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Detect & Resolve 5 Common Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop Performance Challenges

Peak performance and a positive user experience are the keys to the success of Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop deployments to virtualize your applications and desktops. When application slowness occurs - and users notice - productivity and business revenue can be negatively impacted.

Watch this webinar to learn how to optimize your virtualized Citrix infrastructure for peak performance and end user satisfaction as the five most common performance problems and best practices are discussed.
Recorded Aug 7 2015 58 mins
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Presented by
Bala Vaidhinathan, CTO, eG Innovations
Presentation preview: Detect & Resolve 5 Common Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop Performance Challenges

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  • How To Achieve Single Pane of Glass Performance Management Recorded: Feb 14 2018 56 mins
    John Worthington,Director of Product Marketing, eG Innovations
    Achieving a single pane of glass for performance management has been an elusive goal, as organizations are faced with an increasingly complex mix of legacy, virtual and cloud technologies, as well as emerging operating models and evolving roles/skillsets.

    But, monitoring the performance of digital business services demands more than visibility to just the end user experience, applications, or the underlying infrastructure. It requires an ability to automatically anticipate and isolate performance issues across a heterogeneous mix of technologies, devices and suppliers.

    Digital business services are how end users experience IT, and that is how IT services must be managed. Achieving unified performance management will continue to be elusive until all stakeholders are aligned with this approach.

    Join this webinar, as John Worthington, Director of Product Marketing at eG innovations, details some best practices for achieving the single pane of glass vision. Attendees will receive the related White Paper, "Best Practices for Achieving Transparency in Digital Business Services Monitoring".

    In this webinar, you will:
    -Learn how monitoring can be leveraged in continuous improvement and other transformative change programs
    -See how converged APM/IPM can accelerate achievement of a single point of glass for performance monitoring
    -Identify some best practices you can apply for achieving unified monitoring and improving organizational transparency
  • Get Total Visibility into Microsoft IT Services through a Single Pane of Glass Recorded: Nov 15 2017 49 mins
    John Worthington, Product Management Director, eG Innovations
    Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) allows system and application administrators to monitor operations, services, devices and applications within an enterprise through a single console. This single pane of glass can simplify operations, but monitoring the performance of end-to-end digital business services requires more than aggregating measurement data using multiple management packs.

    From a performance management perspective, unified monitoring is most effective when there’s a single source of actionable truth; it moves us away from diagnosis-related activities and toward collaborating on how to establish self-healing properties when that diagnosis is identified. Not only is this more cost-effective, it’s a more “unifying” activity than troubleshooting.

    A single pane of glass without an understanding of end-to-end IT service dependencies may just lead to more alert fatigue-- little actionable information due to lack of effective correlation and root cause diagnosis. The results are long problem isolation and diagnosis cycles, resulting in poor user experience and increased IT operation costs.

    Join us for this webinar as John Worthington, Director of Product Marketing at eG Innovations, demonstrates how you can achieve end-to-end performance monitoring of Microsoft IT services such as SharePoint, Exchange or custom .Net applications--even if those IT services incorporate non-Microsoft components or cloud services—and unify Microsoft SCOM at the same time.
  • How Performance Management can Drive Growth & Loyalty: An Allscripts Case Study Recorded: Oct 11 2017 61 mins
    John Worthington, Director of Product Management at eG Innovations and Mike Montano, CDO of Strategy at Allscripts
    In a fast-moving, 24/7 healthcare environment, doctors and nurses cannot afford any impediments to delivering the best possible patient care. To ensure that the hospitals, physicians, nurses and other care providers it serves receive the best client experience possible, Allscripts offers a proactive application monitoring service that checks for potential problems that could slow down or disrupt the use of its mission-critical healthcare IT systems.

    Initially launched in 2006, the proactive support offering monitors clients’ IT infrastructure and use of Allscripts solutions. Since its introduction, Allscripts has been able to improve client experiences in a way that has had a significant impact on business growth and client retention.
  • Why You Should Monitor IT Service Performance in Pre-Production Environments Recorded: Sep 27 2017 41 mins
    John Worthington, Director of Product Management at eG Innovations
    A converged APM/IPM solution can facilitate true root-cause analysis from an end-to-end IT service management (ITSM) perspective, inclusive of both supporting and customer-facing IT services, as well as across multiple service lifecycle stages. In addition, by having all service team members share an easy-to-use interface that is tailored to each of their requirements minimizes learning curves, enhances operational efficiency and ensures user satisfaction by providing a production-grade monitor to IT staff that are working in staging environments.

    Attend this webinar to discover how a converged APM/IPM solution can be leveraged effectively in pre-production to eliminate bottlenecks in testing, delays, re-work or increased deployment risk.
  • How to Achieve Converged, Integrated Application & Infrastructure Monitoring Recorded: Aug 8 2017 60 mins
    Srinivas Ramanathan, CEO, eG Innovations
    Troubleshooting slow application problems is one of the toughest challenges that IT organizations face in today's web-based, cloud-driven and dynamic environments. Given the distributed and inter-dependent nature of application frameworks, tracking just the application up/down status and basic CPU and memory utilization metrics is not sufficient anymore. IT administrators need visibility of the real user experience, code-level insights into transaction processing and real-time analysis of the health of the supporting infrastructure.
    Historically, IT organizations have been using different tools for monitoring the application and infrastructure tiers. Lack of integration, need for manual analysis, and expert-intensive troubleshooting have been some of the drawbacks of such a multi-tool strategy. Join us for this webinar to discover how converged application and infrastructure performance monitoring can be achieved to:

    -Provide a one-stop solution for unified and integrated performance visibility of the application and infrastructure tiers
    -Proactively detect user experience issues before online business is impacted
    -Trace business transactions and isolate the exact cause of application slowness
    -Get code-level visibility to identify inefficient application code and slow database queries
    -Automatically map application dependencies within the infrastructure to pinpoint the root cause of the problem
  • The Importance of Monitoring for ITSM and DevOps Recorded: Jul 25 2017 47 mins
    John Worthington, Product Management Director at eG Innovations
    IT transformation is less about going from one point to another than it is about making the whole greater than the sum of its parts. The historical fragmentation of IT monitoring limits visibility and transparency, often at critical times during a transformation journey.

    Join us for this ITSM Academy webinar where John Worthington, Product Management Director at eG Innovations will outline what IT transformation is all about, what IT monitoring is and why it's important to ITSM and DevOps as well as how you can leverage monitoring as part of a successful IT transformation program.
  • Best Practices for Delivering a Great Citrix User Experience Recorded: Jul 19 2017 72 mins
    Bala Vaidhinathan,CTO of eG Innovations, Giri Sonty, EUC Evangelist& CUGC NY/NJ Metro Leader, Manjunatha Gali of Citrix Ready
    Today, there are a multitude of ways to deliver applications to end users – traditionally via on-premise infrastructures, on mobile devices and from the cloud. With the growing diversity of services delivered comes increased complexity of interconnected platforms and their management.

    Join us for the webinar where Manjunatha Gali, Technical Marketing Manager at Citrix Ready, Bala Vaidhinathan, CTO of eG Innovations, and Giri Sonty, EUC Evangelist & CUGC NY/NJ Metro Leader, will discuss real-world performance management scenarios, how traditional troubleshooting and problem isolation are no longer sufficient in a multi-delivery, multi-client virtualized Citrix delivery environment, and the methods and capabilities you need to stay ahead.
  • Citrix Monitoring Tools | What Are My Options & How Do I Choose Recorded: Jul 11 2017 63 mins
    Rob Beekmans, Solutions Architect at PQR
    Organizations are looking for the right tools to monitor their Citrix farms. However, this is no easy task. There are several tools available in the market today - some from Citrix itself such as Director and NetScaler MAS, and others from third-party vendors like eG Innovations, Goliath Technologies, ControlUp, and more. Before investing in a Citrix monitoring tool, Citrix administration teams must be well-informed of what each of these tools is capable of, what use cases they serve, and their benefits and shortcomings.

    View (or join us for) this webinar as Rob Beekmans, Solutions Architect at PQR gives a vendor-neutral analysis of various monitoring tools with the objective of making you aware of the available options, and helping you choose the best monitoring tool for your Citrix deployment. Be informed, choose wisely!
  • Realize Unified Cloud Monitoring | The Devil's in the Details Recorded: Jun 28 2017 46 mins
    John Worthington, Director of Product Marketing of eG Innovations
    While there are many products that claim to provide cloud monitoring, the level of granularity provided by different solutions can vary significantly. But the devil’s in the details; the granularity provided by your performance monitoring solution will directly impact your ability to automatically diagnose performance issues before users are impacted.

    Join us for this webinar where John Worthington, Director of Product Marketing at eG Innovations discusses how managing private, public, and traditional data centers all together is no longer possible with multiple disparate monitors. Organizations must find a way to unify monitoring to successfully migrate digital business services to tomorrow’s hybrid cloud environments.

    You will discover how to:

    - Determine the critical requirements for assuring the performance of your digital business services as you migrate to the cloud
    - Learn the difference between universal and unified monitoring and how it can help you assure cross-cloud delivery of critical IT services
    - Validate a solid unified cloud monitoring solution with a demonstration and best practice features/functionality
  • How to Avoid the Top 7 Mistakes Made When Managing Citrix Performance Recorded: Jun 6 2017 67 mins
    Raymond Otero, Manager of End-User Computing, Anexinet; Srinivas Ramanathan, CEO, eG Innovations
    With Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop being two of the most critical and performance-sensitive applications used in enterprise networks today, Citrix performance management is of vital importance for a positive user experience and business continuity.

    Join us for this webinar where we will discuss the top seven mistakes that IT professional make when managing their Citrix-based services as well as the best practices to address and avoid these mistakes to ensure positive user experiences and business operations.

    You will discover how:

    - Performance management is no longer just about monitoring CPU, memory and disk resources
    - When a user complains that "Citrix is slow", it is not always a Citrix issue
    - Built-in tools provided in the Citrix stack are useful, but not always sufficient for managing performance end-to-end
    - Virtual desktops are VMs, but you can't confidently use monitoring tools you've used for virtual servers to monitor virtual desktops
    - You don't always have to involve your experts in problem diagnosis
    - Performance management is more than just about troubleshooting problems
    - You shouldn’t worry about performance management just after you have deployed the Citrix infrastructure
  • How to Ensure Top Enterprise Application Performance & Service Management Recorded: May 17 2017 62 mins
    Bala Vaidhinathan, CTO of eG Innovations and Simon Ritter, Deputy CTO of Azul Systems
    From pilot to production, eG Enterprise empowers enterprise organizations to deliver a better user experience and increased ROI by delivering comprehensive, converged performance management of Java application services. With optimized Java platforms delivered through Zing, Azul Systems enables Java-based businesses to focus on functionality and long-term lower operating costs rather than daily firefighting. Together, eG Enterprise and Azul Systems offer a proven Java environment designed to optimize the deployment, management, and scale of Java application services.

    Join us for this webinar where Bala Vaidhinathan, CTO of eG Innovations and Simon Ritter, Deputy CTO of Azul Systems will present how:

    - Java Application Service Management can be simplified and made more cost-effective, while delivering a better user experience
    - eG Enterprise enhancements provide insights into Java applications running on the Zing runtime
    - eG Enterprise and Azul Zing working together in a production Java installation can reduce costs, optimize deployments and deliver optimum user satisfaction
  • Application & Infrastructure Convergence: Meeting Demands from DevOps & ITSM Recorded: Apr 12 2017 51 mins
    John Worthington, Product Director, eG Innovations
    What leaves visibility gaps and demands higher levels of time and expertise from IT professionals? Having different consoles for application code visibility vs. IT infrastructure management. The convergence of application and infrastructure monitoring offers significant opportunities to drive IT transformation using IT service management, DevOps and/or a combination of both.

    Join us for this webinar, ‘Closing the Visibility Gap | How to Combine Application & Infrastructure Monitoring to Accelerate IT Transformation ‘, the first of a ‘shift-left’ series that will highlight how you can meet the emerging requirements across both the ITSM and DevOps lifecycles.

    In it, you will discover how to:

    - Get a baseline of monitoring in an IT transformational context based on ITSM and DevOps
    - Find out how converged application and infrastructure visibility can help accelerate IT transformation efforts with ITSM, DevOps or both
    - Understand how monitoring can accelerate cultural change and accelerate IT value delivery to the business without flying blind
  • Network, Database or Storage? Why Your Apps are Running Slow & How to Fix Them Recorded: Mar 28 2017 59 mins
    Frank Ohlhorst, Enterprise IT Analyst & Consultant and Srinivas Ramanathan, CEO of eG Innovations
    IT performance management isn’t about monitoring CPU, memory or disk space any more. One of the toughest application performance challenges for any IT administrator is when a user says "my application is slow". You have to be able to quickly determine what the real cause of the problem is - is it in the network, the database, the application, storage? The fact that applications are using multi-tier architectures and being deployed in cloud and virtualized infrastructures only adds to the challenge.

    Join us for this webinar where Frank Ohlhorst, Enterprise IT Analyst & Consultant and Srinivas Ramanathan, CEO of eG Innovations, will discuss the best practices for troubleshooting and prevention so even before a user complains their application is slow, you can pinpoint exactly where the cause of a problem lies – ensuring quick resolution and a positive user experience.
  • Choosing the Best Approach for Monitoring Citrix User Experience Recorded: Mar 9 2017 64 mins
    Srinivas Ramanathan, CEO of eG Innovations
    Choosing the Best Approach for Monitoring Citrix User Experience: Should You Monitor from the Network, Server or Client?

    A great user experience is key for the success of any Citrix application virtualization or desktop virtualization initiative. To ensure user satisfaction and productivity, Citrix administrators should monitor the user experience proactively, detect times when users are likely to be seeing slowness, pinpoint the cause of such issues and initiate corrective actions to quickly resolve issues, thereby ensuring user satisfaction and productivity.

    A key question is where should the monitoring of the Citrix infrastructure be performed from - the network, the server infrastructure, or from the client?

    In this webinar you will:

    Learn about the different approaches to Citrix user experience monitoring, their benefits and shortcomings
    Hear about a hybrid approach that provides the most cost-effective yet comprehensive monitoring for a Citrix server farm
    See a live demonstration of the hybrid Citrix monitoring approach and its ability to cover all aspects of Citrix user experience
  • How to Leverage Application Monitoring for Enterprise Cloud Infrastructures Recorded: Feb 21 2017 59 mins
    Bala Vaidhinathan, CTO of eG Innovations Tommy Gustaveson, Alliance Manager, Nutanix
    With comprehensive end-to-end network monitoring and an industry-leading Enterprise Cloud Platform, learn how you can elevate IT making the hyper-converged infrastructure invisible and empower your organization to focus on what matters most – application performance.

    Together, Nutanix and eG Innovations offer a fully validated, hypervisor-agnostic platform designed to optimize the deployment, management, and scale of virtual desktop infrastructure environments. The goal? To avoid performance degradation and deliver the best user experience.

    In this webinar, you will discover how eG Innovations and Nutanix are collaborating to:

    - Make Citrix VDI more simple, cost-effective, and hypervisor-agnostic
    - Correlate application and virtualization performance to pinpoint and solve the root cause of performance problems
    - Deliver optimal VDI User Experience using enhanced monitoring and management for Citrix VDI deployments
    - Get insights to optimize and right-size your Nutanix infrastructure, avoid downtime and improve datacenter efficiency, invest wisely and reduce the cost and complexity of IT operations management
  • How to Increase Performance & UX of your Virtual Desktops & Applications Recorded: Feb 8 2017 64 mins
    Bala Vaidhinathan, CTO of eG Innovations
    A great user experience is key for the success of any application virtualization or desktop virtualization initiative. Slow logons, session disconnects and screen freezes are just some of the performance issues that might affect user experience when virtualizing environments.

    With increased adoption of VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructures) projected in the next few years, users expect - and demand – that the performance of their virtual applications and desktops match, if not exceed, the performance of their physical applications and desktops. To ensure the success of such IT transformation initiatives, IT managers must be able to monitor and manage the user experience to ensure optimal user satisfaction and productivity.

    Join us for this webinar where Bala Vaidhinathan, CTO of eG Innovations, will discuss how you can monitor and manage the experience of your Citrix users to guarantee Citrix virtualization success.
  • How to Monitor & Manage Java Apps & Infrastructure Performance for Better UX Recorded: Jan 18 2017 67 mins
    Bala Vaidhinathan, CTO of eG Innovations
    Citrix application infrastructures are very performance sensitive. A small problem anywhere in your infrastructure can quickly lead to frustrated users complaining to the help desk that “Citrix is slow” or "not working”. You then have to spend hours finding out where the real problem lies before you can resolve it and restore a positive user experience. Is it really a Citrix issue, or is the issue actually originating somewhere else in the infrastructure – i.e., the network, application, virtual platform, storage, etc.?

    Join us for this webinar where Bala Vaidhinathan, CTO of eG Innovations, will discuss:

    - how you can extend Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) to monitor and manage Citrix infrastructures end to end,
    - when a user complains that Citrix is slow, you can pinpoint exactly where the cause of the problem lies
  • Applications Running Slow? 5 Monitoring Best Practices to Deliver a Great UX Recorded: Dec 6 2016 67 mins
    Bala Vaidhinathan, CTO of eG Innovations
    Java application slowdowns are so frequent these days that they cost businesses twice as much as actual downtime. When slowness occurs, IT managers often do not have sufficient visibility and insight to quickly determine what caused, and how to resolve, the issue. Is it due to the network, the database, application code, virtualization or storage?

    Join us for this webinar and Bala Vaidhinathan, CTO of eG Innovations, as they present a multi-dimensional approach to performance monitoring and diagnosis that is necessary for ensuring that your Java applications are performing effectively – ensuring quick resolution and a positive user experience.
  • The 2016 Citrix Performance Management Survey: Results and Analysis Recorded: Nov 9 2016 66 mins
    Doug Brown, Founder of DABCC, Srinivas Ramanathan, CEO of eG Innovations
    Over the last decade, the Citrix portfolio of solutions has dramatically expanded to include Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop, XenServer, XenMobile, Sharefile and Workspace Cloud. In addition, Flexwork and telework, BYOD, mobile workspaces, PC refresh alternatives and remote partner access are now common user paradigms that are all supported by Citrix technologies.

    To address this, environments need to be well architected but also well monitored and managed to identify and diagnose problems early on and prevent issues from escalating and impacting end users and business processes. Join us for this webinar where Doug Brown, founder of DABCC, and Srinivas Ramanathan, CEO of eG Innovations, discuss the results and implications of the 2nd-annual Citrix Performance Management Survey which was designed to explore the current state of Citrix performance management to help Citrix users better understand current challenges, technology choices and best practices in the Citrix community.
  • Virtual Desktop & Citrix Infrastructure: A Performance Management Toolkit Recorded: Oct 19 2016 69 mins
    Bala Vaidhinathan, CTO of eG Innovations
    Citrix and Virtual Desktop infrastructures (VDI) are highly performance sensitive. Slow logons, session disconnects and screen freezes are just some of the performance issues that Citrix administrators have to deal with. To deliver the best user experience, administrators must be able to proactively detect and resolve performance issues, before they become business impacting. And when problems do occur, Citrix administrators must be able to quickly determine where the root-cause lies: Is it in the storage, hypervisor, network, delivery controller, provisioning servers, XenApp and/or XenDesktop VDAs, database, or StoreFront? Diverse back-end applications, remote network connections, client capabilities can also add to the challenge of desktop virtualization.

    What are the 5 ‘Must Haves’ you need in your Citrix Performance Management Toolkit, so you can proactively manage your Citrix infrastructure, detect and resolve performance issues quickly and deliver the best end-user experience? Join this presentation by Bala Vaidhinathan, CTO of eG Innovations for these 5 ‘Must Have’ tools for Citrix performance management:

    1) Citrix logon tracker and simulator
    2) Pro-active problem detector
    3) End-to-end performance correlator
    4) Help Desk assistant
    5) Real-time performance and capacity aggregator
Webinars that help IT professionals get performance answers
Engage with the eG Innovations channel for informative and relevant webinars on how applying performance management best-practices in complex, multi-tiered infrastructures can turn IT service delivery into a center for productivity, growth and profit. Along with lots of great Citrix content, eG's senior technology executives, partners and industry leaders discuss current challenges and how to address them through effective performance management in physical, virtual and cloud environments.

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  • Title: Detect & Resolve 5 Common Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop Performance Challenges
  • Live at: Aug 7 2015 3:15 pm
  • Presented by: Bala Vaidhinathan, CTO, eG Innovations
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