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Drive Disruptive Innovation at Scale with Artificial Intelligence

With the whirlwind pace of artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technology, many enterprises are challenged with how to advance new AI projects from proof of concept to production. Join the webcast “Drive Disruptive Innovation at Scale with AI” and find out how you can enable a secure and smooth flow of data for your AI workflows, from edge to core to cloud.

You will hear directly from three leading experts: Monty Barlow from Cambridge Consultants, Ritu Jyoti from IDC, and Santosh Rao from NetApp.

They will discuss how you can:
•Build a successful deep learning pipeline, whether in the cloud or on-premises
•Discover lessons learned from industry case studies, including automotive, retail, and healthcare
•Scale infrastructure to keep pace with your data-hungry AI applications
Recorded Nov 6 2018 48 mins
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Presented by
Monty Barlow @ Cambridge Consultants | Ritu Jyoti @ IDC | Santosh Rao @ NetApp
Presentation preview: Drive Disruptive Innovation at Scale with Artificial Intelligence

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  • Turbocharge your Business Applications with NVMeoF and Persistent Memory​ Feb 20 2020 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Michael Pepper
    This presentation is an overview of ONTAP SAN offerings around NVMe. It covers current NVMe-oF offerings, explaining what they are and the benefits provided to customers that adopt them. In addition to covering NVMe attached storage, it also covers NVMe-oF AND MAX Data. In addition it offers a preview of All SAN Array, once again providing a high-level overview of the ASA product. The presentation begins with some context around ONTAP’s market position and also mentions a new SAN startup services offering from NetApp Professional Services.
  • Enterprise Applications on NetApp AFF SAN​ Feb 4 2020 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jeff Steiner
    The foundation of any enterprise application is a storage platform that delivers maximum availability with maximum performance. Features such as convenient backups or online cloning are helpful, but aren't usable unless the foundation itself is enterprise-class.

    This session will review the core features of a NetApp AFF SAN from a reliability and performance perspective, looking at a complete enterprise application environment. Most important, this means nonstop data availability, including recovery from catastrophic controller failures, code upgrades, and complete hardware refreshes. AFF systems deliver six 9s of availability. You can do online migration, and even complete hardware array upgrades, non-disruptively. We'll also cover disaster recovery scenarios, where datasets must be replicated to a remote location (including the cloud), as well as performance and recovery scenarios. Finally, we'll discuss the benefits of NVMe/FC, your next-generation SAN, now available on NetApp ONTAP.
  • NetApp Solutions for Oracle Databases​ Jan 23 2020 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jeff Steiner
    Coming Soon - NetApp Solutions for Oracle Databases​
  • Leading the path of innovations with the #1 converged infrastructure Jan 21 2020 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Christophe Deschamps, Cisco Technical Solution Architect & Hermann Wedlich, NetApp Business Development
    Digital transformation is driving new applications and consumption models that are shaping enterprise IT infrastructure strategies. IT needs to deliver applications, both new and traditional, faster than ever before. The business will not wait, and users demand a proven, simplified experience. The public cloud is now a requirement, and the capability for on-premises resources to be connected with a portfolio of clouds (public, SaaS, etc.) to optimize cost, performance, SLAs, etc., is crucial for success.

    In this multicloud world, IT teams need to be able to easily deploy and manage applications in multiple data center, private cloud, and public cloud environments. These trends are driving the need for new platforms and solutions with secure connectivity, accelerated computing, multicloud orchestration, and operational analytics capabilities.

    FlexPod integrates the latest innovations from Cisco and NetApp, helping IT unleash the potential of your data and accelerate the delivery of modern applications with a trusted platform for innovation that is tailored to meet the needs of your business and unmatched versatility to support your multicloud strategy.

    The webcast takes place on January 21, 2020 at 14:00 CET. You will learn how FlexPod delivers the right specifications for key use cases such as SAP, AI, Hybrid IT (including just released the entry level C190 solution for small and medium enterprises), DevOps, and Security.
  • IT Innovationen erfolgreich umsetzen - mit der #1 der konvergenten Infrastruktur Jan 21 2020 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Christophe Deschamps, Cisco Technical Solution Architect & Hermann Wedlich, NetApp Business Development
    Heute ist fast jedes Unternehmen dabei, seine internen Geschäftsprozesse und die externe Interaktion mit seinen Kunden und Lieferanten digital zu verändern. Unternehmen versuchen, die richtige IT-Basis zu finden und zu implementieren, um diesen anspruchsvollen Herausforderungen gerecht zu werden und zu überleben. Seit vielen Jahren liefern NetApp und Cisco diesen Kunden erfolgreich die konvergente Architektur Nr. 1, das "Swiss Knife of the IT": FlexPod. Diese hochflexible, Cloud vernetzte, konvergente Infrastruktur unterstützt perfekt die Anforderungen der neuen Workloads und Frameworks vor Ort, in der Cloud oder beidem. NetApp und Cisco freuen sich, Sie zu einem Webcast einzuladen.

    In diesem Webcast am 21. January 2020 um 11:00 CET erfahren Sie, wie FlexPod die richtigen Spezifikationen für wichtige Anwendungsfälle wie SAP, AI, Hybrid IT (inklusive der KMU Lösung FP C190), DevOps und Security liefert, die Markteinführungszeit verkürzt und die Kosten für die Wirtschaftlichkeit moderner Workloads reduziert.

    "FlexPod hat sich zu einer zukunftsweisenden, konvergierten Infrastrukturplattform der nächsten Generation entwickelt, die sich ideal für moderne Workloads wie KI/ML, Container, DevOps und Big Data und Analytics eignet."
    Quelle: IDC whitepaper 2019, Agile and Efficient — How FlexPod Drives Data Center Modernization
  • Why SAP Runs Better on NetApp Cloud Storage​ Jan 9 2020 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Nils Bauer. SAP Competence Center Manager
    Coming Soon - Why SAP runs better on netapp cloud storage
  • Turbocharge Your Applications with Persistent Memory Jan 9 2020 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    NetApp and Initel
    Traditional IT infrastructure cannot keep up with the vast amounts of data that must be analyzed and shared in real time. NetApp® MAX Data server software changes the game for companies that want to reap the full benefits of Intel Optane DC persistent memory right away. No rewriting of applications is required, because MAX Data is a seamless, plug-and-play software solution. NetApp has created a software layer right on the application server that makes the features of Intel Optane DC persistent memory—including data persistence in App Direct Mode—available to all the applications on the server.

    Join us for this live webcast on Thursday, January 9 at 10 a.m. Pacific Time / 1 p.m. Eastern Time to hear about use cases that require ultralow latency or the ability to support huge datasets.

    We'll discuss NetApp MAX Data and Intel Optane DC persistent memory, a new memory technology in a DIMM form factor that meets the need for speed and enables a new cost-effective memory tier for managing large datasets.
  • Your SAP Applications Belong on NetApp​ Dec 17 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Kirsten Nelson and Roland Wartenberg
    Find out why your NetApp Data Fabric is the place to deliver SAP applications. We will start with an overview of NetApp’s nearly 20 years of collaboration with SAP. Then we will show you NetApp solutions for digital transformation, AI and intelligent enterprise initiatives, modernizing your data center with SAP Data Hub, SAP HANA. With the best portfolio, the largest range of hybrid solutions, multi-cloud options, built-in data protection, plus a simple and consistent toolset, NetApp solutions for SAP help you accelerate projects, simplify operations, and future-proof your enterprise applications. We will cover the breadth of cloud options—including public cloud, HCI, and private cloud, as well as on-premises SAN solutions for SAP. Finally, because many customers have not yet migrated to HANA, we will provide some tips and ways NetApp can help with that effort.
  • Become the A.I. Hero of IT Recorded: Dec 5 2019 52 mins
    NetApp and NVIDIA
    Every organization wants to use AI to enhance customer relationships, streamline supply chain, and improve patient care. But most of the industry innovations thus far have happened in the absence of an IT strategy that supports and accelerates the end-to-end lifecycle of AI development and deployment across edge, core and cloud, from prototyping to production. IT leaders now have the opportunity to move beyond the confines of “Shadow AI” and deliver a prescriptive architecture and platform that offers the fastest time-to-insights. Attend this webcast on Thursday, December 5th to hear from NetApp and NVIDIA on how you can become the hero of your company’s AI-powered ambitions.
  • Get Control Over Your Data in Azure: Complete Protection & Efficiency Recorded: Dec 5 2019 38 mins
    Jeff Whitaker; Sr. Manager, Cloud Solutions Marketing; NetApp
    If your business is like most, your success depends on the performance, availability, and protection of data.

    As more companies shift to web-based applications and e-commerce, they increasingly rely on databases running in the cloud to manage and serve their business data. These databases are often at the heart of online transaction processing (OLTP), and slow response times send customers looking elsewhere.

    One particularly complex challenge is with SAP and SAP HANA, which require stringent APIs for their product in-memory database operation. SAP HANA has limited cloud storage solutions that can 1) meet those KPIs and 2) provide expanded value to ensure landscapes are operated efficiently while ensuring data is protected.

    To be successful, you need complete confidence in how your cloud storage operates and is managed. Hear tips about how organizations can save time and money while ensuring important data protection goals are maintained.

    In this webinar, we’ll cover:

    · Tips for addressing data protection, compatibility, integration, and efficiency

    · How IT departments can create and store SAP HANA backups in minutes with no performance impact on the storage system

    · Microsoft and NetApp’s new solution for simplifying data management in Azure
  • Why SAP HANA runs better on ONTAP Recorded: Dec 3 2019 49 mins
    Nils Bauer. SAP Competence Center Manager
    NetApp provides integrated and validated solutions for SAP HANA, which allow to complete your SAP projects in less time with less resources, and lower delivery risk and simplify the daily operational tasks within your SAP landscape. The session will provide an update on current certifications, best practices, and infrastructure solutions for SAP HANA.

    We will also discuss disaster recovery options for SAP HANA, and how customers can use the different NetApp data protection features and products to build a comprehensive disaster recovery solution.A preview on the SnapCenter 4.3 release will cover support of HANA MDC multiple tenant as well as automated discovery and recovery.
    •Understand deployment options and best practices of
    NetApp storage solutions for SAP HANA
    •Understand disaster recover options for SAP HANA
    •Understand SnapCenter roadmap for SAP HANA
  • How to Achieve High Availability in the Cloud Recorded: Nov 25 2019 53 mins
    Host: Yaron Haimsohn - Manager, Solution Architecture at NetApp
    The key to enabling highly available storage in the cloud is to assume that every part of a system will fail at some point and to be prepared. 

    Watch NetApp's cloud experts as they talk about NetApp’s Cloud Volumes ONTAP on AWS support for High Availability.

    Learn how to attain continuous and non-disruptive operations by enabling redundancy of your storage environment.

    Watch this webinar to learn how to:

    _ Be Ready: Attain non-disruptive management of your data in the cloud with multi-node high-availability protection
    _ Be Fast: Automate your processes including high availability deployment, management and data mobility
    _ Be Simple: Establish clear visibility and centralize overall management of your hybrid cloud environment.
    _ Be Efficient: Deliver immediate benefits to your organization: 0 RPO* and  60 seconds RTO*

    *0 Recovery Point Objective (RPO), 60 Seconds Recovery Time Objective (RTO).
  • Digital Transformation - Work Smarter Than Before With NetApp & Google Cloud Recorded: Nov 20 2019 14 mins
    Lena Scaramuzzo, NetApp | Andrew Bird, Panamoure Ltd
    Join this interactive interview with NetApp as we discuss how their new partnership is changing the face of Google Cloud’s capabilities.

    Enabling businesses to move, deploy and manage enterprise applications - including Windows, SAP and Oracle - onto Google Cloud without re-architecting, NetApp’s technology is powering a new flexible, agile and economic cloud solution.

    As of 9am GMT (20th Nov 2019) Google Cloud volumes is generally available and we announced new opportunities between NetApp and Google to enable our customer opportunities.

    Panellist - Lena Scaramuzzo, Director of Business Development - Google Cloud Platform, NetApp

    Moderated by Andrew Bird, Partner & Consulting CTO, Panamoure Ltd
  • How Google and NetApp are Powering the Next Generation of The Data-Driven Cloud Recorded: Nov 20 2019 49 mins
    Dick Dijkstra (Google), Oliver Krause (NetApp) & Donald Wasterfall (NetApp)
    Join this panel discussion with business leaders from NetApp and Google as they discuss why they teamed up to provide a solution to enable businesses to change the world with data.

    With a fully managed file storage service that is integrated into the Google Cloud Platform, the strategic offering is bolstered by multi-protocol support and performance and availability characteristics that are necessary to run enterprise and Windows applications seamlessly.

    Tune in to hear how NetApp and Google have partnered to build the ultimate cloud toolkit that enables businesses to seamlessly manage their data and applications, and how, by unlocking the power of data, NetApp and Google Cloud are helping customers thrive in the age of Digital Transformation.


    Dick Dijkstra, Cloud Technology Partner Lead Northern Europe, Google
    Donald Wasterfall, Google Cloud Lead EMEA, NetApp
    Oliver Krause, Cloud Architect, NetApp

    Moderated by Andrew Bird, Partner & Consulting CTO, Panamoure Ltd
  • Kubernetes in the Cloud Recorded: Nov 19 2019 59 mins
    Paul Burt, Technical Product Marketing Engineer, NetApp
    Developing the right skills to run stateful work on Kubernetes will be key to future cloud deployments. In this DevOps Master Class, you will learn how to incorporate Kubernetes into many iterations of the cloud. We will focus specifically on:

    · How Kubernetes helps in a multicloud or private cloud environment
    · How Kubernetes orchestrates and manages storage
    · How to provide persistence and data protection
    · How to ensure application portability between private and public clouds
  • How to Bring Data Closer to Where You Need It Recorded: Nov 18 2019 60 mins
    Host: Oded Berman - Product Marketing at NetApp, Host: Christopher Hurley - Technical Marketing Engineer at NAS, FlexCache
    Efficient remote active data caching comes to Cloud Volumes ONTAP

    Watch our webinar where we’ll discuss all of the details and use cases of remote active data caching, and the way it efficiently brings data copies closer to compute and users who need to access them.

    This new, powerful caching capability on Cloud Volumes ONTAP provides:
    - Easier and effective global distribution of data.
    - Efficient collaboration across hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.
    - Accelerated data access for remote resources.
    - Increased operational efficiency.
    - Faster development over distributed, siloed work sites.
    - And more.
  • Leveraging the Latest Azure Tools: Migration, Security, & File System Protocols Recorded: Nov 14 2019 31 mins
    Jeff Whitaker; Sr. Manager, Cloud Solutions Marketing; NetApp
    Microsoft and NetApp engineers have worked together for almost 20 years to build data management solutions that simplify life for users in the data center and in the cloud. A prime example of these efforts is the latest storage service from Microsoft. Azure NetApp Files delivers enterprise-grade, scalable, high-performing file storage in the cloud.

    And new updates to Azure NetApp Files provide cloud architects with an even more powerful, fully managed, native file service that’s simple to deploy and doesn’t compromise performance, scale, availability, or resiliency.

    Join the webinar to hear about the latest updates and how you can leverage them to rapidly meet your cloud mandate.

    In this webinar, we’ll cover:

    ·Brand new protocols that help bring more of your Linux applications to Azure

    ·How to use updated integration tools to bring application consistence to you SAP file shares

    ·Global region expansion to address more locations for your data
  • How to Reduce Latency For Your Cloud Workloads Recorded: Nov 11 2019 61 mins
    Host: Oded Berman - Product Marketing at NetApp, Speaker: Danny Tzidony Cloud Solutions Architect at NetApp
    Random-read-intensive workloads, such as OLTP databases, demand high performance, which keeps many companies from moving such workloads to the cloud. Find out how NetApp is changing that with NetApp® Flash Cache for Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

    Watch our webinar to see how Flash Cache intelligent caching enables users of Cloud Volumes ONTAP to achieve better rates of performance than is otherwise possible in the cloud. With intelligent caching, that higher performance comes without spending I/O credits and at lower storage cost.

    Cloud Volumes ONTAP intelligent caching lets you:
    _ Serve a significant amount of I/O from local NVMe storage.
    _ Offload processing from storage volumes, making them more efficient.
    _ Keep data stored on lower-cost storage volumes without performance drop-offs.
  • Enterprise Applications in the Cloud: Meet the Challenges, Reap the Benefits Recorded: Oct 28 2019 33 mins
    Yifat Perry - Product Marketing Manager at NetApp
    Find out about the gains of moving your enterprise application to the cloud and how NetApp® solutions can help you address the challenges involved.

    Learn how enterprises from diverse sectors—finance, telecom, government, technology, healthcare, food, media, and more—have partnered with NetApp for success on their journey to the cloud.

    Learn about the challenges and the benefits of moving enterprise applications to the cloud:

    . How to “lift and shift” enterprise applications to the cloud
    . Increased business agility and innovation in the clouds
    . How to achieve high availability and continuous operation
    . Security of data and Disaster Recovery
    . How to leverage automated data migration services
  • How to Simplify Azure Migration and Accelerate Adoption Recorded: Oct 24 2019 35 mins
    Jeff Whitaker; Sr. Manager, Cloud Solutions Marketing; NetApp
    Did you know that 65% of enterprise workloads are still trapped on-premises? Organizations are pushing to the cloud – or meeting a “cloud mandate” – but are facing challenges moving enterprise file-based workloads, including time spent rearchitecting applications or creating their own self-managed file servers to address file requirements.

    But there’s a simpler way to accelerate Azure migration and adoption. IT departments need a fully managed, native file share service in the cloud. One that is simple to deploy and doesn't compromise performance, scale, availability, and resiliency.

    Hear how organizations can successfully meet a cloud mandate in days or weeks instead of months or years from Jeff Whitaker, Senior Manager of Cloud Data Services Marketing at NetApp.

    In this webinar, we’ll cover:

    · Microsoft and NetApp’s new solution for simplifying Azure migration and adoption

    · Tips for addressing performance, compatibility, and security concerns

    · How IT departments can save hundreds of hours without re-architecting for the cloud
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  • Title: Drive Disruptive Innovation at Scale with Artificial Intelligence
  • Live at: Nov 6 2018 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Monty Barlow @ Cambridge Consultants | Ritu Jyoti @ IDC | Santosh Rao @ NetApp
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