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Search Term Families: Creating, Searching, Browsing, and Driving Analytics

Come join us for a session on all about search term families! We’ll set up a search term family together, see how it speeds up our review in conjunction with list, browse, and map, and use Nuix Discover’s analytics tool for data analysis with search terms.
Recorded Aug 6 2020 60 mins
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Neal Carter
Presentation preview: Search Term Families: Creating, Searching, Browsing, and Driving Analytics

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  • Unlocking Key Case Insights with Analytics Jan 19 2021 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Emily Tice
    Nuix Discover Power User Webinar Series

    Easy to learn, use, and master, Nuix Discover’s visual analytics will quickly become an invaluable part of your daily work as you find hot documents, spot notable case trends, identify gaps in productions, and prepare for depositions or the courtroom. Learn how you can use Nuix Discover's visual analytics to develop case strategies prior to conduction your review.
  • Separating the Chat from the Chatter with Nuix Discover Dec 15 2020 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Emily Tice
    Nuix Discover Power User Webinar Series

    Nuix Discover’s chat and messaging solution gives your team the power to transform indecipherable chat logs into an easy-to-understand and reviewable set of conversations. Free from noise and muddled text strings, Nuix Discover harnesses its powerful color coding and visual review capabilities to allow you to review chat communications just as you would any other document in Nuix Discover. Learn how you can use Nuix Discover to unlock chat data by watching this webinar featuring Nuix Discover expert Emily Tice.
  • Old Dogs, Same Tricks - Nuix Veterans Share Their Favorites Dec 10 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Andy Ward, Matthew Geaghan, Alex Chatzistamatis, & John Bargiel
    Our software has evolved over the years, but many of its core features and functions remain largely unchanged. Because of that, there are some long-standing tips and tricks that Nuix veterans use that have stood the test of time and make every use case in Nuix easier to complete.

    If you’re new to Nuix or a long-time user, you can benefit from these pro tips, many of which aren’t as widely known as they should be. This will be a must-watch as Nuix veterans Matthew Geaghan, Andy Ward, Alex Chatzistamatis, and John Bargiel challenge each other with their knowledge of the software and welcome questions from the audience.
  • Top Five Scripts from the Nuix GitHub! Dec 9 2020 9:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Mike Jackson and Jason Wells
    During this webinar, you'll learn about the Nuix script repository, how to access and download these tools, and watch demonstrations of the top 5 most downloaded scripts by our customers.
  • Guilt: How Do We Prove It? Dec 3 2020 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Malcolm Jeffries
    During this short session, we will discuss some of the digital forensic artifacts that we can pull from our data sets using various techniques available to the Nuix Workstation end user. Within the Nuix training classes we cover various Windows subjects, such as identifying key artifacts that assist us in proving a suspect’s knowledge of the presence of incriminating data.
  • Nuix in AWS – Technical and Financial Optimization Dec 2 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Mike Jackson and Stewart Cooper
    In this session we will be diving into a wide variety of techniques and best practices to maximize your Nuix implementation and minimize your infrastructure costs in the AWS cloud.
  • Performing Communications Analysis with Nuix Investigate Dec 1 2020 4:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Robert O'Leary
    Part of the Nuix Investigate Power User series

    Join Nuix Head of US Government and Corporate Investigations Robert O’Leary as he takes you through an analysis of communications via email, text, chats, and call logs from a series of interconnected mobile phones. See how to use the powerful data visualizations within Nuix Investigate to build and understand the relationships and connections that exist between items, people, and locations.
  • Maximizing Document Production Efficiency Using Renumbering in Nuix Discover Nov 25 2020 11:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Wil Huging & Enzo Lisciotto
    Learn how to maximize the flexibility and reduce costs in your eDiscovery workflows in Nuix Discover. Nuix Customer Success Manager Wil Huging will demonstrate how to use renumbering and document production specifically for the Australian market.

    Many of our Nuix Discover clients across Australia have commented on the ease and speed with which they can apply the Australian numbering format across their cases. In this session, we’ll focus on best practices enabling our clients to build efficiency into their eDiscovery programs.

    Join us to learn:

    - How to utilize the map view for QC before document production
    - Best practices for achieving protocol-compliant exports and productions
    - Load file customization
    - Tricks to take the mystery out of exporting data.
  • Getting Data Out of Nuix Discover from Export to Production Nov 17 2020 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Kristen Litgen
    Nuix Discover Power User Webinar Series

    There are many ways and many reasons to export data from Nuix Discover. In this session we focus on several of the most important use cases and share best practices to quickly and defensibly export and produce data. Nuix Discover Product Owner and subject matter expert Kristen Litgen joins to share some of her tried and true Nuix Discover “data-out” workflows.
  • Take Control of Microsoft O365 Data with Nuix Nov 12 2020 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Alex Chatzistamatis
    More than a million organizations worldwide use Microsoft Office,* generating voluminous O365 data across the enterprise. Join Nuix Senior Principal Enterprise Architect Alex Chatzistamatis as he shows you how to use the new Nuix Microsoft O365 connectors to move evidence from Microsoft Teams, Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive for Business directly into a Nuix case, for rapid review and analysis-- and take control of your organization's Microsoft data.

  • Welcome To Nuix Discover Nov 5 2020 11:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jennifer Luningham
    In this session you’ll learn the essentials of Nuix Discover, the all-in-one platform for the world’s best processing, essential analytics, and smart review. Special attention is focused on visual analytics that quickly reveal the critical details of every project, visual machine learning that leverages your team from 10 to 1000 with proven algorithms-based decision logic based on your subject matter experts’ decisions, and Nuix Discover’s effortless client management features via multi-tenancy, real-time reporting, and workspace flexibility for varied user perspectives.
  • What’s New and What’s Next in Nuix Investigate 8.8 Oct 28 2020 11:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Charles Kline and Kenji Ogama
    The release of Nuix Investigate version 8.8 continues to build a superior user experience for search, review, and analysis. Join Nuix Investigate Product Manager Charles Kline and Nuix Solutions Consultant Kenji Ogama for a look at how some of the features and enhancements available in Nuix Investigate 8.8 can be used to drive collaboration with easy to use access to any of your Nuix Cases.

    Examples will include support for Microsoft Teams chat data, connecting to your Nuix Investigate instance from an external source, such as a custom report. Also, get a sneak peek at enterprise-ready features coming up in Nuix Investigate 9.0 and beyond.
  • Effectively Using Nuix Discover's Search Functionality Recorded: Oct 27 2020 34 mins
    Emily Tice
    Nuix Discover Power User Webinar Series

    Learn how you can easily search across document content, saved searches, assignments, metadata, and document IDs simultaneously using Nuix Discover's industry leading search functionality.
  • Enriching Nuix Processing and Nuix Investigate for Information Governance Recorded: Oct 14 2020 42 mins
    Phil Glod and Arron Hepfer
    This webinar will walk you through a sample information governance workflow, using the following Nuix Workstation and Nuix Investigate components: custom named entities, worker side scripting (for custom auto classification), custom dashboards for information governance, link analysis, and creating reports.
  • Using Nuix Workstation for eDiscovery Recorded: Oct 1 2020 56 mins
    Jessica Solano
    Using Nuix Workstation for eDiscovery

    In this short overview, we will take a quick look at a few of the concepts and analytics that will be discussed in Nuix Training to mimic a Nuix eDiscovery workflow from beginning to end. In training, we will explore what happens when you receive data, how to get it into Nuix, and how we can use techniques in Nuix to analyze, search, and cull data all the way to a production and legal export.
  • Best Practices for Nuix Discover Ingestions Recorded: Sep 24 2020 63 mins
    Jamie Inghram, Brian Miklos
    Nuix Discover Power User Webinar Series

    Nuix Discover Ingestions guru Jamie Inghram shares his tried and true practices for efficiently and effectively getting data into Nuix Discover. Watch this session to achieve faster upload times and optimize data organization.
  • Best Practices for Nuix Discover Ingestions Recorded: Sep 22 2020 46 mins
    Jamie Inghram, Brian Miklos
    Nuix Discover Power User Webinar Series

    Nuix Discover Ingestions guru Jamie Inghram shares his tried and true practices for efficiently and effectively getting data into Nuix Discover. Watch this session to achieve faster upload times and optimize data organization.
  • Controlled Collaboration Using Group Permissions Recorded: Sep 17 2020 29 mins
    Gareth Bernard
    Nuix Investigate Power User webinar series

    Digital investigations are often massive in scale and evidence volume, requiring the collaborative work of multiple investigators and analysts. Nuix Investigate contains robust user management and role-based settings so that case contributors can access the functionality that applies to their specific skill set and view any case the way that best makes sense to them. Join this webinar to see how groups can be set up and administered within Nuix Investigate to give people unique views and functionality, and what those groups look like in practice.
  • Let the Data Tell the Story Recorded: Sep 3 2020 47 mins
    Malcolm Jeffries
    In this short session, we will look at a few of the concepts and analytics that will be discussed in Nuix Training to mimic a Nuix investigation workflow from initial strategy through to the preparation of the relevant evidential data. In training, we further explore the workflow from receipt of the data and how we use various techniques to analyze, search, and cull data all the way to a production for court.
  • Learn About Our Free Trial of Nuix Discover SaaS! Recorded: Sep 2 2020 40 mins
    Emily Tice & Matthew Geaghan
    Nuix Discover SaaS has revolutionized how legal teams perform eDiscovery. In addition to the reduction in IT costs, seamless upgrades, and improved usability, this deployment option makes it easy to try and evaluate competing solutions! After several years of providing trials (supervised and unsupervised) of Nuix Discover, Emily Tice, Vice President of Customer Experience and Matthew Geaghan, Head of Legal Sales, know how organizations can get the most out of their trial experience.

    In this webinar they will cover:

    • Preparing for the trial
    • The Nuix Discover SaaS UI
    • How to look at your first assignment
    • How to search and browse the data
    • Favorite review features
    • How to visualize data with Document Mapper
    • The most frequently asked questions before, during, and after a trial.
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  • Live at: Aug 6 2020 10:00 pm
  • Presented by: Neal Carter
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