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Malware in SaaS Applications: The Unprotected Exploit

SaaS application use is rapidly increasing, with 70% of organizations having at least one application in the cloud(1). At the same time, however, 41% report concerns about the security of cloud solutions(2). In fact, while companies often employ technologies for advanced threats within their organization, few, if any, provide technology to protect against advanced threats in the SaaS apps they use.

Join this webinar to learn:
* How threats can reach your SaaS applications
* What threat we’ve seen lurking in SaaS applications
* Tips and Tools to start protecting against SaaS borne threats

(1)(2) IDG Enterprises 2016 Cloud Computing survey
Recorded Nov 7 2017 53 mins
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Presented by
Duane Kuroda, Group Product Marketing Manager at Proofpoint
Presentation preview: Malware in SaaS Applications: The Unprotected Exploit

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  • How to Build your People-Centered Cybersecurity Strategy Sep 12 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Ryan Kalember, SVP Cybersecurity Strategies at Proofpoint
    Today’s most popular security and compliance tools focus on protecting the perimeter—they manage endpoints and patch system vulnerabilities.

    But cybercriminals don’t target technical vulnerabilities. They target human weakness: the distracted user who clicks on an email attachment, the eager customer who fills in credentials to claim a fake offer, a loyal employee who follows directions to wire money from a criminal impersonating their CEO.

    The only security strategy that will successfully combat today’s advanced attacks is one that focuses on protecting our people. Join Proofpoint SVP Ryan Kalember for a webinar on September 12 to learn how to build a strategy that:

    •Reveals who is targeted and how
    •Combats attacks before they reach your users, and
    •Mitigates damage from the attacks that inevitably will

    About the presenter:

    With over 15-years of experience in the information security industry, Ryan currently leads cybersecurity strategy for Proofpoint and is a sought-out expert for media commentary on breaches and best practices for enterprises as well as consumers. He joined Proofpoint from WatchDox where he served as chief marketing officer and was responsible for successfully building and leading the marketing team through the company’s acquisition by Blackberry. Prior to WatchDox, Ryan was instrumental in running solutions across Hewlett-Packard’s portfolio of security products. He has also held a variety of marketing leadership positions at ArcSight and VeriSign including EMEA regional manager. Ryan received his bachelor's degree from Stanford University, where he studied fault tolerance, cryptography, and authentication algorithms.
  • Malware of the Week | Project Hook, Line and Trojan Horse Recorded: Aug 9 2018 10 mins
    This week on Malware of the Week, we're going to focus on Project Hook, a point of sale malware and Evrial, a trojan horse that can hijack cryptocurrency addresses.

    Project Hook comes to us as a targeted phishing email, purporting to be from Office of Inspector General encouraging the victim to click a link to get to a tax document. This downloads a Visual Basic Script that gives Project Hook the freedom to do as it pleases.

    After that, we take a look at Evrial, a trojan horse that can sense when cryptocurrency addresses are copied into the clipboard and replaces that address with an address to a threat actor which then pulls the ol’ switch-a-roo and you end up sending the payment to the threat actor and not it’s intended, recipient.

    Watch the video to see all the details.
  • Email Protection Demo - Staying Secure in Office 365 Recorded: Aug 9 2018 51 mins
    Greg McHugh, Sr Engineer at Proofpoint
    Microsoft Office 365 allows your people to work anywhere, anytime, on any device, but that freedom creates security issues. As valuable a tool as Microsoft Office 365 is, it lacks forensics and insights to efficiently identify and understand threats.

    Proofpoint’s Email Protection and Targeted Attack Protection solutions can help.

    Join this webinar and learn about:

    •Today’s threat landscape and how to build your defense against spam, malware, and non-malware threats
    •Approaches for identifying suspicious messages
    •The latest in security software to fight against advanced threats
  • Protect Your People - Email Protection Live Demo Recorded: Aug 2 2018 45 mins
    Right now, email is the #1 vector of choice for cyber criminals. To protect your organization, you need technology and information. This event focuses on both.

    Join us for a live demo that will explore Proofpoint Email Protection and Target Attack Protection. Learn about:

    •Today’s threat landscape and to how to build your defense against spam, malware and non-malware threats
    •Approaches for identifying suspicious messages
    •The latest in security software to fight against advanced threats
  • One Year to Go! Your CA Orchestria ‘End-of-Life’ Transition Plan Recorded: Aug 1 2018 59 mins
    John Pepe (Proofpoint) & Christopher Amatulli (Technically Creative)
    Still on CA Orchestria ‘Data Protection’ and don’t know where to start?

    End-of-Life happens in just 12 months and Proofpoint has a proven plan to migrate your data and detection logic to its new ‘Intelligent Supervision’ platform designed to increase the relevancy of alerts paired with intuitive workflows.

    In this webinar, Proofpoint and Technically Creative will discuss migration best practices and present a plan to have customers up-and-running by summer 2019, so there is no gap in regulatory compliance.

    Join us as our experts discuss:

    - Where to Start
    - Summer 2019 Transition Plan
    - Upgrading to Intelligent Supervision
    - Ongoing Support

    Join CA Orchestria ‘Data Protection’ experts John Pepe from Proofpoint and Christopher Amatulli from Technically Creative for insights on making a timely, successful transition, all while remaining compliant.
  • Keeping Up With Automation - Threat Response Live Demo Recorded: Jul 26 2018 31 mins
    Todd Edelglass, Sr Engineer
    Proofpoint's Threat Response product orchestrates several key phases of the incident response process, collecting alerts, context, target histories and intelligence from internal and external sources.

    Using all of this information, it automates workflows and response actions saving you critical time. Join us for a live walkthrough of the product and see it for yourself:

    Join us to see how to

    • Reduce exposure time to malicious emails
    • Reduce the time to quarantine and contain email threats
    • Reduce your dependency on custom-coded software
  • Malware of the Week | Sharepoint, Share a Phish. Recorded: Jul 25 2018 14 mins
    This week on Malware of the Week, we're going to focus on the SecurityXploded Toolkit and phishing of Microsoft Sharepoint.

    We take a look at SecurityXploded Toolkit, a legitimate pack of free security tools put out by XenArmor to help security experts and system administrators that threat actors have hi-jacked it to steal your passwords

    Next, we look at a Microsoft Sharepoint phish that takes advantage of Office 365’s growing market share.

    Get the details in this week’s video.
  • Phishing – Sensibilisez vos utilisateurs par la simulation et la formation Recorded: Jul 24 2018 60 mins
    Mickael Omer, Sales Engineer
    Le phishing reste l’une des plus grandes menaces pour les entreprises. Ce type d’attaque ciblée exploite le facteur humain plutôt que la technologie, ce qui la rend plus difficile à détecter par les solutions de sécurité traditionnelles. Nous vous ferons découvrir comment réduire le risque d’hameçonnage en permettant la simulation de phishing et la formation pour aider vos utilisateurs finaux à détecter, signaler et se prémunir de cette menace.

    Durant cette session, nous couvrirons les sujets suivants :

    • Comment évaluer la vulnérabilité de vos utilisateurs aux attaques de phishing et de spear phishing
    • Sensibiliser et former vos utilisateurs pour qu’ils reconnaissent et évitent les attaques de phishing et autres escroqueries d'ingénierie sociale
    • Comment permettre à vos employés de signaler les messages suspects en un seul clic.
  • Malware of the Week | One-Two Punch Recorded: Jul 19 2018 10 mins
    Each week we host a Threat of the Week webinar featuring a high-level look at interesting threats to help security teams navigate the attack landscape, in less than 10 minutes.

    This week on Threat of the Week – a Phish, a RAT and some LaZagne

    Malware like Sentinel are particularly dangerous due to their multi-stage infection progression. It kicks off with an emailed Word doc that, once downloaded it requests you to enable macros. After that it installs that RAT and then installs LaZagna.

    A nasty one-two punch.

    We also cover a new phishing campaign focused on Stripe and Square payments. Joins us to learn how these attacks worked and how to avoid them.
  • Email Account Compromise – How Dangerous Is it and How to Prevent It Recorded: Jul 17 2018 40 mins
    Eric Schwake, Group Product Marketing Manager, Proofpoint & Itir Clarke, Sr Security Strategist, Proofpoint
    The right credentials in the wrong hands is a dangerous, and very real, threat. Compromised accounts are becoming more problematic for organizations of all sizes as bad actors use these tactics usually aim to fraud the company, its customers or partners

    Join us for a discussion on the problems associated with compromised accounts, from phishing to malware vulnerability and the steps your organization can take to help mitigate the threat.

    Join us and learn:

    - The damage compromised accounts cause, from stolen customer data, to phishing
    - Why targeting people, not infrastructure is more effective
    - What you can do to keep your accounts secure
  • Still Falling Foul to Phishing? Recorded: Jul 11 2018 42 mins
    Brett Shaw, Sr Cybersecurity Strategist, Proofpoint
    It has been around for many years, but phishing is not a problem that’s going away any time soon.

    In fact, given that attackers have shifted from targeting systems to targeting people, phishing is a tool of growing importance for threat actors, and something that potential victims need to be aware of.

    Learn how organizations can prevent, detect and respond to all email threats, including phishing and social engineering and how you can use this framework to better protect your organization.

    Join us as we discuss:

    - Effective security training to help prevent falling for an attack
    - The right tools and methods for detecting phishing
    - How to respond when to email threats
  • Malware of the Week | Iced, Iced ID Recorded: Jul 3 2018 12 mins
    Each week we host a Threat of the Week webinar featuring a high-level look at interesting threats to help security teams navigate the attack landscape.

    This week on Malware of the Week:

    We explore “IcedID”, a new trend where similar malwares are being used together to create a synergistic effect to better convince victims that the websites they are visiting are indeed their financial institutions

    Another threat that caught our attention was the Chalbhai generic phishing threat. A lot of security vendors are letting this one slip through to customers and we dive into why this is happening
  • Phishing Prevention Training Demo Recorded: Jun 28 2018 29 mins
    Chris Thielet, Phishing Training Specialist & Brett Shaw, Sr Security Strategist
    Today’s cyberattacks target individuals, not infrastructure, and phishing is one of the most successful and enduring types of attack.

    Join this live demo to see how Wombat Security, a 4-year leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Awareness Computer-Based Training, reduces phishing risk by enabling phishing simulation and training to change end-user behavior.

    You’ll learn how to:

    - Assess your users’ susceptibility to phishing and spear phishing attacks
    - Give your users hands-on practice at recognizing and avoiding phishing attacks and other social engineering scams
    - Allow your employees to report suspicious messages with a single mouse click
  • Inoculation Against Healthcare Cyber Attacks Recorded: Jun 26 2018 60 mins
    RYAN WITT Healthcare Industry Practice Leader and RYAN TERRY Sr. Product Marketing Manager
    Though Ransomware was the clear malware du jour for much of 2017, new Proofpoint research focused on the healthcare industry market suggests that this attack vector is subsiding and that healthcare will have to pivot to address a rapidly evolving threat environment.

    Join us for a discussion of:

    - Just released research that outlines healthcare's most likely threat vectors of 2018
    - How to leverage technology to mitigate against the rising tide of email fraud current plaguing healthcare
    - Isolation solutions that allow clinicians to use personal messaging applications WITHOUT compromising the security of the health institution
    - New techniques that allow meaningful cyber awareness training without adversely impacting clinical workflow
  • Malware of the Week | Houdini takes control Recorded: Jun 26 2018 12 mins
    Every week Proofpoint's researchers report on the active threats making their way around the Internet and the threats commonly missed by security vendors.

    This week on Malware of the Week:

    The threat of the week was all about RATs and backdoors and you don't want either! We dive into H-Worm(Houdini) a Visual Basic Script(VBS) that allows threat actors full control over a victim's computer and Jacksbot, a Java backdoor that takes control and so much more!

    The Miss of the Week was a fascinating malware rivaling a Rube Goldberg Machine, SocGholish. This malware convinces users to go to a website and click on fake upgrade screens. From there the dominos begin to fall...
  • Demystify the cloud: Stay secure in Microsoft Office 365 Recorded: Jun 26 2018 38 mins
    Edward Rowley, Sales Engineering Manager and Tim Ricketts, Principal Sales Engineer
    Digital transformation and cloud migration brings many benefits to organisations and one of the main drivers for the rapid adoption is the cloud based email service provided by Office 365.
    While leveraging cloud services unarguably enhances productivity, it can still leave your organisation vulnerable to new risks. It is more important than ever for security professionals to ensure full protection against these new risks in real time.

    Join us as we discuss the potential threats and solutions you can implement to ensure protection and productivity. What to expect:

    --Threats: credential phishing, email fraud, targeted attacks etc
    -- Enabling secure digital transformation: people centric security at the heart of the transformation
    -- Solutions: regulatory compliance and tools to implement
  • Schutz vor modernen CEO-Fraud-Angriffen: Live-Hack und umfassende Schutzkonzepte Recorded: Jun 26 2018 61 mins
    Chris Wojzechowski,Security Researche,Institut für IT-Sicherheit und Markus Grünenerg, Senior Security Strategist, Proofpoint
    E-Mail-Betrug, auch CEO-Fraud oder BEC (Business Email Compromise) ist weit verbreitet und kostet Unternehmen Milliarden. Dabei ist ein Großteil dieser E-Mail-Angriffe vermeidbar. Diese Bedrohungen beginnen meist mit einer E-Mail, die von einer hochrangigen Führungskraft, aber auch von Partnern oder Lieferanten zu stammen scheint. Diese E-Mail weist Mitarbeiter an Gelder zu überweisen oder sensible Daten zur Verfügung zu stellen. Die Empfänger erfüllen pflichtbewusst die übertragenen Aufgaben, überweisen zb das angeforderte Geld – und lernen erst später, dass sie betrogen worden sind.

    Erleben Sie in unserem Webinar anhand eines CEO Fraud Live Hack, wie leicht Ihre Mitarbeiter dazu gebracht werden, die betrügerischen Anfragen auszuführen. Anschließend zeigen wir Ihnen auf, wie Proofpoint Ihre Mitarbeiter und Ihr Unternehmen anhand eines mehrstufigen Schutzkonzeptes vor derartigen Angriffen schützen kann.
  • Pourquoi sécuriser sa messagerie sous Office 365 ? Recorded: Jun 21 2018 41 mins
    Laura Peytavin, Sales Engineer, CISSP et Miguel Battais, Account Manager France, Proofpoint
    Office 365 est en France et en Europe une solution collaborative de plus en plus adoptée par les organisations.

    La messagerie fait partie des services déployés en priorité.

    Les clients Office365 sont confrontés à deux soucis majeurs :

    1 Obtenir la meilleure sécurité possible contre les attaques sur les courriels, qui représentent encore aujourd’hui 93% des vecteurs de menaces sur vos données et vos postes de travail,

    2 Conserver une continuité de service lorsqu’Office 365 est indisponible.

    Lors de ce webinaire, nous présenterons entre autre comment Proofpoint, fournisseur de solutions de cybersécurité « people-centric » adresse les défis suivants :

    -Protection des identifiants utilisateurs ciblés par du phishing O365 de plus en plus sophistiqué
    -Contrer la fraude email (attaques au président, FOVI) qui n’est pas traitée par O365, quel que soit l’offre souscrite
    -Donner une visibilité en temps réel des attaques
    -Pouvoir faire des corrélations d’attaques qui deviennent de plus en plus multi-vectorielles (liens vers du partage de fichiers dans le Cloud : Box, OneDrive, SalesForce, Sharepoint, GSuite, etc…)
  • Malware of the Week | It's a Blast from the Past Recorded: Jun 20 2018 7 mins
    Every week Proofpoint's researchers report on the active threats making their way around the Internet and the threats commonly missed by security vendors.

    This week on Malware of the Week:

    Get your flannel ready because the Threat of The Week was a 90's blast from the past with Shankar's Virus. A polymorphic virus discovered in 1999 that can cause Microsoft Word to no longer function and change computer time.

    The Miss of The Week was a cryptocurrency miner called CoinHive. Emails lead victims to websites with JavaScript code on them that use the unsuspecting victim's own computer to mine Monero cryptocurrency.
  • Live Demo: Email Fraud Defense by Proofpoint Recorded: Jun 19 2018 47 mins
    Neil Hammet, Email Fraud Specialist
    Email Fraud is one of the oldest yet most successful threats against your organisations. Proofpoint Email Fraud Defense (EFD) can help you protect your organisation and your customers, leveraging the power of email authentication.

    Join this product demo to discover how you can protect your organisation and people by leveraging the power of EFD.

    •Block malicious emails spoofing your domains before they reach your employees and customers
    •Monitor all emails (inbound and outbound) from your domains and those of third parties
    •Accurately distinguish between legitimate emails and fraudulent emails
Proofpoint is a next-generation cybersecurity company that protects the way people work today. At Proofpoint, we give organizations the power to do three critical things:
- First we protect people from the advanced attacks that target them via email, mobile apps, and social media
- Secondly we protect the information people create from advanced attacks and compliance violations, and
- Finally, we equip people to respond quickly when things go wrong.

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  • Title: Malware in SaaS Applications: The Unprotected Exploit
  • Live at: Nov 7 2017 6:30 pm
  • Presented by: Duane Kuroda, Group Product Marketing Manager at Proofpoint
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