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State of the Phish 2020

Do you have a good sense of how well your users understand cybersecurity terms and best practices? Do you know the top issues infosec teams are dealing with as a result of phishing attacks? How about the ways organisations are fighting social engineering attacks?

Our sixth annual State of the Phish report delivers critical, actionable insights into the current state of the phishing threat, including:

- End-user awareness and knowledge gaps that could be hurting your cybersecurity defences
- Impacts of phishing attacks and the ways infosec pros are trying to combat these threats
- How Proofpoint customers are approaching phishing awareness training, and the ways we’re helping them measure success
- Download our report to learn how organizations can take a more inward, people-centric view of their vulnerabilities and empower users to become a stronger line of defence.

Join us for an in-depth look at user awareness, vulnerability and resilience.

Proofpoint, Inc. (NASDAQ:PFPT) is a leading cybersecurity company that protects organizations’ greatest assets and biggest risks: their people. With an integrated suite of cloud-based solutions, Proofpoint helps companies around the world stop targeted threats, safeguard their data, and make their users more resilient against cyber-attacks. Leading organizations of all sizes, including more than half of the Fortune 100, rely on Proofpoint to mitigate their most critical security and compliance risks across email, the cloud, social media, and the web. No one protects people, the data they create, and the digital channels they use more effectively than Proofpoint.
Recorded Apr 2 2020 32 mins
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Presented by
Paul Down, Director, Proofpoint EMEA
Presentation preview: State of the Phish 2020

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  • Live Demo- How to Combat Email Account Compromise (EAC) with Proofpoint Solution Jun 25 2020 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Sara Pan, Sr. Product Marketing Manager & Bo Mendenhall, Cloud Security Solutions Architect of Proofpoint
    Email Account Compromise (EAC) is often associated with business email compromise (BEC) because compromised email accounts are used in a growing number of BEC-style scams. Attackers use various tactics, such as password spay, phishing, or malware, to compromise an email account. And once they’re in, they can phish internally or launch another BEC attack. So how can you better protect your company and end users?

    Join this live demo webinar and learn more about the following:

    - How does EAC work
    - Real-life examples of EAC attempts
    - How does Proofpoint detect and stop EAC attempt
  • The 2020 State of CASB - by Cloud Security Alliance & Proofpoint Research Jun 23 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    John Yeoh, Global VP of Research at CSA & Itir Clarke, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Proofpoint
    With the shift to work from home, cloud security is a bigger concern than ever. As the network perimeter is replaced by a user-defined security perimeter, enterprises need a people-focused approach to threat detection and data protection in the cloud. Organizations have adopted or plan to adopt Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) to help them.

    Join Proofpoint and CSA experts as they discuss the findings of a newly conducted research among security professionals to determine the needs of enterprises from CASBs, and whether or not their expectations are being met.

    In this session, they will explore:

    - Where is CASB on the adoption curve?
    - How security professionals use CASB for visibility, compliance, data security, threat protection and access control
    - Effectiveness and next evolution of CASBs
  • New Realities of Insider Threats & Work from Home - Featuring Forrester Research Jun 18 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Proofpoint & Forrester Research experts, Mark Sutton of Bain Capital & Ed Amoroso of TAG Cyber
    Organizations are not only managing a massive increase in the number of remote workers, but also remotely supporting a set of business-critical functions that traditionally are exclusively in-office activities. This shift in workforce dynamics brings a unique set of cybersecurity and insider threat considerations. As our guest, VP and Research Director Joseph Blankenship from Forrester Research, writes: the pandemic has created the "perfect conditions for insider threat ."

    Join Proofpoint and Forrester Research experts for a panel session as they discuss the new realities of a distributed workforce and how to better understand and respond to insider threat risk. In this webinar, they'll explore:

    - The new realities of how a distributed workforce accesses systems and data
    - The unique risks of insider threats and how to combat them
    - Why people-centric cybersecurity is the optimal approach to mitigating risk
  • ISSA Thought Leadership Series: BEC Attacks – Who’s Impersonating Who? Jun 17 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    ISSA International
    The 2019 HMSS Cybersecurity Survey indicated that email is the initial point of compromise for healthcare cyber-attacks, with Business Email Compromise (BEC) becoming the favored tactic by cybercriminals. Because BEC emails do not carry malicious payload and are narrowly targeted, it’s difficult for health institutions to detect these attacks. With overall losses of more than $1.7 billion in 2019, BEC attacks are quickly becoming a significant headache for healthcare CISOs. Join us for a deep dive into the dos and don’ts when it comes to BEC, and best practices to mitigate against risk of this vital attack vector.
  • Insider Threats Jun 16 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Arun Kothanath, Shahrokh Shahidzadeh, Eitan Bremler, John Pepe & Jeremiah Dewey
    There have been countless insider threat breaches recently, it’s no surprise that research suggests that up to 60% of cyberattacks are due to insider threats. With so much at stake, it's vital for organizations to protect against insider threats.

    Join this interactive panel of industry experts as they discuss:

    - How to protect your organisation from insider threats
    - Latest technologies and solutions
    - Benefits of early and timely detection

    Arun Kothanath, Chief Security Strategist, Clango (Moderator)
    Shahrokh Shahidzadeh, CEO of Acceptto
    Eitan Bremler, Co-Founder & VP Corporate Development, Safe-T
    John Pepe, Market Development Principal Financial Services, Proofpoint
    Jeremiah Dewey, VP of Managed Services, Rapid7
  • Proofpoint Live Demo: Prevent Phishing Attacks with Security Awareness Training Jun 16 2020 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Sean Walker, Enterprise Account Executive
    99% of the phishing attacks Proofpoint observed in 2019 require human interaction to succeed, resulting in malware installation, wire fraud, unwitting data disclosures, and more. Educate your staff and limit cyber attacks through Proofpoint’s industry-leading security awareness training. Backed by threat intelligence, Proofpoint’s Security Awareness Training ensures you are delivering the right training, to the right people, and at the right time.

    Join our live demo to learn how to:

    - Assess your users’ susceptibility to phishing attacks as well as other cyber threats
    - Deliver customized training to your end users that will drive behavior change, making them a stronger last line of defense
    - Enable your employees to report suspicious messages with a single mouse click
  • Why Organizations Need Enterprise Information Archiving & How Proofpoint Helps Jun 11 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Shawn Aquino, Sr. Product Marketing Manager Rick Dales, VP, Product Management of Proofpoint
    Quick: what’s the first thought that comes to mind when you read SNIA’s definition of archive: a “collection of data objects…in a storage system whose primary purpose is the long-term preservation and retention of that data”? Why, right? The answer to your reasonable question is - it depends.

    In this webinar, we’ll explore this answer, taking a journey back a few decades to archiving origins and tracing the progression from on-prem to modern cloud-native solutions. You’ll learn:

    - How archiving has evolved to address today’s information management challenges
    - What primary use cases archiving solves for and why is it must-have technology for many organizations
    - Why Proofpoint Enterprise Archive is the choice of thousands of customers worldwide for long-term information retention

    As an added bonus, we’ll wrap up the webinar with a peek into recent enhancements introduced with Enterprise Archive, including key features in E-Discovery Analytics and Intelligent Supervision.
  • Live Demo: Advanced People-Centric Security to Cloud Applications Jun 10 2020 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Joel Sierra, Sales Engineer at Proofpoint
    What are the best practices for building a people-centric cybersecurity strategy and where should your organization start? Proofpoint provides holistic solutions that address today’s threat environment. Our solutions grow with organizations as they continue to elevate their security strategies from advanced email security, to stopping BEC and EAC, to protecting cloud applications, and more.

    Join us for a live demo to learn about how to begin your people-centric security journey and see the tools in action. We’ll demonstrate how to:

    - Protect your people and defend your data as your organization works with O365, G Suite, and other cloud applications
    - Leverage Proofpoint’s CASB solution to gain a centralized view of your cloud environment
    - Block threats associated with compromised accounts, risky third-party apps, and the misuse of valuable data
  • People-Centric Cybersecurity in Financial Services Jun 9 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Michael Osterman, President of Osterman Research & Sean Odowd, FinServ Director & John Checco, Resident CISO of Proofpoint
    The financial services industry is subject to enormous risk: it faces the highest rates of attack of any vertical market, it is the source of one-third of all data breaches, and it is vulnerable due to both the negligence and carelessness of employees and other insiders. Compounding the problem is that many financial professionals are now forced to work from home during the pandemic, and they’re using security solutions that often are not as robust as those used in their office environments. So how can you better protect your end-users in the new normal?

    Join Proofpoint and Osterman Research experts as they deep dive into the latest on a people-centric approach to cybersecurity in financial services. In this session, we’ll discuss:

    - The current threat landscape of the financial services industry
    - Best practices on defending against and recovering from cyber attacks and threats
    - Why cybersecurity transformation around people and culture is now more critical than ever
  • In 5 Schritten zum personenorientierten Insider-Threat-Programm Jun 4 2020 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Michael Silvestri, Director DACH bei ObserveIT & Ilan Sharoni, Security Insider Threat Expert
    Der Großteil der Sicherheitsteams ist mit den Herausforderungen, die Cyberbedrohungen von außen für das Unternehmen bedeuten bestens vertraut. Doch der Ausgangspunkt viele Cybersecurity-Probleme sind im Unternehmen selbst zu finden. Eine kürzlich vom Ponemon Institute durchgeführte Studie kam zum Ergebnis, dass Insider-Bedrohungen innerhalb von nur zwei Jahren um 45 Prozent zugenommen haben und auch die durchschnittlichen Kosten eines Insider-Zwischenfalls in diesem Zeitraum um 31 Prozent gestiegen sind.

    Um diese Insider-Bedrohungen zu adressieren müssen Unternehmen ein Insider-Threat-Programm entwickeln. Nur so erhalten Sie die notwendige Transparenz über von Insidern verursachte Datenlecks. Und nur so kann die Reaktion und Untersuchung von Zwischenfällen optimiert werden und zugleich ein Gleichgewicht zwischen dem Schutz der Unternehmens-Assets und der Privatsphäre der Mitarbeiter gefunden wird.

    Wir haben fünf Schritte entwickelt, um ein personenorientiertes Insider-Threat-Programm aufzubauen, inklusive Beispielen aus der Praxis sowie bewährter Vorgehensweisen, die Sie direkt in Ihrem Unternehmen umsetzen können. In unserem Webinar erfahren Sie:
    • Welche Arten von Insider-Bedrohungen sind für Unternehmen am teuersten?
    • Wie können Sie feststellen, ob in Ihrem Unternehmen ausreichend dafür getan wird, Insider-Bedrohungen entgegenzuwirken.
    • Wir informieren Sie über die fünf Schritte zum Aufbau eines effektiven Insider-Threat-Programms.
    • Und erläutern, warum die richtige Strategie eine Kombination von Menschen, Prozessen und Technologie (in dieser Reihenfolge) beinhalten muss.
  • 2020 Cost of Insider Threats Report - Over view with LIVE Q&As - APAC APJ Region Jun 4 2020 2:30 am UTC 60 mins
    Larry Ponemon, Chairman and Founder of the Ponemon Institute, and Josh Epstein, CMO at ObserveIT
    Ponemon 2020 Cost Report for Insider Threats: Key Takeaways and Trends

    How much could Insider Threats cost your company annually? $11.45M, according to a new report from the Ponemon Institute, up from $8.76M in 2018. Ponemon’s 2020 Cost of Insider Threats Report surveyed hundreds of IT security professionals across North America, EMEA, and APAC, covering multi-year trends that prove the significance of this rapidly growing threat type.

    Join Larry Ponemon, Chairman and Founder of the Ponemon Institute, and Josh Epstein, CMO at ObserveIT a Proofpoint company, in a webinar to break down the key findings of the 2020 report. We will cover:

    What kinds of Insider Threats cost organisations the most
    How investigations are driving up the cost-per-incident for companies
    Which organisations, industries, and regions are being targeted the most
    How companies can potentially save millions by using a dedicated Insider Threat management approach
  • How Do We Adapt to Remote Work and Stay Compliant? Jun 3 2020 4:00 pm UTC 41 mins
    Amanda Cannata, Product Marketing Manager & Shannon Smith, Archiving Sale Specialist
    To many, the switch to a remote workforce is a huge change with a new set of obstacles. The existing programs and procedures that compliance teams have put in place to protect businesses and identify risk were not designed for a work-from-home workforce. Many are wondering: how do we adapt to remote work and stay compliant?

    In this webinar we discuss tips and best practices to help ensure your workforce is staying compliant. We will share:

    - Potential employee communication issues
    - How to make the most of your existing technology
    - Email template to communicate with employees
    - Resources to stay up to date on regulatory guidance
  • Live Demo: Social Media Compliance Jun 2 2020 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Coleem Chestnut, Sr. Integration Engineer
    In financial services, health care and other highly-regulated industries, specific rules govern marketing communications and advertising practices when communicating with the public. These regulations put employees squarely in the spotlight of various risks and responsibilities. So how can you mitigate these threats and better manage the process? Learn how to solve for complex social compliance pain points with ease using Proofpoint’s solution.

    Join this live demo and listen to product expert Coleem Chestnut, Sr. Integration Engineer, who will demonstrate how Proofpoint:

    - Finds accounts associated with your firm, including rogue adviser accounts
    - Automates reviews and approvals of social profiles
    - Supervises social media activity in real time and notifies you of compliance violations
    - Removes non-compliant social media content
    - Provides detailed reporting and proof of compliance
  • The Private Life of Data: Using to Improve Data Usage, Governance & Compliance Recorded: May 29 2020 92 mins
    Secure World Panel Experts & Michael McGrath, Sr. Dir. of Compliance & Digital Risk at Proofpoint
    Legal, compliance and security pressures are evolving in the face of today’s data growth. Understanding the data lifecycle and looking at it through a different lens can help you identify opportunities to improve data usage, governance and compliance. So, what's the best way for you to improve the use and management of data from the perspective of security, cost, governance and regulatory compliance?

    Join this webinar and gain valuable insights as we cover:

    - How to control the costs associated with exponential data growth and storage

    - How to mitigate financial harm and reputation risk by protecting the data of your employees and clients

    - How to retain, discover and supervise your data while adhering to complex and changing international regulations
  • The Impact of an Accelerated Remote Culture: How Regulated Firms Can Stay Ahead Recorded: May 29 2020 38 mins
    Jasmine Wu, Director of Product Marketing - Proofpoint
    The majority of our interactions were face-to-face just two decades ago. Fast forward to today, the amount of time people spend on digital technologies and devices has fundamentally changed the way people interact, work, and communicate. For regulated firms and its governing bodies, the lasting impact this digital shift has created can no longer be ignored. In 2020, more than 80% of the world has gone remote. The amount of digital communication usage skyrocketed for every single industry with technologies including Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and more. The digital world has already arrived, but the remote culture is here to stay. What does this mean for financial services and regulated industries, as well as the regulations that shape its foundation?

    During this session we will explore:

    − A timeline view of communications trends impacting regulated organizations

    − What are the observed challenges we can learn from along the way

    − What successful corporate strategies, technologies, and processes can help organizations stay ahead of an increasingly remote culture

    Speaker Bio: Jasmine Wu is the Director of Product Marketing at Proofpoint. She has more than 10 years of experience providing insight and thought leadership in the emerging communications and compliance space, including cloud collaboration technologies, digital risk protection, data governance and discovery.
  • Enhance security and operational efficiency with CASB Recorded: May 28 2020 54 mins
    Itir Clarke, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Proofpoint
    The move to the cloud and a mobile workforce has brought new security and compliance risks. Cloud account takeover, data loss and usage of unapproved cloud applications present big challenges to security teams. Protecting IT-approved applications - Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, Box, Dropbox, Salesforce, Slack, AWS, ServiceNow and more – is top of mind.

    Join Proofpoint and a healthcare customer as we discuss how CASB enhanced security and operational efficiency for this physician practice management company. We will cover:

    - Why do you need a CASB?
    - How to protect users from cloud account compromise
    - How to defend your data and ensure compliance in the cloud
    - How to manage third-party apps and risks of cloud to cloud access

    *This session is eligible for one CPE credit with ISC(2). To claim your credit, please submit our online form here: https://go.proofpoint.com/webinars-submit-cpe-credit
  • Live Demo - How to stop BEC attacks with Proofpoint Recorded: May 28 2020 47 mins
    Thomas O'Leary, EFD Product Specialist & Sara Pan, Sr. Product Marketing Manager
    Business Email Compromise (BEC) often starts with an email in which attackers pose as someone the victim trusts. The message makes a seemingly legitimate business request that usually involves wire transfer or financial payment. Common BEC tactics include domain spoofing, display name spoofing, and lookalike domains. None of these emails carries malicious payload, and they are narrowly targeted at few people within an organization. Therefore, it is hard to detect these new forms of email threat.

    Join this live demo and learn more about the following:

    - How does BEC work
    - Real-life examples of BEC attempts
    - How does Proofpoint address common BEC use cases
  • Protégez votre vecteur de menaces N°1 : le courrier électronique (en français) Recorded: May 28 2020 57 mins
    Nicolas Godier, Principal System Engineer, Proofpoint France
    Selon le Data Breach Investigations report 2019 de Verizon, 32 % des incidents entrainant une violation de données impliquent le phishing, et 94 % des malwares sont transmis à partir d’un courrier électronique. Au vu de ces chiffres, il est clair que l’email continue d'être une surface d'attaque importante mais également un vecteur significatif quant à la fuite de données sensibles. Quelle est la meilleure façon pour les organisations de protéger leurs employés de ce vecteur d'attaque fréquemment exploité ?
    Assistez à la présentation de Nicolas Godier pour découvrir comment suivre l’évolution rapide du paysage des menaces et les meilleures pratiques pour protéger vos collaborateurs et vos données des attaques par courrier électronique. 
    Au cours de ce webinar, nous partagerons :
    - Les dernières données sur les menaces et les tendances en matière de cyberattaques par courrier électronique
    - Comment défendre au mieux vos collaborateurs et vos données contre les attaques ciblées
    - Comment rationaliser votre processus de réponse aux incidents

    Webinaire en Francais
  • Live Demo: Ramping Up People-Centric Security for BEC & EAC Recorded: May 27 2020 44 mins
    Joel Sierra, Sales Engineer at Proofpoint
    What are the best practices for building a people-centric cybersecurity strategy and where should your organization start? Proofpoint provides holistic solutions that address today’s threat environment. Our solutions grow with organizations as they continue to elevate their security strategies from advanced email security, to stopping BEC and EAC, to protecting cloud applications, and more.

    Join us for a live demo to learn about how to begin your people-centric security journey and see the tools in action. We’ll demonstrate how to:

    - Protect your people from impostor email attacks, like business email compromise (BEC)
    - Investigate and respond to the risks of email account compromise (EAC), including internal email threats sent from compromised accounts
    - Prevent risks associated with personal webmail and risky websites sent via corporate email
  • Stop Fraudulent Emails Before Reaching Your Clinical Staff, Patients & Associate Recorded: May 26 2020 60 mins
    Ryan Witt, Sr. Director of Healthcare at Proofpoint & Gary Gooden, CISO at Seattle Children's Health
    Identity deception, whether it’s identity spoofing or credential stealing, could be placing your healthcare organization at risk. In fact, Proofpoint research shows imposter emails to healthcare have jumped by 300% in the last year, and lures exploiting COVID-19 have become particularly popular with cybercriminals. Given the complexity in tactics and channels for these email fraud attacks, numerous controls need to be implemented to keep your patient records safe. In this session, we’ll look at proven implementation best practices to protect your people from cyber threats, including:

    - Hardening your email and identifying fraud
    - Protecting against spoofing and taking down look-alikes
    - Protecting sensitive data with an integrated email fraud defense solution
    - Steps to thwart COVID-19 based attacks
Proofpoint is a leading cybersecurity company that protects organizations' greatest assets and biggest risks: their people. With an integrated suite of cloud-based solutions, we help companies around the world stop targeted threats, safeguard their data, and make their users more resilient against cyber attacks. Leading organizations of all sizes, including more than half of the Fortune 1000, rely on us for people-centric security and compliance solutions that mitigate their most critical risks across email, the cloud, social media, and the web.

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