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Live Demo: A People-Centric Approach to Insider Threat Management

Accordingly to McKinsey more than 50% of all data breaches are the result of insider threats. As more companies look to successfully transition to the cloud, traditional ways of protecting data and intellectual property aren’t enough. Context is key when incidents occur to understand intent from the user-perspective and enable a streamlined investigative process. So how is this achieved?

Join this live demo as we discuss:

· Methodologies that reduce investigation times by 60-90%
· The value behind correlating user activity + data movement in insider related incidents
· Communication techniques to measure risk when involving other business stakeholders
Recorded May 6 2020 28 mins
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Presented by
Kevin Donovan, Sr. Solutions Architect
Presentation preview: Live Demo: A People-Centric Approach to Insider Threat Management

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  • How to Detect & Stop Email Fraud in Your Supply Chain​ Sep 15 2021 9:00 am UTC 46 mins
    Matt Cooke, CyberSecurity Specialist, Proofpoint
    Most companies depend on a variety of external vendors and partners to support their business. These interdependent relationships form a multi-faceted third-party ecosystem called the supply chain. Because of its complexity, the supply chain is an attractive target for cybercriminals.

    Where a scam targets the supply chain, the organisation will suffer substantial losses, both in time and money, in particular the subsequent costs to resolve the problem and repair the damage. Supply chain fraud attacks leverage both impersonation through Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Email Account Compromise (EAC). Has your organisation assessed the cybersecurity risks from your supply chain? How can you better protect your company?

    In this 30-mns insightful session, you will learn:

    - Real-world supply chain fraud examples
    - Grading risk in your suppliers
    - How to detect threats, including payroll diversion and supplier invoicing fraud
    - How to stop these multi-million-dollar email fraud attack
  • Five Archiving & Compliance Rules for O365 Email, Teams, Zoom or Slack in 2021 Sep 9 2021 9:00 am UTC 50 mins
    Michael McGrath, Graham Ashworth & Richard Davis, Proofpoint EMEA
    Collaborative technology came of age in 2020, with rapid adoption and overarching reliance on Zoom, Teams, Slack and/or Skype. Beyond the humble email, these have all become crucial tools for business activity.

    2021 will be no different and these collaboration tools are here to stay. This opens up a series of new challenges for organisations, as existing supervision and e-discovery capabilities need to be extended to these platforms, to ensure compliance with all current international legislation.

    So whether you are wondering how do you archive all comms including email in 2021, have challenges in accessing that archive quickly and efficiently or still unsure if you are meeting all compliance requirements, this session is just what you need…

    Join us in this live discussion with leading Archiving and Compliance experts as they dive deeper into:

    The use of Outlook 365 archive and when does this need to be augmented.
    What to consider when reappraising content & comms compliance.
    What do you need to future proof existing archiving and compliance systems for the demands of tomorrow.
  • Cloud Originated Ransomware Attacks Sep 7 2021 9:00 am UTC 41 mins
    Ed Rowley, Director & Dan Marley-Cook, Technical Manager
    Ransomware is an old threat that persists as a modern-day problem. This type of malware – which gets name from the payment it demands after locking away or threatening to expose victims' files – is a major issue for any organisation that relies on IT. And as organisations move into the cloud, Ransomware is becoming one of today’s most disruptive types of cyberattacks, putting victims out of business, forcing hospitals to turn away patients, and bringing entire city governments to a standstill.

    Join us in this webinar, as Proofpoint cybersecurity experts dissect how cloud originated ransomware attacks have become a proven money maker for cybercriminals and how you can better protect your company’s cloud environment.

    In this 30-mns insightful session, you will learn:

    - How to protect against the new wave of Malicious Integrated Apps.
    - How to detect ransomware and malware using augmented security in addition to native O365 security.
    - Deep dive into new variant Employer 21 Ransomware, QBot malware, & Remcos RAT infestation.
  • 3 Ingredients for Successfully Deploying Social Media Channels Sep 2 2021 1:00 pm UTC 44 mins
    Shane Sauer, Proofpoint, Davis Riar, Hootsuite, Scott Rogerson, UpContent
    The world has gone digital in the wake of the pandemic, and social media has become a critical communication channel for businesses. To get the right results and protect your business from risk, you need to do more than just unleash your employees.

    In this webinar, experts from Proofpoint, Hootsuite, and Upcontent discuss how to successfully enable your employees to represent your business on social media channels: content curation, social reach, and compliance. Our speakers cover strategies for:

    - Curating content that will resonate with your audience
    - Boosting your social reach with a robust employee advocacy program
    - Ensuring employee activity complies with regulations and corporate governance policies
  • Security Awareness Excellence: The Tip of the Iceberg Aug 25 2021 1:00 pm UTC 54 mins
    Mike Bailey Senior PMM, Security Awareness & Brian Reed, Cybersecurity Strategy, Proofpoint
    You’ve sent out the phishing simulations. Assigned the appropriate training. Worked hard to get the word out about your program. Is it enough? Or just the tip of the iceberg?

    With security awareness, what you don’t know can hurt you. If you don’t know which users are being targeted by attackers, how can you protect them? If you don’t know users who are “click happy” with real malicious messages, how can you reduce your risk?

    Join us for a paradigm-shifting conversation on how “new-school” security awareness isn’t enough to address real people-centric risk.

    We’ll cover:

    - Ensuring a laser-focused approach to maximize your risk reduction
    - How metrics like click rate and reporting rate factor into your program
    - Engaging users to make them part of the IT security team
  • Critical Considerations for Slack and Teams Initiatives Aug 24 2021 9:00 am UTC 38 mins
    Shannon Smith, Archiving Sales Specialist, Proofpoint, Frank Beck, Senior Sales Engineer
    Employees depend on digital communication tools to collaborate more than ever before. Chat and collaboration apps have made it possible for employees to communicate with ease, but they can also put organisations at risk. As they adopt new communication tools, companies need to ensure that security, compliance, and legal requirements are considered and adequately addressed.

    Watch this webinar where we discuss critical considerations for a successful collaboration initiative. You’ll learn about:

    - Importance of a fit analysis
    - Engaging the right players
    - Security considerations
    - Legal and compliance concerns
  • Is Microsoft 365 the attackers new playground? Aug 19 2021 1:00 pm UTC 40 mins
    Matt Cooke & Brandon Warren, Cybersecurity Specialists, Proofpoint
    Driven by Microsoft 365, digital transformation is remaking every aspect of modern business. Many organisations are moving to a 'cloud first' model, but security is often not invited to the table early enough.

    As businesses move to the cloud, particularly SaaS applications like Microsoft 365, there is a sense of loss of control - control of data and of the protection against the threats targeting users. Bad actors continue to target end users with advanced threats that can slip through gaps in your security infrastructure.

    Join us as we discuss how to leverage next-generation protection to ensure security for your employees on Microsoft 365.

    In this 30-minute session, we will examine:

    How you can get visibility into all threats targeting your organization
    Which threats that are evading your current defences
    How best to block threats before they hit your employee’s inboxes
    How businesses have adopted a people-centric security model to communicate and reduce risk
  • Why integrated email security is vital to cyber risk reduction Aug 11 2021 10:00 am UTC 52 mins
    Rich Davies, International Cybersecurity Strategist & Andrew Livens, Cybersecurity Engineer, Proofpoint EMEA
    Email, social media, and mobile devices are the tools of your trade - and for cyber criminals, the tools of attack.

    Email is the number one threat vector. Social actions such as phishing and email scams arrived via email 96% of the time, and these security threats are always evolving. Having a holistic and integrated platform-based approach to solve email security has never been more critical and should be a top item in any companies’ priority list.

    Join us as we discuss why an integrated, people-centric approach to email security is so vital in reducing cyber risk.
    In this session, we will showcase how Proofpoint’s Threat Protection platform can integrate into your existing messaging and security environment to solve all email borne threats:

    Blocking Malware/Non-Malware threats including Credential Phishing
    Protection against Business Email Compromise (BEC) including visibility into Supplier Risk
    Automated Remediation including Integration with your existing threat response workflow
    Visibility into your most attacked people and recommendations to add adaptive controls, among other topics
  • High Risk Users: Who Are They and How Do You Protect Your Organisation? Aug 4 2021 1:00 pm UTC 25 mins
    Rob Bolton, Insider Threat Management Director, Proofpoint EMEA
    Not all users are alike. Some will pose a higher risk to your organisation than others. Managing insider threats starts with deciding which of your users pose the biggest risk when it comes to a potential incident or breach. The term “insider threat” is commonly associated with users who show malicious intent. But negligent or compromised users actually make up three-quarters of insider breaches, according to Ponemon Institute.

    Join our panel of experts to learn how to identify high risk users and deploy a risk-based user and data activity monitoring strategy to protect your organisation.

    In this 30-min panel, we will unveil:

    - How to identify high risk users, including privileged and compromised users
    - Tips to gain visibility into these high risk users, with context into user activity and data movement
    - Key strategies to protect your organisation from the loss of critical data and IP
  • Pourquoi les outils de sécurité d'ancienne génération ne font pas le poids Recorded: Jul 29 2021 35 mins
    Jean-philippe Guy & Adil Hassouni, Cybersecurity Specialists, Proofpoint France
    Pourquoi les outils de sécurité d'ancienne génération ne font pas le poids face aux menaces internes

    De nos jours, les risques internes et la prévention des fuites de données (DLP) figurent au cœur des priorités des entreprises à la tête d'effectifs dispersés et toujours plus dépendantes de la technologie. La technologie DLP sur site d'ancienne génération n'a pas tenu ses promesses, étant donné que les fuites de données sont avant tout un problème humain et sont souvent le fait d'utilisateurs négligents, malveillants ou compromis.
    Comment mieux protéger votre entreprise contre les risques internes ?
    Pour le savoir, rejoignez-nous le [xx juin] à [heure] pour un webinaire live et une démonstration de 30 minutes. Nous nous expliquerons en quoi une approche moderne et unifiée, alliant visibilité et contexte, peut mettre un terme aux fuites de données dues aux utilisateurs, avant qu'elles se transforment en un incident coûteux.
    Au programme de ce webinaire :
    • Risques particuliers posés par les menaces internes et mesures pour les contrer
    • Comment concilier prévention et stratégies de détection et de neutralisation
    • Conseils pratiques inspirés de compromissions de données réelles pour renforcer votre programme de gestion des menaces internes
  • Perché gli strumenti di sicurezza legacy non la taglieranno con minacce interne Recorded: Jul 28 2021 49 mins
    Luca Maiocchi, Country Manager & Cristiano Forlani, Cybersecurity Engineer, Proofpoint - Italy
    Perché gli strumenti di sicurezza di vecchia generazione non sono efficaci nel contrastare le minacce interne

    Oggi, i rischi interni e la prevenzione della perdita dei dati (DLP) sono priorità assolute per le aziende con una forza lavoro distribuita e che dipendono sempre più dalla tecnologia. La tecnologia DLP on premise di vecchia generazione non è stata all’altezza delle promesse, poiché la perdita di dati inizia dalle persone ed è spesso il risultato di comportamenti negligenti, compromessi o malintenzionati da parte degli utenti.

    Come proteggere al meglio la tua azienda contro i rischi interni?
    Per scoprirlo, unisciti ai nostri esperti. Spiegheremo come un approccio unificato moderno che combina visibilità e contesto permette di mettere fine alla perdita di dati causata dalle persone prima che si trasformi in un costoso incidente.

    In una dimostrazione di 30 minuti faremo luce sui seguenti temi:

    - Rischi specifici posti dalle minacce interne e misure per contrastarli
    - Come bilanciare la prevenzione con le policy di rilevamento e di risposta alle minacce
    - Consigli pratici ispirati a violazioni reali per rendere più efficace il tuo programma di protezione
  • Is Microsoft 365 the Attackers' New Playground? Recorded: Jul 27 2021 33 mins
    Brett Shaw, Sr. Product Marketing Manager and Brandon Warren, Sr. Competitive Specialist at Proofpoint
    Driven by Microsoft 365, digital transformation is remaking every aspect of modern business. Many organizations are moving to a 'cloud first' model, but security is often not invited to the table early enough.

    As businesses move to the cloud, particularly SaaS applications like Microsoft 365, there is a sense of loss of control - control of data and of the protection against the threats targeting users. Bad actors continue to target end users with advanced threats that can slip through gaps in your security infrastructure.

    Join us as we discuss how to leverage next-generation protection to ensure security for your employees on Microsoft 365. In this 30-minute session, we will examine:

    - How you can get visibility into all threats targeting your organization
    - Which threats that are evading your current defenses
    - How best to block threats before they hit your employees’ inboxes
    - How businesses have adopted a people-centric security model to communicate and reduce risk
  • Por qué las herramientas de seguridad antiguas no funcionan frente Recorded: Jul 27 2021 41 mins
    Fernando Anaya, Country Manager & Nuria Andres, Named Account Manager, Proofpoint - Spain
    Por qué las herramientas de seguridad antiguas no funcionan frente a las amenazas internas

    Ahora que las empresas tienen una plantilla distribuida y dependen cada vez más de la tecnología, el riesgo de amenazas internas y la prevención de pérdida de datos (DLP) son una de sus principales preocupaciones. La tecnología de DLP local tradicional no está a la altura. El motivo es que la pérdida de datos comienza por las personas, ya sea personal interno negligente, afectado por un ataque o malicioso.
    Así que, ¿cómo proteger mejor a su organización frente al riesgo de amenazas internas?

    Participe con nuestros expertos en el que le mostraremos cómo un enfoque moderno y unificado que proporciona visibilidad y contexto puede evitar las pérdidas de datos provocadas por personas, antes de que se conviertan en un incidente con gran repercusión económica.

    En este webinar de 30 minutos en directo descubrirá:

    Los riesgos específicos de las amenazas internas y cómo protegerse frente a la pérdida de datos
    Cómo compaginar la prevención con las directivas de detección y respuesta
    Consejos prácticos extraídos de fugas de datos reales que le permitirán reforzar su programa de amenazas internas
  • Why Legacy Security Tools Won’t Cut It with Insider Threats Recorded: Jul 22 2021 33 mins
    Rob Bolton, Senior Director & Richard Combes, Director of Information Protection Architects, Proofpoint EMEA
    Today, insider risk and data loss prevention (DLP) are a top concern for organisations with a distributed workforce and increasing reliance on technology. Legacy, on-prem DLP technology hasn’t lived up to its promises. That’s because data loss begins with people – whether negligent, compromised or malicious insiders.

    So how do you better protect your organisation against insider risks?

    Join our experts to learn why you need to take a modern, people-centric, unified approach, that provides visibility and context – so you can stop people-led data loss before it becomes a costly incident – and mitigate insider threats.
    In this Live 30-minute session you will learn:

    • The unique risks of insider threats and how to protect against data loss
    • How to balance prevention with detection and response policies
    • Tips from real-world breaches to strengthen your insider threat program

    Followed by an expert-led demonstration of the Proofpoint Insider Threat Management.
  • Live Demo: Managing Proofpoint CASB in the New Console Recorded: Jul 21 2021 30 mins
    Dustin Hannifin, Cloud Security Solutions Architect at Proofpoint
    Protecting user access and data is paramount. Modern information and cloud security requires a people-centric platform that is cloud-native, comprehensive and contextualized. Such a multi-channel security platform also requires a unified admin and response console. Proofpoint CASB has become a part of our unified console and has adopted its powerful management and analytics tools.

    Join Dustin Hannifin, Information and Cloud Security Solutions Architect, as he discusses how you can enhance your CASB admin experience within the new console. In our 30-minute live demo, you’ll see first-hand how our customizable console can help you hunt threats and explore activities. You'll learn how to:

    - Use the platform’s analytics module for threat hunting and exploring CASB activities
    - Investigate suspicious login alerts for cloud apps federated by Okta
    - Manage admin privileges and ensure data privacy
  • Insiders Panel: Next-Level Behavior Change in Your Awareness Program Recorded: Jul 20 2021 58 mins
    Proofpoint Security Awareness Product Management Expert & Customers
    According to the newly-released 2021 Verizon 2021 DBIR report, human error is a driving factor in 85% of breaches|1. Security awareness programs are usually comprised of activities like mock phishing and training, but it takes more than standard activities to drive behavior change. To advance their programs, administrators have to think about new ways of engaging users & stakeholders, changing behavior, and measuring success.

    Join our 1-hour panel as we talk to Masha Arbisman, Behavioral Engineering Manager at Verizon Media, and Bernadette Pasteris, IT Security Training Analyst at Mount Royal University, about how they’ve taken their programs to the next level by:  

    - Thinking differently about user incentivization
    - Using behavioral psychology to engage their people
    - Getting internal buy-in and building advocacy groups
    Measuring and sharing key outcomes of user behavior change

    1|Verizon. "2021 Data Breach Investigations Report." 2021.
  • Mitigate Risk and Improve Litigation Readiness Recorded: Jul 20 2021 29 mins
    Jasmine Wu, Director of GTM Strategy for Compliance at Proofpoint
    Over 120 billion emails are sent every day, 18 billion text messages are sent every minute, and 120 million users are on Microsoft Teams and Slack. With the sheer volume of communications happening on more platforms than ever, a modern approach to compliance and archiving has become critical.

    Join us for a 30-minute webinar as we demonstrate how to uncover insights and identify compliance risks within your digital communications stack. Our expert will discuss how you can improve litigation and investigation readiness, making compliance secure and simple for even the most complex and regulated organization.

    You will learn:

    - How to decipher negligent, non-compliant, and or malicious users within your compliance-driven organizations
    - The ways in which AI and machine learning are being used in highly litigious and regulated organizations to protect employees
    - How to build a resilient corporate and regulatory compliance practice centered around people
  • Off the Record: Ransomware Attacks - Live Q&A with Proofpoint Recorded: Jul 16 2021 32 mins
    Ryan Kalember, EVP Cybersecurity Strategy & Sherrod DeGrippo, Sr. Director for Threat Research & Detection at Proofpoint
    Ransomware is one of today’s most disruptive forms of cyber attacks, and the trend from recent high profile attacks is that threat actors are becoming both more targeted and more damaging. What else can we learn from recent ransomware attacks, and how can organizations prepare to meet this evolving threat?

    Join Proofpoint for a live Q&A session with Ryan Kalember, EVP of Cybersecurity Strategy, and Sherrod DeGrippo, Sr. Director of Threat Research & Detection.

    We'll cover live audience questions, as well as the top questions our experts get from security practitioners. Register now to submit your questions before the event!
  • Defend A New Front Line - Insider Threat Investigations Recorded: Jul 15 2021 30 mins
    Sai Chavali, Sr. Product Marketing Manager of Insider Threats at Proofpoint
    For decades, perimeter-based security was the starting point for cybersecurity programs. But in today’s environment of cloud-based, mobile and remote work, that perimeter has all but dissolved.

    Join us for a 30-minute webinar to learn best practices for investigating insider incidents in today’s distributed workforce environment. See why taking a proactive and people-centric approach to incident response can help you better protect your organization from brand damage and respond immediately to insider threats.

    In this webinar, you'll learn:

    - Why a patchwork of disparate tools and wasted manual efforts still leave security teams with blind spots
    - The limits of ad-hoc insider threat investigations
    - A best practice framework to effectively speed up both proactive and reactive investigations
  • Live Demo: How to Stop Email Fraud from Fake Suppliers Recorded: Jul 8 2021 30 mins
    Sara Pan, Sr. Product Marketing Manager and Mike Micolino, Sr. Sales Engineer of Proofpoint
    Email fraud is rife. Among these attacks, supplier invoicing fraud often accounts for the biggest dollar loss. So how can you better protect your company against these threats?

    Join our live demo to learn how Proofpoint:

    - Detects and stops complex supplier invoicing fraud before it gets to your users
    - Allows visibility into granular details for email fraud
    - Identifies risky suppliers that may be impersonated or compromised
    - Reduces risk exposure through user training and automated threat response
Proofpoint is a leading cybersecurity company that protects organizations' greatest assets and biggest risks: their people. With an integrated suite of cloud-based solutions, we help companies around the world stop targeted threats, safeguard their data, and make their users more resilient against cyber attacks. Leading organizations of all sizes, including more than half of the Fortune 1000, rely on us for people-centric security and compliance solutions that mitigate their most critical risks across email, the cloud, social media, and the web.

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  • Live at: May 6 2020 9:00 am
  • Presented by: Kevin Donovan, Sr. Solutions Architect
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