Rethinking Risk in the Wake of DDoS Extortion

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Tim Westlake, Ingo Mommertz, Marcello Evangelista

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Your risk of a DDoS attack changed significantly in 2020, mostly driven by the largest global extortion campaign ever launched. But unlike other extortion activity from years past, where there was little follow-through on the actual threat, show-of-force attacks in 2020 reached 500+ Gbps — a clear sign of highly capable and motivated threat actors. The extortion campaign also signaled a notable shift in targeted verticals, with attackers expanding beyond commonly hit industries like finance, catching many organizations off guard and left scrambling for protection. With DDoS attackers more unpredictable, determined, and incented by extortion than ever before, it’s time to rethink DDoS defenses. Join this session to understand the evolution of DDoS extortion, its ramifications on 2021 security postures, and the latest best practices to fight back and reduce your risk.

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