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Wrangling Unicorns – A Skills Shortage Survival Guide

Join Acumin’s Delivery Manager, Ryan Farmer on a guided tour through the wilderness of the infosec recruitment landscape. The way is fraught with danger, but using his 8 years of experience in this environment, Ryan will help you to identify and navigate the pitfalls. The insights and advice in this handy guide will help you cut through the myths and overcome the challenges in keeping your own ranch full of unicorns.
Recorded Nov 15 2016 47 mins
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Presented by
Ryan Farmer - Delivery Manager at Acumin Consulting
Presentation preview: Wrangling Unicorns – A Skills Shortage Survival Guide

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  • Ted Bundy to Harley Street - A Study of Borderless Threats in Cybersecurity Recorded: Aug 22 2019 39 mins
    Keith Povey, EMEA Marketing Director at Optiv Inc
    The story of Ted Bundy, Harley Street and the UK’s most prolific cybercriminal
  • Bring in the cavalry Recorded: Jul 19 2018 23 mins
    Ben Miller, SVP International, IDECSI
    The classic cyber security architecture relies on gathering huge amounts of information and using expensive technology and even more expensive people to find the occasional needle in digital haystacks. This cannot scale to match the exponential growth of tomorrow’s problems. There has to be another approach. Will today’s users be tomorrow’s knights in shining armour?
  • A quick History of Deception and why it should be applied to the cyber realm Recorded: Jul 12 2018 48 mins
    Tony Cole, CTO, Attivo Networks
    Deception has long been used in the physical realm to great success, especially by strategic thinking military commanders to win complex battles. During this talk, we’ll discuss some of the great applications of deception over the millennia in battles and how it’s become a common part of warfare. Today the cyber realm is also a domain that militaries acknowledge they must fight and defend to protect their countries. We’ll discuss how the fight though isn’t limited to militaries in the cyber domain and that CISOs have a globally interconnected enterprise that’s also under continuous attack from nation-states, organized crime, and other malicious actors. We’ll discuss how deception is broadly applicable in the cyber realm and how it can help CISOs be more strategic in their approach to help win battles against their adversaries.
  • Knowledge of Natural Sciences Applied to Cybersecurity Recorded: May 3 2017 45 mins
    Luis Bernardi, Director at IT Scientia Ltd
    The use of the knowledge and understanding of natural sciences, in particular the human body, applied to computer security is an appealing concept for two reasons. Firstly, the human immune system provides the human body with a high level of protection from invading pathogens, in a robust, self-organised and distributed manner. Secondly, current techniques used in computer security are not able to cope with the dynamic and increasingly complex cyber threat landscape of computer systems. It is hoped that biologically inspired approaches in this area, including, but not limited, to the use of immune-based systems will be able to meet this challenge.

    Join this webinar to understand more about these ideas to further foster the need to design and develop naturally inspired and sustainable protection and defence systems.
  • Rise of the Zombie Army - A Study of Botnets Recorded: Feb 22 2017 36 mins
    Ronan Lavelle, General Manager EMEA, Zenedge
    From Haitian folklore to George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, the use of Zombies in fictional settings has experienced a strong resurgence in recent years. With fact mirroring fiction, the real world has also faced the terror of dealing with a rise of mindless automatons capable of creating mass devastation on an international scale.

    We are of course talking about the rise of Botnets.

    Come join us for an interactive presentation with chief zombie-wrangler, Ronan Lavelle, on the insidious rise of this threat looking at recent attacks, the link in growth to insecure IoT devices and just what we can do to combat them.

    This webinar is perfect for cyber professionals those who want to:

    - stop data loss by defending against botnets
    - better respond to incidents and remediate
    - reduce attack surfaces and counter threats
  • Wrangling Unicorns – A Skills Shortage Survival Guide Recorded: Nov 15 2016 47 mins
    Ryan Farmer - Delivery Manager at Acumin Consulting
    Join Acumin’s Delivery Manager, Ryan Farmer on a guided tour through the wilderness of the infosec recruitment landscape. The way is fraught with danger, but using his 8 years of experience in this environment, Ryan will help you to identify and navigate the pitfalls. The insights and advice in this handy guide will help you cut through the myths and overcome the challenges in keeping your own ranch full of unicorns.
  • Are you having a mare with Ransomware? Recorded: Sep 7 2016 45 mins
    Paolo Passeri, Consulting Systems Engineer Security at OpenDNS
    Ransomware has become a common and dramatic problem and the recent waves of attacks are demonstrating that new variants emerge each day in what seems an endless arms race where the attackers seem to prevail.

    However, even if the attack vectors are increasingly complex, the attackers cannot conceal themselves as the infrastructures used to launch these campaigns, despite extremely volatile, exploit elements of the internet, such as IP and domains, that cannot be hidden.

    Monitoring large scale data allows to identify these infrastructures, where attacks are staged, and to enforce a new predictive security model particularly effective against Ransomware.
  • Should Developers Write Secure Code? Recorded: Jul 12 2016 43 mins
    Brian Maccaba, Hussein Badakhchani & Francois Raynaud.
    •Should Developers focus on business functionality at the cost of security?
    •How much of an application is actually written by your Developers?
    •How do you secure your application if you can't guarantee the security of the code?

    Join this panel discussion if you:
    •Are responsible for the Security of your Enterprise Applications
    •Struggle with the challenge of delivering business code fast
    •Want to understand new protections in Application Security
  • Information Security in the Third Sector Recorded: Jun 14 2016 32 mins
    Brian Shorten, Chairman of Charities Security Forum
    Why does a charity need security? What do they have to protect? Who would want to attack them? How do they protect themselves? What resources do they have? What else can they do?
  • It’s Time to Think Differently About Network Security Recorded: Jan 20 2016 35 mins
    Franklyn Jones, VP, Spikes Security
    Something is seriously wrong here. Businesses spend millions every year on the latest security technologies to keep their businesses safe – and then they still get attacked! Why does this continue to happen over and over again, and what can we do about it? This presentation – loaded with compelling research data from many different industry sources – provides revealing statistics on how bad this cyber security problem really is, and why it has continued to get worse despite your best efforts. But, if you’re willing to think differently about network security, there is now a way you can eliminate a huge number of attacks on your network, improve productivity of your IT staff, keep your business safe, and save a significant amount of money in the process. Skeptical, right? Well attend this session, learn the facts, then decide for yourself.
  • A Global View of the Cyber Security Threat Landscape Recorded: Sep 16 2015 45 mins
    Nick Coleman, Global Head Cyber Security Intelligence, IBM
    This session will look at the changing threat landscape and share intelligence insights and practical approaches to combat threats and help your organisation stay safe.

    Nick Coleman is the Global Head of Cyber Security Intelligence Services at IBM. Previously he was National Reviewer of Security for the UK Government. He is an appointed advisor to the Executive Director of the EU Cyber Security Agency ENISA serving on the Permanent Stakeholders Group. He is an Honorary Professor at Lancaster University. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and a Fellow of the British Computer Society. He also holds an MBA with Distinction.
Moving the real conversations out of the shadows
RANT is a unique community of Senior Information Security professionals who work within End User organisations.

The aim of RANT is to provide a platform for all members to discuss and debate Information Security related issues in an open format. The relaxed networking event provides guests with the opportunity to discuss relevant issues and to network with like-minded individuals. Launched by Acumin Consulting over seven years ago RANT aims to provide the community with the opportunity to contribute to the topical and informative discussions with their experiences, opinions and questions.

RANT prides itself on being a completely sales free zone and hence it is closed to security vendors and consultancies. It aims to provoke participation and debate, and speakers at the RANT event are encouraged to discuss debatable topics all within a relaxed environment.

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  • Title: Wrangling Unicorns – A Skills Shortage Survival Guide
  • Live at: Nov 15 2016 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Ryan Farmer - Delivery Manager at Acumin Consulting
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