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Always Aware: Continuing Your Cybersecurity Awareness Month Journey

- October is Cyber Security Awareness Month (CSAM). But one month is only the beginning, and lasting change takes consistent programs and nudges to cultivate a strong security awareness 365-days of the year.
- Join ISSA and Proofpoint as they discuss how to leverage CSAM to kick-start continuous programs to transform users from targets to defenders. In this session, our experts will cover:
- How to leverage monthly nudges and campaigns
- Extensive opportunities available by seasonal challenges and ‘domain days’
- How pre-packaged campaigns utilizing micro-learnings can make this a reality
Recorded Oct 13 2021 61 mins
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Presented by
Robert Shields and Susan Mackowiak
Presentation preview: Always Aware: Continuing Your Cybersecurity Awareness Month Journey

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  • E-Mail Sicherheit für Cloud Umgebungen Nov 3 2021 9:00 am UTC 58 mins
    Markus Grüneberg, Resident CISO, IT Security & Data Privacy Advisor, Proofpoint
    Nach mehr als 18 Monaten Pandemie führt im Jahr 2021 an Cloud-Computing kein Weg vorbei - selbst in Unternehmen, die vormals eine absolute On-Premise Strategie verfolgten.

    Noch immer beginnen mehr als 90 % aller Cyberangriffe mit einer E-Mail - doch Cyberkriminelle passen aktuell ihre Taktiken an und setzten auf eine Kombination aus E-Mail- und Cloud-Angriffen. Herkömmliche Perimeter-basierte Sicherheitsansatz greifen nicht mehr. Angreifer wissen, dass der einfachste Weg in Ihr Unternehmen über Ihre Mitarbeiter sowie deren E-Mails und Cloud-Konten führt.

    Nehmen Sie teil an unserem On-demand Web-Seminar mit Markus Grüneberg und erfahren Sie, wie Sie auch für M365 und andere Cloud-Umgebungen starken Schutz sicherstellen können.
  • The Risk of Insider Threats is Real - here's what you need to know Oct 28 2021 8:00 am UTC 62 mins
    Renee Murphy, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research & Andy Rose, Resident CISO, Proofpoint EMEA
    Insider threats have been recognised as a growing risk over the years. The massive shift to remote working, combined with the accelerated digital transformation efforts, that lean on cloud-based applications, presents a very real challenge in effectively managing insider threats.

    Join us in a lively 60-minute session featuring Forrester Research where we will discuss real-world examples of insider threats – caused by negligent, malicious or compromised users – and explore how these threats have evolved in both causation and impact.

    In this session, you will learn:

    - What are the best practices to identify and address insider threats
    - Why contextual intelligence is important to establish intent
    - How key response strategies can reduce time and costs to mitigate risk
    - Why legacy security tools are unable to address insider threats

    Attendees will receive a copy of Forrester’s Best Practices Report on Mitigating Insider Threats.
  • Begin Your Zero Trust Journey in the Cloud Recorded: Oct 14 2021 27 mins
    Michael Kaunitz, Cloud Security Evangelist
    The concepts of the Zero Trust framework are easy to understand: never trust, always verify. But complex environments can make it difficult deciding where to begin your organization’s journey toward implementing Zero Trust principles. An increasing number of organizations have learned that the move to the cloud is a natural starting point to begin adopting a Zero Trust approach.

    Join Michael Kaunitz, Cloud Security Evangelist for a 30-minute webinar on starting your Zero Trust journey by leveraging Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) to securely access cloud-based, corporate applications. In this session you’ll learn:
    - Why you should start implementing zero trust concepts in your organization now
    - How ZTNA can be easily implemented in your environment
    - Why Proofpoint ZTNA is your best alternative to your traditional VPN
  • Always Aware: Continuing Your Cybersecurity Awareness Month Journey Recorded: Oct 13 2021 61 mins
    Robert Shields and Susan Mackowiak
    - October is Cyber Security Awareness Month (CSAM). But one month is only the beginning, and lasting change takes consistent programs and nudges to cultivate a strong security awareness 365-days of the year.
    - Join ISSA and Proofpoint as they discuss how to leverage CSAM to kick-start continuous programs to transform users from targets to defenders. In this session, our experts will cover:
    - How to leverage monthly nudges and campaigns
    - Extensive opportunities available by seasonal challenges and ‘domain days’
    - How pre-packaged campaigns utilizing micro-learnings can make this a reality
  • THE HUMAN FACTOR REPORT 2021 FINDINGS Recorded: Oct 13 2021 56 mins
    Adenike Cosgrove & Matt Cooke, Cybersecurity Strategists, Proofpoint EMEA
    Cybersecurity, Ransomware and Email Fraud in a Year that Changed the World
    Every day, we analyse more than 2.2 billion email messages, 35 billion URLs, 200 million attachments, 35 million cloud accounts and trillions of data points in all across all the digital channels. The findings of a year’s worth of valuable threat research culminates in one of the largest and most diverse datasets in cybersecurity - yearly showcased in ‘The Human Factor Report’.

    Join us as we review the latest report findings, and examine the ways in which attacks have evolved to maximise their success rate, and the emerging technical and social attacker techniques that are highly effective at both engaging, and compromising, users.

    In this 45-minute session, we’ll share:

    Evolving trends in threat actor capability, techniques and efficacy, and their laser focus on the user
    Examples of recent attacks and lures, and how attackers leverage behavioural science to bypass security training
    Statistics that enable you to baseline your organisation against your peers
    Actionable insight on how to better protect your people against these threats
  • e-Discovery Investigations across Enterprise Collaboration Platforms Recorded: Oct 12 2021 24 mins
    Michael Rutty, Senior Product Marketing Manager and Frank Beck, Senior Engineer
    Enterprise collaboration platforms are being utilized more than ever in today’s virtual and returning workforce. Due to the increased usage of these platforms, stakeholders need to have visibility and the ability to review each unique component. Most importantly, organizations need to take proactive steps to create policies for a policy driven litigation readiness plan. That plan ensures that data is not only collected but can be reviewed and produced in a manner that satisfies their legal obligations, as well as business needs.

    Join our experts for a 30-minute webinar. You’ll learn how organizations can adapt their investigative and e-Discovery practices to more effectively target Electronically Stored Information (ESI) stored in collaboration platforms. In this session, we’ll discuss:

    - Legal access to the collaboration platform e.g. Teams or Slack and effectively conducting searches across multiple communication channels & users
    - Managing and reviewing content for relevance, privilege, and/or confidentiality
    - Exporting contextual evidence in a defensible format for discovery requests from; opposing counsel, the courts, or regulatory bodies
  • Defending Your Data from Insider Threats Recorded: Oct 7 2021 31 mins
    Lucia Milica, VP CISO at Proofpoint and Sai Chavali, Insider Threat Expert at Proofpoint
    It’s one of the oldest maxims in cybersecurity: you can’t protect what you can’t see. As organizations continue to shift to a hybrid working model, the traditional enterprise network is going dark in more ways than one. This illustrates an urgent need to rethink the conventional approach of data protection.

    After all, data doesn’t just leave on its own. A compromised account, malicious insider or negligent user is almost always involved.

    Join us for a 30-minute webinar to learn:
    - How insider threats have evolved in an era of distributed work
    - Three ways to better detect and respond to risky user actions so you can better protect your organization’s data
    - Best practices to build a customized data security framework based on how your people create, access and exchange sensitive data
    - Why insider threat management is a C-level imperative
  • Get Hands-On with Closed-Loop Email Analysis and Response Recorded: Oct 5 2021 60 mins
    Jennica Brodeur from Proofpoint, Neal Iyer from Proofpoint, Dave Cook from Proofpoint
    Email continues to be the #1 attack vector for cyber criminals. Security teams can train end users to identify and report suspicious email activity, but they still have to sift through those reported messages to identify and prioritize truly malicious emails, and then remediate them.

    Proofpoint's Closed-Loop Email Analysis and Response (CLEAR) reduces the time it takes to address potentially malicious emails from days to just minutes. Join our experts as we show how CLEAR stops active attacks in their tracks with just a click, and how your security team can save time and effort by automatically remediating malicious messages. In this 60-min session, we will go over:

    - Configuring CLEAR in your environment
    - Investigating messages that have been reported by end-users
    - Taking action on incidents
    - Giving feedback to users who report threats
    - Reporting on the overall value of CLEAR
  • MOVING COMPLIANCE TO THE CLOUD: Lessons learnt from leading organisations Recorded: Oct 5 2021 43 mins
    Richard Davis, Cybersecurity Strategist & Ben Chapman, Compliance and e-Discovery Expert at Proofpoint, EMEA
    Migrating to a cloud archiving solution presents unique challenges and exceptional opportunities. With the overwhelming number of vendors, solutions and processes to choose from – where do you begin to select what works for your unique organisational requirements?

    This live talk will cover real-life stories and helpful tips on how some of the world’s leading organisations completed successful migration projects and the lessons learnt along the way. From global retailers to boutique financial services organisations, there are business opportunities to be unlocked for everyone.

    In this live 30-minute session, you will also learn:​

    How to avoid a compliance or e-discovery nightmare​
    Best practices and tools to ensure a smooth migration/li>
    How to look for additional business value
    Attendees will receive a copy of Proofpoint’s Step-by-Step Migration Guide
  • People-Centric Security for Healthcare Compliance & Risk Mitigation Recorded: Oct 1 2021 96 mins
    Sarah Rugnetta, Healthcare Privacy Attorney, Beckage Law, Roy Wattanasin, Healthcare Information Security Director
    Your healthcare organization relies heavily on cloud-based applications, such as Microsoft 365, to communicate and keep things running. But with that comes challenges. It’s difficult to secure data and adhere to data privacy and record keeping. At the same time, you must protect your organization and your users against fraudulent activity. This is why a people-centric approach to security and compliance is crucial to stopping cyber threats and mitigating risks.

    Join us for a panel discussion to hear how your peers are addressing these challenges. We’ll discuss steps to ensure compliance across your electronic communications ecosystem.

    This session covers:
    - Common compliance challenges and pitfalls when it comes to e-discovery and risk detection
    - How your content capture and archive strategy can augment your information protection program
    - How a people-centric approach helps you better protect your organization
  • Live Demo: Protect Your Office 365 Data with Proofpoint CASB Recorded: Sep 29 2021 30 mins
    Amish Kohli, Cloud Security Solutions Architect at Proofpoint
    Microsoft offers many default security capabilities to all their customers in Office 365, but in an increasingly complex world, security threats of all types are still making it through these defenses.

    Join our Cloud Security expert as you learn how to use Proofpoint CASB to detect, investigate and defend against cybercriminals as well as help protect your data from negligent users, cloud threats, and risky apps. We will cover the top 5 Office 365 data security use cases and demonstrate how you can:

    - Discover files with sensitive data and mitigate excessive sharing of sensitive files
    - Detect and remediate data exfiltration post account takeover
    - Prevent data loss via Microsoft Teams messages
    - Control risky third-party OAuth apps
    - Control uploads/downloads from managed versus unmanaged apps
  • Live Demo: How to Defend Against Evolving Email Fraud Threats Recorded: Sep 28 2021 33 mins
    Mike Micolino, Sr. Sales Engineer at Proofpoint
    According to the 2020 FBI Internet Crime Report, email fraud and Business Email Compromise (BEC) account for 44% of all reported losses. These attacks cost companies billions of dollars and are constantly evolving. There are endless variations of Identity deception, email fraud and (BEC) tactics, from domain spoofing, display name spoofing, lookalike domains and supplier impersonation. Email fraud attackers are becoming bolder and more sophisticated, bypassing email authentication control, preying on human nature and devastating organizations. So how can you protect your company?

    Join our 30-minute live demo to learn:

    - How supplier email fraud works
    - Examples of attacks being used today
    - How Proofpoint can help defend against this type of attacks
  • MOVING COMPLIANCE TO THE CLOUD: Key Steps to Avoid e-Discovery Nightmares! Recorded: Sep 24 2021 38 mins
    Michael Mcgrath, Compliance and Digital Risk Director & Richard Davis, International Cybersecurity Strategist, Proofpoint
    Moving Compliance to The Cloud?

    According to some estimates, 90% of the world’s total data volume was created in the last two years. That’s roughly 2.5 quintillion (2,500,000,000,000,000,000) bytes of data that are created every day, and it’s an estimated 1.7 megabytes per second per every person on the planet.

    It’s clear that we’re dealing with more data—and more types of data—than ever. Organisations are generating more data—and more kinds of data—every day. Managing it in a way that is compliant, cost effective and efficient has never been more complicated.

    You need a migration plan and we can help.

    Join us in a live 30-minute session where we discuss how your organisation can avoid compliance and e-discovery nightmares when migrating from legacy systems.

    In this session, you will learn:

    - The ongoing challenges of using legacy on-prem archiving technology
    - How to avoid a compliance or e-discovery nightmare
    - Best practices and tools to ensure a smooth migration

    And there's more... Attendees will receive a copy of Proofpoint’s Migration Guide.
  • Live Demo: Targeted Behavior Change for Security Awareness Training Recorded: Sep 23 2021 31 mins
    Karl Hart, Account Executive for Security Awareness at Proofpoint
    Behavior change is the ultimate goal for security awareness training. To be successful at mitigating threats, organizations need to implement a targeted, agile security awareness training program that considers today’s threat landscape as well as the diversity of their workers’ roles and knowledge. So how can you achieve this?

    Join us for a 30-minute live demo as our expert discusses how to build an effective security awareness training program and culture. In this session we will explore:

    • A new framework to guide content creation
    • The curation of content that addresses your threats, risks and compliance needs
    • Personalized learning paths you can leverage to change behavior and enable culture change
  • Old Tricks, New Threat Actors: A Look Into H1 2021 Threat Landscape Recorded: Sep 21 2021 33 mins
    Davide Canali, Staff Threat Analyst, EMEA, Proofpoint
    A look back at the top threats within the first half of 2021. Learn about the latest cyberattacks and how to block them before they enter your organisations.

    30 minute live session on:

    - The rapid rise of ransomware, often present as 2nd-stage payload.
    - Why Phishing is the #1 threat by volume, and the variety of tactics used by cybercriminals
    - What analysis of the different threat actors and cybercriminal organisations have been up to in the last 6 months.
  • How to Build a Detection & Response Strategy for Insider Threats Recorded: Sep 16 2021 31 mins
    Sai Chavali, Sr. Product Marketing Manager & Jeremy Whitkop, Sr. Director of Technology Services at Proofpoint
    It’s common for organizations to spend time investigating external cyber threats, including understanding the motivations, intent and capabilities of attackers. But this level of effort is rarely employed when it comes to internal threats. Insider threats are a significant and underinvested problem, and it is crucial for organizations to adopt a people-centric approach to cybersecurity to better protect their data.

    Join us for a 30-minute webinar on Insider Threat Management (ITM) programs. Our Proofpoint experts will deep dive into customer case studies and explore how companies built successful ITM programs with governance and incident response processes, collaboration across teams, and strong detection and prevention technology.

    You will learn:

    - The primary types of insider threats: negligent, malicious or compromised users
    - Why a people-centric, comprehensive and cloud-native technology approach is crucial
    - Customers strategies for building successful people-centric ITM programs
    - Where managed services can help you build the right processes and augment your security teams
  • How Technology Can Drive Cultural Change in Today’s ‘New HQ’ Recorded: Sep 16 2021 60 mins
    Andrew Rose, Resident CISO, EMEA; Michael Bailey, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Proofpoint; Brandon Dunlap, Moderator
    Culture is an intrinsic part of what makes us human – it encompasses the social behaviour and norms found in human societies and their individuals. And, in an ‘always on’ digital society, that can only mean one thing – We Click! We click to open potentially malicious emails, infected files. We click to share information and then we click to share a bit more – all in a simple click of a button. On September 16, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. BST, join Proofpoint and (ISC)2 as we explore how cultures are formed and influenced by digital, social media, and what role technology has to play in allowing organisations to drive security awareness and cultural change in today’s ‘NEW HQ’.
  • How to Detect & Stop Email Fraud in Your Supply Chain​ Recorded: Sep 15 2021 46 mins
    Matt Cooke, CyberSecurity Specialist, Proofpoint
    Most companies depend on a variety of external vendors and partners to support their business. These interdependent relationships form a multi-faceted third-party ecosystem called the supply chain. Because of its complexity, the supply chain is an attractive target for cybercriminals.

    Where a scam targets the supply chain, the organisation will suffer substantial losses, both in time and money, in particular the subsequent costs to resolve the problem and repair the damage. Supply chain fraud attacks leverage both impersonation through Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Email Account Compromise (EAC). Has your organisation assessed the cybersecurity risks from your supply chain? How can you better protect your company?

    In this 30-mns insightful session, you will learn:

    - Real-world supply chain fraud examples
    - Grading risk in your suppliers
    - How to detect threats, including payroll diversion and supplier invoicing fraud
    - How to stop these multi-million-dollar email fraud attack
  • How to Implement People-Centric DLP for Office 365 Recorded: Sep 14 2021 36 mins
    Itir Clarke, Product Marketing Manager for Cloud Security at Proofpoint
    While Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud platform with powerful tools for office applications, messaging, file sharing and cloud storage, the platform still has major challenges around data security and compliance. This is why organizations need a complete solution that allows them to detect, investigate and defend against cybercriminals accessing sensitive data and trusted accounts.

    Join us for a 30-minute webinar on how companies can address these cybersecurity concerns with a comprehensive Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution. In this session you'll learn:

    - The three primary data loss scenarios unique to Office 365
    - How Proofpoint Cloud App Security Broker (CASB) can help protect your information
    - The DLP best practices for Office 365 protection
  • Avoiding a Litigation Readiness Nightmare Recorded: Sep 14 2021 30 mins
    Shawn Aquino, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Archiving at Proofpoint
    Recent ESG research predicts an increase in e-discovery requests in the immediate future, which means it’s time for companies to rethink litigation readiness and supporting technology. The outdated solutions many organizations are currently using over may prove to be woefully inadequate today, exposing organizations to increased risk particularly as they look to emerge from the global pandemic.

    Attend this 30-minute webinar to learn what trends are driving the need for better solutions and what you should expect from your e-discovery technology provider. In this session we'll discuss:

    - How built-in features should address virtually all your basic e-discovery requirements
    - What advanced capabilities can help you streamline your workflows and reduce costs
    - How some companies have adopted modern, cloud-native solutions to achieve greater efficiencies
Proofpoint is a leading cybersecurity company that protects organizations' greatest assets and biggest risks: their people. With an integrated suite of cloud-based solutions, we help companies around the world stop targeted threats, safeguard their data, and make their users more resilient against cyber attacks. Leading organizations of all sizes, including more than half of the Fortune 1000, rely on us for people-centric security and compliance solutions that mitigate their most critical risks across email, the cloud, social media, and the web.

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