complex and weighty problems they may be, but they can be addressed with adopting a single architecture that works with your continuing digital transformation plans.

    This session will cover how Zero Trust Network Access can:
    • Provide fast, secure access for your users wherever they are, as well as to your applications wherever they are
    • Prevent network-level access to your estate — reducing the risk of ransomware and its ability to spread
    • Fully enable identity-based access to your applications and easily implement least privilege
  • Outmaneuver ATO Attackers Now Recorded: Jul 8 2021 37 mins
    Tony Lauro, Director, Security Technology and Strategy, Akamai
    Account takeovers (ATO) continue to rise in severity and pervasiveness, particularly in industries where digital valuables are getting created at a faster rate than physical ones.

    In this session, we’ll explore the innovations your organization can use to change the future from one where attackers have the upper hand to one where you can fight back against the disruptive nature of account takeover
  • Changing the Future: Outmaneuver Sophisticated Bots and ATO Attackers Now Recorded: Jul 7 2021 34 mins
    Samy Makki, Nils Rehm, Alex Baker, Daniel Burns
    Akamai Customer Panel:
    Automated attacks and account takeovers (ATO) continue to rise in sophistication, severity, and pervasiveness. And attackers are innovating constantly to try to increase their success rates as they work to evade detection and mitigation technologies in the kill chain. But the future isn’t just more and more attacks. Companies that are the intended targets can anticipate attackers’ next moves and apply new technologies and detections to stop them.

    In this panel session with customers from various industries (e.g. CTS Eventim, Zalando SE, and Next PLC), we’ll discuss the underground criminal economy of automated scraping and buying, as well as stealing and selling credentials and accounts. We’ll also talk about innovations that organizations use to change the future from one where attackers have the upper hand to one where they fight back against the disruptive nature of automated threats and ATO.
  • How Zero Trust Enables Remote Working and Builds to a SASE Vision Recorded: Jul 6 2021 62 mins
    Richard Meeus, Director of Security, EMEA, Akamai, James Coker, Reporter, Infosecurity Brian Honan, CEO, BH Consulting
    IT and security leaders are moving forward with the new realities of the hybrid workplace. Working from home, or remotely, is now just ‘work’. As employees begin to mobilise again, organisations need to maintain an agile and frictionless security model, which at the same time compliments an ever-growing migration of applications to the cloud.

    In this webinar, a panel of expert speakers discuss how Zero Trust security was propelled forward in 2020, and the vital role of secure access service edge (SASE) in implementing this approach going forward, as more organisations undergo digital transformations.

    Discussion topics:
    - Why move to a user-centric and location-agnostic Zero Trust security model
    - How Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) can be the next step in your SASE adoption
    - How an edge strategy supports organisations’ future digital growth
  • Credential Stuffing in Financial Services Recorded: Jun 30 2021 42 mins
    Gerhard Giese, Industry Strategist, Financial Services, Akamai
    2020 presented a unique set of challenges for everyone, but that didn’t mean cybercriminals took time off. In fact, it turned out to be the opposite.

    Hackers targeted the financial services industry more than ever, with credential stuffing being the attack vector of choice last year.

    Join us as we explore the findings from our latest State of the Internet report.

    We found that:
    • 3.4 billion credential stuffing attacks were launched against financial services companies
    • There were 736,071,428 web attacks
    • 51% of attacks came through Local File Inclusion

    Register for our live webinar today to find out more.
  • The Math Behind Bot Management Recorded: Jun 29 2021 68 mins
    Rob Yates, Senior Solutions Engineer and Adam Torres, Solutions Engineer
    Sophisticated bot attacks could put revenue, productivity, and reputation all at risk. No matter what your organization is calling it — credential abuse, credential stuffing, bad bots, or account takeover — preparing for and preventing these automated attacks doesn’t need to be your Achilles’ heel.

    Join Rob Yates, Senior Solutions Engineer and Adam Torres, Solutions Engineer at Akamai for an interactive workshop and a behind-the-scenes look at the configured actions on bot activity at the edge server.

    In this 45-minute workshop, Rob will cover:

    - Why bot detection is important, and the costs of bots to business and IT
    - The architectural challenge to employing today’s bot management solutions effectively
    - Best-practice approaches to bot management, including mobile SDK
  • EGR Virtual Series: Betting on the Edge Recorded: Jun 29 2021 47 mins
    Lynette Kerry, Regional Director, Akamai, Graham Calder, Independent Consultant
    The on-line sports betting industry is one of the most dynamic and competitive markets in the world. With no restrictive contracts in place, operators focus on delivering a great player experience to avoid churn. Churn not only drives an immediate loss in revenue but also incurs significant costs to reacquire players.

    In this webinar, Akamai and EGR discuss extending the delivery network “edge” into a player’s device, near real time observability across the entire technical value chain can be dramatically improved. Moreover, by moving key operational processes to the edge, operators can not only reduce the impact of poor connectivity on the player experience, but also ensure they are best placed to take advantage of 5G latency improvements.

    Key discussion points

    What benefits can Edge technology offer sports betting marketing and operational teams alike in delivering a next gen gameplay experience and the opportunity to drive real competitive advantage?

    Edge technology helps sports betting operators to:

    ● Improve observability and strategic decision making through the delivery value chain.

    ● Move core functions closer to the players, providing a pathway towards fundamentally improving the gameplay experience and reducing issues.

    ● Ensure operators are able to take full advantage of the promise of 5G.
  • Scale Digital Experiences with Customer Identity & Access Management Recorded: Jun 24 2021 27 mins
    John Summers, SVP & GM, Web Security, Akamai & Alex Bolante, Managing Director, CIAM, Deloitte & Touche LLP
    COVID-19 has scaled consumer adoption of digital, prompting businesses across industries to accelerate digital transformation initiatives. While digital is now the preferred channel for many consumers, expectations for seamless, highly personalized customer experiences have not changed.

    Watch this on-demand Akamai webinar, featuring Deloitte & Touche Managing Director Alex Bolante, to learn how to create exceptional, digital-first customer experiences with Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM).

    You will hear:
    • How COVID-19 has changed consumer behaviors and CX expectations
    • Why customer identities are central to your digital-first strategy
    • Case studies from brands that scaled mission-critical applications with CIAM
    • Common pitfalls and critical success criteria to benchmark your CIAM solution

    John Summers - SVP and General Manager, Web Security
    Akamai Technologies

    Alex Bolante - Managing Director, Customer Identity and Access Management
    Deloitte & Touche LLP

    Learn more:
  • How Whitbread Extends Website Security to Protect Customers Recorded: Jun 24 2021 47 mins
    Martin Jimmick Head of Information Security - Digital Whitbread
    2020 forced many organisations to rethink their online strategy and how to maintain the sale of goods or services effectively in the online world, absent of traditional routes to market.

    The exponential rise in website traffic has led to increased targets and more risk, with cyber criminals targeting every weakness, including the website supply chain.

    In this webinar we will cover:

    ● The steps that Whitbread take to keep their customers safe online
    ● Trends in website technology adoption and integration of third-party code
    ● How weaknesses in the website supply chain are being exploited to hide malicious code
    ● What steps you can take to protect your online customers from formjacking, web skimming and Magecart attacks
  • How Zalando Protects Itself Against Cyberattacks Recorded: Jun 22 2021 16 mins
    Neta Oren, SOC Team Lead, Zalando SE
    It is fundamental for organisations to keep their customers’ data secure, by providing protection of IT assets early, with a fast response time.

    Bots, although extremely helpful for online businesses, can also harm your business, brand, and revenue through account takeover and fraud. Because bots are evolving to evade current detection technologies, the risks and costs for organisations are exploding.

    In this session, you will see how an extremely successful online retail business such as Zalando is protecting itself from such cyberattacks while maintaining the best user experience.
  • SOTI: Loyalty for Sale — Retail and Hospitality Fraud Recorded: Jun 17 2021 55 mins
    Martin McKeay, Editorial Director, Akamai, Patrick Sullivan, CTO, Akamai, Tony Lauro, Director, Akamai
    This webinar, part of our State of the Internet (SOTI) Security series, highlights the latest attack data in the retail, travel, and hospitality industries. Our experts will explore the growing criminal ecosystem profiting from hacked loyalty accounts.

    You’ll learn:

    - How attackers steal, package, and sell loyalty points
    - Common tactics in credential stuffing, web application, and DDoS attacks
    - The simplest way to protect your loyalty accounts and points
  • Performance, Meets SEO with Akamai, The Telegraph and JD Williams Recorded: May 27 2021 46 mins
    Simon Hearne (Akamai) Chris Boakes (The Telegraph) and Nick Webb (JD Williams)
    Learn how top websites are adapting to Google's increased focus on speed in SEO!
    Recent updates announced by Google will increase the importance of site speed in SEO ranking.
    Join Akamai, The Telegraph and JD Williams to discuss how these top brands are adapting to this renewed focus on speed, and if the related changes to Top Stories are changing the way we develop for search engine results pages.
  • How to Secure Your Website Supply Chain Recorded: May 25 2021 36 mins
    Jay Patel, Maersk; Leonardo Dimitri Bruni, Luisa Via Roma; Dan Burns, Next; Richard Meeus & Paul Fearns, Akamai
    All modern websites leverage JavaScript to make them engaging and compelling, but that can have a significant impact on website security.

    Knowing how many and what kind of scripts are executing on a page, and what security risks are present, will help you to use JavaScript effectively and safely.

    Join this webinar to hear how to secure your website supply chain. Also hear from our customers Maersk, Luisa Via Roma, and Next on how they manage first- and third-party scripts on their websites.

    You will learn:
    - How to identify and block malicious code on your website
    - How to manage all of your websites' JavaScript
    - How Page Integrity Manager can protect your consumers' personal information

    Register now.
  • CISO Insight: How to Be a Security Leader Recorded: May 20 2021 42 mins
    CISO, Domino's, First VP, Global Head of Network Technology, Danske Bank, CSO, Akamai, Regional Director EMEA, Akamai
    COVID-19 has seen a shift to more people online, more transactions, and more interaction than ever before. This has led to a plethora of new attack vectors for criminals worldwide. With cyber security a hotter topic now than it has ever been, from maintaining availability, to providing integrity and confidentiality, the role of the CISO is full of daily challenges.

    This session will include Lee Whatford, CISO at Domino’s, Tom Søderholm, First VP, Global Head of Network Technology at Danske Bank, Andy Ellis, CSO at Akamai and Matt Payne, Regional Director EMEA, Akamai, who will discuss how they are navigating their way through these unprecedented times.

    It will provide insight, advice and experience for other CISO’s and security leaders on how to ensure their organisation remains secure and available in this new and changing model.

    What you will learn:
    - What are the key security strategies and solutions to be focusing on
    - Top tips from CISO’s on how to be a security leader
    - How to grow and demonstrate the value of the CISO role within your organisation
  • How to Avoid Breaches Caused by Zero-Day Hacks Recorded: May 11 2021 44 mins
    Richard Meeus, Director of Security Technology and Strategy, EMEA, Akamai
    The past few months have been a very dynamic time in the world of security for hackers and threat researchers, but they have been an extended nightmare for CISOs responsible for securing their enterprise networks.

    With multiple zero-day exploits being used to attack on-premises versions of Microsoft Exchange Server; the Silicon Valley security camera company, Verkada; and F5 BIG-IP products, you may be left wondering how this happened.

    This webinar will take an in-depth look at these breaches and how they could have been avoided, including:

    - What should and shouldn't be exposed to the public internet
    - Why moving to a zero trust–based security model can help
    - How to reduce the threat surface
  • State of the Internet / Security: 2020 – A Year in Review Recorded: Apr 27 2021 48 mins
    Martin McKeay, Editorial Director & Richard Meeus Director of Security Technology and Strategy, EMEA - Akamai Technologies
    If you’re still trying to catch your breath, you’re not alone. The year that saw a half decade of digital transformation packed into six months also saw lots of criminal activity.

    Join us for a lively discussion of some of the year’s biggest security stories, including how:

    - COVID phishing attacks raged as cyber criminals exploited the vulnerable
    - Random DDoS extortion schemes brought business-crippling attacks across industries throughout EMEA
    - Working "from home" was actually working "from a highly insecure network"
    - Credential stuffing thrived in a year more online than ever

    We will also provide our top cyber security predictions for 2021. Register now.
  • How to Stop Account Takeover and Human Fraud Recorded: Apr 21 2021 46 mins
    Xavier Daspre, Senior Cloud Security Architect, Lead EMEA, & Paul Fearns, Senior Cloud Security Architect, EMEA, Akamai
    The use of stolen payment details remains the largest fraud cost to online businesses. Emerging quickly from its shadow, however, is account takeover (ATO), which has increased significantly since the pandemic began — with a 134% increase in malicious login attempts detected on our platform during 2020.

    This webinar will take a deep dive into how to stop ATO before it happens by detecting and mitigating attacks, credential stuffing, and account hijacking. It will also include a demo of Akamai’s new account protection feature, which is a forthcoming extension of our industry-leading bot management solution.

    What we will cover:
    • Details of the fraud kill chain
    • How to get smarter bot detection using machine learning
    • What a risk score is and how to apply it on credentials usage
    • How to mitigate fraud by preventing account takeover attacks
  • The World Is Online. Now What? Recorded: Feb 24 2021 33 mins
    Dr. Tom Leighton CEO and Co-Founder, Akamai
    Businesses were driven to adapt rapidly when 2020 forced us all to answer the question, “What would happen if the whole world suddenly went online?”

    In this session, we highlight the rapid shifts in our digital landscape and how leading businesses across the globe are evolving to embrace our new reality.

    Akamai CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Tom Leighton highlights how the growth of connected devices and the promised improvements from 5G will create new opportunities and threats — and how business leaders can capitalise on these innovations.

    This session was part of Edge Live Adapt, Akamai's most engaging digital event to date. The event delivered 40+ sessions delivered by world-class experts on cybersecurity, media delivery, and edge compute.

    If you would like to engage with all of our on demand content on our Edge Live Adapt platform please head to: https://www.akamai.com/uk/en/campaign/edge-live-adapt.jsp
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Akamai secures and delivers digital experiences for the world’s largest companies. Our intelligent edge platform keeps apps and experiences closer to users — and attacks and threats far away. Top brands globally rely on Akamai so their businesses can be fast, smart, and secure.

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  • Title: Code Less, Optimise More: How to Automate Image and Video Management at Scale
  • Live at: Apr 28 2020 1:00 pm
  • Presented by: Adam Newman Global Sr. Product Manager, Web Performance Solutions Akamai, Sven Dummer Global Sr. Product Market
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