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Getting Ready for CCPA: How it Differs from GDPR and Strategies for Compliance

In just 7 months from now the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will go into effect. This new privacy legislation is slated to be one of the toughest data privacy laws in the US and reflects a global trend of the growing importance for brands to invest in data governance, security, orchestration and automation. Regulatory compliance is now equating to the quality of a company’s brand.

Most brands are quickly trying to ramp up and understand how to comply for CCPA but are left wondering what CCPA means for them, what the differences are between CCPA and GDPR and what key initial steps towards compliance they need to be taking.

The CCPA reinforces the modern theme that operating a real-time, secure, and auditable platform for collecting, enriching and activating customer data has become mandatory - not only for compliance objectives, but also for new revenue and customer loyalty goals. Hear from both a legal and a technological perspective and earn:

- The differences between GDPR and CCPA

- How crucial it is to have your customer data governed in an automated fashion to ensure compliance with both laws

- What specific rights each regulation focuses on

- The legal and technologist approach to ensuring compliance with both

- How ensuring the vendors and martech solutions you’re working with can help ensure compliance and overall data governance

- And so much more!
Recorded Jun 11 2019 61 mins
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Presented by
Maltie Maraj, Senior Counsel, Tealium & Ted Sfikas, Director, Solutions Consultants, NA & LATAM
Presentation preview: Getting Ready for CCPA: How it Differs from GDPR and Strategies for Compliance
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  • Getting Ready for CCPA: How it Differs from GDPR and Strategies for Compliance Recorded: Oct 9 2019 60 mins
    Maltie Maraj, Senior Counsel, Tealium & Ted Sfikas, Director, Solutions Consultants, NA & LATAM
    In about three months, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will go into effect. This new legislation is slated to be one of the toughest data privacy laws in the US; however, many companies are still unsure how— or even if— the law will affect them. Whether the CCPA affects your company or not, it still reflects the growing importance for brands to invest in data governance, security, orchestration, and automation.

    These next few months will be critical for brands who are quickly trying to ramp up and understand how to comply with the CCPA. If you’re left wondering what the law means for you, what the differences are between CCPA and GDPR, or what the key initial steps are you need to be taking towards compliance, you’re not alone.

    Register now for our upcoming webinar where we will show you how to build a data foundation to assist in CCPA compliance as well as:

    - 5 key differences between GDPR and CCPA
    - The importance of automating parts of your customer data governance
    - Legal and technological considerations for both laws

    And so much more! We hope to see you there.
  • CDPs: Choosing the Right Type for Your Customer Data Strategy Recorded: Sep 30 2019 41 mins
    Elizabeth Marshall, Manager, Solution Consulting North America - Northwest and Central at Tealium
    From clicks to calls, companies have a ton of customer data. Managing that data is a key business challenge, which is why so many companies are turning to Customer Data Platforms. As more vendors crowd into the CDP space, there are two clear CDP styles emerging: data-focused and campaign.

    Before choosing a CDP, it’s critical to put a customer data strategy in place first that aligns with one of these CDP styles. The strategies and CDP you choose will have a huge impact on your team’s day-to-day operations, your customer’s experience, and your ability to manage a real-time, compliant customer data supply chain.

    In this session, you’ll learn the key differences between data-focused and campaign-focused CDPs, as well as:

    - Why your CDP strategy should be a company-wide initiative, not just marketing-driven
    - How a CDP will help you overcome the challenges of collecting and activating customer data
    - Why a CDP initiative is a perfect opportunity to bridge the divide between marketing and IT teams
  • California Consumer Privacy Act: What it is, Why it Matters and How to Prepare Recorded: Sep 16 2019 56 mins
    Ted Sfikas, Director of Solutions Consultants, NA & LATAM, Tealium
    The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will go into effect January 1, 2020 and is slated to be one of the toughest data privacy laws in the US. The law will expand and enforce the rights of California consumers in several new regulatory areas and businesses will be required to be extremely transparent about how they are collecting, using and disclosing their customers’ personal data.

    This new privacy law reflects a global trend of the growing importance for brands to invest in data governance, security, orchestration and automation. Regulatory compliance is now equating to the quality of a company’s brand.

    Like the recent GDPR law in the European Union, the CCPA reinforces the modern theme that operating a real-time, secure, and auditable platform for collecting, enriching and activating customer data has become mandatory - not only for compliance objectives, but also for new revenue and customer loyalty goals.

    Join this webinar to learn what the CCPA is and how it applies to your organization, as well as:
    - Consumer rights under the CCPA
    - Key requirements and compliance details
    - The impact CCPA has on your company
    - A strategic roadmap to CCPA compliance
    - The role of a data supply chain in CCPA
    - And so much more!
  • From Basics to Best Practices: Building Your Client-Side Data Infrastructure Recorded: Aug 29 2019 55 mins
    Jamie Wells, US West Manager, Solutions Consulting at Tealium
    For marketers who specialize in client-side data management, the shift towards a consumer privacy-first landscape means working more closely with an IT team to properly collect and activate that data. Today, tag management serves as the front-line of curating a customer experience and creating a secure, governable customer data supply chain.

    However, in order to have the most comprehensive, secure, and flexible data supply chain, your organization should be looking at employing both client-side and server-side collection and delivery based on your strategic business needs and budget.

    In this webinar, Jamie Wells returns to analyze current-day best practices for client-side data management and how the current industry trends are transforming the use cases for that data. Tune-in and you will:

    - Understand the influence of privacy regulations on the future of your tag management strategy
    - Learn how to determine what data should be collected client-side or server-side
    - Discover how to create a harmonious approach to both client-side and server-side data

    Whether you’re looking to deploy an enterprise tag management solution for the first time, or you’re a thousand tags deep, this webinar will give you a strategic view of where you should employ client-side data management in building a future-proof foundation for data collection.
  • The Role of Server-Side in the Future of Your Data Foundation Recorded: Aug 13 2019 61 mins
    Chris Slovak, Global VP, Solutions Consulting & Jamie Wells, US West Manager, Solutions Consulting at Tealium
    In a hyper-competitive, cross-device, cross-experience world, consumer expectations for personalized, omnichannel experiences have put increasing pressure on brands to utilize their customer data well. At the same time, technology limitations like ITP 2.x, Google’s same-site cookies, ad blockers, and more are eliminating access to that data in an increasing push for more privacy on the web. So how do brands navigate these opposing drivers?

    Data professionals will need both client-side and server-side data collection capabilities to build a scalable, future-proofed foundation to manage the increasing number of customer data sources and channels in this landscape – but each approach comes with its respective benefits and drawbacks.

    In this presentation, you’ll learn about the state of server-side capabilities today as well as key considerations and use cases. We’ll also talk about how to build out a data foundation with both client-side and server-side data collection capabilities so you have the power to make the right choice for your data strategy, business needs, and budget.

    Join this webinar and you’ll also learn:

    - Use cases where server-side data collection can help your customer experience efforts
    - The difference between client-side and server-side tracking
    - The history of server-side data collection and how new models are being applied today
    - Key considerations and questions you should be aware of as you move to server-side
  • How Customer Data Maturity Powers the Modern Enterprise Recorded: Jul 25 2019 32 mins
    Matt Parisi, Senior Product Marketing Manager
    In this four-part series, we will help your organization learn how to create a strategic approach to customer data. Top performing companies are using customer data insights from across the organization to power better customer experiences from awareness to renewals. For many companies, however, much of the necessary data remains locked away in departmental and technological silos.

    In our first installment, we’ll be taking a deep dive into the Tealium-commissioned Forrester research report, “Customer Data Maturity Powers the Modern Enterprise,” as well as looking at the state of customer data maturity to understand why so many companies struggle to break down the barriers and put data into action. The recent report surveyed the state of customer data and found that even though almost 90% of organizations have some level of customer data strategy in place, many struggle to impact key business outcomes effectively.

    By surveying 330 decision makers at companies across the globe – including the US, UK, France, Germany, and Japan – the report gives insight into businesses’ approach to using customer data to drive customer satisfaction, increase revenue, implement better data governance, and improve profitability.

    Join us for a deep dive into the state of customer data maturity and uncover the key takeaways to help your organization build a sound customer data strategy that can drive business results.

    You’ll also learn :
    - The 6 dimensions of customer data maturity in an organization
    - How you can put your own organization’s customer data maturity to the test
    - Recommendations for beginning to build your customer data strategy and establishing a center of customer data excellence
  • Is the End of Cookies Near?: What ITP 2.x Is and How to Navigate Recorded: Jul 10 2019 57 mins
    Ty Gavin, VP of Software Development, Tealium
    The GDPR and CCPA have put digital privacy at the forefront of consumers’ concerns. With its Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), Apple is leveraging consumer concerns to promote the security of their browser, Safari.

    The question for marketers and data professionals is whether ITP’s changes to cookies will alter their data and analytics strategies. When Apple first introduced ITP in 2017, it disrupted third-party ad tech companies and their ability to create cross-site tracking. With ITP 2.x this year, Apple has updated how Safari, the most popular mobile browser in the U.S., handles first-party cookies.

    The changes to first-party cookies will have a big impact on personalized mobile campaigns for seasonally-driven industries and campaigns in mobile browsers (i.e. Safari). Short-term workarounds are available to digital marketers, but they may be quickly undone as Apple works to clamp down on them in subsequent updates.

    Join this webinar and learn how to build a better long-term strategy that balances the customer experience with customer privacy, as well as:

    - A deeper understanding of ITP’s limitations
    - Gaining clarity on the true impact it has on analytics
    - Key strategies to improving implementation of first-and-third-party cookies
    now and in the future
    - Ideas for Customer Experience and Marketing teams to improve cookies-related experiences like authentication
  • Is Your Company’s Data Ready for Machine Learning? Recorded: Jun 27 2019 47 mins
    Ted Sfikas, Director of Solutions Consultants, North America and LATAM, Tealium
    Machine Learning (ML) is a new field, and there is a competitive advantage to those first adopters. Yet, many companies are buying ML technologies and developing strategies before they have taken the appropriate step back to evaluate whether their data is ready or not.

    In this webinar, we’ll explore the evolution of Machine Learning as part of the broader data science discipline, and discuss why the fundamental need for data readiness is so crucial. Learn key steps to evaluate the readiness of your data and review how a governed data supply chain using automated orchestration can deliver a reliable engine for Machine Learning platforms today.
  • Deliver More Personalized, Real-Time & Relevant Customer Experiences Recorded: May 29 2019 42 mins
    Chris Slovak, VP Global Solutions, Tealium
    It’s crucial that organizations start focusing more on people, and less on campaigns, when it comes to launching successful personalization strategies that exceed customer expectations. Most brands are focusing on leveraging Campaign Orchestration to enable personalization with their data, however, the secret weapon to really connecting data between multiple teams, tools and technologies is Customer Data Orchestration.

    Confused as to what each approach is? And why one is more impactful for your business than the other? We don’t blame you as both approaches aim to capture and synchronize customer data across multiple technologies in the hopes of delivering more relevant and personalized experiences for customers.

    Join to learn the differences between Customer Data Orchestration and Campaign Orchestration, as well as:

    - Why personalized experiences are so important to the customer journey

    - How to see data as an asset (and leverage people, technology and processes) to see it as your company’s greatest competitive advantage

    - Key benefits and differences between Customer Data Orchestration and Campaign Orchestration (and which strategy your brand should be employing)

    - How to put Customer Data Orchestration into play in your organization

    - Use case examples of why Customer Data Orchestration is so crucial to a brand’s personalization success

    - And so much more!
  • From Reaction to Real-time Action: Optimizing the Customer Experience Recorded: Apr 25 2019 21 mins
    Kyle Brierley, Director, Global Integrated Solutions, Tealium & Jake Makler, Director, Technical Partnerships, Quantum Metric
    Customers today expect the brands they’re interacting with to know exactly who they are - they are revealing their likes, dislikes and giving organizations massive amounts of behavioral and engagement information when they interact with companies digitally. In fact, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. But are brands delivering?

    The goal of any mature customer data organization should be to leverage unknown and known customer data to create the exceptional experiences their customers are demanding. Rather than being reactive to customers, imagine being able to act on the behavioral signals they provide, in real-time. Yes, it’s possible to meet your customers right where they are in their journey and deliver what they need.

    Join this webinar to learn:

    - How to use digital experience data to act, rather than react, to consumers who are interacting with your brand
    - Key strategies for orchestrating and combining customer behavior and experiences with other online and offline data points
    - Real-world use cases and examples that top brands have put into place to optimize the customer experience
    - And so much more
  • 5 Ways to Unify Data and Drive a Richer Digital Experience Recorded: Mar 5 2019 38 mins
    Kyle Brierley, Director, Global Integrated Solutions, Tealium & Jason Miller, VP Product Strategy, Clicktale
    Providing a stellar customer experience starts with having good data - data that is clean, correlated and unified. But as most brands attempt to reach their customers on different channels and devices, the data being collected becomes fragmented across the organization and is difficult to take action on.

    Join us to learn:

    - How to align online and offline data into a single, 360 view of your customer

    - Key ways to segment data to power the experiences your customers expect most

    - Top strategies to accomplish identity resolution and visitor stitching capabilities

    - How to turn data insights into action in your organization

    - And so much more!
  • Building Unified Teams for Connected Customer Data Recorded: Feb 26 2019 27 mins
    Prolet Miteva, Sr Product Manager, Analytics, Autodesk
    Siloed, fragmented and disparate data sources have become a challenge that are all too common for brands today. There are many processes and procedures brands should put into place to remove those silos so they can see a single view of their customer – but the first step in unifying data starts with unifying people.

    Join us for a lively discussion on:

    - Aligning your organization towards a shared goal

    - 3 keys to creating a high performing data and analytics program

    - Embracing the human side of data

    - And so much more!
  • Blending Digital Analytics with Human Creativity to Deliver the Optimal CX Recorded: Feb 13 2019 27 mins
    Reid Bryant, VP Data Science, Blue Acorn iCi
    Successful brands understand the important role humans play in the evolving technological landscape. It’s critical we understand and continue to learn key strategies, tactics, and recommendations on how to optimize the customer journey with human capital and technology.

    Join us for a 30-minute discussion on:

    - The importance of lateral thinking in digital analytics

    - The 3 components of building an impactful digital analytics programs

    - How creative thinking can make the difference between an acceptable customer experience and an optimal customer experience
  • Turbocharge Your Mobile Experiences Recorded: Dec 20 2018 25 mins
    Jason Koo, Developer Advocate, Tealium
    According to eMarketer, consumers spend almost 4 hours per day on their mobile devices. That’s almost 1500 hours in a year that brands have the opportunity to provide incredible mobile experiences, no matter the device, location or channel their customer is interacting on. Many brands are unsure how to set up a seamless mobile experience, how to optimize their mobile apps to deliver the best experience possible or even how to install SDKs.

    Join this 30-minute webinar to learn:

    - Current trends in the mobile space

    - App optimization strategies

    - Use cases for implementing mobile experiences in Tealium’s UDH

    - And so much more!
  • Creating Customer-Centric Experiences Through Data Recorded: Dec 19 2018 32 mins
    Chris Slovak, VP Global Solutions Consulting
    Business models are fundamentally changing based on the experiences consumers are having with brands. And this disruption is driven by data -- the language of those relationships. Organizations are now understanding the power in data to guide an experience and understand what consumers are telling them.

    Join us to learn how to create exceptional customer experiences through data. During this webinar, we’ll discuss:

    - 5 factors that are changing a customers experience

    - How data plays a critical role in creating engaging and meaningful moments

    - 5 mandates for adjusting to the evolving expectations of customers

    - And so much more!
  • Designing a Data Supply Chain for Data-As-A-Service Recorded: Dec 5 2018 27 mins
    Ted Sfikas, Director of Solutions Consultants, North America and LATAM, Tealium
    Having a clearly defined data strategy is a necessity in creating exceptional moments with customers and ensuring long-term brand loyalty. Yet most organizations aren’t sure which strategies and methodologies need to be implemented to ensure accurate and seamless alignment of data within the overall business strategy.

    Join this webinar to learn:

    • Why a data supply chain is critical in creating a high performing data and analytics program
    • How to build a data supply chain
    • 4 ways data-as-a-service becomes a necessity for organizations
    • How to standardize how data is requested and received
  • Increase Brand Trust: Understanding 7 Key Views Consumers Have On Their Data Recorded: Nov 29 2018 48 mins
    Lindsay McEwan, General Manager, EMEA, Tealium
    The GDPR 2018 brought a once-in-a-lifetime change to the legal basis on which individuals share their data with organizations. Brands are ensuring that their data-driven practices are in line with the regulation, but what do consumers think of the new law? How do they expect their data to be used and do they intend to exercise their new rights?

    Join us for a behind the scenes look into how aware consumers are of the way data is collected from their mobile and digital footprint, as well as how businesses rely on these data streams to deliver personalized services and a better customer experience. Register now and learn the:

    - Pivotal changes to the data landscape
    - 7 key findings from consumers on how they view their own data
    - Key strategies and steps to dramatically improving consumer brand trust
    - And so much more!
  • Breaking Down Data Silos to Increase Sales Recorded: Nov 8 2018 38 mins
    Jared Geurts, Senior Director, Analytics, Utah Jazz
    The NBA Utah Jazz wanted to unlock the power of its customer data to offer personalized ticket packages and offers. Its previous strategy – where all users received the same marketing messages at the same time – did not utilize customer data insights and served only to promote the offers the team thought were best, rather than listening to the needs of customers.

    Watch this main stage presentation from Digital Velocity San Francisco to see how the Utah Jazz adopted a new approach that enabled them to fully understand each individual customer and serve personalized offers according to their past behavior and preferences.
  • Drive Smarter Experimentation and Personalization with Fully Integrated Data Recorded: Oct 30 2018 40 mins
    Kyle Brierley, Director, Global Integrated Solutions
    When it comes to your experimentation program, you’re only as reliable as the data you use. When customer data is siloed and fragmented, it impacts the user experience and internal operations. You need to ensure your team is leveraging the most comprehensive visitor and event-level data to build better cross-device user experiences and create highly targeted experiments and personalization strategies for audiences.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    - How to fuel better user experiences with centralized, comprehensive, and enriched data

    - How to stitch together anonymous and known visitor data and then leverage those audiences to generate more consistent cross-device experiences

    - How to leverage both online and offline data to deliver a seamless user experience across devices

    - How to connect client-side and server-side integrations for increased performance and real-time experiences
  • How to Use Your Data to Drive Sales Leads and Conversions Recorded: Oct 4 2018 55 mins
    Danny Moschke, Digital Strategist, Tealium EMEA & Korbinian Spann, Data Management Industry Expert
    Data should not be underestimated as it is a company's greatest asset. The ability to collect customer data from multiple sources of interaction and act on it in a unified way is key to generating leads, increasing conversions and improving customer experiences.

    Join this interactive discussion to learn:

    - The relationship between data and revenue

    - How data sources can be used and the insights garnered

    - What are common problems and how to solve them

    - The role of data across your sales cycle

    - 5 Steps you can take to start driving sales leads and conversions from your data
Powering real-time customer engagement
Tealium powers the new era of real-time customer engagement and marketing, enabling global businesses to unlock their customer data and create more meaningful, relevant customer experiences. The company’s industry-leading customer data platform, comprised of an enterprise tag management solution, omnichannel customer segmentation and action engine, and suite of rich data services, creates a vendor-neutral data foundation that spans web, mobile, offline and IoT.

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  • Title: Getting Ready for CCPA: How it Differs from GDPR and Strategies for Compliance
  • Live at: Jun 11 2019 8:00 pm
  • Presented by: Maltie Maraj, Senior Counsel, Tealium & Ted Sfikas, Director, Solutions Consultants, NA & LATAM
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