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Zero-Day Attacks and What To Do About It?

5-Part Webinar Series: Endpoint Protection…what really matters?

Part 3 of 5: Zero-Day Attacks and What To Do About It?

All applications have vulnerabilities and attackers are incented to find them. Once the vulnerability has been discovered, the longer it remains unpatched, the greater the risk of a breach, potential loss of information, and damage to reputation.

Join us to learn what can be done to block exploit attacks on day zero:

• What behaviors and techniques are used to block attacks
• Why exploit prevention plays a critical part in endpoint protection
• How Memory Exploit Mitigation works

Then see Memory Exploit Mitigation in action with a demo Symantec Endpoint Protection.

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• Symantec Endpoint Protection 14 Webinar Series Part 1 of 5: Addressing Unknown Threats with Advanced Machine Learning http://bit.ly/SEP14Series0126

• Symantec Endpoint Protection 14 Webinar Series: Part 2 of 5: Block The Risk Of Ransomware http://bit.ly/Part2Webinar0223
Recorded Mar 23 2017 32 mins
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Presented by
Chris Candaffio, System Engineer, Symantec
Presentation preview: Zero-Day Attacks and What To Do About It?
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  • Simplifying Endpoint Security across Protection, Detection and Response Oct 14 2021 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Alpesh Mote, Director, Symantec Endpoint Security Product Management
    As organizations seek to enhance their security maturity, many are prioritizing ease-of-use in the selection of the technology tools they rely on day-to-day. Symantec Endpoint Security’s single-agent stack has been leading the way with its fully integrated prevention, detection, and response capabilities to protect you against the latest threats.
    Join Director of Endpoint Product Management, Alpesh Mote in this webinar, October 14, 11 am PT, to learn how we are simplifying endpoint security with new capabilities to help streamline your work, cut downtime and reduce your workload.
    In this session, you will:
    • Hear what customers have been telling us about their endpoint protection needs
    • Learn about the new capabilities Symantec is building into its Endpoint Security platform to facilitate updates and shorten cycle times
    • See a demo of the improvements in the console and ask questions about how you can be more efficient
  • Control without Complexity: Improving Network, Information & Endpoint Security Sep 30 2021 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Domingo Guerra, Head Symantec Endpoint Security GTM, Alex Au Yeung, Head of Symantec Network & Information Security
    With organizations reporting increasing security costs and complexity, lack of security staff and too many independent tools to monitor and manage, it is now more critical than ever that security leaders build a comprehensive and highly effective threat protection infrastructure for their enterprises.

    Join Symantec’s Domingo Guerra and Alex Au Yeung on September 30, 11 am PT, for a discussion on what to look for in a robust security solution, as well as:
    • How to assess the impact that fragmented tools are having on security risk in your organization
    • The benefits of integration to close protection gaps and leverage the value of security data
    • How Symantec sets the standard for protection and ROI in its cross-platform security solutions
  • What's Your Endpoint Security ROI? Sep 16 2021 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Esther Seguin, Endpoint Product Marketing, Symantec Endpoint Security, Rachel Ballard, TEI Consultant, Forrester Research
    Do you know the true costs of your endpoint security solution? Do you have a clear view of the outcomes you are achieving? And, do you know what factors you should consider when weighing the benefits of your endpoint security program?
    Join Forrester Research Consultant, Rachel Ballard in this webinar, September 16, 11 am PT, where we will discuss the Symantec Endpoint Security Total Economic Impact study.
    In this session, you will learn:
    • How Forrester Research’s independent model on endpoint benefits versus costs was developed
    • What Symantec customers were interviewed and the types of data provided for the analysis
    • What the Forrester TEI study uncovered about the return on investment for Symantec Endpoint Security
  • Zero Trust: A Plan for Implementation Sep 16 2021 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Vadim Lander, CTO & Distinguished Engineer
    In the first webinar in his Zero Trust series, Vadim Lander described the complete picture of a Zero Trust environment – the ultimate goal. Then, in the second webinar, he described how Zero Trust works.

    In this webinar, Vadim boils it down to practical implementation and suggests a plan for achieving Zero Trust. He also outlines how to transition from static to contextual to intelligent observation to achieve the level of maturity you need to satisfy your business goals. He will discuss outcomes required for each level of Zero Trust maturity.
  • Symantec Endpoint Detection and Response Update Sep 2 2021 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Adam Licata, Director, Endpoint Product Management
    With the ability of advanced adversaries to evade protection and detection, Symantec is always innovating to stay one step ahead. Join Director of Endpoint Product Management Adam Licata, September 2, 11 am PT, for a webinar on the latest developments in our Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) features. He will provide details on how we are advancing our integrated EDR capabilities that work within a single-agent architecture and cover both traditional and modern endpoints.

    In this session, you will learn:
    • What Symantec is doing to make your user experience more seamless, whether you work on-premise, in the cloud, or both
    • What our new capabilities look like in the console and how they work to make the work of your SOC faster and better
    • How we support your SOC with our machine learning analytics, our skilled Threat Hunter team, and our Threat Intelligence API
  • Support: How to Get the Most from Your Symantec Endpoint Security Aug 19 2021 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Christian Woegerer, Head of Symantec Endpoint Security Support
    Whether you are experiencing user error, a bug, or a technical issue, it’s critical that you know who to call and where to go to find a speedy resolution. At Symantec, it is our goal to help you get the most value from your endpoint security solution. Join Head of Symantec Endpoint Security Support, Christian Woegerer in this webinar, August 19, 11 am PT, to discuss how to work with Symantec to address your support issues.

    In this session, you will learn:
    • How we have strengthened our support processes and staffing to assure you get what you need
    • Where you go to get help with licensing information or filling out a trouble ticket
    • How to access support, whether you work directly with a Broadcom Account Executive or a Partner
  • Take Advantage: Expert Services from Symantec Endpoint Security Aug 5 2021 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Cameron Sedgwick, Global Head, Services & Education, Michael Nickle, Head of Services, Broadcom Software
    Symantec customers now can access the highly specialized skillsets and localized expertise of a diverse network of partners to help them achieve their security goals. Join Symantec’s Cameron Sedgwick and Michael Nickle in a webinar, August 5, 11 am PT, to discuss the details of our newly launched Expert Advantage Partner Program that enables customers to select a services partner best suited to their unique requirements, whether it be for technical support, professional services, or delivery of managed services.

    In this session, you will learn:
    • Why Symantec, as part of Broadcom Software, is expanding its partner relationships now
    • What services you can expect to receive from our partners
    • How to access our partner network and how to select a partner that meets your needs

    Our Speakers
    • Cameron Sedgwick, Global Head, Services & Education, Broadcom Software
    • Michael Nickle, Head of Services, Broadcom Software
  • Speed Matters: Why a Modern Network Approach is Needed for Data-Centric SASE Aug 4 2021 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Nate Fitzgerald - Senior Product Manager Symantec Cloud Web Security
    In early 2020, the Symantec Network Security team disrupted how the Secure Web Gateway (SWG) market deploys cloud platforms, standardizing on Google Cloud as the backbone of our Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) vision.

    With work complete a mere weeks before a massive, global shift to working from home, the team was able to reduce customer time-to-value, accelerate remote work initiatives, and improve network resiliency. And, while many organizations are now returning to the office, the benefits of this modern delivery approach continue to be enjoyed today.

    So what about the do-it-yourself cloud delivery model is outdated and how can this new approach benefit you? Come join Nate Fitzgerald of the Symantec Network Security team who will explain why traditional cloud SWG deployments come with too much baggage and not enough agility to support a high performance SASE solution.

    In this webinar, we will openly discuss:
    • What security vendors do well, and our inherent weaknesses
    • How and when to bypass the public internet
    • What these benefits mean to you
    • Examples of customer success
    • Answers to the questions you have

    Please register today. A replay will be available after the event but in-person attendance is the easiest way to be part of the conversation.
  • Zero Trust Network Access: A Cornerstone for Data-Centric SASE Jul 28 2021 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Stanislav Elenkrich, Senior Product Manager - Network & Information Security
    Raise your hand if you love using your Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)… that’s what we thought. VPNs became popular decades ago because it was the best thing available. Unfortunately, they often disappoint in terms of cost, performance and security.

    The good news is the market has adopted a new technology – Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) – as a replacement technology that addresses the gaps in a typical VPN deployment. This is why analysts and practitioners alike consider ZTNA a critical capability of the SASE framework. Is ZTNA right for you, and what should you look for when evaluating a solution?

    Please join Stas Elenkrich of the Symantec Network Information Security team as he shares why you should carefully consider moving off of your VPN and how you can move your organization forward with ZTNA.

    In this session, he will examine:
    • ZTNA role in delivering Data-Centric SASE
    • A seamless UX for all users (enterprise, partners, contractors)
    • Decision criteria for selecting the ZTNA solution
    • Lessons learned during a global pandemic
    • Answers to questions that you may have

    Please register today. A replay will be available after the event but in-person attendance is the easiest way to be part of the conversation.
  • Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network: The Power Behind Symantec Security Recorded: Jul 27 2021 62 mins
    Henk Van Achterberg, Technical Architect, Bret Jordan, Network, Aryiro Toan, Endpoint, Sunil Choudrie, Information Security
    Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network, or GIN, is the broadest and deepest set of threat intelligence in the industry. This level of visibility across network, endpoint, email, web, and cloud traffic allows us to discover and block advanced targeted attacks that would otherwise go undetected.

    Join us for this webinar to learn:

    • What is Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network?
    • How does each control point leverage the threat intelligence in the GIN?
    • What technologies are used to correlate and contextualize the threat intelligence in the GIN?
    • How are threat experts contributing to the GIN?
    • How the GIN helped Symantec discover unknown threats
  • Shut the Door on Ransomware With Symantec Endpoint Security Recorded: Jul 22 2021 58 mins
    Kevin Haley, Director of Security Response, Anthony Flaviani, Technical Director, Endpoint Solutions Engineering, Broadcom
    The number of targeted ransomware attacks is growing, and with events like Colonial Pipeline and CNA Financial, all indications are that the stakes are getting even higher. Join Symantec Director of Security Response, Kevin Haley and Technical Director of Endpoint Solutions Engineering, Anthony Flaviani for a webinar July 22, 11 am PT, where we will look at how these attacks are being executed, why they are expanding so rapidly and what technologies you need to protect yourself against them.
    In this session, you will learn:
    • More about how the latest ransomware strains have been evolving
    • Why it’s better to reduce your attack surface instead of detecting threats once they’re inside
    • How Symantec Endpoint Security (SES) Complete stops ransomware before it crosses the threshold of your organization
  • Symantec Global Intelligence Network Video Recorded: Jul 15 2021 2 mins
    Symantec Global Intelligence Network Video
  • Making Sense of the MITRE Evaluations - Symantec Endpoint Security Recorded: Jun 24 2021 61 mins
    Kevin Haley, Director of Security Response, Adam Licata, Director of Endpoint PM, Adam Glick, Software Engineer
    Now that the 2020 MITRE ATT&CK results are out, and everyone’s had a chance to review performance scores, it’s time to take a more careful look. What do they mean? How were the tests done? And how is MITRE ATT&CK different from other evaluations?

    Join us for a panel discussion, June 24, 11 am PT, with Director of Security Response Kevin Haley, Director of Endpoint Product Management Adam Licata, and Software Engineer Adam Glick. They will discuss the details of the MITRE results and how to use them to strengthen security in your organization.
  • Do you know DLP? Recorded: Jun 16 2021 50 mins
    Kedar Apte, Head of DLP Core Product Management and Sunil Choudrie, DLP Product Marketing Manager, Symantec
    Symantec Data Loss Prevention is a powerful solution, and we want to help you get the most out of it. Join us in a webinar focused on helping you get maximum value from your DLP program. We will address the most common questions that our customers ask, highlight key features and answer any other questions you have.
  • Adaptive Protection - Level Up Your Endpoint Security Recorded: Jun 10 2021 59 mins
    Kevin Haley, Director, Symantec Security Response, Symantec and Michael Suby, Research Vice President, IDC
    With cyber attackers more motivated than ever, how can organizations strengthen their endpoint security?

    Symantec Security Response Director Kevin Haley and IDC Research Vice President Michael Suby are with us in this webinar to discuss how our new Adaptive Protection feature, part of Symantec Endpoint Security Complete, can help you turn the tables on attackers and better protect your data and endpoints. In this session:

    • Explore why a one-size-fits all approach to endpoint security does not work
    • Learn about Adaptive Protection and how it can streamline your security work streams
    • Listen to several case studies to understand the real-world value of Adaptive Protection
  • A Hybrid Approach on Your Journey Towards Cloud-delivered Secure Web Gateway Recorded: Jun 9 2021 56 mins
    John Grady, Senior Analyst, Network Security, ESG and Alan Hall, Symantec Network Information Security
    While a cloud-delivered Secure Web Gateway (SWG) is the ultimate destination for most security organizations, many are early in their journey and are taking a measured approach moving forward. Whether due to compliance concerns, network complexity, or simply preference, many organizations will continue to manage on-premises SWGs as part of a hybrid approach, while progressing to the cloud over time. What is best for your organization and which path will you take?...Will you maintain a primarily on-premises SWG footprint, immediately move your SWG and policies to the cloud, or navigate to somewhere in-between through a hybrid approach?

    Join the discussion with security analyst firm, ESG and Symantec, a Division of Broadcom on how an "all-or-nothing" approach isn't the only option and how a hybrid approach to an effective SWG might be the approach for you.
  • We’re on Your Cloud Journey: Symantec Endpoint Security Recorded: May 27 2021 61 mins
    Adam Licata, Director Endpoint Product Management, Symantec Endpoint Security, Broadcom
    As the drive to cloud adoption continues to accelerate, Symantec Endpoint Security is streamlining the path for those enterprises on the journey. Join us for a webinar with Endpoint Product Management Director Adam Licata, Thursday, May 27, 2021, 11 am PST, to learn more about our expanded Endpoint Security cloud features. In this session, you will:

    • Learn about the most important new features recently released on our Endpoint cloud console
    • Find out how you can use them to defend against today’s increasingly aggressive attacks
    • See a demo of how they enhance protection, simplify detection and response and integrate with SEP Mobile and more.

    Our Speaker
    Adam Licata, Director Endpoint Product Management, Symantec Endpoint Security, Broadcom
  • Delivering on Outcomes of XDR: How to Know in Seconds If You’ve Been Impacted Recorded: May 26 2021 44 mins
    Shad Harris, Senior Security Expert at Broadcom; Ashwin Radhakrishnan, Product Manager at Anomali
    With the integration of Anomali Match and Symantec Integrated Cyber Defense Exchange (ICDx), security operations teams can know in seconds if they’ve been impacted by a newly discovered threat, and benefit from continuous, real-time matching as new intelligence is ingested.

    Join us on May 26, 9 am PT (12pm ET) for a special webinar with Shad Harris of Symantec at Broadcom and Ashwin Radhakrishnan of Anomali, as they talk in-depth about leveraging deeply rich threat intelligence to know within seconds if you’ve been breached.

    • What security telemetry is collected from Symantec and streamed into Anomali Match?
    • What does it take to deploy both ICDx and Anomali Match?
    • How does Match help you get the most out of your log data and threat intelligence?
    • What does a SOC analyst see when viewing data in Match?
  • Securing the Future of Remote Work with CloudSOC Mirror Gateway Recorded: May 25 2021 42 mins
    Dori Varas, Senior Product Management, Stephen Hearty, Senior Product Marketing
    In your rush to get employees up and running from home, did you have time to optimise the security experience? The future of remote work is here to stay and it’s essential that all your employees have a secure way to access cloud services.

    Discover how Symantec CloudSOC Mirror Gateway provides high level security on unmanaged devices without needing an agent or the use of reverse proxy technologies.

    Join us for a special webinar as we address:

    - The challenges with providing secure access for unmanaged devices (BYOD) and the limitations of Reverse Proxy.
    - What is CloudSoc Mirror Gateway, how it secures cloud access for your remote workforce, and the benefits to your organization.
    - How to implement a data centric Zero Trust security solution that secures the future of remote working.
  • New Symantec Research: Attackers Hiding in Plain Sight Recorded: May 18 2021 41 mins
    Kevin Haley (Director, Symantec Security Response) and Dick O’Brien (Senior Research Editor)
    Dual-use tools, once only the domain of APT groups, are now used in ransomware attackers and other cyber crimes. Symantec blocked 1.4 billion attempts by attackers to use these tools in 2020.

    Based on newly released research, this webinar will cover:

    - How attackers are living off the land with dual-use tools
    - What you can do to defend against these common and yet sophisticated attacks
Integrated Cyber Defense
Broadcom’s Symantec Enterprise Division, the global leader in cyber security, helps organizations and governments secure identities and information wherever they live. Organizations across the world look to Broadcom’s Symantec Enterprise Division for strategic, integrated solutions to defend against sophisticated attacks across endpoints, identities, and infrastructure, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or both.

Visit: http://www.broadcom.com/products/cyber-security

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  • Title: Zero-Day Attacks and What To Do About It?
  • Live at: Mar 23 2017 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Chris Candaffio, System Engineer, Symantec
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