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Outthink Mobile Malware: Learn how to protect your mobile devices

The popularity of the smartphone and the bring your own device (BYOD) phenomena has given way to a new era in cybercrime – the era of mobile in which cybercriminals increasingly target phones and tablets as an attack vector. In fact, at any given time, mobile malware is infecting millions and millions of mobile devices globally, enabling criminals to get their hands on your personal information and money.
2015 was witness to the largest and most notorious mobile malware attacks in history. Considering that the number of smartphone users worldwide will surpass 2 billion in 2016 (emarketer), mobile app downloads will have increased to 268 billion (Gartner) by 2017, and that most companies have dedicated very little resources towards mobile application security, the industry is ripe for even bigger malicious attacks. Mobile malware will continue to grow, being destructive and costly to corporations and users.
Join (ISC)² EMEA and IBM as we demonstrate the effects of mobile malware and how to arm organisations to protect themselves against this growing concern.
Recorded May 31 2016 61 mins
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Presented by
Adrian Davis, MD (ISC)² EMEA, Kaushik Srinivas, Strategy & Product Management for IBM Security
Presentation preview: Outthink Mobile Malware: Learn how to protect your mobile devices

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  • Fighting back with AI: Tapping the power of AI to elevate cybersecurity posture Sep 27 2018 11:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Lindsay Drabwell, Head of Membership Services (ISC)² EMEA, Mike Spradbery, Neil Jones, IBM
    How can AI help overworked, understaffed and overwhelmed security analyst teams? How can the use of an AI platform help reduce the cost of a data breach? Mike Spradbery, IBM's UK&I Security Technical Leader, will explore these and other questions as he talks live to the experts behind a new Ponemon Institute study on the use of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security. Mike will also share case studies of AI in action in Cyber Security and explore how AI is helping organisations elevate their cybersecurity posture and reduce response times.
  • Machine Learning in Infosec: Debunking Buzz and Demystifying Use Cases Sep 12 2018 11:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Lindsay Drabwell, Head of Membership Services, (ISC)² EMEA, David Gamer, Philipp Drieger, Splunk
    A growing use of the terms ‘AI’ and ‘Machine Learning’ being used in the descriptions of vendors’ products and capabilities can cause some confusion. With all the buzz around these latest trends, security professionals are left with some important questions: What can these technologies do in Infosec? How they can be implemented to improve everyday security processes? Where can’t AI and ML improve security tools? In this Splunk webinar, a machine learning expert will;
    •Demystify what machine learning is as well as what it can and cannot do in InfoSec
    •Walk through three of the most common use cases of where these technologies can be implemented
    •Explore the latest innovations in ML & AI, and where this will take cybersecurity professionals next
  • Don’t Break the Bank: Achieving Compliance in Financial Institutions at Scale Sep 6 2018 11:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Lindsay Drabwell, Head of Membership Services, (ISC)² EMEA, Vijay Chauhan, Senior Dir.Product Marketing, Illumio
    Compliance regulations such as SWIFT and GDPR can be challenging to understand and implement. Many of these regulations have cybersecurity requirements that are focused on protecting critical banking infrastructure with aggressive timelines - and without disrupting the very business-critical systems you're trying to protect. Jumping from one set of requirements to another, and to subsequent internal and external audits, can feel like a never-ending cycle.

    In this webinar, Vijay Chauhan, will share thoughts on different approaches to handling the unique challenges a security practitioner in financial services can expect. He’ll highlight Illumio's unique position helping the largest financial institutions in the world solve regulatory and compliance challenges quickly and at scale. Register now to learn:

    •Top challenges facing global banking
    •Approaches to protecting your "digital crown jewels"
    •Pros and cons of different approaches
    •How to future-proof for evolving requirements
  • Secrets to Strengthening and Preventing Unauthorized Access to Sensitive Data Recorded: Aug 14 2018 59 mins
    Lindsay Drabwell, Head of Membership Services, (ISC)² EMEA, Daniel Harris of Okta and Przemek Dybowski, CyberArk
    Unauthorised access is the leading cause of breaches today, whether it comes from external threat actors or insider activity. To mitigate this risk, Okta and CyberArk have integrated technologies to provide a comprehensive solution for unauthorised access protection. In this webinar, Daniel Harris of Okta and Przemek Dybowski of CyberArk will discuss how to:

    •eliminate identity sprawl and prevent privileged access abuse
    •enable strong authentication and reduce the attack surface
    •identify and respond to account compromise.
  • Anatomy of a BGP Hijack on Amazon’s Route 53 DNS Service Recorded: Jul 31 2018 54 mins
    Lindsay Drabwell, Head of Membership Services, (ISC)² EMEA, Tim Hale, Director of Solutions Marketing, ThousandEyes
    How does one steal cryptocurrency? By hacking DNS and BGP—the two cornerstone protocols governing the Internet. Join us ThousandEyes and (ISC)² EMEA while we walk through this and other examples of how network security in the cloud and public internet can be a serious blind-spot in your security strategy.
  • Building a Collaborative Phishing Defense Recorded: Jul 24 2018 60 mins
    Lindsay Drabwell, Head of Membership Services EMEA, (ISC)², Darrel Rendell, Mollie Holleman,
    What’s keeping you up at night? Ransomware? Phishing? Spyware? Malware? Data Breaches? A malicious email typically opens the door to those threats. Organizations spend great energy (and budget) preventing users from falling prey, but threat actors continue to find ways to get past automated controls, staying one step ahead of artificial intelligence tools. Cofense believes solving the phishing problem is more than just awareness: it’s about empowering humans to become instinctual nodes on the cyber defense network and feeding their real-time intelligence to security teams for immediate action.
    Darrel Rendell, Principal Intelligence Analyst, Cofense
    Mollie Holleman, Senior Intelligence Specialist, Cofense
  • Cryptojacking: Who/What/Why/When & How to Prevent Computer Power Being Stolen Recorded: Jul 19 2018 58 mins
    Jay Kelley, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Menlo, Lindsay Drabwell, Head of Member Services EMEA, (ISC)²
    As users become savvier and increasingly use ad blockers, advertising revenue is declining. Crypto coin mining is emerging as a new way for websites to monetise visitor traffic. But, there is a “dark side” to cryptomining: Cryptojacking, which includes, among other misdeeds, cryptomining without a website visitor’s permission or knowledge. While cryptojacking may seem like a victimless crime, since all that is being “stolen” is visitors’ computing and graphics processing power, it is anything but, and can lead to serious consequences. This session will focus on the differences between safe, legal cryptomining and dangerous cryptojacking, what it is, who is using it, why it is being used, when, how it is being abused, and how web browser isolation eliminates 100% of the cryptojacking risk.

    • How crypto coin mining is being used today
    • Why websites are moving away from advertising to crypto coin mining
    • How and why web browsers are being used to steal users’ compute power away without consent in most cases
    • How businesses can stop wide scale use of cryptojacking across all browsers and devices in their network through isolation
  • Stop Cyber Threats With Adaptive Micro-Segmentation Recorded: Jul 17 2018 59 mins
    Lindsay Drabwell, Head of Membership Services EMEA, (ISC)², Vijay Chauhan, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Illumio
    Virtualization, the cloud, and the promise of containers have evolved the data center, bringing better application delivery and cost reduction. With these benefits come new risks that include increased East/West traffic and the potential for new cyber threats. Adaptive micro-segmentation is transforming and improving security inside data centers and clouds while speeding up application delivery.

    In this session you’ll learn:
    - How adaptive micro-segmentation enables security anywhere (on premises, AWS, Azure, etc.) on anything (bare metal, VMs, containers).
    - How you can eliminate app delivery delays caused by traditional security approaches.
    - How customers are using adaptive micro-segmentation to instantly protect high-value apps, separate dev and prod with one rule, take existing security policies to the cloud, and more.
  • Guide to your (ISC)² Membership in EMEA: Benefits, Maintenance & Opportunities Recorded: Jul 9 2018 59 mins
    Lindsay Drabwell, Head of Membership Services, (ISC)² EMEA, Membership Services Team, (ISC)² EMEA
    Join the Guide to Your (ISC)² Membership in EMEA webinar to learn more about these topics and others including:
    - CPE opportunities, member benefits and getting involved
    - Updates on (ISC)² news, developments and changes in your region
    - Your membership requirements summarized
    - Who are the (ISC)² EMEA team and how we can help you
    - Focus discussions
    - Q&A session
  • Is Your SOC SOARing or Snoring? Force Multiply Your Security Analysts by Ten Recorded: Jun 28 2018 55 mins
    Lindsay Drabwell, Head of Membership Services, (ISC)² EMEA, James Hanlon, Director, Security Markets Specialization
    How many security alerts can your operations team process daily? Not enough? Many organisations are in the same boat; looking for ways to mature their security operations, and increase the efficiency of skilled security analysts. However, teams that utilise Security Orchestration, Automation & Response (SOAR) platforms are seeing improvements in scale, consistency, and are responding to alerts at machine speed. Join this webinar to learn:
    •What the security response process performed by security analysts, looks like when employees report phishing attempts
    •What applications and tools a security analyst utilises to respond
    •What SOAR is and can help you achieve
    •How responses look in comparison when utilising a SOAR solution
    •Three top tips on getting started to ensure successful automation and orchestration in your organisation
  • Cybercrime, Cults and Confraternities: The Evolution of Nigerian 419 Email Scams Recorded: Jun 26 2018 55 mins
    Lindsay Drabwell, Head of Membership Services EMEA, (ISC)², Zeki Turedi, Technology Strategist EMEA, CrowdStrike
    As eCrime has evolved over the past decade, Nigerian cybercriminals have evolved too. 419 scammers or 'Yahoo Boys' running simple Nigerian prince scams have graduated to criminal confraternities conducting sophisticated business email compromise (BEC).

    In 2017 CrowdStrike Services were repeatedly called in to organisations affected by BEC. Although non-technical in nature, the operations yield highly effective results.

    In this webinar we'll share CrowdStrike Intelligence outlining:
    - The techniques, tactics and procedures of these threat actors
    - How BEC affects all geographical regions, involving fraud on multiple continents
    - Steps you can take to protect your organisation
  • Using Inline Security Tools to Achieve Your Security Goals Recorded: Jun 19 2018 58 mins
    Adrian Rowley, Technical Director EMEA, Gigamon, Lindsay Drabwell, Head of Membership Services EMEA, (ISC)²
    Inline security tools operate by actively preventing threats in your network, but deploying and optimising these tools presents several challenges to both network and security engineers. The downsides can include a potential point of failure, degradation of network and application performance, difficulty to scale and upgrade.
    The use of a next-generation packet broker and its inline bypass functionality can mitigate these challenges.
    Join Gigamon and (ISC)² EMEA in this webinar where we aim to examine how inline bypass can overcome physical deployment obstacles, maximise network availability, increase the scale of inspection and reduce the impact to network performance.
  • The War Against Ransomware: Can You Afford the Downtime? Recorded: May 31 2018 58 mins
    Lindsay Drabwell, Head of Membership Services, (ISC)² EMEA, Björn Leenen, Engineer, Datto
    This session will review the history of Ransomware and the need to know strategies to protect business against it, particularly how business continuity and disaster recovery can save your company when disaster strikes. Delivered by Björn Leenen, CISSP, solution provider and sales engineer by day and night with 20 years of IT and security experience, participants will also be treated to an inside view of the a real ransomware infection with all the statistics and facts to go with it.
  • Crypto Crime: Hunting for Cryptocurrency Mining in Your Enterprise Recorded: May 29 2018 52 mins
    Lindsay Drabwell, Head of Membership Services, (ISC)² EMEA, Tom Kellermann, CISO, Rick McElroy, Sec. Strategist, Carbon Black
    2018 is shaping up to be an important year for not just Bitcoin, but the many new cryptocurrencies that seem to be popping up by the day. Attackers have discovered that mining cryptocurrency can prove to be a very profitable endeavor if they can leverage someone else's computing resources.
    To ensure that organisations have full visibility into all activity in their environments, Tom Kellermann – Chief Security Officer and Rick McElroy – Security Strategist from Carbon Black will walk you through the key pointers you need to know about how to hunt for malicious mining malware in your enterprise and ensure your critical business resources aren't generating profit for the adversary on your dime.
    In this webinar you will hear all you need to know for a Cryptocurrency Mining 101, as well as learning about:
    •Monero - What is it, and why use it?
    •Indicators of cryptominers
    •Using Carbon Cb Response to hunt for miners
  • The SIEM That Gives SIEM a Good Name Recorded: May 22 2018 59 mins
    Lindsay Drabwell, Head of Membership Services EMEA, (ISC)², Avi Chesla, CTO and Founder, empow
    In their attempt to defend against the increasing volume of advanced attack campaigns, organisations are buying more and more security solutions, unwittingly creating a complex and cumbersome cybersecurity architecture.
    SIEM systems were supposed to be the industry’s solution to this problem, but they have failed miserably. Today’s SIEM systems create more problems than they solve, are very expensive, and ultimately ineffective.

    This webcast led by Avi Chesla, empow founder and CTO, will review the evolution of SIEM technology over the years, the fundamental flaws in its design, and why it has failed. He will then dive into the technology behind next-generation SIEM, and the major role played by AI in it, so that InfoSec teams can cut through the noise in the cybersecurity arena and effectively evaluate the next wave of solutions: SIEM that finally works for you, instead of the other way around.
  • Security as a Service: Bringing Security Into the DevOps Age Recorded: May 15 2018 45 mins
    Lindsay Drabwell, Head of Membership Services, (ISC)² EMEA, Josh Kirkwood, DevOps Security Lead, CyberArk
    DevSecOps seems to be the magic word, but for many people it may lack definition and clarity. During this presentation, Josh Kirkwood from the CyberArk DevOps team explains how normal security folk can become part of this revolution and start seeing how they can contribute to the velocity.
  • The Secrets to an Effective Insider Threat Program Recorded: May 8 2018 53 mins
    Nathaniel Ford, Moderator, (ISC)² EMEA, Mayank Choudhary, Vice President, Observe IT
    With three million records stolen every day, insider threats are quickly becoming the greatest cybersecurity threat organisations face today. Unfortunately, the most trusted people - contractors, vendors, privileged users and business users - often create the most risk. Whether insider threats are unintentional or malicious, the secret to quickly identifying and eliminating them starts with a people-centric approach. Attend this webinar to learn best practices for building and maintaining an effective insider threat program.

    You will learn:
    - Why insider threats are prevalent, despite many organizations implementing a layered defense approach
    - How to stop insider threats in their tracks, through comprehensive visibility, real time intelligence and policy enforcement
    - Why you need to focus on people, process and technology, in that order
  • CISO Says: Interview with David Fox, Head of Security at BAE Systems Recorded: Apr 30 2018 47 mins
    Nathaniel Ford, Moderator, (ISC)² EMEA, David Fox, Head of Security, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
    In the CISO Says Series, information security leaders share their experiences of what it means to be responsible for establishing and maintaining an enterprise's security vision and strategy in an interview format. They provide insight into the path he took to become CISOs and how they are reinventing the role in the face of accelerating industry change.
  • Guide to your (ISC)² Membership in EMEA: Benefits, Maintenance & Opportunities Recorded: Apr 16 2018 58 mins
    Nathaniel Ford, Moderator (ISC)² EMEA, Membership Services Team, (ISC)² EMEA
    Join the Guide to Your (ISC)² Membership in EMEA webinar to learn more about these topics and others including:
    - CPE opportunities, member benefits and getting involved
    - Updates on (ISC)² news, developments and changes in your region
    - Your membership requirements summarized
    - Who are the (ISC)² EMEA team and how we can help you
    - Focus discussions
    - Q&A session
  • Why I Am Ignoring GDPR and Focusing on Protecting My Data by Design Recorded: Apr 3 2018 61 mins
    Adrian Davis, Director of Cybersecurity Advocacy for EMEA, (ISC)², Matt Middleton-Leal, EMEA General Manager, Netwrix
    Why is it better to implement data protection by design than just meet the regulatory requirements of GDPR? The answer is simple: if you build privacy and security directly into your technology, design and operations, you will create a secure foundation for the future, improving your security posture and reducing costs going forward. This concept is not new, however we continually see organisations taking the reactive approach, and then being surprised when they are compromised.
    In our webinar General Manager EMEA at Netwrix, CISSP Matt Middleton-Leal will discuss, how to create and implement data protection by design strategy:

    What are the 7 Foundational Principles of privacy by design?
    How can privacy assurance become an organization’s default mode of operation?
    What is the risk-based approach for implementation of data protection by design?
(ISC)² EMEA Secure Webinars
Forming part of the (ISC)² commitment to Inspiring a Safe and Secure Cyber World, we welcome you to the (ISC)² EMEA Secure Webinars Channel. Sign up to join us for educational Security Briefings, Roundtables and eSummits aimed at all those vested in the world of information security. We welcome members and non members alike.

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  • Title: Outthink Mobile Malware: Learn how to protect your mobile devices
  • Live at: May 31 2016 1:00 pm
  • Presented by: Adrian Davis, MD (ISC)² EMEA, Kaushik Srinivas, Strategy & Product Management for IBM Security
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