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Shopper Typologies for Ecommerce

Eric Paquette, Senior Vice President, Copernicus
More and more brands that primarily sell through retail also use their websites to sell direct to customers. A brand’s ecommerce shoppers, however, not only differ in important ways from their retail targets, but also from each other.

Understanding these distinctions is critical to optimizing site effectiveness.

In this webcast, Eric Paquette will describe tools to identify, size, and profile a brand’s ecommerce shoppers and develop strategies to drive increased sales.

He will demonstrate how to:

- Identify the most valuable ecommerce shoppers for your brand
- Understand their needs from the brand’s ecommerce site
- Measure how your site delivers against those needs.
Apr 25 2012
31 mins
Shopper Typologies for Ecommerce
shopper marketing
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  • Early on expectations from B2B buyers in their journey set the stage for marketing and sales to work together. As leads flow in, an agreed-upon plan and process should be in place for lead identification, distribution and follow-up. This optimized plan and process can make a huge difference between smooth sailing or rough seas in the next steps of the journey for the marketing and sales teams and most importantly, the buyer.

    So, what does this process look like, and how can an optimized lead process affect not only the quality of the buyer's journey, but opportunity generation? Join Isaac Payne, Marketing Operations Specialist, and Ali Gooch, Sr. Sales Manager-both of Pardot, as they explore and give us tips on how we can get the most out of an optimized lead process.
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  • 65-90% of the buying process happens before you even know a prospect exists. Which means it’s critical for your marketing collateral to help prospects through the process on their own, particularly with video.

    If you join us at this webinar, you’ll learn:

    • The step-by-step process that today’s buyer follows before purchase and how video can promote movement through it.
    • The types of videos you can produce and where they’ll have the most impact in your buyers’ journey.
    • Ways to approach your own unique buyer’s journey and questions to answer before production.
    • A real-world example from Act-On of how one video is mapped to the buyer journey and what’s considered prior to production.
  • Join DemandGen for an exclusive “State of the Union” address on the Oracle Marketing Cloud from special guest Kevin Akeroyd, general manager and senior vice president for Oracle Marketing Cloud. Coinciding with Oracle’s first ever Modern Marketing Experience (taking place the following week in Las Vegas), David will ask Kevin to share his insights on what attendees can expect at the show -- including the future of Eloqua and Responsys, Oracle’s flagship B2B and B2C marketing automation systems.
  • Modern buyers are self-educating on purchase decisions at every stage of the sales funnel. However, many lead generation professionals reserve the most engaging content formats for specific stages – a strategy misstep that fails to encourage prospects to move to the next stage. Webinars and videos can be used to engage prospects in all phases of the lead generation process, allowing marketers to better qualify leads and pass them to sales teams with more confidence.

    In this webinar Frost & Sullivan will discuss:

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    •When to use webinars and videos in the sales funnel
    •Tailoring the message to fit each stage of the sales cycle
  • Predictive analytics is old news in the B2C world with companies like Amazon driving as much as 35% of revenues through their recommendation engine. But over the past year, B2B companies have been adopting this powerful technology to better understand purchase propensity and focus their resources on the highest converting leads, most effective campaigns and best customer expansion opportunities.

    Learn about the most common uses of predictive scoring to prioritize leads for sales and hear how three Lattice customers creatively put their predictive scores to use to increase conversion and campaign performance rates.
  • Analytics are key to making your company agile, and to making better market, customer, and competitive decisions. An analytics center of excellence provides the company with valuable insights, protects privacy and brand reputation, and guides the prioritization and selection of opportunities for greatest growth. Join Laura Patterson in a discussion about:

    · How an Analytics Center of Excellence make a difference to the company, customers, marketing

    · What is an Analytics Center of Excellence, establishing its purpose, and creating the vision

    · The key functions and capabilities needed

    · The journey’s key stages, associated challenges, and what do you need to do to get to the next step

    · What metrics you should select to measure the value and impact of an Analytics Center of Excellence
  • Marketers often say that they want to be more metrics-driven or that they want to be able to show marketing’s value. In this session we will discuss the ways you can collect the metrics that prove the value of marketing, so you can regularly review and take action on the data. We will also cover the value of benchmarking in order to refine your processes and improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.
  • With the economy emerging from recession and businesses looking for new opportunities to reach, engage and attract new and profitable audiences, it is no wonder that talk of “going global” is spreading. According to the CMO Council’s own “State of Marketing” study, 86 percent of senior marketing leaders are looking at global markets thanks to new market sizes and opportunities. And the majority (48 percent) also believe that presenting a strong story via optimized digital channels is the best path to success.

    Despite the opportunities that new global markets present, there are also significant challenges and pitfalls that marketers must avoid to ensure that a relevant, contextual and robust customer experience is actually being delivered in a way these new global audiences understand and value. This is not just a conversation about how to translate a website. In fact, this is often where so many globalization strategies fail. This is a call to turn great digital experiences into globally relevant engagements, regardless of where customers live or what language they speak.

    Join the CMO Council for an in-depth discussion into the new mandates to reach and engage the digital global customer. Experts from Lionbridge, Esri and ISITE will share their perspectives on where and how new strategies must be outlined to address the complexities of staging globally relevant conversations in the new digital world, regardless of whether this new customer is across the ocean or just across the street.

    Some key issues to be discussed in this interactive webcast will include:

    •The new expectations of the global customer—and a call for relevance across all channels
    •The complexities of language, content and engagement
    •The impact of globalization on the bottom line: Are real-time experiences making real advancements in profitability and loyalty?
  • Modern professionals are more connected than ever. This connectivity enables them to source business solutions and grow their careers across a variety of digital channels. The challenge for B2B marketers wanting to connect with these professionals is identifying the channels where their buyers are the most engaged.

    One of these channels is BrightTALK. Millions of professionals and businesses use BrightTALK to connect, learn and grow through shared knowledge and insights. And according to Frost & Sullivan, these professionals are among the most engaged buyers out there. In this in-depth session we'll discuss how BrightTALK helps customers:

    - Include rich media and online events in their content marketing mix
    - Accelerate lead generation with a strategic mix of paid BrightTALK programs
    - Get warm leads who engage with relevant content mapped to the sales funnel
    - Qualify and convert leads more effectively into loyal customers
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  • Marketing Analytics: 5 Things Every CMO Should Know Recorded: Jun 27 2013 30 mins
    Peter Krieg, President and CEO, Copernicus
    Most marketers recognize the future of marketing is in organizing big data around the customer; analyzing and synthesizing it into actionable insights; and applying these insights to marketing decisions. Across industries and categories, CMOs are looking to marketing analytics for help.

    In this webcast, Copernicus’ CEO Peter Krieg will draw from his experiences with leading brands around the world and post-mortem observations of where analytics projects have gone awry to highlight five big picture considerations for CMOs.
  • Leveraging Marketing Investments with Marketing Mix Modeling Recorded: Jun 26 2013 30 mins
    Irina Pessin, Managing Partner, Data2Decisions US
    Learn best practices for using marketing mix modeling to measure, monitor, and optimize your marketing investment from special guest Irina Pessin, Managing Partner of marketing effectiveness consulting firm Data2Decisions US.

    According to Irina, marketing mix modeling helps you not only improve ROI, but also build a stronger business case for marketing investments to senior management. She will demonstrate how to ensure your marketing mix modeling can answer the questions most critical to improving marketing effectiveness, including:

    • Which factors have historically contributed to sales?
    • What has been the sales effect of the various marketing mix activities?
    • What was the ROI from marketing activities?
    • What is my profit maximizing budget?
    • How do I optimize brand and channel weight and selection?

    In addition, she will illustrate how traditional marketing mix modeling has evolved to accommodate bought, owned, and earned media channels to create an even more comprehensive and powerful evaluative tool.
  • Optimizing Your Media Plan for the Bought-Owned-Earned World Recorded: Jun 25 2013 32 mins
    Rolf Olsen, Vice President, Director, Marketing Analytics, Copernicus
    A critical element of any marketing mix optimization exercise is understanding how different media channels work together, build off each other, and how they directly or indirectly contribute to sales.

    Given the increasing complexity of reaching and engaging customers effectively as media channels shift in priority and preference, having a deeper understanding of the synergistic performance of all channels substantially improves the ability to optimize current and future media plans.

    In this webcast, Rolf will demonstrate how to assess and evaluate the effects of different media on each other. Very importantly, he will describe how to translate and apply these insights to media decisions.

    You will learn about:

    • Techniques for disentangling the true impact of all media channels
    • Using insights into the direct and indirect contribution of each channel
    • Simulating different media scenarios to forecast ROI and sales

    He will include examples of how marketers have used a more comprehensive knowledge of how media works for their brand in the Bought, Owned, and Earned media environment to develop more effective plans.
  • Transformational Marketing Mix Optimization Using a Virtual Marketplace Recorded: Jun 18 2013 32 mins
    Jeff Maloy, Chief Marketing Officer, Copernicus
    It’s the Holy Grail of marketing mix optimization in the bought-owned-earned media landscape—a virtual marketplace that makes it possible to evaluate the ROI of current marketing and media plans. Many marketers also are using this tool to simulate innovative marketing strategies and plans they have never tried before and forecast the likely results.

    In this webcast, Jeff Maloy will explore the most critical issues to building, using, and applying the results of a virtual marketplace including:

    • Establishing the marketing or business problem you are trying to solve, and identifying when these types of models are most appropriate.

    • Understanding and modeling how "agents" (e.g., consumers, businesses) behave, interact, and network.

    • Optimizing the current mix across the bought-owned-earned media landscape.

    •Testing alternative targeting, messaging, marketing, media, and competitive response scenarios using a dynamic simulation tool.

    Jeff will offer perspectives on the types of questions this tool can help marketers solve, and provide examples of how brands have used it for marketing mix optimization and improved ROI.
  • Simplify the Shopper Journey Recorded: Jun 26 2012 27 mins
    Phil Burroughes, commercial director, rmi
    In this webcast, special guest Phil Burroughes, commercial director of retail and shopper marketing agency rmi, will tackle the often confounding topic of understanding the journey shoppers take as they move along the path to purchase.

    Challenging the current thinking in the industry, Phil will demonstrate how a change in planning principles can drive sales and awareness for a brand in retail channels. He will describe a simple model that can help marketers isolate the frequently-missed key moments in shopper journey planning, as well as a two-stage approach to engaging retail partners and shoppers to optimized sales.
  • Mission Possible: Profiling Shopping Occasions to Maximize Sales Recorded: May 23 2012 30 mins
    Jeff Maloy, Senior Vice President, Copernicus Marketing Consulting & Research
    Retailers and manufacturers are aligned in their quest for improved foot traffic and increased market baskets. To this end, it pays for marketers to dive deeper into the reasons shoppers have for visiting a (physical or online) store.

    This "trip mission" greatly influences the choice of channel, and the types of marketing and promotional tactics that are effective in driving sales. By fully understanding the different types of shopping occasions, marketers can deliver retailer- and channel-specific planning guidance to improve sales.

    In this webcast, Jeff Maloy will describe an approach marketers can use to classify consumer buying occasions and develop a richly-descriptive typology for the channels and “media” they use.
  • Shopper Typologies for Ecommerce Recorded: Apr 25 2012 31 mins
    Eric Paquette, Senior Vice President, Copernicus
    More and more brands that primarily sell through retail also use their websites to sell direct to customers. A brand’s ecommerce shoppers, however, not only differ in important ways from their retail targets, but also from each other.

    Understanding these distinctions is critical to optimizing site effectiveness.

    In this webcast, Eric Paquette will describe tools to identify, size, and profile a brand’s ecommerce shoppers and develop strategies to drive increased sales.

    He will demonstrate how to:

    - Identify the most valuable ecommerce shoppers for your brand
    - Understand their needs from the brand’s ecommerce site
    - Measure how your site delivers against those needs.
  • Transformational Shopper Marketing Strategy: 5 Things You Can Do to Improve ROI Recorded: Mar 13 2012 34 mins
    Peter Krieg, President & CEO, Copernicus
    In the digital age, capitalizing on the biggest opportunities to move shoppers towards your brand and drive sales in different channels requires relevant, executable knowledge of how to most effectively reach and engage target shoppers.

    In this webcast, Peter Krieg will discuss an innovative approach to shopper marketing strategy development that drives sales, profits, and brand equity. He will demonstrate how you can apply profit-driven insights to enable highly effective digital programs and improve integration with overall brand strategy.

    Learn how to:
    • Identify the most profitable group(s) of shoppers to target for your brand
    • Determine the touchpoints along the target shopper’s path to purchase that have the greatest effect on sales, loyalty, and advocacy
    • Understand consumer buying occasions and the channels they use
  • Digital Insights that Drive Strategy Recorded: Jun 28 2011 31 mins
    Kevin Clancy, Chairman, Copernicus Marketing Consulting and Research
    To more effectively use digital communications channels and integrate online and offline marketing efforts, marketers often do research to better understand the habits, behaviors, and activities of their most profitable targets. The big challenge comes not from getting good, comprehensive information, but taking it the next step and using it to guide strategy and planning.

    In this webcast, Kevin Clancy will describe how to study these targets in terms of their digital behavior, investigating the extent to which they use the web to better inform their buying decisions and to communicate with like-minded people everywhere.

    He will focus in particular on guidelines marketers can follow to ensure digital insights will not only drive strategy, but also the successful execution of that strategy.
  • "I'm Listening": Key Questions to Ask and Answer About Social Med Recorded: May 25 2011 33 mins
    Rolf Olsen, Marketing Sciences Director, Carat US
    While most marketers agree that social media listening can provide important real-time insights about trends, unmet needs, and campaign and new product performance, they continue to wrestle with the best way to sift through the volumes of consumer-driven conversation in order to find the truly valuable information that can guide marketing decisions.

    In this webcast, special guest Rolf Olsen, Marketing Sciences Director at communications planning powerhouse Carat US, will offer some key questions to ask and answer to help you formulate your own social media listening plans.

    Rolf Olsen has over a decade of experience in the data and insight industry and built the social listening capabilities of Carat’s parent company Aegis Group from the ground up. Drawing from his experiences from the client- and agency-side, he will give his front-line perspective on:

    •The importance of establishing a formal social listening program
    •Taking a balanced approach to filtering the data coming from social sources
    •Best practices for selecting a listening partner

    Throughout his talk, he will weave in examples and case studies to illustrate what other brands are doing with data and insights gathered from listening efforts.
  • Branding 2.0 Recorded: Apr 27 2011 31 mins
    Jeff Maloy, Senior Vice President, Copernicus Marketing Consulting & Research
    “Ultimately the brand resides in the minds of its stakeholders,” branding guru Kevin Lane Keller once wrote. Yet in today’s “cluttered” world, it is difficult to occupy any place in customers’ minds, let alone a differentiated and superior position. The challenge for B2B and B2C marketers is to develop and execute a unique, ownable, and consistent brand strategy that will take hold and endure.

    In this webcast, Jeff Maloy will describe how you can ensure the brand strategy you develop will reach your target customers and be reinforced in their hearts and minds. He will present a framework for aligning the 7 critical components of a brand strategy, as well as offer a process for translating this strategy into execution.

    You will learn:

    • The framework and key components of a compelling, cohesive, and powerful brand strategy.
    • How to successfully manage the transition from development to implementation.
    • Criteria to use to evaluate different executional elements–from logos, to new products, to ad campaigns.
  • The Past, Present, and Future of Advertising ROI Recorded: Mar 23 2011 32 mins
    Kevin Clancy, Chairman, Copernicus Marketing Consulting and Research
    With all eyes on marketing’s ROI, marketers need to figure out not just what they get for what they spend, but also what to do in order to continuously improve the rate of return.

    In this webcast, Kevin Clancy will present brand new statistics on the ROI of different kinds of advertising, from traditional to search. He will highlight the biggest areas of opportunity for improvement and discuss ways B2C and B2B marketers can go about improving the effectiveness of communications programs.
  • Finding and Activating Brand Advocates Recorded: Feb 16 2011 32 mins
    Eric Paquette, Senior Vice President, Copernicus Marketing Consulting & Research
    Many marketers refer to customers who love their brand and want to tell others about it as their "brand advocates."

    Long prized by marketers because they spread positive messages about brands through word-of-mouth, brand advocates have received increasing attention because of the digital tools now available to spread those messages more broadly, quickly, and creatively.

    In this presentation, Eric Paquette will describe approaches you can use to assess advocacy and identify your brand advocates. He will also discuss how to understand what you want to communicate about your brand to them--often not the same messages that you would typically share with your broader target audience.

    He will also discuss case studies showing how other marketers have effectively identified, reached, and impacted brand advocates.
  • Setting Clear & Effective Objectives for Your Marketing Strategy Recorded: Jan 26 2011 34 mins
    Peter Krieg, President and CEO, Copernicus Marketing Consulting & Research
    While every marketer on the planet may share the same goal to grow sales, market share, and profitability this year, they each have to map out the most effective way for their brand to get there.

    You could start at the top of the marketing funnel, for instance, and focus on increasing awareness and distribution. But do you expand brand penetration with a stronger positioning or a lower price? Or do you step up purchase frequency and dollars per purchase with a more satisfying product or service, enhanced promotional activity, loyalty programs, etc. Or work on both?

    In this webcast, Peter Krieg, President & CEO of research-driven marketing consulting firm Copernicus, will describe a process for setting aggressive objectives for your brand and demonstrate the steps to take and analyses to do during the marketing planning process in order to achieve them.

    You will learn how to:

    • Create a simple, but effective “model” of how your marketing works.

    • Pinpoint if the drag on your brand’s performance comes from your targeting strategy, advertising creative, brand positioning, or the product itself.

    • Realistically estimate how many people will ever even become aware of your campaign.

    • Concentrate your attention and marketing resources on those activities which will have the greatest ROI.

    With over three decades of experience consulting to leading B2C and B2B companies around the world, Peter will give you clear and practical guidance to eliminate the expense of real-world trial-and-error and move your brand more quickly along the right path to growth.
  • Turn Marketing Trends into Actions That Boost Your Brand Recorded: Dec 8 2010 31 mins
    Kevin Clancy, Chairman, Copernicus Marketing Consulting & Research
    It’s that time of year again, when anyone and everyone puts out their prognostications about trends and predictions of what will hold the focus of marketers’ attention in the year ahead like holiday cookies on a platter.

    Marketers are all hungry for direction on how to translate information about trends into actions they can take to grow their brand or business, and Kevin Clancy has some practical how-to suggestions.

    In this webcast, Kevin will present case studies of companies who were looking to get ahead of the curve on current trends. He will focus on the insights, approaches, and methods they used to adapt their organization and strategies such as:

    • Creating a motivational brand vision that both rallies and focuses the entire company.
    • Discovering how long-term demographic trends will impact the performance of their brand or company.
    • Learning how to typologize both buyer segments and channels of distribution in order to maximize the power of marketing programs.

    Tune in to learn about what you can do in January to take advantage of new opportunities in 2011 and beyond.
  • Positioning SOS Recorded: Oct 27 2010 29 mins
    Kevin Clancy, Chairman, Copernicus Marketing Consulting & Research
    Some in the industry have started to suggest that in the digital age it's just not necessary for brands to offer a clear, compelling positioning anymore.

    In this complimentary webcast, Kevin Clancy will offer a mix of case histories, examples, and approaches to demonstrate why having a strong positioning these days is more—not less—important than ever.

    He will make the business case for positioning and show you:

    • How most brands today lack a positioning.
    • How positioning is related to the classic definition of marketing—solving customers’ problems.
    • Why you should consider both tangible and intangible reasons to believe in your brand.
    • How to use the perceptions of your brand and those of competitors’ to help you identify areas of opportunity.

    This talk will provide you with a solid understanding of how to identify unique positioning opportunities that your company or brand can use to breakthrough all the competitive clutter.
  • Activating Your Market Segmentation Recorded: Sep 29 2010 34 mins
    Henry Gamse, Senior Vice President, Copernicus Marketing Consulting and Research
    Too often, the end results of market segmentation research end up collecting dust on a marketing manager’s bookshelf. Why? Because he or she cannot use the results to identify the segments and bring them to life in the real world.

    In this webcast, Copernicus’ in-house market segmentation guru Henry Gamse will help you turn this situation around.

    In this presentation, you will learn about:

    • Ways to identify and leverage your segments in real world situations.
    • A variety of databases where your segments can be accurately classified, profiled, and reached through targeted marketing efforts.
    • Techniques to accurately recruit the segment members you want for more profitable sales or future research.
    • Understanding your options and prioritizing your goals for fully leveraging the segments in the real world.
  • 7 Questions to Ask About Buyers In Your Category or Industry Recorded: Aug 26 2010 31 mins
    Jeff Maloy, Senior Vice President, Copernicus Marketing Consulting & Research
    It’s one of the most basic decisions you have to make—who to target with sales and marketing efforts? Sounds simple enough, but finding the “best customers”—the ones most open and profitable to your brand—and motivating them to buy is a pretty complex operation.

    In this webcast, Jeff Maloy will give you seven questions to ask about the buyers in your category or industry to ensure you grab the attention and share of wallet of the cream of the crop.

    A former brand manager at some of the leading CPG companies in the world, Jeff will focus on the information and insights you can collect with good marketing research that will give you a comprehensive sense of:

    • The sales potential of different customer groups
    • Their interest in new products and services from your brand
    • Their likelihood to advocate for your brand
  • Super-Influentials: New Insights for Reaching Them on the Web Recorded: Jul 14 2010 31 mins
    Kevin Clancy, Chairman, Copernicus Marketing Consulting and Research
    Smart marketers regularly seek out “super-influentials,” the people who tell friends and neighbors what and where to buy and have an impact on an increasing number of purchase decisions. According to a brand new study, blogs are an important social media tool for impacting this key communications target.

    In this presentation, Kevin Clancy will present the findings of an in-depth Copernicus investigation that for the first time confirms a strong relationship between blogging behavior and personal influence across a broad range of categories.

    Get insights into:

    • The blogging behavior of Americans in general.
    • The relationship between blogging and cross-category personal influence.
    • How to identify super-influentials in your category or industry.
    • Demographics and personal characteristics of cross-category super influencers.
    • The product/service categories where the relationship between blogging behavior and influence is particularly strong.
    • Integrating information about the digital and social behaviors of key targets into marketing plans.
  • Build Your Brand Like One of the Big Boys Recorded: Jun 24 2010 33 mins
    Peter Krieg, President & CEO, Copernicus Marketing Consulting & Research
    You don't have to sit on the sidelines enviously watching major brands grow sales, profits, and loyalty anymore. You can build your brand like one of the big boys too!

    Recognized as one of American's leading marketing consultants, Peter Krieg will describe the 7 key components typically found in the marketing strategies behind some of the most successful brands around the world.

    In this free webcast, you will learn about:

    • Why it pays to build a strong brand
    • Common branding problems that often undermine success
    • Tools and approaches

    Drawing on more than 30 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies across B2C and B2B industries, Peter will outline a process for pulling together the critical pieces into a strategy that can help your brand achieve dominant market player status.
Lively, topical webcasts for B2C and B2B marketers.
Tune in for helpful how-to information and big-picture perspectives on burning marketing and business issues from Copernicus' digitally saavy senior consultants and guests.

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