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Webinar: The People-Centric Security Framework

In today’s cybersecurity landscape, people are the new perimeter, which poses new challenges companies must face. To help address these issues, Proofpoint has composed the first draft of the People-Centric Security Framework (PCSF): A Tool for Improving Security through People-Centric Risk Management. The PCSF is a proposed cybersecurity framework to address the “human factor” of today’s threats. It was conceived to help CISOs better protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their IT environment in an era of people-based risk.

Join us for this session as we provide an overview of the PCSF and conduct a forum for those who are interested in providing feedback. We will seek comments on the PCSF as this release is the first step in what will be a transparent, consensus-driven process to craft new standards for managing threats.

In this webinar, we’ll go over:

- The benefits of the PCSF
- How you can utilize the PCSF to better protect your company
- Live Q&A and comments on the PCSF
Recorded Oct 1 2020 44 mins
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Presented by
Lucia Milica, Resident CISO & Deborah Watson, Sr. Sales Engineer at Proofpoint
Presentation preview: Webinar: The People-Centric Security Framework

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  • Capturing and Managing Communications Data in the Modern Enterprise Nov 17 2020 5:00 pm UTC 44 mins
    Amanda Anderson, Product Marketing Manager & Dave Ely, Dir. of Product Management
    Employees depend on digital communication tools to collaborate more than ever before. Chat and collaboration apps, text messaging, and social media have made it possible for employees to communicate, but they can also put the firm at risk. As they adopt new communication tools, firms must ensure that they continue to comply with regulations and corporate policies.

    In this webinar, we will take a deep dive into the challenges that firms face with capturing and managing content and strategies for staying compliant.

    You’ll learn:

    - How the business communications landscape is evolving
    - Key considerations for capturing and managing your content
    - How Proofpoint Content Capture can help
  • Was Guy Fawkes the Biggest and Boldest Insider Threat ever? Nov 5 2020 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Rob Bolton, Sr Director & Lee Duff, ITM Engineer from Proofpoint Insider Threat Management
    Insider threats come in all shapes and sizes and affect organisations across all industries and geographies. Understanding the motives behind them is key to defence. One of the best ways to do this is to study some of the bold, headline-generating insider threats that have taken place recently, like the big Twitter debacle of July 2020. This is just one example of what has become a very common problem.

    Join us for a live talk with Rob Bolton, Proofpoint’s Insider Threat Management Senior Expert as we reveal the stories behind the biggest and boldest top 10 insider threats of 2019 and 2020 to date.

    You will learn:

    ● What happened in each incident?
    ● Practical security tips inspired by these real-world breaches
    ● How to mitigate your own insider risk
  • Zero-Trust | The Next Generation in Secure Enterprise Application Access Nov 3 2020 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Mark Edge & Ethan Davidi
    The classic perimeter-based network security architecture has been in place for 30 years. So it comes with no surprise that Gartner reports that by 2023, 60% of enterprises will phase out most of their remote access virtual private networks (VPNs) in favour of Zero-Trust Network Access*.

    In today’s new (work) reality, users and applications are no longer confined to the corporate network, and security organisations are challenged with protection and visibility like never before. This highly dynamic and sometimes unpredictable delivery model needs a new approach to network and application access that is more robust, easier to manage and provides end-to-end visibility no matter where it’s deployed.

    Join us as we explore why in this new (work) reality, enterprises need a better alternative for secure remote application access. In this session, we will specifically dive in to:

    - Benefits of a cloud-delivered secure remote access with simple deployment and central policy management
    - How to leverage zero-trust security with adaptive controls and micro-segmented application access to isolate your network from threats
    - How to accelerate cloud migration with user-cloud access, multi-cloud connectivity and hybrid-cloud connectivity
    - Why an always-on, zero-trust security architecture system can provide protection beyond the traditional perimeter.

    *Source: Gartner Market Guide to Zero-Trust Network Access.
  • How to Stop Email and Invoice Fraud in Your Supply Chain Recorded: Oct 29 2020 27 mins
    Tony Paterra, VP of Product Management & Neal Iyer, Product Manager at Proofpoint
    According to Proofpoint's threat research, nearly 90% of organizations have experienced business email compromise (BEC) and email account compromise (EAC) attacks last year. The scams that target organizations’ supply chain often account for the biggest losses. These supply chain fraud attacks leverage both impersonation and account compromise, and sometimes jointly in the same attack. Unfortunately, most organizations don’t have visibility into their supply chain risk. So how can you better protect your company?

    Join our expert for a webinar to learn more about:

    - Real-world supply chain fraud examples
    - How to detect threats, including payroll diversion and supplier invoicing fraud
    - How to stop these multi-million-dollar email fraud attacks
  • Proofpoint Live Demo: Prevent Phishing Attacks with Security Awareness Training Recorded: Oct 29 2020 44 mins
    Jacob Kennedy, Account Executive at Proofpoint
    99% of the phishing attacks Proofpoint observed in 2019 require human interaction to succeed, resulting in malware installation, wire fraud, unwitting data disclosures, and more. Educate your staff and limit cyber attacks through Proofpoint’s industry-leading security awareness training. Backed by threat intelligence, Proofpoint’s Security Awareness Training ensures you are delivering the right training, to the right people, and at the right time.

    Join our live demo to learn how to:

    - Assess your users’ susceptibility to phishing attacks as well as other cyber threats
    - Deliver customized training to your end users that will drive behavior change, making them a stronger last line of defense
    - Enable your employees to report suspicious messages with a single mouse click

    This is a replay of this exceptional demonstration by Jacob Kennedy, scheduled to suit an EMEA audience. We recommend this to you.
  • Zero-Trust Security Webinar Sicherer Fernzugriff für jede Cloud-Anwendung Recorded: Oct 29 2020 46 mins
    Oliver Adam, Senior Systems Engineer, Proofpoint DACH
    Menschen sind der neue Perimeter der Cybersicherheit. Nicht nur die eigenen Mitarbeiter, all diejenigen, die Zugang zu sensiblen Daten und kritischen Systemen haben, können zu einer sicherheitsrelevanten Bedrohung werden. Das schließt Partner ebenso ein wie Agenturen und andere Dritte. Der Schutz von Menschen und Ressourcen außerhalb des traditionellen Perimeters ist in der heutigen Cloud-Ära wichtiger als je zuvor.

    Nehmen Sie teil am Webinar mit Oliver Adam, Senior Systems Engineer bei der Proofpoint GmbH. Unter anderem erwarten Sie folgende Themen:
    - Mittels Zero Trust Netzwerkzugriff die Sicherheitsrisiken effektiv senken, da der Zugang lediglich für auf bestimmte Anwendungen gewährt wird
    - Durch adaptive Kontrollen und mikrosegmentierten Anwendungszugriff das Netzwerk von Bedrohungen isolieren
    - Über einen software-definierten Perimeter, der Anwender und Daten sowohl innerhalb als auch außerhalb des Unternehmens schützt, die Digitalisierung des Unternehmens vorantreiben

    Registrieren Sie sich noch heute, um wertvolle Einblicke und Best Practices für den Schutz Ihrer Mitarbeiter und Ressourcen über den traditionellen Perimeter hinaus zu erhalten.
  • Security Awareness for a Season Unlike Any Other Recorded: Oct 28 2020 92 mins
    Alex Panaretos, Activation Leader at EY, John Grim, Research Head at Verizon, Mike Bailey, Sr Product Marketing at Proofpoint
    The end of 2020 presents unique challenges for end-users and for security awareness program administrators. More than ever, people will be shopping online, receiving a barrage of election-related communications, and planning for an unconventional holiday season. In this web conference, we'll talk about best practices for preparing end-users for this holiday season and social engineering scams they may encounter at work or at home.

    Here are some of the areas our panel will focus on:

    • Highlighting threat trends and how they impact users
    • Best practices for engaging users and driving behavior change
    • Empowering end-users to become part of your team and reduce exposure
    • Planning ahead for the next potential tactic attackers may leverage
  • Stay Compliant & Secure When Rolling Out Cloud Applications Recorded: Oct 28 2020 33 mins
    Itir Clarke, Sr. Product Marketing Manager & Amanda Anderson, Product Marketing Manager at Proofpoint
    Earlier this year, much of the world moved to remote work. Many companies turned to cloud-based chat and collaboration apps to sustain productivity, and these tools are not immune to compliance and security threats. Risks like sensitive data exfiltration or non-compliance with data retention can be catastrophic, and supervision regulation is a challenge.

    Join us to learn strategies to help you prevent data loss and ensure compliance as you roll out platforms such as Teams, Slack, and SharePoint Online. In this session, we’ll cover:

    - How to capture and manage content from communication platforms
    - How compliance for these tools differs from email compliance
    - How to address data risk from negligent, compromised, and malicious users
    - How to shorten time to discover and protect regulated cloud data
  • Live Demo: Utilize Archiving Solutions & Mitigate Compliance Risk for Healthcare Recorded: Oct 27 2020 46 mins
    Ryan Witt, Managing Director, Jasmine Wu, Product marketing director, & Davin Stilson, Sales Engineer at Proofpoint
    Healthcare compliance regulations continue to evolve with more audits, larger fines, and increased risk of a data breach from business associates. As a result, healthcare organizations are becoming more aware of the need to monitor their supply chain and employee communications to mitigate risk associated with electronic communications. This could mean for the Healthcare CIO, the need to quickly detect and mitigate insider data leaks, whether malicious or accidental.  This could mean for your compliance team, the need to quickly identify and correct hospital fraudulent business practices such as billing and kickbacks.

     Join this live demo to see Proofpoint Archiving and Compliance solution in action, and how it safeguards against advance threats and legal, regulatory, and reputational risk.

     You’ll learn:

    - The most common attacks in today’s healthcare threat landscape
    - An all-in-one people-centric approach to archiving and compliance
    - Best practices to supervise, remediate, and archive content easier, faster and less expensive
  • Comment créer un programme de sensibilisation à la sécurité efficace ? Recorded: Oct 27 2020 47 mins
    Quentin Herbert
    Face à des attaques de phishing qui continuent à gagner en sophistication et à contourner les passerelles traditionnelles de sécurité de la messagerie, il est essentiel de modifier les comportements de vos utilisateurs.

    Pour cela, prenez le temps de les former et de les sensibiliser aux risques cyber. Rejoignez notre expert pour envisager des stratégies permettant de créer et pérenniser un programme de formation et de sensibilisation à la cybersécurité efficace. Nous approfondirons également les questions suivantes :

    - Comment assurer l'adhésion des utilisateurs à la formation ? Qui sont les principaux influenceurs internes ?
    - Quels types de formation, à qui et quand ?
    - Comment faire pour motiver et récompenser vos utilisateurs ?
    - Quels sont les rapports et résultats les plus pertinents pour l'équipe informatique et/ou l'équipe de direction ?

    Face à l'augmentation continue du nombre de cyberattaques ciblant les collaborateurs où qu’ils se trouvent, il est temps de réévaluer vos formations de sensibilisation à la sécurité. Ne manquez pas cette présentation !
  • 5  étapes simples pour déployer l'accès au réseau Zero Trust Recorded: Oct 23 2020 31 mins
    Patrice Roberts, Cloud Security Solutions Architect, Proofpoint France
    Grâce à l'accès au réseau Zero Trust, vous pouvez réduire votre exposition aux risques de sécurité en octroyant à chaque utilisateur un accès explicite à des applications spécifiques tout en masquant les autres ressources. Il est possible d'incorporer l'identité et les règles spécifiques à l'utilisateur dans chaque paquet transmis afin de pouvoir constamment vérifier ce qui se passe, bénéficier d'un accès basé sur le contexte mais aussi sur les risques, ainsi qu'offrir une visibilité et un contrôle complets, indépendamment de la topologie.

    Forrester identifie plusieurs critères clés pour déterminer si une technologie ou une solution peut être considérée comme un cadre Zero Trust étendu. Rejoignez les experts de Proofpoint lors d'un webinaire consacré à ce sujet. Au programme :
    •Simplification de l'accès distant sécurisé fourni via le cloud
    •Sécurité Zero Trust et son rôle dans le renforcement de la protection des technologies d'ancienne génération
    •Le périmètre réseau / sécurité est défini logiquement et centré sur les personnes visant à protéger des effectifs dispersés utilisant les technologies du cloud
  • Effects of Email & Cloud Threats: Why It's Time to Rethink Your Email Security Recorded: Oct 22 2020 36 mins
    Brett Shaw, Sr. Product Marketing Manager and Isaiah Archuleta, Intelligence Specialist at Proofpoint
    Attackers are using a hybrid approach between cloud and email to target your users and breach your organization causing irreparable damage. Threats such as Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Email Account Compromise (EAC) have cost businesses over $26B since 2016 and relying on legacy solutions that solely focus on one vector can’t keep up with today's threats. Because attackers never stop, you need a security solution that stays ahead of the threat landscape, provides visibility into all threats targeting your organization across cloud and email, and that is easy-to-use.

    Join us for this webinar, where you will learn:

    - The latest trends in today’s threat landscape
    - How email and cloud threats are impacting your business today
    - How Proofpoint has helped customers protect their people from these frequently exploited attack vectors
  • 製品デモ: セキュリティ意識向上トレーニング Recorded: Oct 22 2020 20 mins
    ガートナーのマジック・クアドラントで6年連続リーダーポジションをキープするセキュリティ意識向上トレーニングの決定版、Proofpoint Security Awareness Trainingをご紹介します。フィッシング攻撃やその他のサイバー攻撃に対
    ガートナーのマジック・クアドラントで6年連続リーダーポジションをキープするセキュリティ意識向上トレーニングの決定版、Proofpoint Security Awareness Trainingをご紹介します。フィッシング攻撃やその他のサイバー攻撃に対する従業員の耐性を鍛え、組織を守る最後の砦となるようトレーニングすることができるソリューションです。
  • Von Cyber-Awareness zur Cyber-Resilienz Recorded: Oct 22 2020 60 mins
    Henning Hanke, Cybersecurity Specialist, Proofpoint DACH
    Oktober ist Cybersecurity Awareness Monat. Es geht darum, sich der Gefahren, die durch Cyberkriminelle lauern bewusst zu werden. Das ist umso wichtiger, da die überwiegende Mehrzahl aller Attacken den Anwender und nicht etwa Schwachstellen in der Infrastruktur ins Visier nimmt. Doch reicht ein Training pro Jahr wirklich aus, um nicht nur zu „schulen“, sondern tatsächlich ein Bewusstsein für die Gefahr zu schaffen und das Verhalten der Anwender nachhaltig zu ändern?

    Henning Hanke, Solution Specialist Security Awareness Training DACH, der Proofpoint GmbH lädt ein mehr darüber zu erfahren, welche Kriterien ein Security-Awareness-Trainingsprogramm erfüllen muss, um auch langfristig das Risiko zu senken, Opfer eines Angriffs zu werden. Erfahren Sie im Webinar

    • mit welchen Methoden Cyberangreifer heute Anwender in Unternehmen zu überlisten versuchen
    • bei welchen Mitarbeitern das Risiko Opfer einer Attacke zu werden besonders groß ist
    • wie Sicherheitsbewusstsein geschult und gemessen werden kann
    • Inklusive einer kurzen Lösungsdemo der Proofpoint Security Awareness Trainings-Plattform

    Unter http://go.proofpoint.com/subscribe.html können Sie Ihre Abo-Einstellungen für E-Mails von Proofpoint anpassen. Weitere Informationen finden Sie in unseren Datenschutzbestimmungen unter https://www.proofpoint.com/us/privacy-policy
  • Driving Real Behaviour Change: Build a Security Awareness Program that Works Recorded: Oct 22 2020 37 mins
    Paul Down, Director & Matt Cooke, Cybersecurity Specialist, Proofpoint EMEA
    When it comes to modern Cybersecurity – ultimately your users are your last line of defence. So you need to arm them with both knowledge and practice to mould dynamic, alert guardians of both your organisation and your data. The key to your success is engaging, entertaining - and crucially - topical security awareness training.

    So where to start, or how to renew your program? Are you one of the 80% of organisations who allocate two hours or less per year for security awareness, how useful do you judge this small amount of user training to effect behaviour change?

    Join our Security Awareness Training experts as we review valuable strategies on how to create and sustain an impactful cybersecurity awareness education program. Plus we delve deep into thought-leadership on the following questions:

    - How do I ensure my users embrace the training? Who are the key influencers internally?
    - What is the minimum – and maximum – levels of training shown to have been successful?
    - How do I motivate and reward my last line defenders?
    - What reporting and measures are the most pertinent to the IT team and alternatively to the C-suite?
  • Insider Risk in Financial Services: The $14.5 Million Problem Recorded: Oct 22 2020 45 mins
    Rob Bolton and Lee Duff Insider Threat Management specialists, Proofpoint
    Financial services companies face some of the worst outcomes from Insider Threats. A recent benchmark study found that the Financial services sector experienced the highest average yearly cost. Containing insider threats costs the industry $14.5 million annually. That is a 20.3% increase from 2018.
    Insider incidents at financial services companies can lead to: fraud, financial losses, data leaks, regulatory fines and more. The root cause may be a sloppy user or third-party contractor, an angry employee or a stolen login. No matter the cause, companies need visibility into insider threats. People-centric security helps financial companies better manage risk.
    Join our Insider threat experts and your industry peers in this Live Talk where we’ll explore the unique risks of insider threats and how to combat them. In this session, we’ll specifically dive in to:

    - The three main insider threat profiles and how to address each.
    - Why insider threats are unique and require more context than other threats.
    - How to reduce response time and costs by speeding up investigations.
    Register today to learn more about how insider-led breaches affect financial services and how to mitigate the risk.
  • CASB 2020 – Wie ist es um die Sicherheit von Cloud-Anwendungen bestellt? Recorded: Oct 22 2020 65 mins
    Markus Pauly, Cybersecurity Specialist
    Je mehr Mitarbeiter im Home Office arbeiten, umso mehr sorgen sich Sicherheitsverantwortliche um die Sicherheit der in Cloud-Apps gespeicherten sensiblen Informationen. Und je mehr ein durch das Netzwerk definierter Perimeter der Vergangenheit angehört und die einzelnen Mitarbeiter die tatsächlichen Grenzen des Unternehmens bestimmen, umso mehr benötigen Unternehmen einen personenorienteren (People-Centric) Ansatz, wenn es um die Erkennung von Bedrohungen und den Datenschutz in der Cloud geht. Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) adressieren dieses Problem.

    Nehmen Sie am 22. Oktober am Webinar mit Markus Pauly, dem ausgewiesenen Experten bei Proofpoint für das Thema Cloud-Sicherheit und CASB, teil und diskutieren Sie mit ihm über die Erkenntnisse einer kürzlich durchgeführten Studie hinsichtlich des CASB-Einsatzes in Unternehmen. Folgende Fragen werden behandelt:

    - Wie ist es um die Einführung von CASB-Lösungen in Unternehmen bestellt?
    - Wie nutzen Security-Experten heute die CASB-Lösung, um mehr Transparenz, Compliance, Datensicherheit, Bedrohungsschutz und Zugangskontrolle zu erzielen?
    - Wie effektiv ist der Einsatz von CASB-Lösungen und wie werden sich diese Werkzeuge weiterentwickeln?
  • Bank and Credit Union Next-Gen Security Analytics Recorded: Oct 21 2020 33 mins
    Sean O'dowd, Dir of FinServ & Chris Montgomery, Solutions Architect at Proofpoint
    The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) has been the primary driver for increased banking and credit union customer activity over 2020. It has also shed light on bank digital and security shortcomings. This unpredictable, rapid, and unprecedented operational change for banks has created a perfect scenario for threat actors. So how can you better protect your company?

    In this webinar, we look at bank security, employee title, department, and peer data along with external news activity to postulate how security teams can gain new informative views into threat activities faster.

    Join us to learn more about how you can:

    - Determine your 'status quo' and look for trends/changes that reflect a new paradigm in attacker strategy or threat landscape shift
    - Prioritize efforts on what the attackers are doing
    - Communicate cybersecurity and potential impact in business terms that executives can understand
    - Identify which users represent the majority of risk facing your organization
  • Cost of Compliance - The $270B problem. Recorded: Oct 21 2020 65 mins
    Michael McGrath, Senior Director, Compliance and Digital Risk, Proofpoint
    Join four leading experts as they discuss why the financial industry spends $270 billion per year on maintaining compliance. The European Union’s overhaul of data privacy regulation (GDPR) is estimated to have generated 114 million euros ($126 million) in fines over the past two years – a staggering 160,000 data breach notifications.

    These almost incomprehensible numbers, hide the challenges faced by every organisation in keeping up with changing regulations while maintaining reporting and customer service.

    Join us on as we discuss:
    - The factors driving compliance cost
    - How regulatory technology (Reg Tech) and modern-day data behaviour are evolving through 2020

    Controlling costs is critical: Every penny saved in compliance costs is another added to the bottom line. We anticipate this panel discussion will be a rewarding and profitable event to attend.

    The talk is led by Michael McGrath, Senior Director for Compliance and Digital Risk at Proofpoint. He is joined by:
    Susannah Hammond, Senior Regulatory Intelligence Expert at Thomson Reuters.
    Dennis Sullivan, Vice President, Senior Compliance Officer at PIMCO.
    Paul Clulow-Phillips, Managing Director - Global Head of Markets Compliance and Global Head of Surveillance at Société Générale.
  • Mitigating Insider Risk So Regulated Firms Can Stay Ahead Recorded: Oct 20 2020 37 mins
    John Checco, Resident CISO, Sean Odowd, FinServ Solutions Dir, Josh Epstein, VP of Marketing for ITM at Proofpoint
    Insider risk is a challenge across many industries, and financial services companies face some of the worst outcomes. A recent benchmark study found that the financial services sector experienced the highest average yearly cost: $14.5 million annually just to contain insider threats, which is a 20.3% increase from 2018.

    The root cause may be a sloppy user or third-party contractor, an angry employee or a stolen login. No matter the cause, companies need visibility into insider threats, and a people-centric security approach can help businesses better manage risk.

    In this webinar with Proofpoint’s John Checco, Resident CISO and Josh Epstein, VP of Marketing for Insider Threat Management, we’ll explore how insider-led breaches affect financial services and how to mitigate the risk. Join our session to learn:

    - The three main insider threat profiles and how to address each
    - Why insider threats are unique and require more context than other threats
    - How to reduce response time and costs by speeding up investigations
Proofpoint is a leading cybersecurity company that protects organizations' greatest assets and biggest risks: their people. With an integrated suite of cloud-based solutions, we help companies around the world stop targeted threats, safeguard their data, and make their users more resilient against cyber attacks. Leading organizations of all sizes, including more than half of the Fortune 1000, rely on us for people-centric security and compliance solutions that mitigate their most critical risks across email, the cloud, social media, and the web.

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  • Presented by: Lucia Milica, Resident CISO & Deborah Watson, Sr. Sales Engineer at Proofpoint
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