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Getting to grips with the changing dynamics of safety & security

One of the most compelling challenges facing the video surveillance industry is scalability. Cameras have grown in density and often have multiple lenses that are recording simultaneously. Camera resolution has dramatically increased and advancement in AI technologies are being rapidly adopted to help drive real-time analytics.

This means that storage solutions that can scale capacity and performance dynamically are now a necessity. Video storage often exceeds 30% of the cost of an entire solution so they also require thoughtful design and deployment to ensure maximum cost-effectiveness and reliability.

In this webinar, you will learn from global #1* in surveillance, safety and security infrastructure on how to meet the challenges of storing, managing and securing the growing safety and security data while reducing capital expenditures and operating expenses.

A free whitepaper “Envision a safer and smarter world with Dell Technologies” will be made available to all participants.

We look forward to seeing you

* Enterprise and IP Storage Used for Video Surveillance, October 2018, IHS Markit
English Content
Recorded Apr 15 2020 52 mins
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Presented by
Graham Porter, Erik Ullstrand, Angelo Conigliello
Presentation preview: Getting to grips with the changing dynamics of safety & security

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  • Data Protection when you need it most Oct 8 2020 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Richard Hughes, EMEA Cyber Recovery Sales Lead ; Maurice Stewart-Ashley & Scott Cooper, Index Engines Experts
    Regardless of the industry or size of the organization, cyber attacks continually expose business and governments to compromised data, lost revenue due to downtime, reputational damage and costly regulatory fines.
    Does your organization have a recovery plan when a cyber attack happens?
    Please join us on October 8th for the exclusive Cyber Resiliency virtual session.
    At this event we will give you a deep insight into the current state and developments of ransomware and we will show you how to make your organization more resilient against the impact of malware by creating isolated copies of your data, making your data immutable, using analytics and making recovery an important part of your Security framework with our unique Dell Technologies PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Solution.
    Register now to learn from our industry experts about best practices to protect your lifeblood applications.
  • VCF on VxRail – den enklaste vägen till hybridmoln Recorded: Sep 17 2020 37 mins
    Hannes Lindman
    Den hyperkonvergerade plattformen - ger en komplett automatiserad lösning
  • Metro-lösningar för affärskontinuitet Recorded: Sep 15 2020 19 mins
    Björn Knip
    Se hur Dell Technologies kan hjälpa dig slippa driftavbrott
  • PowerOne: Framtiden för autonoma verksamheter Recorded: Sep 10 2020 22 mins
    Johan Vitsas
    Minska manuella uppgifter med 98 %, med inbyggd automatisering
  • Infrastructure Innovation Insights Recorded: Sep 8 2020 42 mins
    Dell Technologies
    Hör om de senaste branschtrenderna och om hur Dell Technologies leder vägen med innovativt dataskydd, hyperkonvergerade lösningar, nätverkslösningar och den nylanserade lagringsplattformen PowerStore och hjälper företag med deras moln-, SAP- och AI-arbetsbelastningar.

    Gör dig redo för det nya datadecenniet.
  • Den nye, fleksible arbeidsplassen – skjedde allerede for 10 år siden. Recorded: Aug 25 2020 25 mins
    Mats Jentzen, Client Solution Director, Dell Technologies
    Mats dele noen erfaringer fra vår 10-årige reise med å implementere og ledelse av 120.00 personer på hjemmekontor – uten at vi måtte gjennom en stor omveltning. Vår reise er mer enn bare hardware, den består av et sett av løsninger og arbeidsmetoder for å opprettholde full produktivitet med sikker tilgang på data og applikasjoner. Hør hvordan IT, Security, HR og Facilities sammen skapte et optimalt arbeidsmiljø som holder ting i gang jevnt og effektivt.
  • Har dere det som kreves av et moderne datasenter og sammen med skytjenester? Recorded: Aug 25 2020 20 mins
    Jørn Malsten, Advisory Systems Engineer, Dell Technologies
    Dell Technologies har de siste årene levert mange prosjekter med modernisering av infrastruktur som er klargjort for å benytte skytjenester, enten lokalt eller i en kombinasjon med offentlige skytjenester i en hybrid modell. Vi forteller hvordan din organisasjon kan modernisere, effektivisere og etablere en konsistent operasjonsmodell med moderne datasentertjenester basert på kunnskap dere allerede har.
  • Get Identity and Access Management right in the Public Sector Recorded: Jul 10 2020 47 mins
    Dan Marano
    Systems are moving to the cloud faster than ever. So how can you protect your organisation’s data when it moves from the inside out? As an IT leader, your responsibilities include ensuring there are adequate controls to protect your organisation’s data. However, CXOs are taking more and more ownership of cloud-based applications as well as the data, which will no longer be stored in the on-premises IT data centre. How can you ensure there are adequate controls in place, and that student and programme data are safe?
  • Launch Keynote for PowerScale - Unlock the Potential within your Data Recorded: Jun 25 2020 37 mins
    Charles Wilce | Ross Porter | Bertrand Lalanne | Dell Technologies Unstructured Data Solutions
    Join us for an exciting announcement about how to unlock the potential of your data, transform your business and drive results. Hear from one of our customers, explore hands-on-labs and demos and find out how you can bring structure to your unstructured data.
  • Explore PowerStore AppsON Recorded: Jun 24 2020 30 mins
    Dell Technologies
    Explore the new PowerStore AppsON capability, which enables deployment of data-intensive VMs and applications directly on the appliance. PowerStore brings workloads closer to the data they need, delivering enhanced performance, operational simplicity, and a reduced data center footprint – while at the same time supporting applications deployed on external hosts. Learn how AppsON complements existing infrastructure to enable application mobility and consolidation, while maintaining consistent operations across flexible deployment options.
  • Preparing for the Inevitable Data Growth Challenges of ADAS Recorded: Jun 23 2020 38 mins
    Dr. Florian Baumann CTO (Automotive & AI) Unstructured Data Solutions
    The automotive industry is in the midst of a highly competitive transitional period, with the ultimate goal of fully autonomous or “driverless” vehicles likely to be realized within a decade. The scale and intensity at which OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers must bring innovations to market – while containing costs, mitigating risks, managing product complexity and maintaining compliance – is challenging. I am speaking about:

    The need for speed in ADAS development
    The importance of ADAS development and validation infrastructure
    ADAS development and validation workflow and methodology
    Major challenges of ADAS development and validation infrastructure
    Dell EMC Isilon for ADAS and autonomous driving

    English Content
  • PowerStore Session 2 of 6 - Deep Dive on Automation in Operation & Cloud-IQ Recorded: Jun 17 2020 41 mins
    Dell Technologies
    Whether your IT staff focuses on managing from a storage, hypervisor or application perspective, PowerStore is integrated with all these approaches. This session will review PowerStore Manager, the intuitive and streamlined user interface for the PowerStore appliance and cluster. Learn about the comprehensive GUI functionality as well as CLI and REST API options for system management.

    We will also discuss PowerStore support for vVols, extensive integration with the DevOps and management environments popular in today’s data center environments, and available plugins for Kubernetes, Ansible, CSI, vRealize Orchestrator and others.
  • Unified Workspace Recorded: Jun 17 2020 52 mins
    Benjamin Rüdinger & Christian Eilskov
    Bliv bedre rustet til at håndtere arbejdsstyrke-transformation, mens den fortsætter med at udvikle sig og ændre sig, efterhånden som arbejdsstyrkens behov og ønsker udvikler sig og ændres.

    At gøre medarbejderoplevelse til en prioritet for virksomheder er ikke nyt, men hvad der nu er anderledes er, at medarbejderoplevelse skal være en prioritet for at forblive konkurrencedygtig samt beholde og tiltrække det bedste talent.

    Deltag på dette webinar og hør hvordan Dell Technologies Unified Workspace kan transformere din virksomhed.
  • Webinar: Dette må du vite om Edge Computing Recorded: Jun 17 2020 85 mins
    Paul Brook, Dell ARC Team ; Kris Buggenhout, HPC Swiss Army Knife ; Kjell Nordlund, Nvidia ; Marco Krijgsman, Computer Vision
    Hvordan kan du få mest mulig verdi fra dataen i deres systemer, samtidig som dere optimaliserer eksisterende infrastruktur? Dette webinaret går rett til kjernen på hvordan smarte valg gir bedre løsninger for virksomheten.

    Digitaliseringen av samfunnet, bedrifter og etater gir masseproduksjon av data. Den oppstår og produseres overalt. Men dataene i seg selv har ingen verdi uten at den analyseres for å gi innsikt. Innsikten kan for eksempel brukes til å lage nye tjenester for bedrifter eller offentlige etater.

    Flytting av applikasjoner til skyen, bruk av tingenes internett (IoT) og kunstig intelligens (AI) øker. Når kravene til både virksomheten og dataene endres over tid, er det viktig å vite hvordan man bygger en smidig infrastruktur som dynamisk kan flytte applikasjoner og arbeidsmengder. «Workload placement separates the winners from the losers», sier IDC, og illustrerer hvor viktig dette temaet er. Løsningen er at mer av databehandlingen må skje i ytterkanten av nettverket, såkalt «edge computing».
    Er du IT-sjef, IT-arkitekt, dataanalytiker/scientist eller mellomleder? Da passer dette webinaret perfekt for deg. Bli med oss 17. juni, klokken 09-11, og lær mer om:

    • Hva skjer i markedet og hvordan du kan forstå applikasjonslandskapet
    • Konkrete løsninger (ready solutions) for AI/HPC til ulike bransjer
    • Teknologi: Bruk av GPU øker, hvilke gpu’er passer til hvilke workloads?
    • Sikkerhet og hvordan ivareta denne
  • Så skapar du en framgångsrik digital arbetsplats Recorded: Jun 16 2020 48 mins
    Mika Pulkkinen, Dell Technologies and Christian Nilsson, VMware
    Är ditt företag redo för oförutsebara förändringar?

    Sättet vi arbetar, utbildar och organiserar oss på har förändrats. Det nya normala är att kunna jobba där det passar oss bäst, snarare än att bara göra som vanligt och jobba där vi brukar. Men hur kan ni som organisation säkerställa att ert team har allt de behöver för att arbeta på ett effektivt sätt? En av de viktigaste komponenter för en fungerande digital arbetsplats är en säker och flexibel infrastruktur.

    Varmt välkommen till vårt webinar i samarbete med VMware där vi lyfter fram 3 kunder som har lyckats att omvandla sin verksamhet när det behövdes. Vi berättar hur de har skapat de bästa möjliga förutsättningarna för en framgångsrik digital arbetsplats.

    Gör oss sällskap den 16:e juni och lär dig hur vi hjälper kunder att uppleva en branschledande slutanvändarupplevelse samtidigt som det förenklar IT-verksamheten. Eller anmäl dig nu och titta när det passar DIG bäst.
  • Ny lansering - Isilon powering up! Recorded: Jun 16 2020 1 min
    Kaj Inge Skjønhaug, Vibeke Østensvik
    Bli med Dell Technologies når vi lanserer vår nyeste innovasjon i Isilon-familien. En ny, skalerbar løsning for dine ustrukturerte data. Veien til skyen er krevende, og vi viser deg hvilke vurderinger som bør ligge til grunn for å kunne gjennomføre dette for dine ustrukturerte data. Vi vil også vise deg veien videre for å komme i mål.

    • Lansering av nye modeller i Isilon-Familien, og OneFS versjon 9.0 v/ Vibeke Østensvik
    • Cloud Service Offering v/Kaj Inge Skjønhaug
    • Data First Strategy; Edge to Core to Cloud v/Kaj Inge Skjønhaug
    • Q&A – Roger Ihlebekk

  • Microsoft Teams Adoption and Group Sprawl Recorded: Jun 11 2020 40 mins
    Ragnar Heil (MVP) and Gary Hughes
    Teams user adoption is currently exploding. But more users working in Teams means more people spinning up Teams, channels, adding guests, posting documents, etc., than ever before. This can cause huge issues when it comes to group sprawl.
  • Managing user identities in Education Recorded: Jun 11 2020 49 mins
    Dan Marano
    Systems are moving to the cloud faster than ever. So how can you protect your organisation’s data when it moves from the inside out?
    As an IT leader, your responsibilities include ensuring there are adequate controls to protect your organisation’s data. However, CXOs are taking more and more ownership of cloud-based applications as well as the data, which will no longer be stored in the on-premises IT data centre. How can you ensure there are adequate controls in place, and that student and programme data are safe?
  • PowerProtect Data Manager & PowerProtect Data Domain Recorded: Jun 10 2020 62 mins
    Andreas Rømmen
    PowerProtect Data Manager og PowerProtect Data Domain er våre nyeste løsninger innen Data protection og Data Mangement. Under denne sesjonen adresserer vi utfordringen kunder har med flere type sikringsløsninger . Våre eksperter viser deg hvordan du kan utnytte vår nyeste software og hardware for å sikre applikasjoner direkte på backup target, Cyber Recovery og skyløsninger. Vi vil i tillegg vise deg noen konkrete kundecaser der vi ser på hvordan flere har drevet digitale projekter mot ny infrastruktur eller sky.

    Bli med på en gjennomgang og se hvilke løsnigner som holder tritt med utfordringer i en stadig mer usikker hverdag.

    13:00 PowerProtect Data Manager v/Erik Kanck-Vardal
    13:30 PowerProtect Data Domain v/Andreas Rømmen
    14:00 Slutt
  • PowerStore Session 1 of 6 - Introduction to PowerStore & interactive Demo Recorded: Jun 10 2020 34 mins
    Dell Technologies
    Built from the ground up with next-generation storage technology to make your business more agile and prepared for change. See how we differ from the competition and view first-hand the simplicity of PowerStore with an interactive Demo.

    • NVMe all-flash or Storage Class Memory (SCM) with Intel Optane optimizes performance
    • Intelligent scale up and scale out architecture lets you add compute or capacity independently
    • “Always on” data reduction with Intel Quick Assist lowers costs and improves efficiency without compromising performance
    • Revolutionary AppsON provides flexibility to run VMware virtualized apps directly on the appliance, while providing capacity for external workloads at the same time
    • New Anytime Upgrade program helps modernize PowerStore over time, without forklift upgrades
Dell Technologies Nordic Webinar Hub
Dell Technologies Nordic Webinar Hub

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  • Title: Getting to grips with the changing dynamics of safety & security
  • Live at: Apr 15 2020 9:00 am
  • Presented by: Graham Porter, Erik Ullstrand, Angelo Conigliello
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