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Defeating Cyber Attackers: Leverage Threat Intelligence and Security Analytics

This year over 85% of large organizations were targeted by advanced attackers according to Symantec’s 2015 Internet Security Threat Report. Was your organization one of them?

With targeted attacks on the rise, organizations need to leverage adversary and threat intelligence with advanced security analytics to accurately detect and respond to early indicators of compromise and avoid the risk of experiencing a high impact breach.

In this webinar, Security experts from LogRhythm and Symantec explain common ways networks are targeted and explore best practices for effectively prioritizing and responding to threats that have penetrated the network. They will also discuss how actionable adversary and threat intelligence generated by Symantec DeepSight can be automatically consumed by LogRhythm’s Security Intelligence Platform to correlate external threat data with other high risk events recognized across the IT environment to immediately expose highly concerning activity.

Key themes to be covered include:

•Emerging attack motives and strategies
•Maximizing prevention, detection, and incident response
•Corroborating external threat intelligence with behavioral changes on the network
•Prioritizing threats to prevent attack propagation
Recorded Oct 21 2015 63 mins
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Presented by
James Carder, LogRhythm and Al Cooley, Symantec
Presentation preview: Defeating Cyber Attackers: Leverage Threat Intelligence and Security Analytics

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  • Applying an effective UEBA solution: Experiences from the trenches May 17 2018 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Stephen Frank, director of technology & security (NHLPA) | Damon Gross, sales engineer, (LogRhythm)
    Security mature organisations are increasingly utilising User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) to quickly detect, prioritise, and respond to anomalous and alarming user behaviour.

    Join Stephen Frank, director of technology & security at National Hockey League Players Association (NHLPA), and Damon Gross, LogRhythm sales engineer, as they discuss how to apply UEBA to meet security use cases. The duo will outline NHLPA’s key use cases and how LogRhythm is supporting their security initiatives.

    During the webinar, they’ll present:
    • Why UEBA is a critical security capability
    • NHLPA’s security environment and key use cases
    • How LogRhythm is advancing their UEBA capabilities
    • A brief demo of LogRhythm’s UEBA solutions

    Register now to get an inside look at how NHLPA is working with LogRhythm to enhance their UEBA capabilities.
  • Why insider actions matter: SANS reviews LogRhythm CloudAI for UEBA May 3 2018 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Dave Shackleford, analyst and instructor, SANS | Seth Goldhammer, senior director of product management, LogRhythm
    When threats occur, understaffed security operations centres (SOCs) lack sufficient access to contextual information. This lack of visibility is a key problem that LogRhythm CloudAI for User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) are designed to solve.

    In this webcast, Dave Shackleford, senior SANS instructor, and analyst, joins Seth Goldhammer, LogRhythm senior director of product management, to explore how CloudAI uses supervised and unsupervised learning to establish baselines and monitor user behaviour.

    Shackleford reviews LogRhythm CloudAI and he runs through various use cases, such as insider threat, account compromise, and admin abuse.

    You’ll learn how LogRhythm CloudAI:

    - Detects malicious user activities
    - Scores user activities, provides recommendations and takes automated actions
    - Supports threat hunting and incident response capabilities
    - Improves the machine learning experience through supervised and unsupervised learning

    Watch the webcast to understand how LogRhythm CloudAI can help you detect dangerous user behaviour and rapidly mitigate threats.
  • Understanding ransomware: Insights from threat research Recorded: Apr 5 2018 42 mins
    Erika Noerenberg | Senior Malware Analyst | LogRhythm
    Ransomware has dominated recent cybersecurity news and made mainstream headlines throughout 2017. While there are ways to protect organisations against ransomware, cybercriminals are constantly evolving their tactics to stay ahead of security teams.

    In this webinar, Erika Noerenberg, senior malware analyst, will discuss the ransomware threat and the biggest ransomware events to date, including WanaCry and NotPetya. She’ll also provide valuable threat intelligence and key defensive strategies to help you protect your organisation from ransomware.

    You’ll discover:
    • An introduction to ransomware
    • Notable ransomware threats
    • Ransomware threat research
    • Key mitigation and defensive strategies

    Register now to hear about the rise of ransomware and tips to defend your organisation.
  • Optimise phishing detection and response with LogRhythm and Office 365 Recorded: Apr 3 2018 78 mins
    Randy Franklin Smith (UWS) | Greg Foss (LogRhythm)
    Today’s hackers often favour the phishing email as their weapon of choice. Phishing attacks are not only common, but are also very difficult to defend against. What if you could detect and mitigate a phishing attack before its intended target clicks on that fatal link or opens that malicious attachment?

    When your Exchange server is in the Office 365 cloud, solutions such as constant inbox scanning or relying on synchronous mail flow aren’t viable options. Instead, you can find a strong defence against phishing emails in the Message Tracking log in Exchange.

    The Message Tracking log is available in both on-prem Exchange and Office 365 Cloud’s Exchange Online. Message Tracking logs include valuable information about the client, servers, sender, recipients, message subject, and more. If you can access this information and know how to mine it, you can detect likely phishing emails.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

    - Recognise the format of message tracking logs
    - Pull message tracking logs from Office 365 using PowerShell’s Get-MessageTrackingLog cmdlet
    - Work through a list of checks to perform against message tracking events to detect phishing emails
    - Move suspect emails to a sandbox where you can use analysis tools like PhishTank, ThreatGRID, or OpenDNS
    - Remove copies of phishing emails from other recipients
    - Automatically detect and respond to phishing attacks with no analyst intervention
    - To optimise your phishing response efficiency, LogRhythm has introduced a new open-source Phishing Intelligence Engine (PIE). PIE is a PowerShell framework focused on phishing attack detection and response.

    Register for the webinar now to discover how you can use LogRhythm’s PIE and Office 365 to better detect and respond to phishing attacks.
  • Hunting Rogue Elements: Fighting the Insider Threat Recorded: Mar 22 2018 42 mins
    Kevin Eley, LogRhythm & Jonathan Zulberg, LogRhythm
    Customer data falling into the hands of cybercriminals. It’s the stuff of nightmares for any organisation. Today the insider threat has the potential to pose a bigger risk to cybersecurity than external hackers.

    In this webinar, LogRhythm experts will take you through a real use case in which data worth millions of pounds was stolen. And they will explain how the incident could have been stopped with the right response and mitigation approach.

    Join the webinar to:

    • Learn how cybercrime has evolved so much that insider threats now rival external threats
    • See a live display of activity generated by an insider threat
    • Discover cybersecurity innovations that can detect and respond to insider threats in real time

    Join us to get a better understanding of the insider threat – and how to combat rogue elements in your organisation.
  • Going on the offensive: Incorporating threat hunting into your security Recorded: Mar 20 2018 60 mins
    Andrew Costis, threat research engineer, LogRhythm
    Threat hunting is the latest strategy to keep networks secure. Put simply, it refers to the process of proactively searching for advanced threats that may have eluded security systems. In other words, going after the ones that slipped through the net.

    It’s important to know that threat hunting is more than industry hype. It provides security professionals with a powerful weapon with which to combat threat actors. So, is time to go on the offensive?

    •Learn why threat hunting should be on your security mandate for 2018
    •Discover some of the core requirements for getting started with threat hunting
    •Hear how you can you jump start your threat hunting mindset
    •Learn how a simple threat hunt can unravel a more sophisticated attack

    Join our webinar to hear Andrew Costis, threat research engineer at LogRhythm Labs, outline how a simple hunt uncovered a malicious insider attack by a privileged user.
  • Monitoring privileged accounts with Windows Security Log Recorded: Mar 8 2018 49 mins
    Randy Franklin Smith (UltimateWindowsSecurity.com)
    Hackers have determined a number of ways to harvest privileged account credentials and use them to infiltrate networks. This makes monitoring privileged account usage critical to reducing your organisation’s cyber risk.

    The good news is that Windows provides event ID 4672, which is logged whenever an account signs in with admin user rights.

    Event ID 4672 contains valuable information, such as user name, computer name and privileges, and logon session ID. Administrative users will always have one or more of the rights that trigger event 4672.

    In this webinar, Windows Security Expert, Randy Franklin Smith, provides free technical training on detecting compromised accounts and demonstrates how to sift through event 4672 details.

    Register now to learn how to use Windows Security Log to monitor privileged access and threat hunt for suspicious logon sessions.
  • The year of disruption for banking & the battle of the directives - PSD2 Vs GDPR Recorded: Feb 21 2018 9 mins
    Adam Brady, Solutions Engineer, LogRhythm
    If you're in the finance industry, you're going to be seeing some big changes in 2018. GDPR and PSD2 may seem daunting, but they don't have to be if you're well prepared. Adam Brady, Solutions Engineer from LogRhythm, walks us through what will be happening in 2018.
  • How to recognise malicious DNS with free network monitoring tools Recorded: Feb 20 2018 91 mins
    Randy Franklin Smith | UWS, Rob McGovern | LogRhythm, Erika Noerenberg | LogRhythm
    DNS is woven into the fabric of both the Internet and corporate intranets. It works so well that you might even forget it exists—until it is used against you.

    Hackers are using DNS to find command and control (C2) servers, control compromised systems, and exfiltrate your data.

    In this webinar, a group of security experts from LogRhythm and Ultimate Windows Security team up to show you how to spot threatening DNS activity with LogRhythm NetMon Freemium.

    You’ll learn about the malicious use of DNS and how to detect:

    - Domain-generation-algorithm (DGA) queries
    - C2 data tunneled through DNS
    - Data exfiltration via tunneled DNS

    Register now to learn how to stop hackers from exploiting DNS to infiltrate your network.
  • Threat Lifecycle Management: A new approach to cyber security Recorded: Feb 15 2018 11 mins
    Ross Brewer, Vice President and Managing Director of LogRhythm EMEA
    The nature of today’s cyberattacks may look very familiar from an historical perspective but they differ in some significant ways. Discover how you can accelerate your threat detection and response with Threat Lifecycle Management in this CBR interview with Ross Brewer, Vice President and Managing Director of LogRhythm EMEA.
  • Security challenges with OT/IT convergence Recorded: Feb 15 2018 16 mins
    Martin Cook, Solutions Architect, LogRhythm
    With the growth of the IoT, we're going to be seeing the convergence of Operations Technology and IT Teams. When you add that to BYOD, this presents considerable challenges for the corporate security officer. How does the enterprise maintain its corporate security policy in the face of all these challenges? Martin Cook, Solutions Architect from LogRhythm, explains more in this short video interview.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Making security smarter Recorded: Feb 8 2018 10 mins
    Ross Brewer, vice president and managing director EMEA, LogRhythm.
    Discover how artificial intelligence can be utilised to make your cyber security smarter in this short video interview with Ross Brewer, vice president and managing director EMEA, LogRhythm.
  • Building a cyber security architecture to combat today’s threats Recorded: Jan 11 2018 63 mins
    Erik Bartholomy, security architect (LogRhythm) and Gal Shpantzer, independent security consultant
    The cyberattack surface is growing as organisations implement technologies such as the cloud or the internet of things (IoT). As a result, the traditional perimeter defence approach to security is no longer enough to protect your network.

    In this webinar, Erik Bartholomy, security architect at LogRhythm, joins Gal Shpantzer, independent security consultant, to outline ways to build a comprehensive set of defences that can keep up with today’s cyberattacks.

    You’ll discover how to:

    - Develop a Zero Trust security framework

    - Align IT security with business strategy and current threats

    - Adapt architecture to accommodate different environments, including on-premises, cloud, and hybrid cloud

    Watch now to learn how you can keep your network safe in the face of an evolving cyberattack surface.
  • Threat Intelligence 2017: Biggest Breaches and Events Recorded: Nov 30 2017 51 mins
    Ryan Sommers, threat research manager (LogRhythm) Erika Noerenberg, senior malware analyst (LogRhythm)
    2017 has been another year full of front-page computer security events and incidents. Headlines have bulged with state-sponsored attacks, ransomware, leaks, and a continuing wave of data breaches.

    In this webcast, Ryan Sommers, threat research manager, and Erika Noerenberg, senior malware analyst, recap 2017 and discuss the biggest breaches and events, including WannaCry and NotPetya. The pair will provide valuable threat intelligence and key defensive strategies to help you improve your security operations in 2018.

    You’ll learn:
    • Notable security events of 2017
    • Notable malware threats of 2017
    • Common themes and trends exploited by hackers
    • Key defensive strategies for 2018

    Register now to gain critical threat intelligence on the biggest threats of 2017 and tips to help protect your organisation in 2018.
  • Breaches, threats and how to improve security in 2018 Recorded: Nov 23 2017 62 mins
    Shimon Oren (Deep Instinct), Ted Harrington (ISE), Greg Foss (LogRhythm)
    2017 is not yet over and it's already the year of cyber attacks. From phishing, to hacks, to classified hacking tools leaked and the biggest ransomware attacks to date (Wannacry, NotPetya), security professionals across the world are looking to apply the lessons learned in 2017 for improved cyber security next year.

    Watch this interactive Q&A panel with experts from the artificial intelligence, deep learning and IoT security space to learn about:
    - The biggest attack trends seen so far
    - Impact across industries
    - Threats on the horizon
    - Recommendations to better secure your data and company in 2018

    - Shimon Oren, Head of Cyber-Intelligence at Deep Instinct
    - Ted Harrington, Executive Partner at Independent Security Evaluators
    - Greg Foss, Global SecOps Manager at LogRhythm
  • Automate the detection and response of phishing attacks Recorded: Nov 21 2017 66 mins
    Greg Foss (LogRhythm), Paul Asadoorian (Security Weekly), John Strand (Black Hills Information Security)
    Phishing campaigns are among the most common and damaging cyberattacks. Despite how common and successful phishing attacks are, often times organisations and their employees are ill-prepared to handle these threats.

    In this webinar, Greg Foss, LogRhythm Manager of Global Security Operations, Paul Asadoorian, Security Weekly CEO and Founder, and John Strand, Black Hills Information Security Owner and Security Analyst, discuss phishing attacks and how you can protect yourself from them. Additionally, the three go on to discuss how LogRhythm’s open-source Phishing Intelligence Engine (PIE), can help streamline and automate the entire process of tracking, analysing, and responding to phishing emails.

    Watch now to learn how LogRhythm is helping to automate the detection and response to phishing attacks.
  • Advancing UEBA: The Impact of AI, ML and Cloud Infrastructure Recorded: Nov 16 2017 55 mins
    Samir Jain, Senior Product Manager (LogRhythm) Mark Settle, Product Marketing Manager (LogRhythm)
    Alongside an expanding attack surface resulting from the growth of cloud, mobile and IoT, organisations are now increasingly faced by internal threats. Insider threats, compromised accounts, administrator abuse and other user-based threats are some of the most damaging vulnerabilities and the hardest to detect. This has led to the evolution of user and entity-based analytics (UEBA) solutions, designed to address user based threats, and through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning these solutions are advancing threat detection capabilities in modern security operation centers.

    In this webinar, Mark Settle, LogRhythm Product Marketing Manager, and Samir Jain, Senior Product Manager, UEBA, discuss the evolving UEBA market, and advancements in the technology fueling these solutions.

    Webinar attendees will learn:
    • How advancements in AI and machine learning technology are enabling security analytics and in particular UEBA.
    • Why security analytics solutions are moving to cloud infrastructure, and the security implications compared to on premise platforms.
    • What security mature organisations are asking for versus what is being delivered
    • Whether UEBA solutions are better delivered via security analytics/SIEM platforms, or via stand alone solutions
  • How to defend against penetration testers or real attackers…and win Recorded: Sep 7 2017 63 mins
    Paul Asadoorian (Security Weekly, Founder & CEO) Greg Foss (SecOps Manager, LogRhythm) Rob McGovern (TPM, LogRhythm)
    Do you believe you have what it takes to secure your network? Find out how you can successfully detect attackers or penetration testers by monitoring and analysing your network data in this Security Weekly webcast.

    This talk will guide you through securing your network the smart way and closing commonly exploited holes often left open by defenders.

    You’ll also learn how LogRhythm Network Monitor can help you:

    • Detect someone attempting to compromise your network
    • Increase visibility and generate insights from your network data
    • More effectively test your network defences

    Watch now to discover how to successfully defend your network against pen testers or real-world attackers.
  • Computing Web Seminar with Adam Brady: Moving Threat Defences to Real-time Recorded: Aug 31 2017 48 mins
    Adam Brady, LogRhythm
    Building fortresses has long ceased to be an option. Rather, the IT security focus has moved to dealing with the inevitable breaches as quickly, thoroughly and efficiently as possible – disarming threats before any real damage can be done. This means reducing risk to the business by cutting the mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR).

    During this video we’ll be looking at how businesses can better protect themselves by adopting an end-to-end process known as threat lifecycle management (TLM), with a focus on improving the effectiveness of both detection and response.

    Key topics up for discussion:

    · Speeding up detection and mitigation with machine learning

    · Reducing mean time to respond (MTTR)

    · The problem of 'alert fatigue’

    · Automating recovery

    · Next generation security information and event management (SIEM)
  • Emerging trends in Incident Response: SANS 2017 Incident Response Survey Results Recorded: Aug 22 2017 58 mins
    James Carder (LogRhythm CISO & VP of LogRhythm Labs), Matt Bromiley (SANS Analyst and DFIR Instructor)
    SANS' 2016 survey of incident response (IR) capabilities indicated that the IR landscape was ever changing. Advanced industries were able to maintain effective IR teams, but it identified hurdles responders face to increase the efficiency of their IR teams.

    In this SANS Incident Response Survey webcast, James Carder, LogRhythm CISO & VP of LogRhythm Labs, joins industry experts to explore the results of the fourth annual SANS survey on incident response. Together they'll provide insight into the maturity of IR processes and functions spanning a variety of environments.

    You'll learn:

    • Types of attacks experienced and nature of the breaches
    • Time needed to detect, contain, and remediate breaches
    • Maturity of network visibility infrastructures and security operations centers' response capabilities

    Watch now to learn more about the incident response capabilities of your peers and how IR can help you protect your network.
Threats are evolving. Is your security?
LogRhythm is the pioneer in Threat Lifecycle ManagementTM (TLM) technology, empowering organisations to rapidly detect, respond to and neutralise damaging cyberthreats. Our platform unifies leading-edge data lake technology, artificial intelligence, security analytics and security automation and orchestration in a single end-to-end solution.

LogRhythm serves as the foundation for the AI-enabled security operations centre, helping customers secure their cloud, physical and virtual infrastructures for both IT and OT environments.

Visit our website for more information: http://www.logrhythm.com/

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  • Title: Defeating Cyber Attackers: Leverage Threat Intelligence and Security Analytics
  • Live at: Oct 21 2015 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: James Carder, LogRhythm and Al Cooley, Symantec
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