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Control of Your Data is Control of Your Business

When you take rendering horsepower to the cloud with our accelerated, platform-as-a-service virtual desktop infrastructure, the possibilities are endless. And each one involves seamless performance, lower capital costs, rapid on-boarding, and reliable security—with lightning-fast storage, optimized networking, and cutting-edge rendering. Discover how to enable even the most graphically intense tasks from anywhere in this webcast.
Recorded Aug 18 2015 55 mins
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Presented by
Eric Tornwall, NetApp; Jerry Gutierrez, IBM; Michael O'Neill, NVIDIA, Jason Danielson, NetApp
Presentation preview: Control of Your Data is Control of Your Business

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  • Our journey to the cloud: NetApp on NetApp Mar 1 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Matt Brown, Director NetApp on NetApp
    Join NetApp® IT as we share key insights that we discovered on our own trip to the cloud.

    During this webinar, our IT team will share the key lessons learned and the strategy that we used for deploying cloud resources to run our own production applications. The team will share:

    • Our decision-making process in determining which applications and workloads go where: on the premises, in a hybrid cloud, or in straight-up cloud;

    • How we navigated our data security, compliance, and legal offices to get the green light to make cloud an integral part of our operating model; and

    • The biggest surprises and lessons learned along the way.

    Come and learn from NetApp.

    Register today!
  • Transforming from Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to End User Computing Recorded: Feb 15 2018 41 mins
    Doug Chamberlain, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, NetApp
    By untethering the digital workspace and enabling collaboration, End User Computing (EUC) is an important enabler of digital transformation. Despite the many advantages of EUC solutions—centralized management, increased security, and easy accessibility to name a few—many organizations have been slow to adopt. To ensure user productivity, you must also accelerate the key applications and databases users rely on, matching the efficiency of virtual desktops.

    Addressing unpredictable user workloads in a complicated EUC environment can require painful re-architecting. Introducing new workloads may rob resources from existing workloads, leaving users unhappy. A better approach to infrastructure for End User Computing is needed. Netapp HCI was built to address the challenges to support your digital transformation to EUC.
  • You Put Your Data Where? Protecting Your Data in the Hybrid Cloud. Recorded: Jan 18 2018 63 mins
    NetApp Cloud Data Services 1901 Group BriteSky
    You put your data where? Protecting your data in the hybrid cloud.

    We’ve heard it before: “I can’t use the cloud because my data won’t be secure or compliant!” You might feel the same. Many companies struggle with this challenge, yet even government agencies with the strictest data privacy requirements use the cloud.

    In today’s rapidly changing world, how can you tell which clouds and cloud types are right for your organization’s needs, now and in the future? Wouldn’t it be great to use a public cloud for more workloads, even those with sensitive data and compliance requirements?

    In our webcast, "You Put Your Data Where? Protecting Your Data in the Hybrid Cloud," we will share how public organizations with strict data privacy regulations leverage and deploy hybrid cloud to meet their business needs. NetApp’s partner 1901 Group will speak about a government law enforcement agency that has deployed hybrid cloud to gain better access to compute capabilities while keeping legal data under lock and key. Additionally, BriteSky, a Canada-based service provider, will discuss how they help customers use cloud resources and still maintain sovereignty over their corporate data.

    Whether you’re a public or private company, government agency, U.S.-based or multinational organization, this informative webcast will help you put your data where it's accessible to cloud infrastructures yet fully protected. Join us to learn how NetApp and our partners help people like you meet data compliance and data sovereignty requirements and deploy cloud architectures to suit your business needs.

    Register today.
  • Maximize Business Critical Decision Making with an Innovative Big Data Platform Recorded: Dec 14 2017 58 mins
    Laura Finkelstein, Director of Product Management, Netapp & Santosh Rao, Sr. Technical Director, NetApp
    It’s clear Big Data Analytics drives profitability and is becoming essential to the success of enterprises. Unfortunately, first generation, share-nothing analytics platforms are not sufficient to meet the security, reliability, scalability or performance requirements of business-critical applications. They lack fundamental capabilities necessary to protect critical data, drive costs down, and provide the flexibility needed to meet evolving needs.

    First generation Big Data Analytics platforms are built around clusters of individual compute platforms with internal direct-attached storage (DAS), but this architecture is inherently problematic and non-scalable. Component failure, particularly DAS, can cause the analytics’ process to fail or drastically slow down. There is no convenient way to back up the data and quickly restore it, nor any way to manage the data life cycle as analytics become core to the enterprise and the datasets grow exponentially. It is difficult to scale compute and storage elements independently, or even at all. In this webcast learn how an Innovative Big Data Analytics platform addresses and overcomes these challenges.

    This new, highly scalable analytics approach provides far more flexibility, and effortlessly leverages the cloud in combination with on-premises resources. Compute and storage infrastructure can be scaled independently – driven only by current requirements. Analytics applications can now efficiently access data directly from existing enterprise storage systems, eliminating unnecessary replication of data. See how an innovative big data analytics platform can reduce server, storage and software license costs by optimizing resource utilization, and provide all the data security, scalability, performance, and analytics capability required by your enterprise.
  • Accelerate SAP Deployments with NetApp Recorded: Dec 5 2017 56 mins
    Joaquin Ruiz Senior Director, ONTAP, Meredithe Mainquist, Solution Architect, SAP, & Vidula Aiyer Sr. Mgr, ONTAP
    IT leaders are under tremendous pressure to harness today’s wealth of data and apply it to create new value across their organization—all with limited time, skills, and budget.

    In a world where technology is changing our everyday lives, digital transformation tops the strategic agenda in most organizations. To successfully transform, data is becoming the lifeblood of an organization, enabling new customer touchpoints and innovative business opportunities.

    In this webcast we will share how customers are transforming their SAP environments to be more agile and cloud connected with NetApp. Getting value and insights from your SAP data quickly and reliably can differentiate your organization and optimize operations.

    Learn how to unleash the power of your data to achieve a new competitive advantage.
  • Don't Let the Cloud Hold Your Data Hostage Recorded: Dec 5 2017 44 mins
    NetApp Data Visionary and Equinix
    Join us! Learn how to avoid cloud lock-in and secure your data.

    Got a cloud mandate? Many folks have walked in your shoes... concerned about data privacy, cloud lock-in, and wondering, "Will it really work?"

    We feel your pain! In this webcast NetApp, and our data center partner Equinix, will share with you a few, key concepts our customers have used that will help you outline the best steps for entering the cloud and optimizing your cloud environment. Focusing on the most common use cases for cloud and customer success, we will answer the following questions:

    •How do I use cloud technology without putting my data at risk and sacrificing performance?
    •How do I avoid cloud vendor lock-in?
    •Our cloud costs are growing fast; how do I control our expenses?

    Moving to the cloud can be intimidating and challenging; you don’t have to go it alone. NetApp can help you harness the power of the hybrid cloud. We hope you'll join us!

    Register today, spend an hour with us and learn all you need about getting started and optimizing your cloud – and then some!
  • VMWare Cloud on AWS: Overview and Storage Deep-Dive Recorded: Nov 1 2017 61 mins
    Matt Wallace, VP of Product at Faction; Richard Hardy, SE Director & Chief Architect at NetApp
    Register here!
    Join our webinar to learn:
    1. How VMware Cloud on AWS is deployed: Benefits & challenges
    2. How VMware Cloud on AWS storage works: An overview of performance & operations
    3. How Faction’s NetApp-based multi-cloud storage platform enhances this service
  • Best Practices for Securing Your Data Recorded: Jul 19 2017 53 mins
    Kim Wallace, Bryan Schramm, and Andrae Middleton
    Do you have questions about the nuanced differences between data security and data privacy? Join us for part three in this webcast series where we will host an interactive panel with some of NetApp’s leading subject matter experts in this space.

    We’ll start the session with an interactive discussion amongst our panelists around external and internal threats you should be concerned with, data security in the cloud, best practices around auditing, leveraging technology to meet data privacy requirements, and much more. We’ll then take questions from you, our live audience on anything top-of-mind. This invaluable session will be a webcast you won’t want to miss.
  • Solving the Public Cloud Problem Recorded: Jun 7 2017 54 mins
    Spencer Sells, NetApp, and Matt Wallace, Faction
    Good news: It’s easier than ever to build a comprehensive hybrid- and multi-cloud strategy utilizing NetApp Private Storage as a Service (NPSaaS) from Faction. Access it from AWS, Azure, Softlayer, and Google Cloud simultaneously, as well as from Equinix, CoreSite, and other cloud-centric datacenters — all pay-per-Terabyte with nothing to buy and configure.

    Bad news: A lot of IT departments are having problems supporting their developers and digital transformation initiatives. Complexity and data locality and security concerns have stalled a lot of efforts, and the networking expertise alone to create hybrid environments has derailed many initiatives.

    Learn how NetApp Private Storage as a Service Fueled by Faction solves this problem by providing inherently hybrid- and multi-cloud enabled storage that you can “just use”. Learn how to make your data more mobile, avoid outrageous public cloud egress charges, and enable multi-cloud functionality for your developers. We’ll teach you how to become a multi-cloud hero.
  • Transform Your Data Protection Strategy Recorded: May 17 2017 59 mins
    Jason Iehl
    Protecting against the loss of critical data should be one of the highest priorities of business and IT leaders today. Losing even small amounts of such data due to a network outage, systems failure, security breach, natural disaster or some other cause can result in significant damage for companies.
    This second edition of our Security and Privacy webinar series will discuss how to safeguard your data and business-critical applications across the enterprise and hybrid cloud. You’ll learn how to quickly recover from outages, maintain the availability of critical applications, and securely back up data to any cloud. Discover how to achieve near-instant recovery from failures with zero data loss.
  • Solving the Public Cloud Problem: NetApp Private Storage as a Service Recorded: Dec 15 2016 54 mins
    Jeff Eckard, Matt Wallace
    NetApp Private Storage as a Service Fueled by Faction

    The new era of hybrid cloud is here. According to IDC, 80% of enterprises will commit to a hybrid cloud architecture by 2017.

    And that’s not the five-year projection. That’s one month from now.

    The good news for these companies is that it is now easier than ever to leverage public cloud resources from titans like Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM SoftLayer, and Microsoft Azure to accelerate development and increase agility.

    The bad news? Public clouds may pose concerns over security, compliance, cost, and vendor lock-in that make them hard to fully embrace.

    NetApp Private Storage (NPS) as a Service Fueled by Faction solves the public cloud problem by providing pay-as-you-go private, enterprise storage with multicloud access to AWS, IBM SoftLayer, and Azure.

    Join speakers from NetApp and Faction to learn how this unique joint offering solves the public cloud problem and accelerates your transition to the hybrid cloud.

    Jeff Eckard, Senior Director, NPS Engineering

    Matt Wallace, VP Product Management and Product Development
  • Why the Cloud is Critical to Your Competitive Advantage Recorded: Oct 12 2016 61 mins
    Curtis Price, Jarod Rodriguez, Harold Smith
    Why’s everyone looking to cloud for their competitive advantage? Find out on October 12 as IDC, NetApp and IBM join forces to discuss the latest trends and technologies in cloud computing. Find out how your business can benefit, the kind of workloads that are best suited for cloud, and how enterprise organizations have already made the switch.

    You’ll hear about NetApp and IBM’s vision for a Data Fabric that weaves all cloud together into one interoperable IT environment. And discover what makes IBM SoftLayer a compelling option for your enterprise storage needs.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to find out how you can enhance your organization’s flexibility, agility and cost-effectiveness through cloud computing.

    Presented by:

    Curtis Price, Program Vice President for Infrastructure Services, IDC

    Jarod Rodriguez, Hybrid Cloud Architect – North America, NetApp

    Harold Smith, Vice President of System Engineering, IBM SoftLayer
  • Six Ways Service Providers Can Simplify Automation and Orchestration Initiatives Recorded: Jul 14 2016 58 mins
    Richard Hardy, Matt Robinson
    Curious about how best to use automation and orchestration for storage service offerings? Or wondering how best to develop a self-service catalog for storage services? How about pricing those services?

    Wonder and worry no more. We’ve got the answers to these questions and many more.

    On July 14, we’re clearing all the confusion around automation and orchestration for storage systems.

    Find out how these technologies are already reshaping customer expectations, and hear how Service Providers have found success. We’ll examine how to ensure you build the services customers want, price them to maximize your ROI, and monitor performance to strengthen customer loyalty and retention.

    Presented by:

    Richard Hardy - SE Director and Chief Architect, U.S. Service Providers

    Matt Robinson - CTO Ambassador, Service Provider Architect
  • Building a Service Provider Hosted Cloud Recorded: Apr 6 2016 60 mins
    John McAuley and Ron Penna
    Building a Service Provider Hosted Cloud, Powered by Cisco, NetApp, and Microsoft

    Looking to capture the cloud opportunity while reducing cost and risk? Join us on April 6 to learn how NetApp, Cisco, and Microsoft are partnering to deliver the next-generation, ready-to-deploy architecture that enables Cloud Service Providers to quickly monetize new cloud offerings with pre-packaged services.

    Attend this webcast to learn how to:

    - Grow your data center and cloud business with Cisco Cloud Architecture for the Microsoft Cloud Platform
    - Create enhanced storage services that differentiate your IaaS offerings
    - Capitalize on the expansive Microsoft footprint to drive data center revenue
    - Provide a world-class suite of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services that you are able to build on top of to cross-sell and up-sell


    John McAuley, Sr. Product Manager, NetApp
    Ron Penna, Senior Offer Manager, Cloud and Business Services, Cisco Systems
  • Service Tiers Demystified: How to Optimize Performance and Pricing Recorded: Mar 3 2016 34 mins
    Richard Hardy, Evan Miller
    On March 3, NetApp will show service providers our best-kept secrets for creating clearly defined and enforceable service levels on virtualized storage infrastructure—with an ideal financial model to match.

    Learn how aligning service levels and applications can cut costs up to 50% while improving performance and agility, the details behind our proven model for cost-optimized performance, and much more.

    Presented by:

    Richard Hardy - SE Director and Chief Architect, Service Providers

    Evan Miller - Senior Manager and Executive Enterprise Architect, Service Design Architect Team
  • Transcend the Cloud: How You—And Your Customers—Benefit From Data Fabric Recorded: Jan 20 2016 60 mins
    Joe CaraDonna, Richard Hardy
    When data moves freely between clouds and on-premises environments, good things happen. Especially for those in the service provider business.

    Hear how Data Fabric delivers the ability to enable more flexibility and agility for your customers—and grow your business as a result.

    We’ll share recent customer case studies and expert opinions on how our approach to cloud storage can help your organization better meet customer needs and stand out from your competition.
  • Control of Your Data is Control of Your Business Recorded: Aug 18 2015 55 mins
    Eric Tornwall, NetApp; Jerry Gutierrez, IBM; Michael O'Neill, NVIDIA, Jason Danielson, NetApp
    When you take rendering horsepower to the cloud with our accelerated, platform-as-a-service virtual desktop infrastructure, the possibilities are endless. And each one involves seamless performance, lower capital costs, rapid on-boarding, and reliable security—with lightning-fast storage, optimized networking, and cutting-edge rendering. Discover how to enable even the most graphically intense tasks from anywhere in this webcast.
Revolutionize your data management strategy
Regardless of your company's data management needs, the NetApp America's BrightTalk channel has something for everyone.

Worried about your expanding data storage needs? Not sure how your data is protected? Tired of worrying about scalability? We can help.

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  • Title: Control of Your Data is Control of Your Business
  • Live at: Aug 18 2015 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Eric Tornwall, NetApp; Jerry Gutierrez, IBM; Michael O'Neill, NVIDIA, Jason Danielson, NetApp
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