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A New Architecture for Data Warehousing

Hear Snowflake’s founders explain why the data warehouse needed to be reinvented and the new architecture they developed for it.
Recorded Oct 23 2015 5 mins
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Presentation preview: A New Architecture for Data Warehousing

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  • Demystifying Elastic Data Warehousing: Featuring TDWI and Snowflake Recorded: May 26 2016 62 mins
    Philip Russom, TDWI Research Director
    In recent years, some users have harbored concerns about clouds in general, as well as their use in data warehousing. As the number of user organizations practicing elastic data warehousing on clouds has increased, the track record of success has helped other users get past perceptual barriers and other myths concerning security, multi-tenancy, and interfacing with clouds.

    We all know that data warehouses and users’ best practices for them are changing dramatically today. As users build new data warehouses and modernize established ones, they are turning to cloud-based elastic data warehousing, because the automation of elasticity yields agility, ease of use, scalability, and performance, while reducing maintenance, tuning, capital investments, and other costs.

    This webinar will:

    - Demystify elastic data warehousing by debunking myths about it

    - Define elastic data warehousing and its goals in terms that data management professionals and business users can relate to

    - Show how cloud-based data-driven tools and platforms have proved themselves, such that users are now more comfortable adopting them

    - Discuss the real-world benefits of data warehousing, data management, and analytics on elastic clouds

    - Explain how data warehousing solutions built to leverage the full capabilities of an elastic cloud can satisfy new requirements for analytics, big data, data streams, and multi-structured data
  • Big Data Projects in the Cloud: Choosing the Right Way to Get Started Recorded: May 18 2016 62 mins
    Brian Hopkins, Principal Analyst with Forrester Research
    Join Brian Hopkins, Principal Analyst with Forrester Research for a live presentation featuring use cases illustrating how to prioritize big data investments and cloud technology. He’ll discuss how the cloud is changing best practices while creating new opportunities.

    In addition, Amazon Web Services and Snowflake will cover how organizations are taking advantage of the elasticity and flexibility of cloud technology to address key challenges in building data pipelines and processing data.

    PLUS: Learn how to ingest, store and process diverse data faster and more easily for a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

    Who should attend?

    Data scientists and analysts and anyone needing to understand how to make critical data rapidly available - by making use of the cloud.
  • How DoubleDown delivers fast and scalable analytics using Amazon S3 & Snowflake Recorded: May 11 2016 55 mins
    Join AWS, Snowflake and DoubleDown Interactive as we discuss ingesting and processing any scale of data (structured and semi-structured) in the cloud.

    Featured Use Case:

    DoubleDown Interactive, a provider of online free-to-play casino games, needs to process huge amounts of streaming event data from their games and make that data rapidly available to data scientists and analysts. Hear how Amazon S3 and Snowflake’s Elastic Data Warehouse have made it possible for DoubleDown to deploy a reliable, scalable data architecture for their analytics needs.

    You’ll learn how Amazon S3 and Snowflake technology help address key challenges in building data pipelines and processing data and how DoubleDown combines Amazon Kinesis, S3, and Snowflake to ingest, store, and process their data faster, more easily, and less expensively.
  • Using the Cloud for Speed-of-Thought Analytics on All Your Data Recorded: Apr 28 2016 64 mins
    Snowflake Computing, Ask.com, Tableau
    1.5 TB of data per day? No problem! Learn how Ask.com turned to Snowflake’s cloud-native data warehouse combined with Tableau’s data visualization solution to address their challenges.

    Ask.com and its parent family of premium websites operate in an extremely competitive environment. To stand out in the crowd, the huge amounts of data generated by these websites needs to be analyzed to understand and monetize a wide variety of site traffic.

    Their challenges:
    Ask.com’s previous solution of Hadoop + a traditional data warehouse was limiting their analysts’ ability to bring together and analyze their data.
    - Significant amounts of custom processing to bring together data
    - Performance issues for data users due to concurrency and contention challenges
    - Several hours to incorporate new data into analytics.

    Join Ask.com, Snowflake Computing, and Tableau for an informative webinar where you’ll learn:
    - How Ask.com simplified their data infrastructure by eliminating the need for Hadoop + a traditional data warehouse
    - Why Ask.com’s analysts are able to explore and analyze data without the frustration of poor, inconsistent performance
    - How Ask.com’s widely distributed team of analysts can now access a single comprehensive view of data for better insights
  • CapSpecialty - Leveraging Data to Deliver Faster Business Results Linked to KPIs Recorded: Apr 27 2016 47 mins
    MicroStrategy, Snowflake and CapSpecialty
    CapSpecialty is upping its game to become the preferred provider of specialty insurance products using MicroStrategy Analytics and Snowflake Cloud Data Warehousing.

    CapSpecialty’s investment to overhaul its data pipeline and management systems has delivered fast and measurable results. The stage has been set for CapSpecialty executives to view dashboards that display real-time profitability and KPIs. Insurance analysts and underwriters have self-service access to 10 years’ worth of governed data, allowing them to analyze customer trends and view product performance by category, geography, and agent. CapSpecialty is witnessing measurable business results from the engines that power their BI environment: MicroStrategy enterprise analytics platform firmly integrated with Snowflake’s cloud-based elastic data warehouse.

    Attend this webcast to learn how CapSpecialty has combined enterprise analytics with an elastic cloud-based data warehouse, a solution that serves as the cornerstone of their agile, metrics-focused culture.

    Join us live!
  • Rapid Data Warehousing in the Cloud Recorded: Feb 25 2016 59 mins
    Jon Bock VP, Marketing & Products, Snowflake; Don Tirsell VP, Cloud Business Development, Informatica
    Learn how cutting-edge cloud technology from Informatica and Snowflake allows you to bring together and analyze data in minutes to hours rather than days.

    Listen in as we discuss:
    --Taking advantage of the elasticity and scalability of Snowflake via native integration of Informatica + Snowflake
    --Joining diverse on-premise and cloud data sources
    --Simplifying the data pipeline to get data from source to analysts faster without sacrificing data quality

    + Use cases with a live demo, and interactive Q&A
  • Discover Sharethrough: Their Journey To Self-Service Analytics Recorded: Jan 28 2016 58 mins
    Sharethrough, Snowflake and Looker
    Hear ad-tech leader Sharethrough talk about delivering self-service access to powerful analytics using Snowflake and Looker. Sharethrough Director of Analytics, Joseph Bates will join Snowflake VP of Product and Marketing, Jon Bock and Looker Alliances Analyst, Erin Franz, to chat about the benefits of combining Snowflake’s cloud data warehouse with Looker’s data analytics platform.

    You’ll hear how Sharethrough, a software company that powers in-feed, native ads for premium publishers & brand marketers, has been able to crunch data 300x faster even while giving more users access to analytics on their data.

    In this webinar you’ll learn about the power of combining Snowflake’s elastic architecture and ability to bring together diverse data with Looker’s capabilities that allow users to join and model that data to see the full picture of their business.

    Among the benefits you’ll hear about:

    - In-database scale and performance: how Looker’s direct database interface takes advantage of Snowflake’s power and flexibility

    - Real-time insights: why bringing together diverse data without data movement enables results that are always up to date

    - Integrated access to diverse data: how Looker can take direct advantage of Snowflake’s native support for both structured and semi-structured data (like JSON), even making joins across diverse data possible

    - Self-service access: how Snowflake and Looker make all of your data available to data users in a consistent, user-friendly way without the burden of infrastructure, tuning, and manual optimization
  • Jana's Data Warehousing Story: Then vs. Now Recorded: Dec 10 2015 54 mins
    Craig Lancaster, Jana; Mike Ruiz, Amazon Web Services; Jon Bock, Snowflake Computing
    Jana's mission is to bring internet access to over a billion people in emerging markets via mobile applications. Already driving more than 3.8 billion MB of app usage, Jana needed a scalable and cost-effective solution to process and analyze that data.

    Snowflake and AWS are helping Jana keep up with the demands of processing and analyzing that rapidly growing stream of data. Using Amazon S3 and the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse, Jana processes and analyzes app usage data in a high-performance, scalable way without the cost and complexity of other solutions.

    Join us to learn:

    - How Jana made the transition from MySQL to a cloud data warehouse
    - The data pipeline that Jana designed to move data from source to analysts
    - The benefits Jana realized as a result of moving to a cloud infrastructure and data warehouse

    Who should attend?

    Data scientists, analysts, and anyone who needs to understand how to make critical data rapidly available - without capital expenditures.
  • A New Architecture for Data Warehousing Recorded: Oct 23 2015 5 mins
    Hear Snowflake’s founders explain why the data warehouse needed to be reinvented and the new architecture they developed for it.
Reinventing the Data Warehouse for the Cloud
We welcome data scientists, analysts, data practitioners and anyone needing to understand how to make critical data rapidly available - by making use of the cloud.

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  • Title: A New Architecture for Data Warehousing
  • Live at: Oct 23 2015 9:10 pm
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