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Solve my Problem Series - Machine Learning: You need more than a score… to score

Many organisations attempt to deploy machine learning (ML), some succeed, while the vast majority fail.

There could be many reasons why companies who start ML projects don’t report much success.

It's easy to fall under the spell of technology that promises to solve all of your business challenges.

Delivering on this magical formula is hard if customer information is scattered across systems and channels.

So how can organisations use their customer data to deliver more effective customer experiences with ML?

Allow our Customer Data ML experts to help and inspire you with their insights and expertise, while solving the ML problems your organisation may be facing, in an interactive and agile fireside chat.

Taking place LIVE on Tuesday 19th May at 12:00pm, a thought-provoking discussion on ‘Machine Learning: You need more than a score… to score’.

You will learn:
- What it takes to get ML right
- How ML and your existing customer data technologies need to work together
- How to create effective experiences for your customers with ML

Meet the experts for Solve my Problem:
Edward Mcmutrie - Senior Strategist, Data & Analytics, The Lumery
Ross Macrae - Solutions Consultant, Tealium

Both Edward and Ross have an abundance of experience helping and guiding customers with successful customer data ML strategies and will be sharing their wealth of knowledge while answering your questions.

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Recorded May 19 2020 30 mins
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Presented by
Edward Mcmutrie - Senior Strategist, Data & Analytics, The Lumery & Ross Macrae - Solutions Consultant, Tealium
Presentation preview: Solve my Problem Series - Machine Learning: You need more than a score… to score
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  • A Summer Tech Sunrise: Creating a Colorful Customer Experience Aug 13 2020 4:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Jay Calavas, Garin Hobbs
    Disjointed tools lead to a disjointed customer experience. Now more than ever, companies need to figure out how to unify their technology to keep their customers engaged and active.

    Luckily the emergence of two critical technologies—the customer data platform and the growth marketing platform— have given marketers the capabilities to truly be both customer-centric and data-driven.

    Join Tealium and Iterable to learn:
    - The importance of marrying agile insights with agile engagement tools
    - How to take a best-of-breed approach while actually being customer, not technology, centric
    - The benefits of unifying technology to engage customers consistently across the full customer journey
  • Taking the Cross-Channel Plunge: Swan Dive Into Consistent Customer Experiences Aug 6 2020 4:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Ted Sfikas, Lauren Harris, Christine Tran
    Customer behavior changes rapidly, and if you’re not agile with your customer insights, you risk losing out on revenue and building customer loyalty. Creating a seamless flow of cross-channel insights across your tech stack could mean the difference between thriving or surviving in the customer experience battleground.

    Join Tealium, Quantum Metric, and Invoca to learn:
    - Solutions to the key challenges brands face in creating customer continuity across multiple channels
    - How to create seamless experiences using customer data
    - Real-world examples of seamlessly tying together online and phone experiences
  • Making a Real-Time Splash: Engaging Customers in the Moments that Matter Jul 30 2020 4:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Brian Moore, Magith Noohukhan
    It’s more important now than ever to connect with your customers in the moments that matter. However, when the unpredictable strikes, it can be hard to stay agile and engage with your customers simultaneously.

    To solve this challenge companies need both agile insights and a modern tech ecosystem that meet customers where they are at.

    Join Tealium and Braze to learn:
    - How to listen to your customers so you can create meaningful experiences
    - Key moments that matter along the customer journey that you’ll want to pay attention to
    - The tech, tools and data required to engage with customers at the right time
  • CDP vs DMP: Using your data in a smarter way Jul 29 2020 6:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Kenneth Goh, Verticurl ; Gerrard Te Brake, Tealium ; Mark Van Den Haak, Tealium
    Memorable moments are the building blocks of relationships.

    They are what customers will remember and they will define how your brand is perceived. That’s why companies should be able to make the most out of these moments across all their channels.

    So, how do we do this?

    Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) and Data Management Platforms (DMPs) can help capture, unify, and manage customer data.

    However, there is still a lot of confusion around how these technologies are different, and which solution is the right one for an organisation.

    This webinar will discuss ‘CDP vs DMP: Using your data in a smarter way’.

    In the first part, you’ll learn:
    - What is a DMP
    - The differences between a CDP and a DMP
    - How a CDP and DMP can work together to help creating a unique customer experience

    In the second part, our experts will answer all your questions in an interactive and agile fireside chat.

    Sign up today to participate in an engaging conversation on how CDP and DMP can empower your martech stack.
  • Grilling Up Data insights: Delighting Your Customers Experience Appetite Jul 23 2020 4:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Ian Halliday, Nick Schneider
    When changes in customer behavior are rapid and unpredictable, data that represents unique insights can be a game changer. In order to delight your customers you need to understand them through their data.

    Predicting optimal experiences depends on the ability to not only generate insights, but to be able to act on them in real time.

    Join Tealium and Contentsquare to learn:
    - Key types of customer data to use to delight your customers
    - Strategies to manage data in an agile way that makes the biggest impact on customer experience
    - Why being agile is the cornerstone of digital transformation
  • 客戶資料平台脫口秀 為什麼CDP是統一客戶體驗的必備品 Jul 22 2020 6:00 am UTC 30 mins
    張佩英, 技術顧問, 蘇士杰,北亞區銷售
    如今,市場行銷人員比以往任何時候都有更多可用的數據,但卻很難將其資料整合成可應用的模式。客戶數據平台(Customer Data Platform 短稱為CDP)通過提供易於部署的系統來實現數據統一和共亯,解决了以上的問題。然而,CDP市場令人困惑,行銷人員不知道從哪裡開始。


    通過 《為什麼CDP是統一客戶體驗的必備品》,Tealium CDP 專家將與您通過互動和對話,回答所有您所有或可能遇到的尖銳問題。

    7月22日 2:00 PM HKT 現場直播
    - 客戶數據到底是什麼
    - CDP是什麼
    - CDP的五大用處

    本次活動不可錯過,作為觀眾的您將有機會現場提問 Tealium 的 CDP 專家。

  • The Marketing Summer Golden Rule: Using Data for Good Jul 16 2020 4:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Mike Anderson, David Skinner
    Customers are relying on brands to be good stewards of their data - is your company doing right by them? When robust technology is combined with unified and quality data, brands have the ability to not only increase loyalty and retention numbers, but to truly improve customer trust and do ‘good’ with their data.

    Using data and technology for good creates a positive impact on society, establishes a high degree of trust with customers, and honors their data privacy and right to consent.

    So what tools, technologies and platforms can help?

    Join Tealium and Acxiom to learn:
    - Key technologies that provide the capability to do good with data
    - How to identify and empathetically engage with prospects and customers
    - The importance of agile data management to preserve brand trust and support regulatory compliance
  • Reimagining Data and Technology Strategy for Marketing in Consumers’ Moments Recorded: Jul 9 2020 46 mins
    The bar has never been higher for marketers – consumers demand engaging, relevant, and timely experiences, and have little tolerance for brands that can’t deliver. The disruption to marketing caused by empowered customers, constantly evolving technology, and new cultural hallmarks is undeniable, but more critically it creates a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the brands that successfully establish new approaches for understanding, orchestrating, and delivering customer experiences. This presentation will discuss how brands can capitalize on these trends to power complex customer journeys and meet sophisticated consumers’ expectations:

    •Marketing in moments: The shifting consumer marketing landscape and its impact on the discipline of marketing
    •Mastering the tools to succeed: Data, technology, and processes
    •A framework for planning customer centric data and technology strategies
  • 3 Keys to Building Business Resiliency In The Year Ahead Recorded: Jul 7 2020 29 mins
    Join this session to deep-dive into three key actionable ideas you can rely upon to provide your company with the readiness, robustness and reliability it needs to thrive in any highly competitive environment. The main points to be addressed during the session are:

    1. Branding, brand awareness and brand recognition: why the perception people have of your brand matters now more than ever.
    2. Strategy and processes: periodical purges in your strategy and processes allow your company to always be on top of its game.
    3. Data quality: with data gaining so much weight in our decision making processes, its quality becomes a topic of conversation. What can you do to guarantee it is spotless?
  • The Art of Engagement Recorded: Jul 7 2020 26 mins
    Amin Foda Hakan Gogebakan, Monach University; Dave Lucas, Tealium
    This fireside chat with Amin Foda, Dave Lucas and Hakan Gogebakan will dive into Monash University’s secrets to mastering the art of engagement, how they have been utilizing a CDP as part of their data strategy, and their newest venture into Machine Learning with Tealium Predict.
  • The Power of Data & Personalization: Understanding Your Customers' “Why” Recorded: Jul 7 2020 57 mins
    Wunderman Thompson
    In a world where customer brand loyalty is highly dynamic and often fleeting, the key to successfully winning, serving and retaining customers and their loyalty requires delivering unprecedented relevancy in the buyer’s journey with the brand. Brands often find themselves with a disconnect between strategy and activation, using out-of-touch methods for personalization strategies and challenged with the heavy lifting of creating contextually-relevant and connected experiences that add perceivable value to the path to purchase.

    In this keynote session, data and CX experts from Wunderman Thompson will discuss what today's marketers need to know to establish powerful (or meaningful) differentiation through data-led, individualized experiences to drive growth. Proven strategies which will include:

    • Why companies today must work through these key fundamentals of audience strategy to enable more relevant personalization to deliver incredible customer experiences

    • How data is the north star to digital transformation and growth

    • How leading companies are embracing 1st party, 2nd, and 3rd party data to power the customer experience through all stages of the funnel

    • Why the prerequisite for 2020 and beyond means adopting a personalization strategy that is data-led, cloud enabled and delivers individualized motivationally powered personal experiences, harmonized across customer touch points
  • Tips on Getting Started with a CDP Recorded: Jul 7 2020 26 mins
    Ben Thompson, Bluestem
    If you’re thinking about getting a CDP, this session is a must-attend. Tune in to hear Bluestem's, Ben Thompson, walk you through the CDP implementation process, starting with ways to get buy-in from stakeholders. See how other companies have seamlessly integrated this revolutionary asset into their marketing strategy and how they’re using it on a day-to-day basis.
  • Putting 'Care' In The Digital Healthcare Revolution Recorded: Jul 7 2020 30 mins
    Presidium Health
    When it comes to the healthcare industry, no two patients are alike. It’s crucial to be flexible in order to address your patient’s specific needs and do so in real-time. So tune in to this session to hear how Presidium is putting personalization back in the healthcare industry with the help of data. Learn how you can better personalize your patient’s experience and be there for them when they need you most.
  • Sitting Courtside with The Utah Jazz's Customer Experience Strategy Recorded: Jul 7 2020 30 mins
    Jared Geurts, VP Analytics and Digital Development, Utah Jazz
    Join this session to hear from NBA basketball team Utah Jazz's, VP of Analytics and Digital Development, Jared Geurts as he gives you courtside seats to view how personalization increased ticket sales and improved customer experience.
  • Starting Small and Thinking Big: Using Personalization to Drive Conversion Recorded: Jul 6 2020 30 mins
    Josh Griffiths, nib
    Personalization is no longer an industry buzzword but rather it’s expected by customers. So tune in to this session to hear nib’s, Josh Griffiths, tips to completely transforming your data to achieve max personalization. You’ll also learn how to quickly dissect your first-party data in order to respond to customers in real-time.
  • Enhance Personalization With Next Generation ML and AI Recorded: Jun 30 2020 47 mins
    James McCormick, Principal Analyst, Forrester; Dave Lucas, Sr. Director - Product; Matt Parisi, Sr. Product Marketing Manager
    Next generation ML approaches and technologies provide enhanced opportunities for digital personalization. Given the rapidly changing digital environment the need to adopt new approaches could never be greater. It's time to review the landscape. Join Tealium and guest speaker and Forrester analyst James McCormick as they:
    - Discuss the evolution of AI techniques for personalization.
    - Review the risks and opportunities technologies in the space.
    - Describe strategies and approaches for getting it right.
  • How To Supercharge Your Customer Data To Power Predictive Insights Recorded: Jun 25 2020 34 mins
    Matt Parisi, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Tealium
    The field of Machine Learning (ML) is not new, yet marketers are still discovering new ways to apply ML methods on their large, complex and expanding data sets. Demand for data science talent continues to grow, but the problems of collecting and normalizing clean, meaningful data for machine learning are snowballing faster than most firms can respond.

    Tealium’s unique positioning within our clients’ organizations has provided us with insight into each step of the machine learning process.

    Join us to discuss these key learnings and gain insight into the 5 Dimensions to Have Your Data Ready for Machine Learning
  • It’s Time to Change Your Data Strategy Recorded: Jun 23 2020 40 mins
    David Morris, RVP Solutions Consulting EMEA, Tealium and Matthew Berger, Content Strategist, Tealium
    With customer data increasingly driving the personalization strategies fueling the customer experience across marketing, sales, and customer support, your data strategy has never been more important. Customers expect consistent experiences across the myriad channels they interact with— whether in-store, on the website, or in an app.

    Third-party data is quickly becoming second class.

    Join us as we discuss Shifting to First-Party Data for a Better Customer Experience.
  • Reaching Fans On [and Off] the Court with a CDP Recorded: Jun 18 2020 50 mins
    Jake Spencer, Product Marketing Manager, Tealium and James Burnham, Digital Strategist, Tealium
    Major professional sports brands are looking to modernize fan experience and engagement through data. Unifying data from many sources and piecing together the online and offline journey is key.

    Join us as we discuss how professional sports organizations can engage every fan, anywhere by leveraging real-time, unified data.
  • From Healthier Data to Happier Patients: How CDPs Can Help Drive Personalization Recorded: Jun 16 2020 44 mins
    Jake Spencer, Product Marketing Manager, Tealium and Ted Sfikas, RVP of Solutions Consulting, NA and LATAM, Tealium
    Personalization is a top priority in almost every industry. What if there were a way to personalize the patient experience?

    Better patient care starts with better data.

    Join us as we discuss how healthcare businesses can deliver personalized care and increase engagement by collecting and unifying data across channels in real time. During this webinar, you'll discover how to:

    - Leverage real-time, unified data to build stronger relationships with patients
    - Deliver more timely/targeted messaging and better digital experiences
    - Keep patient data safeguarded and secure with an end-to-end Customer Data Hub that is secured to privacy and industry regulations, including HIPAA.
    - And much more!
Powering real-time customer engagement
Tealium powers the new era of real-time customer engagement and marketing, enabling global businesses to unlock their customer data and create more meaningful, relevant customer experiences. The company’s industry-leading customer data platform, comprised of an enterprise tag management solution, omnichannel customer segmentation and action engine, and suite of rich data services, creates a vendor-neutral data foundation that spans web, mobile, offline and IoT.

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  • Title: Solve my Problem Series - Machine Learning: You need more than a score… to score
  • Live at: May 19 2020 2:00 am
  • Presented by: Edward Mcmutrie - Senior Strategist, Data & Analytics, The Lumery & Ross Macrae - Solutions Consultant, Tealium
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