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LIVE Virtual Panel Discussion: Business as (Un)Usual

Audience behaviour is changing, how can you take advantage of new opportunities?

Working in the marketing field right now has unquestionably become a challenging role to fulfil. Not only do marketers need to have creative and analytical minds but also they have to be always up-to-date with the constantly changing marketing landscape.

Getting across to today’s consumer is a complex process that requires adjusting your efforts to growing trends.
During the Business as (Un) Usual LIVE Virtual Panel, our marketing leaders will share their business stories, insights and recommendations on how to best perform in a challenging environment.

You will learn:
- How to look for and identify new opportunities while audience behaviour is changing
- How to have a relevant message that resonates with customers as we move out of these unprecedented times
- The best ways to leverage your business ecosystem and network to differentiate yourself and bounce back stronger from these uncertain times
- And much more!

- Mark Van Den Haak - VP Sales of ASIA, Tealium

- Angie Ahn - Nissan Motor Corporation - Asst. GM, Digital CE Marketing, Asia & Oceania
- Shannon Cullum - Better Trade Off - CMO

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Recorded May 5 2020 32 mins
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Presented by
Angie Ahn, Nissan Motor Corporation, Asst. GM, Digital CE Marketing, Asia & Oceania & Shannon Cullum, Better Trade Off, CMO
Presentation preview: LIVE Virtual Panel Discussion: Business as (Un)Usual
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  • How Tealium + Braze Drive Personalized Cross-Channel Experiences for Top Brands Aug 10 2021 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Magith Noohukhan, Customer Engagement Evangelist at Braze, and Matt Parisi, Director of Product Marketing at Tealium
    When powerful tech comes together, your brand becomes truly unstoppable. And creating personalized omnichannel experiences for customers who are everywhere can become your brand's differentiator.

    That’s why Tealium + Braze are joining forces to show how industry leading brands are creating the multichannel moments that matter most. Join Tealium’s Director of Product Marketing, Matt Parisi, and Braze’s Customer Engagement Evangelist, Magith Noohukhan, to learn how to:

    - Enhance your customer data’s agility with trusted and continuous streaming
    - Build comprehensive customer profiles for real-time omnichannel personalization
    - Deliver more authentic moments in every customer experience
  • Navigating Key Challenges in the Customer Data Landscape with Tealium + AWS Aug 4 2021 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    AWS and Tealium
    When powerful tech comes together, your brand becomes truly unstoppable. That’s why in the first session in our partner summer series, we’re sitting down with Lisa Fairbanks, the Global Head of Customer Experience Solutions at AWS, to discuss how Tealium and AWS can help you solve key challenges and navigate recurring trends in the customer data landscape.

    Tune in for a lively discussion around topics like:

    - The presence of a first-party data strategy post third-party cookies
    - Ways to enhance your data collection and storage to enable real-time activation
    - How to optimize your tech stack to improve data access
  • Tealium Live Demo: An Inside Look at the Customer Data Hub Jul 28 2021 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Mady Engelhart, Product Marketing Manager, and Luke Miller, Solutions Consultant
    Want to simplify your customer data management and optimize your tech stack? Check out this live demo to get an inside look at Tealium’s Customer Data Hub before you even speak to sales!

    In this deep dive, we’ll show you how Tealium:

    - Connects data from all devices and channels to create complete customer views
    - Prevents crucial insights from getting stuck in pieces of your tech stack
    - Standardizes data so it’s accessible and understandable across your organization
    - And we'll answer questions live from the audience

    We want to hear from you! Make sure to register before 7/21 to be included in a survey where you'll get to tell us what you want to see at the Live Demo.
  • Next Level Customer Insights: Using a CDP for NPS, ML, Omnichannel and more! Recorded: Jul 21 2021 29 mins
    Ben Thompson, Director, Analytics And Tag Management, Bluestem and Matt Parisi, Director, Product Marketing, Tealium
    Join Ben Thomspon from multi-brand retailer Bluestem Brands to talk about using customer data for revenue-driven initiatives that improve NPS. As a longtime Tealium user, Ben will discuss how Bluestem has grown their use of the Tealium Customer Data Hub with AudienceStream becoming an integral hub for digital operations and now adding ML capabilities with Predict ML.

    **This session is a replay from our annual Digital Virtualocity event. To see more sessions from the event, hit the link in the attachments**
  • What’s Next for Advertisers After 2023? Masterclass Recap Recorded: Jul 15 2021 48 mins
    Tealium Masterclass Speakers
    Session 5 of our Masterclass Series: Preparing for Life Beyond the Third-Party Cookie

    Now that you’ve gone from the basics to best practices for advertising and analytics in a cookieless world let’s talk about what’s next. While 2023 may be at the forefront of your conversations today, more changes will continue to pop up.

    Join this session to be a part of an engaging conversation around:

    - The future of the advertising ecosystem
    - How the future can impact your planning today
    - How to get a step ahead on future-proofing your advertising efforts
  • Expert Tips to Help Retail Marketers Plan for the Holiday Season Recorded: Jun 30 2021 57 mins
    Matt Parisi, Tealium, Dan Murray, Quantum Metric, Tom Litchford, Amazon Web Services, Magith Noohukhan, Braze
    It's that time of the year again and retailers have already started preparing their strategy for another busy holiday shopping season. Given the digital surges last year, there is no slowing down in sight so retailers need to be ready for not only the influx of data coming their way, but also customer expectations in terms of personalization and privacy.

    But don't worry – we're here to help! In this panel, we sat down with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Braze, and Quantum Metric to discuss their top tips for holiday retail success.

    Hear directly from a diverse group of retail experts as they reveal hidden secrets to success and learn how to:

    - Delight your customers with a personalized holiday experience
    - Automate customer engagement to achieve real-time insights
    - Leverage powerful use cases that prepare you for the digital surge

    **This webinar was recorded in November 2020.
  • Show Me You Care: Why You Should Be Talking About Privacy and Value-Exchange Recorded: Jun 10 2021 55 mins
    Maltie Maraj, Sr Corporate Council, Ted Sfikas, Regional VP, Solutions Consulting, and Julian Llorente, Director of Product
    Session 4 of our Masterclass Series: Preparing for Life Beyond the Third-Party Cookie

    We’re well into 2021 and data privacy has continued its push out of the InfoSec and legal team agenda and into the customer experience. Whether data privacy conversation takes the context of shifting consumer attitudes, new regulations or technology changes – the fact remains that privacy is now an integral piece of marketing and customer experience.

    Join this session to discover:

    - How privacy is driving changes in your advertising and measurement strategy
    - Strategies to power privacy
    - Key ways to build up customer trust with first-party data
  • The Essential Components of Your MarTech Stack for 2021 Recorded: Jun 3 2021 38 mins
    Jake Spencer, Product Marketing
    2020 was a transformative year with an extreme acceleration of digital business. Now that it’s 2021, it’s time to evaluate how to build and optimize the best tech stack to be successful in this new digital age.

    Join us for an informative discussion of the most critical components in your tech stack to connect with your customers, ensure data privacy, generate insights, and drive growth. You’ll also learn:

    - The anatomy of a marketing tech stack
    - Critical capabilities for 2021
    - How to build a strong customer data foundation to optimize experiences
  • Making Sense of the Changing Identity Landscape Recorded: May 25 2021 42 mins
    Sav Khetan, VP of Product, and Sarah Sambell, Manager of Customer Success, Tealium
    Session 3 of our Masterclass Series: Preparing for Life Beyond the Third-Party Cookie

    Ever since third-party cookies started going away, a new term began popping up called the universal identifier. Everyone from IAB Tech Lab’s DigiTrust, the Advertising ID Consortium, and TradeDesk’s Unified ID 2.0 have proposed new identifiers to help advertisers better understand and market to their customers.

    If you think there’s a lot of identity conversation going on in the market, you are right! We’re here to help you make sense of it all. In this masterclass we’re going to talk about the changing identity landscape and help you understand how you should be thinking about these changes alongside your customer acquisition strategies.

    You’ll also take away:

    - A high level overview the changing identity landscape and a deep dive on the key solutions being proposed in market
    - How these changes impact your advertising and customer acquisition strategies
    - A few key steps to stay agile in a changing identity landscape
  • Staying Agile and Adaptable in the Ever Changing Ad Ecosystem Recorded: May 20 2021 30 mins
    Francis Guinto, Asics Digital Inc; Emily Wilson, Facebook; Alyssa McDermott, Wunderman
    In this panel discussion from our annual Digital Virtualocity event with Facebook, Wunderman Thompson Data, ASICS and Tealium we discuss the changing ads ecosystem, and how they are dealing with the changing regulations, products, and consumer engagement trends. Hear first-hand tips and insights about how these companies are providing personalized experiences while navigating impending cookie loss.
  • Cooking Up Complete Customer Views with Thryv Recorded: May 6 2021 36 mins
    James Burnham, Digital Strategist at Tealium and Ty Bishop, Marketing Analytics Manager at Thryv
    Digital engagement has grown and will only continue to grow from here. So now more than ever, data will be a fundamental ingredient to your customer experiences. That’s why we’re teaming up with software company, Thryv, to share our recipes for spicing up your digital experiences.

    Join us to get tried and true recipes for use cases like:

    - Turning the heat up on engagement
    - Finding new customers without relying on third-party cookies
    - Grilling up customer insights in real-time

    *Giveaway no longer active*
  • Dude, What About My DMP? Thinking About Data Post Third-Party Cookie Recorded: May 5 2021 46 mins
    Jamie Wells, Director of Solutions Consulting, and Matt Parisi, Director of Product Marketing, Tealium
    Session 2 of our Masterclass Series: Preparing for Life Beyond the Third-Party Cookie

    So you’ve relied on your data management platform (DMP) for the last decade to build audiences as well as to measure and run campaigns. What now? If you are feeling lost -- let us tell you that you aren’t alone.

    As eConsultancy reports, only 36 percent of marketers feel they have a good handle on what a cookieless future will look like.

    In this webinar, we’ll talk about:
    - How to build a first-party lead advertising strategy
    - The key technologies to help you continue to get the data you need to build audiences and active campaigns
    - How to leverage your first-party data to optimize your work with walled gardens, take a spin with contextual advertising, drive real-time engagement, and measure your campaigns
  • Walking the Privacy and Personalization Tightrope in 2021 Recorded: Apr 29 2021 47 mins
    David Morris, Tealium and special guest Stephanie Liu, Forrester
    The digital marketing times are changing. The rules of how we target and measure customer behavior are being rewritten. Access to customer data is shrinking. And respecting and honoring consumers’ privacy has never been more critical, nor more of an opportunity.

    The customer data landscape is shifting in this very moment. How is your data strategy evolving alongside it?

    Join Tealium with special guest, Forrester Analyst, Stephanie Liu, for a discussion on how to succeed in this new era of customer experience. We’ll cover topics from our new State of the CDP report like:

    - The tech trends, regulations and consumer privacy expectations conspiring to drastically shift how brands can use customer data for targeting and analytics/attribution
    - The ways that personalizing experiences and measuring customer behavior will need to be adjusted to accommodate these changes
    - How you can leverage a first-party, privacy-centric data strategy to fill the gap and provide competitive differentiation using customer data
  • So Your Cookie Crumbled, What's Next? Recorded: Apr 21 2021 55 mins
    Jake Spencer, Director of Product Marketing, and Travis Cameron, Regional VP of Strategic Partnerships, Tealium
    Session 1 of our Masterclass Series: Preparing for Life Beyond the Third-Party Cookie

    For the last few years, marketers have been playing whack-a-mole with the changes to how browsers handle first and third-party cookies that were once critical to the way ads were targeted and campaigns were measured. But 2022 more than likely marks a point-of-no-return. For most advertisers, this paradigm shift presents both challenges and opportunities as they reimagine their strategies for customer acquisition but also for opportunities.

    In this introductory webinar, we’ll cover how shifting consumer attitudes, new regulations, and technology changes will impact the ways you advertise and measure campaigns. We’ll also discuss strategies to ensure that life can carry on by leading with and leveraging your first-party data.

    We’re here to say that not only can you survive without the third-party cookie—you can thrive in a completely new digital marketing world where customer relationships are built on a foundation of real-time engagement and trust.

    This class will set the foundation for the rest of the series where we’ll dive further into additional topics.
  • 3 Proven Recipes for Increasing Loyalty and Retention Recorded: Apr 18 2021 35 mins
    James Burnham, Digital Strategist
    Customer data is the key ingredient to driving loyalty and retention. Why? Because you can only proactively identify and target high-risk and high-value customers when you have a complete and accurate picture of your relationship.

    Join Digital Strategist, James Burnham to learn how to create digital experiences that keep your customers coming back for seconds. We’ll also share tips for:

    - Reducing churn by driving proactive advertising for high risk customers
    - Increasing engagement with customers who are most likely to purchase
    - Using predictive insights to fuel loyalty campaigns


    One entry per participant in the event hosted by Tealium Inc., including any of its affiliates or subsidiaries (“Tealium”). Odds of winning depend on number of entries received. Winners will be selected randomly. Open to Tasty Tech: 3 Proven Recipes for Increasing Loyalty and Retention attendees only. Following selection and confirmation of winners, a representative from Tealium will contact the winners using the contact information provided at entry. Winners will be responsible for any applicable taxes. By submitting your contact information you agree that Tealium may use such information to contact you for sales and marketing purposes. Void where prohibited by law or regulation.
  • State of the CDP: Key Findings to Help You Adapt to the New Digital Era Recorded: Apr 15 2021 45 mins
    Nicole Burt, Sr. CSM, and Jay Calavas, CIO, Matt Parisi, Director of Product Marketing, and Jamie Wells, SC
    The rapid shift to digital channels during COVID-19 was only one change among many for marketers in 2020. Along with this increased digital demand, third-party cookies have started to crumble and strict data privacy laws are being passed all while marketing budgets are being cut.

    So what is the key to adapting to these changes in 2021?

    In our new State of the CDP report, we surveyed 300 marketers in the US across 5 major industries to find out and found that those challenges have solidified the CDP’s positioning in the center of organizations’ marketing stacks. Tune in to this panel to see our key findings like:

    - Why CDPs have become vital to marketing success
    - 6 ways marketers are adapting to change with a CDP
    - How to find a CDP that makes integration easy
    - 3 important factors to help you quantify CDP ROI
    - Why data privacy and compliance continue to be a top priority
  • Building a Best-in-Class MarTech Stack with Molekule Recorded: Mar 30 2021 39 mins
    Jake Spencer, Director of Product Marketing at Tealium and Cezanne Huq, Senior Director of Growth at Molekule
    From 2012 to 2020 the landscape of martech has grown by over 5,000% according to chiefmartech.com. It’s no secret that marketers love their data and analytics tools but integrating critical customer data with your experience, advertising and analytics tools is a lot of work.

    Gartner recently found that marketing leaders are only leveraging 58% of their tech stack, leaving potential opportunities for engagement and analysis untapped. Why? A desire to use best-in-class tools but hurdles in getting those tools to work together.

    In this panel, we’re teaming up with Molekule’s Senior Director of Growth, Cezanne Huq, to talk about some of the strategies they relied on to build an integrated, best-in-class stack. We’ll also cover topics like:

    - How to measure the efficiency of your stack
    - Tips for maximizing tech stack ROI
    - Which pieces of your tech stack you should build vs buy
  • How To Build The Perfect MarTech Stack in 2021 Recorded: Mar 22 2021 48 mins
    Jake Spencer, Director of Product Marketing, Tealium
    If 2020 taught marketers anything it's how to stay agile with your tech, processes and people so you can quickly adapt when things change. Join this session to learn how to build the best martech stack for your business so you can drive the best experiences possible for your customers!
  • How to Connect your Customer Data to Glean Powerful Analytics and Insights Recorded: Mar 18 2021 39 mins
    Matt Gray, VP Global Partnerships at Tealium
    Customer data is plentiful these days as there are more things happening on digital than ever before. But even the most technologically savvy of brands are struggling with how to connect their data to truly be able to glean powerful metrics and insights they can take action on to provide better experiences. Join this session to learn:

    • How a solid data foundation will help you acquire, convert and retain loyal customers for life
    • Key ways to be able to put trust in your data so you can easily see impactful insights that helps you make important shifts
    • Why you will become the data hero at your organization after following these steps
  • Tools, Techniques and Strategies for Managing Enterprise Data Recorded: Mar 16 2021 48 mins
    David Yakobovitch, Bob Trevelyan, Matt Demmler, Ester Liquori, Matt Gray
    Join this panel of industry experts and discover how enterprises are transforming their big data management strategies to drive significant improvements to data wrangling and improve data accuracy and efficiencies.
    You'll learn about:
    - The latest tools organizations are utilizing to govern, prepare and analyze their data
    - Opportunities and challenges to be aware of when building an enterprise data strategy
    - Best practices for managing and analyzing big data for enterprise insights
    - And more!
Powering real-time customer engagement
Tealium powers the new era of real-time customer engagement and marketing, enabling global businesses to unlock their customer data and create more meaningful, relevant customer experiences. The company’s industry-leading customer data platform, comprised of an enterprise tag management solution, omnichannel customer segmentation and action engine, and suite of rich data services, creates a vendor-neutral data foundation that spans web, mobile, offline and IoT.

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  • Title: LIVE Virtual Panel Discussion: Business as (Un)Usual
  • Live at: May 5 2020 2:00 am
  • Presented by: Angie Ahn, Nissan Motor Corporation, Asst. GM, Digital CE Marketing, Asia & Oceania & Shannon Cullum, Better Trade Off, CMO
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