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Become a Deployment Superhero!

Five key areas that will free you from the recurring nightmare, allowing you to focus on innovation, elevating your deployment automation superhero status. This webinar looks at how your organization can:

Execute application updates up to 5X faster
Eliminate more than 50% of data center application failures
Ensure compliance with corporate, legal, and regulatory standards
Regain nearly 70% of the DevOps team time
Eliminate almost all deployment errors
Recorded Oct 13 2015 54 mins
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Scott Willson Team Lead, Application Release Automation Automic
Presentation preview: Become a Deployment Superhero!
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  • Automation, DevOps, Digital Transformation – Unified by Automic Recorded: Apr 21 2016 43 mins
    Scott Willson, Product Marketing Director of Release Automation, Automic
    A practical blueprint approach to continuous delivery across all applications.

    A recent CIO article articulates that enterprises are now being “challenged to get disruptive and be more courageous in their digital vision… and use emerging digital technologies to disrupt and reimagine rather than optimize current business processes.” Enterprises today demand rapid time to value and this requires software that is simple to try, quick to deploy and easy to manage.

    Join us, as Scott Willson, Product Marketing Director of Release Automation at Automic reveals exciting new capabilities of Automic Release Automation and explains the unique stairway to value that is at the core of the Automic offering.

    This webinar will:

    - Introduce a unique approach for Continuous Delivery in Agile Enterprise
    - Introduce you to the four steps on the journey to achieving continuous delivery
    - Show how Automic connects users to community driven content on the marketplace, coupled with an embedded content builder. Content can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud
    - Show examples of automated end-to-end of deployment pipelines within the existing toolchain
    - Show examples of orchestrating the entire stack and delivering full stacks at a click of a button
  • Containerology – DevOps, Docker and Microservices in a Continuous Delivery world Recorded: Mar 29 2016 59 mins
    Scott Willson, Product Marketing Director, Release Automation at Automic Software
    Join Automic Software on March 29 to learn about containers, Docker and their place in DevOps, as well as their role in building out a Continuous Delivery pipeline.

    In this webinar we will discuss:

    -Container basics – what they are, where did they come from, what they can do for me
    -Docker – a container management framework
    -DockerHub – a repository of reusable app-in-a-box images or micro-services
    -Micro-Services - light-weight and portable app-in-a-box containers

    Containers are transforming IT and application distribution models much like virtual machines did during the late 90s and early 00s. OS containers wrap-up an application in a self-contained filesystem and that includes everything the app needs to run independently: binaries, runtime libraries, system tools, system packages, etc. This level of simplification and compartmentalization allows applications to be spun up much faster than before while ensuring consistent and predictive up time.
  • Keep control of enterprise processes running across SAP and non-SAP systems Recorded: Feb 19 2016 51 mins
    Nils Engelbert
    What if you could run your SAP and non-SAP processes without a downtime?

    Nils Engelbert, Chief Automation Architect at Automic, discusses
    the seamless automation of your business, application and infrastructure processes.

    -Watch this webinar and you will learn:
    -How automation of processes for SAP and non-SAP systems works
    -How to regain control
    -How to reduce costs with an end-to-end automation solution

    Management of your critical enterprise processes - such as financial period end close, invoicing, payroll, and production - has become a pressing challenge. Too many staff are tied up managing the process, finding and diagnosing process errors, and SLAs are frequently missed. Primary causes are limited visibility and poor coordination across SAP and non-SAP systems within the heterogeneous IT.

    Regain control, dramatically shorten processing times, and reduce costs with an end-to-end automation solution, and make all those last-minute scrambles to meet deadlines a thing of the past.
  • Do you know how to start your DevOps journey? Recorded: Feb 11 2016 47 mins
    Michael Schmidt
    Join Michael Schmidt as he introduces you to the Automic DevOps Maturity Assessment. This assessment helps customers understand their current fit for DevOps practices, identify gaps, and derive recommendations and measures.

    Discover the methodology and approach based on these four pillars and apply them to both your organization or your individual application platforms:

    Strategy & Culture
    Processes & organization
    Collaboration & Sharing

    The webcast will conclude with an example of an assessment of an IT financial services organization and how it helped to plan and conduct a transformation towards DevOps practices.
  • How Efficient Is Your DR Plan Execution? Recorded: Jan 26 2016 43 mins
    Tony Beeston
    Join us as Tony Beeston, Product Marketing Manager at Automic, discusses the importance of automation for DRP and demonstrates how a customer created a hands-free policy for failover and failback of every IT service under their control.

    With the digital economy challenging the traditions of DR Planning, the historic methods and technologies struggle to deliver. 42% of companies experience at least one data outage per year and are not adequately armed with modern disaster recovery solutions. Find out how automation enables customers to easily failover/failback their services, to monitor in real-time both RTO and RPO, as well as to test DRP scenarios on a daily basis.

    This webcast will:

    -Highlight the challenges in manual DR execution
    -Introduce the importance of DRP automation
    -Walk you through a real customer example of DRP automation
  • Release Automation as a Catalyst for Continuous Delivery Recorded: Jan 26 2016 57 mins
    Julie Craig
    Join Automic and Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) as we reveal the benefits of Digital Transformation initiatives, as well as the pitfalls DevOps organizations are encountering as they transition to Continuous Delivery of software supporting the agile business.

    Attend this complimentary webinar to learn about:

    -the top technology-related initiatives supporting Digital Transformation for 2016
    -the links between Continuous Delivery and revenue growth
    -tools and technologies that can accelerate your application releases to support Digital Transformation objectives

    Today, 85% of companies report having Digital Transformation initiatives underway. The research shows that the financial rewards for successfully navigating digital evolution can directly impact the business bottom-line. However while the rewards can be exceptional, overcoming IT bottlenecks, challenges, and obstacles is of the utmost importance.
  • End-to-End Deployment Pipeline Recorded: Nov 20 2015 39 mins
    Scott Willson
    Learn a More Balanced DevOps Approach

    Listen to Scott Willson, Product Marketing Director of Release Automation at AUTOMIC, as he reveals a more balanced DevOps view in which an end-to-end deployment pipeline can include both development processes and delivery processes at enterprise scale.

    This webinar will teach you:

    How to bring agility to operations' software delivery processes
    Ways to bring compliance and control to agile development processes
    What an end-to-end deployment pipeline looks like

    DevOps seems to be biased by a big DEV and little ops view point. There is a lot of talk about pushing code into production, but at the enterprise scale the theory and tooling often break down and deployment pipelines are relegated to mode 2 of a bimodal strategy.
  • AUTOMIC Continuous Everything Launch Recorded: Nov 19 2015 49 mins
    Dr. Chris Boorman and Ralf Paschen
    Join Dr. Chris Boorman, Chief Marketing Officer and Ralf Paschen, Senior Director of Worldwide Products & Solutions Marketing, when they discuss the next Automic Product release.

    This webinar will showcase how AUTOMIC will empower your business with:

    -Continuous Operations - continuous application processes with ERP systems, continuous data processes with BigData, and continuous processes with zero downtime upgrades
    -Continuous Delivery - build continuous deployment pipelines from development to production for all your applications. Get new functionality out to your users fast and with increased quality.
    -Continuous Service - empower the business with self-service and easy-to-use business automation.

    This launch leverages automation that will enable businesses of all sizes to drive digital transformation with agility and reliability – the two opposing forces that must be mastered to ensure enterprises drive the disruption within their industries.
  • Reduce SAP Complexity and Gain Time for Innovation Recorded: Oct 13 2015 51 mins
    Ralf Paschen Business Automation Executive Automic
    This webinar looks at how you can learn how to ensure that your critical processes interact seamlessly at the business process, application, and infrastructure layer, whether they are running on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid cloud – all from a single pane of glass.
  • Become a Deployment Superhero! Recorded: Oct 13 2015 54 mins
    Scott Willson Team Lead, Application Release Automation Automic
    Five key areas that will free you from the recurring nightmare, allowing you to focus on innovation, elevating your deployment automation superhero status. This webinar looks at how your organization can:

    Execute application updates up to 5X faster
    Eliminate more than 50% of data center application failures
    Ensure compliance with corporate, legal, and regulatory standards
    Regain nearly 70% of the DevOps team time
    Eliminate almost all deployment errors
  • Automating your Hybrid Cloud to Scale for Success in the Digital Age Recorded: Oct 13 2015 55 mins
    Dave Bartoletti Principal Analyst Forrester Research, Inc
    Guest speaker Dave Bartoletti, Principal Analyst from Forrester Research, Inc and Kerry Lebel, Director of Product Marketing at Automic discuss the need for Cloud Automation. Dave shares his recent research and advice for building your cloud management and automation capabilities from the Cloud Management in a Hybrid Cloud World Forrester report

    You’ll come away from this webinar with an understanding of:
    - The top 3 business impacts of adding cloud into your infrastructure options.
    - How automation plays a key role in gaining the ability to scale your operational team to support hybrid cloud environments.
    - The importance of orchestrating your hybrid environment with cloud automation for centralized visibility and control across your datacenter, virtual servers and cloud based resources.
  • Automate to Innovate – Automating Amazon AWS Recorded: Oct 13 2015 43 mins
    Rebecca Dias Product Marketing Technology Evangelist Automic
    Rebecca Dias, Business Automation Specialist, discusses the advantages of the hybrid cloud and the 3C’s of effective Amazon AWS EC2 management - Compliance, Control and Consistency. By following this process you can increase agility, streamline operations and speed up time to market. Automate Amazon AWS so your business can innovate.

    This webinar looks at how you can:
    - Free yourself from the setup, maintenance and lifecycle management of EC2 Resources.
    - Use best practices for self-service when internal users require on premise or Amazon EC2 resources.
    - Learn to automate spinning up on demand instances and configure them to your requirements.
    - Leverage automation to ensure compliance when pushing data to and from cloud instances.
  • Take Automation Beyond IT: How to Improve Business KPI's Recorded: Oct 12 2015 47 mins
    Martin Mertens Manager of Process Automation adidas AG
    Watch this complimentary webinar to learn how adidas:

    -Created a centralized solution for their processes
    -Increased operational efficiency with by decreasing monitory efforts for the business.
    -Expanded automation, surpassing KPI targets
    -Increased their overall business process health
  • Horizon 2020 - The Road to Converged Automation Recorded: Oct 12 2015 48 mins
    Jean-Pierre Garbani VP & Research Director Forrester Research
    In collaboration with Forrester we dig into the growing demand for an enterprise automation strategy. You will hear best practice direction from leading industry analyst Jean-Pierre Garbani, VP & Research Director at Forrester on building your future automation strategy.

    The webinar will be looking at:

    - Business pressures and demands that are driving the IT automation imperative
    - Analyzing your situation and embracing the changes of a new service delivery cadence
    - Transforming IT infrastructure and operations to be business aligned
    - Tactical do’s and don’ts, as well as strategic recommendation
    - Merits of developing an enterprise automation architecture to stay in IT budget and support business innovation
  • How to achieve Continuous Delivery without downtime Recorded: Oct 12 2015 55 mins
    Tom Fitter, Director of Applications and Integrations at TASC
    Tom Flitter, Director of Applications and Integrations at TASC, discusses how to achieve worry-free deployments anytime
  • How DevOps and Continuous Delivery are Redefining Application Delivery in the En Recorded: Oct 5 2015 58 mins
    Julie Craig Research Director, Application Management Enterprise Management Associates
    Julie Craig, research director from leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), provides a top five list of hints and tips for you to consider when building your DevOps and Continuous Delivery strategy.

    Watch this complimentary webinar to learn about:

    - Establishing a culture for DevOps within your business
    - Breaking down the barriers between development and operations with DevOps
    - Tools and technologies that can accelerate your application releases
    - Five actionable recommendations to include in your DevOps plans
  • Continuous Delivery for Siebel Recorded: Oct 5 2015 58 mins
    Anne Kootstra, Siebel CRM Consultant, Accenture
    Anne Kootstra, Siebel CRM Consultant at Accenture, talks about how they used Automic Release Automation to shorten downtime of Siebel and increase quality and stability at a huge telecom provider in the Netherlands.

    Watch this webinar to learn how to:

    Enable agile releases and deploy Siebel updates in just minutes
    Reduce planned and unplanned downtime
    Deploy the right artefacts and configuration settings for even the most complex environments
    Prevent unauthorised access to production environments
    Free up Siebel administrators and developers from release and deployment tasks

    Watch this webinar because Siebel releases are complex. Executing one well is difficult. Extracting databases, migrating SRF repositories, deploying non-repository items and managing all the planned and unplanned outages is no small feat. Oh yeah, and there’s still that little thing called production. These deployments can easily take days and are updated infrequently, because the business can’t afford any downtime.
Helping enterprises automate business processes
As IT becomes increasingly complex and integral to modern business, automation represents a vital means to speed up and delineate crucial processes. The Internet of Things, Big Data and the cloud combine to present us with a digital Wild West. The likes of Airbnb and Uber prove there are billions to be made for those who harness the potential of this disruptive but potent landscape.

At Automic, we simplify complexity. Join our channel to hear from our own experts as well as industry experts for our on-demand webinars and our live webinar program.

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