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Defending Healthcare Against Today’s Advanced Threats

With PHI, financial, and demographic information, healthcare is a data-rich environment and a popular target for attackers. Today’s cybercriminals are employing sophisticated tactics to trick unsuspecting victims or otherwise infiltrate healthcare organizations to gain this information. These advanced threats are highly stealthy and persistent, using novel techniques to hide themselves, sometimes for months, before even being detected.

With the bad guys getting smarter and many healthcare organizations still lagging behind with the proper security measures, security leaders know it’s only a matter of time until they become the target. Watch this live webinar as we discuss the shift in security that is being driven by the changing threat landscape and how organizations are implementing a multi-step approach to uncover, prioritize, and remediate threats facing their environments.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

- What you can do to defend against advanced threats
- Steps to reduce the number of incidents that require further investigation by knowing what to look at, when to look at them, and where to look
- How Symantec can help you leverage your existing security investments to uncover advanced threats across your endpoints, networks, and email
Recorded Feb 18 2016 47 mins
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Presented by
Janene Casella, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Enterprise Security & David Finn,CISA, CISM, CRISC Health ITO from Symantec
Presentation preview: Defending Healthcare Against Today’s Advanced Threats
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  • SEP 14 Webinar Series: Tackle Unknown Threats with SEP 14 Machine Learning Dec 6 2016 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Teresa Law, Product Marketing Manager, Symantec and Alpech Mote, Senior Product Manager, Symantec
    Part 1 of 4: SEP 14 Webinar Series:

    Threats are becoming more sophisticated with new attacks becoming commonplace. These unknown threats can be devastating for an organization making endpoint protection more critical than ever. The best weapon in your endpoint protection arsenal to combat unknown threats is Machine Learning. Join us to discover:

    •How machine learning addresses unknown threats

    •Why SEP 14 machine learning is unique

    •Where it fits in a layered solution

    In addition to a lively discussion we’ll also show you SEP 14 in action, with a demo that showcases how unknown threats don’t stand a chance.
  • Keeping Hackers Out of Your Bank Account Dec 1 2016 6:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Kevin Haley, Director Security Response,Symantec
    While attacks by nation-states and on-line extortion are grabbing the headlines the biggest threat to small and medium businesses remains banking trojans. These threats are flooding user’s mailboxes, trying to get a foothold on computers to empty out the victims banks accounts.

    Small and medium sized businesses are a favorite target and can have devastating effects for a business that finds its bank account cleaned out.

    Join us and learn:

    - What a banking trojan is and how it works

    - Why cyber criminals like attacking SMBs

    - How to protect yourself from banking trojans

    Register Now
  • Phishing Readiness: Is your team ready? Nov 15 2016 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    James Griffin, Product Manager, Cyber Security Services, Symantec
    Phishing continues to be one of the most prevalent and effective threats to organizations. Combating hackers that are determined to compromise your users requires a unique blend of tools, strategy and training.

    Join our webinar to learn about:

    •How to train your users to recognize these attacks more effectively and reduce your organization’s risk

    •Using Phishing Readiness to simulate attacks such as Point and Click, Attachments and Data exposure at a level which would impact the employees directly

    •See how to measure the effectiveness of your Phishing Readiness campaigns and show the changes in user behavior

    Register now to ensure you have the right techniques, tools and procedures in place to deliver an effective Security Awareness Program.
  • State of Endpoint Protection & How Machine Learning Helps Stop The Attacks Nov 10 2016 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Adrian Sanabria, Senior Security Analyst at 451 Research & Kevin Haley, Director Security Response at Symantec
    Today, targeted attacks and Zero-Day vulnerabilities are the two most common advanced threats. Attacks are designed to enter your environments from many different vectors so an endpoint security solution that detects and blocks threats at all points in the attack chain is critical.

    Join the 451 Analyst, Adrian Sanabria and Symantec as they discuss the challenges, business needs and technology options for Endpoint Protection.

    Learn more about Machine Learning, what it is, how it works, and what else you need to protect yourself across all points of attack. During this webcast, you will learn:

    •What is the state of the industry for Endpoint Protection technology
    •Why machine learning is not enough
    •Discover how to reduce the number of agents on your endpoint with the high-performance lightweight agent that includes advanced machine learning, exploit mitigation, antimalware, and more
  • How to Gate, Watch and Guard your Sensitive Data Everywhere Oct 27 2016 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Sunil Choudrie, Global Solutions Manager, Deena Thomchick, Sr. Director Cloud Security & Linda Park, Sr. Product Manager
    The sad truth is that Invaders are trying to breach your defenses every day. With five out of every six large organizations being targeted by advanced attackers, protecting your data is a smart way to keep you from becoming tomorrow’s headline.

    So what does data protection mean? A comprehensive approach allows the right people to access the right data, anywhere, by controlling access, monitoring its flow, and keeping it out of the wrong hands.

    We will explain how Symantec technology addresses this approach and how you will benefit from:

    •Grant and ensure access only for authorized users with strong, multi-factor authentication, on any device, including BYOD.
    •Watching over data wherever it lives—in the cloud, on premise, in motion, and at rest.
    •Preventing data loss with unified policy controls to encrypt or block vulnerable information before it leaves the gate.
  • Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack Recorded: Oct 18 2016 62 mins
    Dennis York, Lead Incident Response Investigator, Symantec and Darian Lewis, Senior Principal Security Analyst, Symantec
    Did you know that just opening a compromised web page could allow dangerous code to install on a PC or smartphone? You don’t have to click “accept” for a download or software update to install malware on your machines and trigger an infection and the consequences can be enormous.

    Why you need to build 24 X 7 threat monitoring into your environment
    Ransomware is an extremely profitable type of attack. It only takes one network-connected device to expand a malware infection and hold an entire organization hostage for profit. Last year, the use of encryption as a weapon to hold companies’ and individuals’ critical data hostage grew by 35 percent.

    - Learn from our cyber security experts about what can happen in a ransomware attack, based on real-life events.

    -Understand how the malware entered the IT infrastructure of two different companies, and find out how long it stayed and the impact to these businesses.

    -Will show you how attacks are identified and remediated, as well as some best practices for handling ransomware attacks, should one occur in your company.

    Improve your line of defense against ransomware and minimize the loss of key data, money and intellectual property from your organization.
  • Demystifying the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF): CSF 101 Recorded: Oct 11 2016 60 mins
    Ken Durbin, Unified Security Strategist, Symantec, Adam Sedgewick, Senior Information Technology Policy Advisor, NIST
    The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) was originally focused on the Critical Infrastructure Sectors but is quickly being adopted by organizations of all types and sectors. Should you consider adopting the CSF? This webinar will provide you with a solid understanding of the CSF to help you decide if it’s right for you. We’ve invited Adam Sedgewick, Senior Information Technology Policy Advisor, National Institute of Standards and Technology, to join us on this informative webinar.

    Topics covered will include:

    -A brief history of the CSF and its development
    -The goals and outcomes it was designed to address
    -The three main components of the CSF: Core, Profile & Tiers
    -Its use in both Regulated and Non-Regulated
  • Cyber Readiness: Going Beyond “Awareness” and Building a Culture of Security Recorded: Oct 5 2016 60 mins
    Kelley Bray, Employee Trust and CustomerONE at Symantec
    Building a strong culture of security is the key to ensuring that your users care enough about the security of your company to protect it. Every day, in every interaction, we want our users to do the right thing when it comes to security.

    In this webinar we will discuss:

    - Symantec’s Employee Trust Program

    - How we go beyond basic security awareness training to continuously cultivate our security culture.
  • The Professionalization of Hackers Recorded: Sep 8 2016 39 mins
    Bob Shaker, Incident Response Product Management, Cyber Security Services, Symantec
    We are no strangers to breaches and compromises but why has it gotten worse? What is happening in the adversary landscape that has changed the attack model from opportunity of convenience to campaign driven assault plans? We’ll highlight the professionalism of hackers and how they are operating as a business to take advantage of organizations of all sizes. The facts presented are from the findings that can be found in Symantec’s 2016 Internet Security Threat Report.
  • Data Protection 101: Follow and protect your critical data, wherever it lives Recorded: Sep 7 2016 57 mins
    Sunil Choudrie, Global Solutions Marketing Manager
    When it comes to your sensitive data, how can you be sure that it is protected and none of it is leaving your environment?

    Organizations today face the following challenges:
    •Identifying the type of data that needs to be protected
    •Controlling access to data & ensuring identities aren’t exposed, especially in the face of significant regulatory fines
    •Prevent sensitive data from leaving the organization, mega-breaches & data loss is increasing year on year. Over half a billion personal records were stolen or lost in 2015, spear phishing campaigns targeting company employees increased by 55% in 2015

    Answer: Firstly allow the right people to access the right data, anywhere, by controlling access, monitoring its flow, and keeping it out of the wrong hands. Secondly Easily apply policies to control access and usage―in the cloud, on mobile devices, or on the network.

    Join Symantec for a webinar on the lessons learned regarding data protection across the many applications in your environment.
  • What Small & Medium Businesses Need to Know Recorded: Aug 17 2016 60 mins
    Kevin Haley, Director, Symantec Security Response
    It’s an unfortunate truth: cyber criminals are targeting small and medium sized business. This webcast will focus on the threats these businesses face. Using analysis of the 2016 cyber threats from the newly released Symantec Internet Security Threat Report, we will cover the latest trends in cyber-crime and what to do about it.

    Get the latest research on cyber threats including:

    •Why cyber criminals target small and medium business at a higher rate than larger businesses.
    •How ransomware is expanding to new targets and how to protect yourself.
    •Why 78% of all legitimate websites are putting your end users at risk.
  • Intelligent Endpoint Security: Why Taking A Modern Approach Matters Recorded: Aug 4 2016 63 mins
    Robert Westervelt is a Research Manager at IDC Security and Alejandro Borgia, VP Product Management at Symantec
    Endpoint security is a critical component in an organization's security program and is needed to gain the visibility necessary to rapidly detect threats and contain them before criminals gain access to critical resources.

    Join us for an interactive discussion and learn more about:

    • How emerging security technologies are helping organizations defend against targeted attacks that use zero-days and evasion tactics to evade detection

    • What technologies typically make up modern threat protection solutions and how they enable incident responders to quickly identify infected endpoints and determine the scope of an attack

    • Why endpoint visibility must be combined with network, web, and messaging security solutions to create a security architecture that works cohesively to reduce the amount of time an attacker has on infected systems

    • How risk assessment plays a role in strengthening your security to preempt future attacks
  • Update on pcAnywhere Replacement Options Recorded: Jun 22 2016 44 mins
    Symantec and Bomgar
    Join us for our next webcast on Wednesday, June 22 to learn about Bomgar Connect – a new cloud-based remote support solution and a replacement option for pcAnywhere.

    Bomgar Connect provides secure remote support to employees and customers anytime, anywhere. With easy-to-use features such as screen sharing, remote control, file transfer, and chat, support representatives are armed with the tools necessary to quickly connect to and fix remote systems and devices without sacrificing security or reliability.

    We will also discuss a special promotion for Bomgar Connect available to Symantec customers who currently own Deployment Solution, Client Management Suite and IT Management Suite.

    Damon Covey, Director, Solutions Product Management, Symantec
    Jared DeLuca, Director, Security Channel Sales, Bomgar
    Boatner Blankenstein, VP, Solutions Engineering Sales, Bomgar
  • Hacking Hospitals Recorded: Jun 8 2016 61 mins
    Axel Wirth, Distinguished Technical Architect, Symantec & Ted Harrington, Executive Partner, Independent Security Evaluators
    Patient health is at grave risk in the current digital era, as sophisticated adversaries utilize technology to perform digital attacks that can result in physical harm. While Healthcare IT typically prioritizes protecting patient records (PHI), this omits the crucial overall healthcare mission of championing patient health against possible attacks against the healthcare digital ecosystem.

    This webinar will present and analyze real world attack scenarios against the healthcare ecosystem, the mindset of hackers, and the complexity of constraints facing health IT security.

    Join us for this webinar as we:

    • Discuss why patient health is at risk and why it is a target for sophisticated adversaries
    • Investigate the complexity of constraints facing Health IT and the barriers that must be overcome to succeed in this effort
    • Highlight key findings from ISE’s groundbreaking research study, Hacking Hospitals*, including the types of healthcare systems investigated, the nature of the investigation, and the objectives of the assessments
    • Present a blueprint with actionable steps that IT Security leaders can follow to properly secure and protect their hospital IT infrastructure, sensitive information, and their patients

    *ISE’s research study, Hacking Hospitals - http://www.securityevaluators.com/hospitalhack/
  • Play 'Follow the URL' with Symantec to Outsmart the latest Dridex attacks. Recorded: Jun 7 2016 25 mins
    Jane Wong, Director, Enterprise Security Products at Symantec and Dermot Harnett, Director STAR, at Symantec
    Experts estimate that over 90% of all emails contain a URL and URLs are the primary 'call to action' for spam, phishing and malicious emails.

    Typically, URL blacklists have been an effective weapon to block unwanted emails. However as the threat landscape continues to change and attackers are adopting more and more evasive techniques a new approach is required.

    Real time URL Link Following, which is unique to Symantec Email.cloud, combines the best of Symantec's Threat Intelligence with an innovative approach to following and block URL links in real time.

    Come join us for this webinar as we discuss:

    - How Symantec's Real time URL link Following has evolved from fighting the abuse of web shorteners to being an essential arsenal in the fight against modern malware and ransomeware attacks.
  • 2016 Healthcare Internet Security Threat Report Highlights Recorded: May 25 2016 62 mins
    Paul Wood, Cyber Security Intelligence Manager, Symantec and David Finn, Health IT Officer, Symantec
    It’s bad news I’m afraid. Healthcare topped the tables for data breaches in 2015, and the trend seems to continue into 2016. Attend this much-anticipated webcast for an analysis on the cyber threats targeting healthcare organizations from the newly released Symantec Healthcare Internet Security Threat Report.

    Get the latest research on cyber threats including:

    • Why zero-day vulnerabilities are becoming commodities
    • How ransomware is expanding to new targets such as smartphones, Mac and Linux systems
    • The evolution of cybercriminals as they establish professional businesses in order to increase the efficiency of their attacks

    Register now for the latest analysis of global cyber threats and specific steps healthcare organizations can take to improve their security posture in 2016.
  • How secure is your Office 365 deployment? Recorded: May 24 2016 60 mins
    Teresa Law, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Symantec & Sunil Choudrie, Solutions Marketing Manager, Symantec
    Are you concerned about securing your users and data in cloud based collaboration applications like Office 365? You’re not alone. Over 35% of Microsoft Exchange installed base is now on Office 365. Many of these enterprises are actively seeking to extend the same level of security and consistent policies they have in place for existing on-premise and cloud applications, to Office 365.

    Consider these statistics from IDC:

    • Over 50% enterprises have users that access their Office 365 applications using unmanaged mobile devices
    • Over 90% of threats to enterprises emanate from email
    • 65% of threats go undetected for weeks/months

    IT administrators lose traditional visibility and control when enterprises move email, content creation, file sharing, and collaboration to the cloud; making it harder to detect inappropriate behavior. This makes it critical for organizations to extend the basic security capabilities of Office 365 and ensure consistency in the level of security across all their cloud services.

    Securing cloud applications like Office 365 is a shared responsibility between the cloud service provider and the tenant. Analysts like Gartner and IDC recommend assessing third party security products as a best practice in a comprehensive Office 365 security framework.

    Join us for this webcast where we tackle the challenge of securing Office 365 head on and show you how your organization can take Office 365 security to a new level.

    Learn how to enhance your Office 365 security to:

    • Shield Email From Phishing, Sophisticated Malware and Spam
    • Neutralize Advanced Threats and Targeted Attacks
    • Safeguard Your Sensitive Data
    •Control Access with Strong Authentication

    Symantec can help your organization enhance your security for Office 365 while enabling employee collaboration and productivity. Let us show you how!
  • Key Findings from Symantec’s 2016 Internet Security Threat Report Recorded: May 3 2016 57 mins
    Kevin Haley, Director, Symantec Security Response
    Cyber attacks are increasing in number and sophistication. Today’s threats differ from those encountered a month ago. What can you do to improve your security posture?

    Register for our webcast and receive insights into protecting your organization and its brand, including simple steps to take now and in the future.
  • Dridex: The Financial Threat Clogging Our Mailboxes Recorded: Apr 26 2016 31 mins
    Orla Cox, Director Security Response, Symantec and Dick O'Brien, Senior Information Developer, Symantec
    Dridex is one of the most persistent and prevalent threats facing organizations today. Configured to collect victim's banking credentials, it is now one of the most active and dangerous pieces of financial malware in circulation.

    Join this webcast as we discuss:

    •Dridex propagation methods, in particular its massive spam campaigns.
    •How Dridex attempts to steal banking information.
    •Guidance on how to protect against Dridex infections.
  • Symantec IT Management Suite 8.0 Launch Recorded: Mar 23 2016 59 mins
    Hugo Parra, Director of Product Management; Damon Covey, Director of Solutions Product Management
    IT Management Suite 8.0 is here! Please join us for a special webcast on Wednesday, March 23 to learn how version 8.0 will make managing and protecting your IT environment even easier.

    This event will feature a panel of customers who participated in our early adopter program. They will share their experience testing and using version 8.0.

    IT Management Suite 8.0 includes several new exciting features and enhancements including:

    • Integration with Symantec Unified Endpoint Protection Cloud Service
    • Expanded software license management capabilities and views
    • FIPS 140-2 compliant
    • Increased scalability by nearly double capacity
    • UI improvements with search, filters, agent health, and more

    Don't miss this great opportunity to get the latest news and information on IT Management Suite 8.0.
Securing and Managing an Information-Driven World
Symantec is a global leader in providing security solutions to help our customers – from consumers and small businesses to the largest global organizations – secure their information against more risks at more points, more completely and efficiently than any other company. Our company’s unique focus is to eliminate risks to information, technology and processes independent of the device, platform, interaction or location.

Visit: http://www.symantec.com

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  • Title: Defending Healthcare Against Today’s Advanced Threats
  • Live at: Feb 18 2016 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Janene Casella, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Enterprise Security & David Finn,CISA, CISM, CRISC Health ITO from Symantec
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