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Proofpoint Archiving, Compliance and eDiscovery Live demo


Financial services firms face the world’s most stringent and complex regulatory pressures. Proofpoint Intelligent Supervision introduces a new level of efficiency and control for even the largest financial services organizations. With a fully integrated archive and supervision solution, Proofpoint provides comprehensive capture, review and reporting for complete visibility into email, Bloomberg, IM, collaboration and social data, making regulatory audits and investigations simple and straightforward.
Recorded May 18 2016 43 mins
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Presentation preview: Proofpoint Archiving, Compliance and eDiscovery Live demo

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  • Back to Basics: Solving the Email Fraud Problem Apr 10 2018 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Neil Hammet, Email Fraud Specialist, Proofpoint
    Email fraud preys on human nature—fear, the desire to please and more—to steal money and valuable information from employees, customers and business partners. It is a growing problem; but unlike most cyberthreats these socially engineered attacks seek to exploit people rather than technology.

    Join this webinar to learn:
    - Email Fraud Trends from 2017 and what to expect in 2018
    - DMARC adoption and its implication on businesses in the new regulatory world
    - Helpful tips to protect your business against Email Fraud!
  • Guide to Protecting Your People & Safeguarding Your Business from Ransomware Recorded: Mar 20 2018 48 mins
    Richard Davis, Director Cybersecurity Strategy and Patrick Wheeler, Director of Threat Intelligence
    The evolving threat of ransomware is more dangerous than ever and is here to stay! In early 2017, ‘Wannacry’ and ‘Petya’ created havoc and made it to mainstream media. Even more recently, in Q4 2017, ransomware remained the top payload distributed by malicious messages accounting for 57% of all malicious message volume. Showing no signs of abating, cybersecurity professionals must reassess their ransomware-readiness. The best protection from ransomware is to stay informed and learn what critical safety measures your organisation can take to prevent such an attack from occurring.

    Join this webinar for an overview of:

    - How ransomware works and the latest attacks
    - The most common challenges organizations face in combating ransomware
    - Strategies for mitigating ransomware attacks of all varieties
  • How to Effectively Fight Against Email Fraud Recorded: Mar 12 2018 40 mins
    Ryan Terry - Manager Cybersecurity Strategies, Email Fraud
    While ransomware and other high profile, high volume attacks have made many headlines, email fraud has silently been attacking companies around the world. In 2017, over 80% of organizations experienced at least one email fraud attack. Email fraud attacks are low volume attacks that impersonate a person in authority to try and trick the victim into sending money or data out of the organization.

    Join us and learn how attackers use email fraud to attack their victims and about the framework that can prevent these attacks for impacting your business.
  • See it live - Proofpoint Incident Response Recorded: Mar 8 2018 20 mins
    Scott Harris, Sr Engineer & Troy Evanson, Sr Account Manager
    Reduce your incident response time.

    Proofpoint Threat Response Auto-Pull (TRAP) offers a fast, easy and effective solution. It automatically pulls delivered malicious email into quarantine, saving you from all those time-consuming steps. Join us for a demo of this version of the Proofpoint Threat Response platform and learn firsthand how to:

    • Reduce exposure time to malicious emails
    • Reduce the time to quarantine and contain email threats
    • Reduce your dependency on custom-coded software
  • How to Stop Look-alike Domains Targeting Your Customers, Partners & Employees Recorded: Mar 7 2018 63 mins
    Brett Shaw, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Proofpoint and Jonathan Lee, Sr. Product Manager at Proofpoint
    Organizations today are facing increased targeted attacks using social engineering tactics. Last year, we saw a 200% increase from cyber criminals registering look-alike domains to pose as employees or partners by spoofing email addresses, or creating deceptive links for victims to click on.

    Join us for a live webinar where you will learn:
    * The latest trends and tactics used to commit email fraud
    * How to gain better visibility into any domain spoofing your organization
    * How to proactively protect your organization, employees, partners and customers from email fraud
  • Enterprise Archive with Proofpoint - See it Live Recorded: Feb 28 2018 50 mins
    Davin Stilson, Sr Sales Engineer, James Seeley - Sr Account Specialst
    Financial institutions - specifically FINRA and SEC regulated organizations - are required to protect their firm’s and clients’ data, capture and archive business records and make them discoverable, and enable secure and compliant use of social media. They face challenges of swiftly producing required records during legal discovery and regulatory audits + demonstrating ongoing supervision of their employees despite and increased regulatory landscape, exponential data growth, decreases in staff and ongoing demand to lower costs

    Get up to speed on the compliance and eDiscovery challenges that enterprises face — and the Proofpoint solution that meets them.

    Watch industry experts take an in-depth look at the technology that positions Proofpoint as a leader in enterprise information archiving and how it helps organizations in the financial services industry:

    -Mitigate reputational
    -Stay compliant with industry rules and regulations through Enterprise Archiving, Intelligent Supervision, E-discovery and Analytics and Social Media Compliance.
  • Cyber Security Update 2018 Recorded: Feb 27 2018 62 mins
    Markus Grüneberg, Security Strategist and Mario Seefried, Cyber Security Professional
    So bleiben Sie vor den neuesten Cyber-Bedrohungen geschützt

    Erfahren Sie in unserem Cybersecurity-Jahresupdate für 2018, wie aktuelle Angriffe aussehen und wie Sie Ihr Unternehmen vor diesen neuen Bedrohungen schützen. Informieren Sie sich unter anderem, über

    - Vorhersagen für die Bedrohungslandschaft 2018 mit besonderem Fokus auf Europa
    - Wichtige Maßnahmen, die Sie ergreifen können, um Ihr Unternehmen zu schützen
    - Top-Ressourcen zur Unterstützung Ihrer Sicherheitsanstrengungen
  • What GDPR Means for Your Security Recorded: Feb 22 2018 46 mins
    Adenike Cosgrove, Cyber Security Strategist at Proofpoint
    For many, GDPR is a challenging undertaking that requires new processes, technology, skills, and oversights. It demands new ways to design privacy that places the protection of EU citizen and resident data at its core.

    Join us as we discuss how organizations can meet the GDPR requirements and the security implications for your organization.

    Join us to hear how to:

    • Discover and classify personal data.
    • Protect all personal data by developing and implementing appropriate security controls.
    • Enhance security controls by monitoring, detecting, responding, and reporting on all policy violations and external threats.
  • Removing the guesswork from GDPR Recorded: Feb 22 2018 42 mins
    Adenike Cosgrove, Cybersecurity Strategist
    For many, GDPR is a challenging undertaking that requires new processes, technology, skills, and oversights.
    Which is why we believe that the first priority of any business responding to the GDPR, as well as to the wider threat landscape, is to look after the individual. Protect your customers and your employees, and your business will be free to thrive.

    Join us to hear how to:
    • Discover and classify personal data.
    • Protect all personal data by developing and implementing appropriate security controls.
    • Enhance security controls by monitoring, detecting, responding, and reporting on all policy violations and external threats.
  • FINRA And SEC Exam Priorities For 2018 Recorded: Feb 13 2018 54 mins
    Joanna Belbey, Compliance Subject Matter Expert, Proofpoint and Martin Tuip, Senior Product Marketing Manager
    Every year, FINRA and the SEC tell broker-dealers exactly what they perceive as heightened risks to the market and investors. In this way, regulators send a clear message of what to expect during exams in the coming year. As a compliance officer, this is the roadmap that sets the tone for your efforts for 2018.

    Joanna Belbey, Compliance Subject Matter Expert, Proofpoint and Martin Tuip, Senior Product Marketing Manager will discuss some of the risks spotlighted for 2018:

    • Supervision and controls to protect investors
    • Technology Governance
    • Cybersecurity controls

    Learn how Proofpoint can help you and your firm meet these and other regulatory challenges in the year ahead. Live Q & A will follow.
    Time not convenient? Sign up anyway and we’ll send you the link to the recorded webinar plus valuable materials.
  • Email Protection with Office 365 - See It In Action Recorded: Feb 8 2018 46 mins
    Joel Bowden, Sr Engineer, Jim Osselaer, Account Manager
    Microsoft Office 365 allows your people to work anywhere, anytime, on any device, but that freedom creates security issues. As valuable a tool as Microsoft Office 365 is, it lacks forensics and insights to efficiently identify and understand threats

    Proofpoint’s Email Protection and Targeted Attack Protection solutions can help.

    Learn about:

    Today’s threat landscape and to how to build your defense against spam, malware, and non-malware threats
    Approaches for identifying suspicious messages
    The latest in security software to fight against advanced threats
    Quickly reduce the attack surface, securing Office 365 Live Demo
  • 2018 Guide to Building Your Security Strategy Recorded: Feb 6 2018 54 mins
    Martin Littmann, CISO Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, Ryan Witt, Healthcare Practice Leader Proofpoint,
    Ransomware continues to plague healthcare and the situation is getting more dangerous as cybercriminals move towards increasingly sophisticated forms of cryptographic malware to carry out targeted attacks. The 2016 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey showed healthcare still lags other industries in deploying commonly accepted security technology.

    Join us for:
    CISO’s practical guide to prioritizing security investments
    How to build a proven cyber awareness training plan
    Working with governing committees and boards to implement a holistic security architecture.
  • How to prepare for the 2018 cyber threats Recorded: Jan 30 2018 57 mins
    Davide Canali, Senior Threat Analyst and Adenike Cosgrove, Cybersecurity Strategist

    Join Davide Canali, Senior Threat Analyst and Adenike Cosgrove, Cybersecurity Strategist, on Tuesday, 30th Jan at 10 AM GMT for our yearly webinar, “How to Prepare for the 2018 Cyber Threats.” This live event will cover:

    - Predictions for the 2018 threat landscape with a special focus on EMEA and APAC
    - Key actions you can take to prepare your organisation
    - Top resources to help support your security efforts
  • Securing Your Data Throughout Your Digital Transformation Recorded: Jan 26 2018 34 mins
    Ryan Kalember, SVP Cybersecurity Strategies
    Powered by the cloud, SaaS and new digital channels, this digital transformation comes with new security, compliance and fraud risk. Organizations must consider how to secure sensitive data through the migration. An effective data protection program can help you maintain visibility and control over data that resides both inside and outside your network.

    Join Ryan Kalember, Proofpoint SVP of Cybersecurity, address what SaaS applications, BYOD, and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) mean for protecting data in today's organizations. Hear what critical developments you should be factoring into your long-term information protection strategy.

    Join this lively discussion to learn:
    • Trends and implications for traditional network and endpoint DLP
    • Real-world examples that illustrate new risks and why you need to think differently
    • Strategies on how to move forward to protect your critical data
  • How to Prepare for the 2018 Cyber Threats Recorded: Jan 24 2018 46 mins
    Patrick Wheeler, Director of Threat Intelligence, Proofpoint

    Join Patrick Wheeler, Proofpoint’s Director of Threat Intelligence, on Wednesday, January 24th at 10 AM PT for our webinar, “How to Prepare for the 2018 Cyber Threats.” This live event will cover:

    - Predictions for the 2018 threat landscape
    - Key actions you can take to prepare your organization
    - Top resources to help support your security efforts
  • How to Stop All Impostor Threats Coming Into, and Going Out of Your Organization Recorded: Dec 19 2017 56 mins
    Ryan Terry, Product Marketing Manager and Ash Valeski, Sr. Manager Product Managemen
    The cost of Impostor email has risen to $5.1B. Business email compromise (BEC) is impacting employees, business partners and customers of organizations around the world.

    Proofpoint Email Fraud Defense (EFD) extends the security already offered by Email Protection to block criminals that spoof your trusted domains to trick victims, both inside and outside of your organization, into sending money and other sensitive information to the attacker.

    Join us for a live webinar on Tuesday, June 6th at 10am PST where you will learn:
    • Latest impostor email trends including BEC and consumer phishing
    • How to extend your current protection to stop all impostor threats
    • Upcoming product integration with Email Protection to secure your entire email ecosystem
  • Proofpoint Presenta su Informe trimestral de Amenazas Recorded: Dec 14 2017 34 mins
    Ryan Kalember, Vicepresidente Sénior de Estrategia de Ciberseguridad
    Proofpoint es la compañía líder en ciberseguridad del mundo con visibilidad a más de 2 billones de correos electrónicos y más de 6 billones de URL diariamente.
    En este reporte vemos como los ataques maliciosos de URL volvieron a aparecer con fuerza, además vemos como los “Ransomware” siguen siendo el rey supremo y vamos entendiendo como los atacantes trabajaron agresivamente para hacerse pasar por las marcas en las cuales confiamos utilizando correo electrónico, las redes sociales y la web para hacer los ataques. Estas son algunas de las tendencias sobresalientes que vimos este año atacando a nuestros clientes globales y el panorama de amenazas a través del mundo.

    Únete a Ryan Kalember, Vicepresidente Sénior de Estrategia de Ciberseguridad, y aprende:

    •Cómo han cambiado las amenazas trimestre tras trimestre, identificando tendencias más amplias en malware, phishing y fraude
    •Inteligencia y consejos puntuales para manager su estrategia de seguridad
    •Acerca de las sofisticadas amenazas en el correo electrónico, la web, las redes sociales y los dispositivos móviles que seguimos viendo
  • Filling the GDPR Compliance Gap Recorded: Dec 14 2017 30 mins
    Adenike Cosgrove, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Proofpoint
    Join this session to discuss: How your organization can drive towards compliance, how to embed "privacy by design" to your development lifecycles, and how to protect all identified EU personal data and prevent data breaches.
  • How today’s threats prey on the human factor | 2017 Human Factor Report Recorded: Dec 13 2017 48 mins
    Patrick Wheeler, Director, Threat Intelligence, Proofpoint
    Ransomware. Business email compromise (BEC). Social media phishing. Counterfeit mobile apps. Today’s advanced attacks use different tactics and vectors, but they all have one thing in common: they target people, not just infrastructure.

    In this webinar, we use original research and data collected from real-world Proofpoint deployments around the world to explore who is being targeted, how attackers are getting people to click, and what you can do about it.

    Register now to learn about:
    •The latest social engineering targeting trends and techniques
    •Top email fraud tactics, including business email compromise (BEC) and social media account phishing
    •The rise of fraudulent mobile apps and how criminals target users on the go
  • How Look-alike Domains Can Cause Havoc for your Organization Recorded: Dec 7 2017 62 mins
    Ron Poserina, Sr. Manager, Sales Engineering, Proofpoint, Jonathan Lee Sr Product Manager, Proofpoint
    Registering lookalike domains is nothing new. However, the threat actors have found new ways to leverage old techniques. The threat landscape shifts to more social engineering attacks and organizations need to understand where the risks are. Without visibility, domain names are being registered that are very similar to your own, often fooling unsuspecting victims! As a premier threat intelligence provider, Proofpoint can give you the ability to know what you don’t yet know.

    Join us for an interesting and informative tech talk on the rise of the lookalike domain!

    We will discuss:
    • Threat Landscape and How the Bad Guys are Leveraging Look-alike Domains
    • What Organizations Can Do to Protect Themselves
    • Overview & Demo of Proofpoint’s Domain Discover service
Proofpoint is a next-generation cybersecurity company that protects the way people work today. At Proofpoint, we give organizations the power to do three critical things:
- First we protect people from the advanced attacks that target them via email, mobile apps, and social media
- Secondly we protect the information people create from advanced attacks and compliance violations, and
- Finally, we equip people to respond quickly when things go wrong.

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