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How to Build a B2B Social Content Calendar

Social media is still a powerful distribution channel for B2B content, but a number of challenges arise when trying to effectively schedule content on social. How can you ensure that your social content cuts through the noise, is aligned with your overall marketing initiatives, and actually resonates with your audience?

Leveraging a social content calendar will help improve your impact on social media, as well as increase your social marketing productivity.

In this webinar, Sprout Social shares tactical tips for how to build a B2B social content calendar. You will learn:
- The benefits of implementing a social calendar
- How to implement workflows to increase social marketing productivity
- How to schedule content for maximum marketing effectiveness
Recorded Feb 7 2017 58 mins
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Presented by
Michael Patterson, Sprout Social; Hana Abaza, Uberflip
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  • Remix Your Content: How to find endless inspiration from your same old stuff Recorded: Dec 18 2018 33 mins
    Tamsen Webster, Chief Idea Whisperer @ The Red Thread
    Admit it: sometimes even you get bored with your company's content. After all, there's a limit to how many ways you can say the same thing to the same people. Or is there? As it turns out, the answer doesn't lie in figuring out ways to reuse and recycle your content. It lies in understanding how to re-mix your content around the ideas that matter most—to you and to your customers. In this highly interactive workshop session, Tamsen will show you how to do just that.
  • Re-Engage the Dead With Killer Content Experiences Recorded: Dec 11 2018 50 mins
    Brandi Smith, VP Demand Generation @ Uberflip, Andrea Lechner-Becker, CMO at @ LeadMD, Jordan Con,Product Marketing @ Bizible
    You spend a lot of time building your lead generation programs and feeding those leads with irresistible brain food, from top-of-the-funnel blog posts to middle-of-the-funnel webinars. Then you’ve got your sales team working those phones trying to close these high-ticket deals. But sometimes, along the way, some of these leads become disengaged and opportunities are lost.

    It’s going to take the same amount of DEADication—and a killer content experience—to breathe life back into your dead leads and opportunities.

    We rallied a powerful trio of zombie experts at Uberflip, LeadMD, and Bizible for this webinar to spew out some bloody-good advice on getting your dead leads to crawl out of the ground and fuel your pipeline.
  • New Playbook for Personalizing Content Experiences at Scale Recorded: Nov 27 2018 62 mins
    Paige Gerber, Director of Content Experience @ Uberflip and Chris Handy, Customer Marketing Leader @ Drift
    Content is the driving force behind your most effective marketing strategies, from demand generation and inbound marketing to sales enablement and account-based marketing. As marketers, you aim to personalize how your prospects and target accounts experience your content, and scaling the creation of these experiences becomes your next big hurdle.

    In this webinar, Uberflip’s Director of Content Experience, Paige Gerber, and Drift’s Customer Marketing Team Lead, Chris Handy, reveal five easy steps to help you focus, align your team, and truly deliver meaningful experiences so you can rock marketing campaigns that delight your prospects and customers.
  • Who Owns the Content Experience in Your Organization? Recorded: Nov 13 2018 11 mins
    Jay Baer, President @ Convince and Convert & Randy Frisch, CMO and President @ Uberflip
    In the modern marketing department, roles tend to be largely defined. The content marketer creates and distributes content. The demand generation marketer turns that content into leads. The digital marketer amplifies that content’s reach.

    But what about that last missing piece of the puzzle—the content experience?

    In this short webinar hosted by Randy Frisch and Jay Baer, you'll learn about who in your organization should be owning the experience and how you can start rallying your team around the idea.
  • Curiosity Factor: The psychological phenomenon you should implore to earn and ow Recorded: Nov 8 2018 57 mins
    Andrew Davis — Author of Brandscaping
    Attention in today's online world is harder and harder to garner than ever before. Our clients, customers, prospects and leads tell us they have no time. No time to read our emails, download our e-books, listen to our podcasts, dive-in to our blog posts, or watch our videos. However, these very same customers can binge watch two seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix in one weekend! Where's the disconnect? Maybe, in our quest to make our content consumable we’ve eliminated every element that makes our content interesting? It turns out, the most successful content creators in the world don’t worry about how long their content is. Instead, they apply two infinitely powerful psychological phenomena to catch, keep and capture, their audience's attention. In this exhilarating presentation, former television producer and bestselling author Andrew Davis will show you how to keep your audience curious. You’ll be challenged to think like a reality TV editor, and he’ll show you the five things that brilliant businesses do to transform their content from boring to brilliant. More importantly, you'll learn the simple secret to creating infinitely engaging content. What's the secret? You'll have to wait and see.
  • Top Three Insights to Boost Your Content Engagement and Conversions Recorded: Nov 6 2018 9 mins
    Jay Baer, President @ Convince and Convert & Randy Frisch, CMO and President @ Uberflip
    If there's anything both demand generation and content marketers care about, it's driving engagement and conversions on the content they create. In this webinar, Randy Frisch, President & CMO at Uberflip, and Jay Baer, President at Convince & Convert, pull three of the top insights in the first-ever Content Experience Report to share how you can drive real results with a few tweaks to your content experience.
  • The Digital Consumer: How today's buyer has changed and what your business must Recorded: Nov 1 2018 34 mins
    Marcus Sheridan — Professional Speaker, Author and Owner at Marcus SherIdan International Inc.
    More than any other time in the last 100 years, the buyer of today has made a dramatic shift in the way they make purchasing decisions. Unfortunately, many companies haven’t adapted to this shift and are not prepared for the continual evolution of this “digital consumer.” In this talk, Marcus Sheridan brings clarity to the way buyers have changed and exactly what companies must do to, not only align themselves with this shift in buyer patterns but take advantage of the digital age as well. If you like to be engaged, challenged, and moved, you’ll love this keynote with Marcus Sheridan!
  • 4 Marketing Strategies That Bring Your Content to Life Recorded: Oct 30 2018 11 mins
    Jay Baer, President @ Convince and Convert & Randy Frisch, CMO and President @ Uberflip
    Inbound, demand generation, ABM, and sales enablement are all driven by content. In this 9-minute webinar, Randy Frisch, President & CMO at Uberflip, and Jay Baer, President at Convince & Convert, explore how to use these strategies to bring your content to life.
  • 5 Easy Steps to Scaling Personalized Content Experiences in Marketing Campaigns Recorded: Oct 24 2018 8 mins
    Jay Baer, President @ Convince and Convert & Randy Frisch, CMO and President @ Uberflip
    In this 9-minute webinar hosted by Randy Frisch and Jay Baer, you'll learn about a 5-step framework that will help you easily create personalized experiences for your marketing campaigns.
  • Don't Sweat It! How to Create Personalized Content Experiences for Your ABM Prog Recorded: Jul 26 2018 42 mins
    Jason Oakley, Product Marketing Manager @ Uberflip
    Whether ABM is a relatively new concept to you, or something you’ve been doing for years, there is no debating the power of ABM lies in personalization. But let’s face it, creating personalized content experiences for each of your target accounts can be a daunting task. But does it have to be?

    In this 30-minute webinar hosted by our Product Marketing Manager, Jason Oakley, you'll learn how to:

    - Quickly pull together all your content for ABM
    - Build personalized content experiences in minutes—without a line of code!
    - Effectively distribute your content experiences for maximum impact and engagement
    - Align marketing, sales, and customer success to scale personalized content experiences throughout the buyer journey
  • Driving Pipeline Outside the Inbox Recorded: Jul 12 2018 43 mins
    Tara Robertson, Director of Revenue Marketing @ Uberflip & Natalie Holtgrewe, Director, Growth Strategy @ Intelligent Demand
    Email nurture campaigns are a B2B marketing must, and when executed effectively, can really move the needle and help guide qualified leads down the funnel. But isn’t it time your team went beyond the basic email nurture and took a multi-channel approach?

    Register for our live webinar featuring Natalie Holtgrewe, Group Director, Growth Strategy, at Intelligent Demand to hear multi-channel campaign tips from an expert.
  • How to Create Personalized Content Experiences at Scale With Uberflip Recorded: May 29 2018 53 mins
    Jason Oakley, Product Marketing Manager @ Uberflip
    More than ever, buyers are educating themselves with content at every stage of the customer journey. And with an average of seven different buyers involved in any B2B purchase decision, the need for a personalized approach is now more critical than ever.

    Jason Oakley, Product Marketing Manager at Uberflip, explains how Uberflip's Content Experience Platform (CEP) enables you to create engaging, personalized content experiences at scale.
  • Driving B2B Engagement with Personalized Content Recorded: Apr 26 2018 48 mins
    Greg Kelly, Manager of Partner Programs, Vidyard; Howard Sewell, President, Spear Marketing Group
    Join us for a webinar with Vidyard and Spear Marketing to learn how B2B marketers are using personalized content to drive engagement.

    We discuss the trends in content personalization, the challenges marketing teams face when implementing it and some real-world examples of how other organizations are personalizing their content experience.
  • How to Crush Your Revenue Marketing Goals with Webinars Recorded: Apr 24 2018 61 mins
    Tara Robertson, Director of Revenue Marketing at Uberflip & Val-Pierre Genton, VP of Product Marketing at BrightTALK
    Many B2B marketing teams have introduced webinars into their marketing mix. These web-based events attract qualified, invested audiences that you can convert into leads weeks before the content goes live, and months after it’s recorded. Are you making the most of this powerful lead generation asset?

    Join this live webinar with BrightTALK and Uberflip to hear B2B webinar best practices and learn:

    - How to optimize your webinar sign up process to get more registrants and how to get people to actually show up!
    - How to leverage your recorded webinars to drive leads
    - How to use paid amplification to drive even more MQLs from your webinar library
  • How to Scale Your Account-Based Content and Empower Your Sales Team Recorded: Apr 18 2018 48 mins
    Tara Robertson, Director of Revenue Marketing (Uberflip); Peter Herbert, CMO (Terminus); Justin Keller, VP Marketing (Sigstr)
    Your marketing team spends tons of time and resources developing the right content to engage your top personas and accounts. But what if you could engage your sales team while making them look like rockstars with your content? Learn how Sigstr, Terminus and Uberflip run their ABM campaigns and empower their sales teams with content. It’s time to move away from the traditional demand gen and outbound sales tactics with a focus on pure volume and towards a personalized approach.

    You’ll discover strategies and tips to:
    - Personalize your account based content at scale
    - Leverage your sales team as your secret weapon for content distribution
    - Win over your top accounts!
  • Balanced, Strong & Flexible: 3 Ways to Get Your Content In Stand-Out Shape Recorded: Mar 6 2018 41 mins
    Melissa Nazar, Director of Content Strategy @ SnapApp; Tara Robertson, Director of Revenue Marketing @ Uberflip
    70% of marketers have pledged to create more content this year. How are you going to stand out from the increase in blog posts, ebooks, and white papers across all marketing campaigns? Learn 3 ways to transform your PDF-first marketing strategies into stronger, more engaging experiences that connect with your audience!
  • Talk Triggers: How Content Creates Word-of-Mouth Recorded: Feb 20 2018 48 mins
    Jay Baer, President @ Convice & Convert; Shannon Dougall, VP Marketing @ Uberflip
    In this fast-paced webinar, you'll learn how to use content to turn customers into volunteer marketers. Join best-selling author and digital marketing celebrity Jay Baer, and he'll unveil his framework for Talk Triggers: content that creates word-of-mouth.
  • A New Model For Prospect Scoring: Separating Activity & Engagement Recorded: Feb 6 2018 39 mins
    Ben Harrison, Managing Director @ Brainrider; Sam Brennand, VP Strategic Partnerships @ Uberflip
    Do you know who your hottest leads are? Are you able to control the volume of leads passed to your sales team so that they only get their hands on the cream of the crop? Are you able to offer the right content to the right prospect at the right time?

    Lead scoring gives you insight into activity, but how much can you really tell from a single number? If your content strategy is mature and prospects are highly engaged, you may find yourself wanting more data to act upon. Ben Harrison, Managing Director at Brainrider, and Sam Brennand, VP of Customer Success at Uberflip are here to help. Join them as they take a deep dive into lead scoring and learn:

    - The incorrect assumptions baked into Pardot's standard scoring model
    - How to move from an activity-based scoring model to an engagement-based scoring model
    - The secret sauce that a best-in-class Uberflip implementation can bring to Pardot
    - How to determine where in the sales and marketing funnel your prospects are, based on content engagement
    - How to build tailored drip campaigns that adapt to your prospects content engagement
  • Talk Triggers, Plus Ask Jay Baer Anything Recorded: Jan 23 2018 50 mins
    Jay Baer, President @ Convince & Convert; Randy Frisch, CMO & Co-founder @ Uberflip
    Jay Baer recently unveiled his new framework, Talk Triggers: Content that Creates Word-of-Mouth, and he has done exactly that – sparked incredible discussions among marketers everywhere on how to turn customers into volunteer marketers. Word-of-mouth is the most efficient and effective marketing tactic available, and content can (and should!) be the catalyst for those conversations. Watch this webinar to hear about Jay's new framework plus his answers to real questions submitted by B2B marketers!
  • How to Use Uberflip and Terminus to Fuel Your ABM Strategy Recorded: Jan 9 2018 29 mins
    Lauren Patrick, Storyteller @ Terminus; Heidi Vandermeer, Account Based Marketer @ Uberflip
    Watch this behind-the-scenes webinar of how Uberflip and Terminus users power their integration to build ABM campaigns that win. Gain perspective on the organizational infrastructure needed for account-based marketing to work, as well as how you can use content to drive your ABM cadence.

    It’s time to move away from the traditional demand gen tactics with a focus on pure volume and towards a targeted approach. And who to learn it best than from both Uberflip and Terminus’ internal ABM champions? They will be diving deep into the nitty gritty platform pluses that drive their key account engagement.

    You’ll discover strategies and tips to:
    Use your existing buyer personas to hyper-target your key - accounts like nobody’s business
    Leverage content into your ABM plays and engage like a boss
    Personalize your B2B account based advertising at scale
Learn tips and tricks from top B2B marketers.
Learn how the best B2B marketers create content, convert leads, and nurture them into customers.

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  • Title: How to Build a B2B Social Content Calendar
  • Live at: Feb 7 2017 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Michael Patterson, Sprout Social; Hana Abaza, Uberflip
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