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Learn how to reduce storage TCO by 4X in under 30 mins

Does your company create lots of files and store them on NetApp or Windows File Servers? These filers are great at first, but as you add more files and filers, your once organized storage system becomes an expensive maze of data silos. There’s a better way!

Say hello to Caringo FileFly for Swarm—complete, automated file lifecycle management for a limitless tier of storage.

Join Tony Barbagallo, Caringo’s VP of Product, to learn how to:

1. Optimize filers without painful data migrations or costly forklift upgrades
2. Transparently move files to/from your filers to Caringo Swarm—bulletproof, limitless storage software that runs on any mix of commodity hardware
3. Consolidate all files on a searchable platform accessible through major cloud APIs and plug into analytics packages like Hadoop and Kibana
4. Scale storage to hundreds of petabytes and beyond while reducing storage TCO by over 4X

… All without changing the way your employees or applications work!
Recorded Dec 15 2015 34 mins
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Presented by
Tony Barbagallo, Caringo VP of Product
Presentation preview: Learn how to reduce storage TCO by 4X in under 30 mins

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  • Secure Secondary Storage for Digital Video Workflows Recorded: Apr 20 2017 44 mins
    Tony Barbagallo, Caringo VP of Product l Richie Murray, Bridge Digital President & Founder
    In the Media and Entertainment industry, organizations that can store and access all digital video at every step in the production process have a significant competitive advantage which can result in new revenue streams. In this webinar, Richie Murray, President and Founder of Bridge Digital (a solutions integrator specializing in helping M&E companies create, distribute and monetize their video assets more efficiently), and Tony Barbagallo, VP of Product for Caringo (a massively scalable storage, delivery and management platform designed specifically for content), will discuss how to leverage secure secondary storage without disruption to existing digital video workflows. Topics covered include:

    - Definition of “secure secondary storage” and how current offerings differ from traditional archive solutions
    - How secondary storage can help optimize pre-edit, edit and post processes
    - How to seamlessly plug secure secondary storage into video workflows
    - A demo on optimizing Avid shared storage with Marquis Project Parking through automated transfer to/from the Caringo platform
  • Object Storage for Digital Evidence & Security Recorded: Mar 22 2017 46 mins
    Ryan Meek, Product Manager
    Caringo Product Manager Ryan Meek explains how object storage can be used for storing digital evidence and the benefits of using it as a secure, compliant repository for use in law enforcement, government, and health IT use cases.
  • Real Life Use Cases for Object Storage, Media & Entertainment Recorded: Mar 16 2017 45 mins
    Adrian Herrera, VP of Marketing & Tony Barbagallo, VP of Product
    Caringo VP of Marketing Adrian Herrera & VP of Product Tony Barbagallo and explore how object storage is being used in the Media & Entertainment sector. They will present real-life use cases including how NEP The Netherlands is using the Caringo Swarm Cloud and Object Storage Platform for Content Delivery.
  • Solving Issues with Microsoft Windows File Server Bloat Recorded: Feb 23 2017 36 mins
    Tony Barbagallo, VP of Product
    Organizations no longer need to waste budget by expanding or upgrading Windows Storage Servers or waste resources evaluating what data is or isn’t useful. They can now maintain their existing servers and seamlessly add intelligent data transfer to a limitless tier of scale-out secondary storage at a quarter of the cost. In addition, primary storage is optimized, disk I/O is reduced and storage silos are consolidated. Join Caringo VP of Product Tony Barbagallo as he introduces the new FileFly Secondary Storage Platform--a complete hardware, software, and services solution that is ideal for remote office consolidation, enabling collaboration and significantly simplifying data protection.
  • FileFly and DFSR (Distributed File System Replication) Support Recorded: Feb 14 2017 48 mins
    Glen Olsen, Product Manager
    Caringo Product Manager Glen Olsen takes an in-depth look at how FileFly 2.0 supports Microsoft Distributed File System Replication and how you can protect your organization’s data with limitless tiering.
  • Introducing FileFly 2.0 Recorded: Feb 7 2017 41 mins
    Glen Olsen, Product Manager
    Do you have one or two Windows file servers filling up too quickly? Would you like to store near unlimited data and improve performance while avoiding expensive additions or upgrades? Tune in to hear Glen Olsen, Caringo Product Manager, explain how you can accomplish this feat with FileFly for Swarm—a complete, automated file lifecycle management for limitless tiering of storage. In addition, Glen will discuss the powerful tiering data protection enhancements in FileFly 2.0.
  • The Cloud and Object Storage Platform of the Future Recorded: Jan 26 2017 27 mins
    Tony Barbagallo, VP of Product, Caringo
    The data center of 2020 will look nothing like the data center of today. The software-defined data center will continue to gain momentum with object storage playing a major role. Learn how object storage is now enabling far more than just cost-effective data storage and is being used for hybrid cloud, data management, filer and database optimization.
  • Object Storage for Developers, Part 3 Recorded: Dec 14 2016 44 mins
    Ryan Meek, Product Manager
    Join former developer and current Product Manager Ryan Meek for an informative webcast where he will take a deep dive into advanced object storage. Ryan will review protocols, metadata and data protection, with a focus on performance and high availability at petabyte scale. With live Q&A throughout, this webcast is geared towards application developers, software and storage architects.
  • Active Archive for HPC with Cloud & Object Storage Recorded: Nov 9 2016 61 mins
    Adrian Herrera, VP of Marketing & Glen Olsen, Product Manager
    Are you struggling with data piling up in primary storage for High Performance Computing (HPC) workloads? Is the storage that came with your microscope, spectrometer or other research device only enough for a few weeks of data? We will review options for using Cloud and Object Storage to offload up to 90% of the data from primary storage, cutting costs by 75% with built-in protection, eliminating the need for backups.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    1. The difference between cloud and object storage vs file-based storage
    2. How to transparently plug in a second tier of limitless, continuously protected storage into HPC workloads
    3. How to easily provide storage services to internal or external parties with easy to manage access and full metering and chargeback functionality
    4. How to consolidate HPC data sets and enable search
  • Object Storage for Media & Entertainment + Content Delivery Recorded: Oct 27 2016 50 mins
    Adrian Herrera, VP of Marketing & Ryan Meek, Product Manager
    For sites that focus on content distribution, value is often measured by how quickly and easily digital assets are delivered to the audience. Caringo VP of Marketing Adrian Herrera and PM Ryan Meek share how object storage can be used to store and deliver massive amounts of unstructured data including video and images.
  • Fast Track to Leveraging Object Storage Recorded: Oct 20 2016 53 mins
    Adrian Herrera, VP of Marketing & John Bell, Sr. Solutions Engineer
    You’ve heard about all the advantages of using object storage, but how can you get on the fast track and make it a reality? Caringo VP of Marketing Adrian Herrera and Sr. Solutions Engineer John Bell provide an overview of just how to make the jump to object storage so you can lower your overall storage TCO, increase productivity, and eliminate risk with no disruption to current processes or workflows.
  • Object Storage Evolves Again Recorded: Oct 12 2016 49 mins
    Eric Dey, Product Manager & Ryan Meek, Product Manager
    Caringo Product Managers Eric Dey and Ryan Meek bring their experience as developers to this informational webinar and discuss how Object Storage has evolved over the years and the latest developments in the market. Geared for developers and IT architects, this live webcast will help you understand what features are valuable in object storage, how to avoid the hype, and how to know if object storage is the right solution for your environment.
  • The Power of Metadata in Object Storage Recorded: Sep 21 2016 43 mins
    Ryan Meek, Product Manager
    Metadata is data about the data. Just how does this work with object storage, and what are the benefits to using metadata? Caringo Product Manager Ryan Meek will explain how metadata works with object storage, how it can be used to organize and manage data and how it can be the key to unlocking the value of both your old and new data.
  • Extracting Value from Data and Managing it at Scale with Object Storage Recorded: Sep 15 2016 51 mins
    Adrian Herrera, Caringo VP of Marketing Tony Barbagallo, Caringo VP of Product Glen Olsen, Caringo FileFly Product Manager
    Object storage is the ideal method for storing vast amount of unstructured data. Data management, however, is usually left to asset management software or a distributed compute platform. In this webinar Tony Barbagallo, Caringo VP of Product, and Adrian Herrera, VP of Marketing, discuss how recent advancements in object storage, schema-free search and metadata are enabling organizations to extract value from their data.
  • The Evolution of File Recorded: Aug 25 2016 54 mins
    Glen Olsen Product Manager
    Over a decade ago, API-accessible key/value-based storage was introduced as a service by Amazon and as software by Caringo. Amazon’s service-based approach matured quickly, while the general storage market slowly adopted the API approach. The on-premise market demanded a traditional file interface, leading to various “gateway” products. However, for the majority of use cases, the logical file gateway architecture is flawed. Is it time for file to evolve with object? This webinar examines the past decade in file interface gateways and the needs of the market versus what is available.
  • A Deeper Dive Into Object Storage Recorded: Aug 16 2016 44 mins
    Ryan Meek, Product Manager
    Caringo SDK and Integrations Product Manager Ryan Meek talks about the internal workings of object storage and identifies the areas developers should focus when searching for a best-of-breed solution. He will also explain how object storage can be used to provide a cost-effective, scalable and searchable foundation for Big Data, IoT and application development.
  • Object Storage for Developers, Part 2 Recorded: Jul 28 2016 36 mins
    Ryan Meek, Product Manager
    Join us for this insightful look into object storage for developers with Caringo Product Manager Ryan Meek. Ryan will take a close look at best-of-breed object storage architectures and discuss best practices for product integration through the HTTP REST API and the upcoming Dart SDK module and Search API.
  • Amazon S3 Compatibility for Your Enterprise Recorded: Jul 14 2016 50 mins
    Eric Dey, Product Manager
    Eric Dey, Caringo Product Manager for Cloud, explains how Caringo's scale-out object storage integrates with Amazon S3 and is fully integrated with Active Directory (AD) and other LDAP servers. With extensive experience in product engineering, Eric will explain how Caringo makes integration simple, even allowing Users (or Admins) to create S3 access keys via our API or our Swarm Content Portal User Interface.
  • Thin Provisioning & Protecting Primary Storage Recorded: Jun 28 2016 45 mins
    Glen Olsen, Product Manager
    What are the advantages to thin provisioning your NAS (NetApp Filers and Windows Storage Servers)? Would you like to preserve the performance of your NAS storage while gaining near limitless scale and more flexibility, protecting your data, reducing complexity and lowering your overall storage TCO? Caringo Product Manager Glen Olsen will give you insights into how to thin provision your NAS with policy-based, automated, transparent tiering for your new or existing data and storage solutions.
  • Radically Simplified Content Storage & Distribution for Social Discovery Sites Recorded: May 5 2016 43 mins
    Ryan Meek, Product Manager
    As a content creator or service provider, value in your application is determined by how quickly and easily the digital assets you create are delivered to your audience. A poor end-user experience causes lost viewers, while spending too much on infrastructure can quickly deplete capital. In this webinar, learn how to solve these issues with object storage that combines massively scalable, searchable storage with direct HTTP access to radically simplify content storage and delivery infrastructure while reducing costs.
The Cloud and Object Storage Platform
Caringo is simple, bulletproof, limitless storage software that turns standard hardware into a scalable, reliable pool of resources—cutting the complexity associated with legacy storage while ensuring data is accessible from any application or device.

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  • Live at: Dec 15 2015 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Tony Barbagallo, Caringo VP of Product
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