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Gender Pay Reporting: Where are we now?

This webinar will provide an update on gender pay gap reporting so far. It will give a real-time update on the key reporting metrics, looking at where the largest gaps have emerged, along with key trends. It will also assess the quality of the reports that have been produced so far discussing examples that have gone beyond the minimum reporting requirements, and contrasting those with reports that have met the minimum standards.
The presenters will also discuss where the government goes from here in areas such as ethnicity, age and disability - and what organisations need to do to successfully embrace the benefits of greater diversity at all levels in their organisations.


Leading the webinar will be Anthony Horrigan, CEO, StaffMetrix, supported by Jane Gotts, Founding Partner and Director, Gen Analytics.
Recorded Dec 5 2017 56 mins
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Presented by
Anthony Horrigan & Jane Gotts
Presentation preview: Gender Pay Reporting: Where are we now?

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  • What is the “new normal” for UK banks and bankers post Covid 19? Jun 24 2020 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Bill McCall, President, Chartered Banker Institute
    Following on from our previous webcast on how UK banks and bankers are responding to the Coronavirus crisis, this online discussion will look at the future of banking post Covid-19. Our panellists will provide their insights into how major high street banks, more-established challengers and new approaches, such as Snoop, are planning for future changes to the banking landscape as a result of this crisis. They will consider amongst other things what workforce skills and leadership qualities will be essential requirements in steering the sector through these unchartered waters.
  • Realisation and Self Determination Jun 18 2020 11:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Andy Nicol, CEO of ABSTRACT and David Nikolich, MD of ABSTRACT
    In this Webcast delivered by the award winning Learning & Development company, ABSTRACT, we will explore Realisation and the fulfilment of your personal and career potential. Knowing what you want, when you want it and how to get it for yourself! Realisation in this context is the awakening of our ambitions. It moves our deep embedded thoughts into consciousness. It creates awareness of our capability and establishes where we are now. If nurtured, it can form our immediate or longer-term reality. Self-determination is the applied control to our realisation. It is our unique motivation that continuously drives us towards personal growth and fulfilment.

    ABSTRACT will take participants on an intelligent and interactive journey, beginning with an in-depth look at WHY this is important, demonstrating HOW through examples and real life stories and culminating with establishing the WHAT for each of your own personal and career goals for you to take away and action. We ask ‘If not now, when and if not you, then who?
  • Forming Sound Judgement and Decision Making in Unexpected Times Recorded: May 28 2020 56 mins
    Andy Nicol, CEO and Mark Fryer, Commercial Director, ABSTRACT
    Critical Thinking, Judgement & Decision Making skills are always important for leaders and aspiring leaders but especially now, as you may be making unexpected, impactful and difficult decisions at a time of change and ambiguity.

    In this Critical Thinking Webinar, the award winning Learning & Development company, ABSTRACT, will take the most complex of subjects and make it simple. With increased responsibility in an ever-changing world, you will discover a toolkit to help you become more naturally empowered to form sound judgement and make good decisions.

    In just a few moves, you will be able to cut through the fog and clearly see the problem to solve, ask the right questions and make informed decisions from a simple trilogy of answers, helping you to form better
    judgements and decisions, both individually and collectively as teams.
  • How has Covid-19 impacted organisational culture and conduct? Recorded: May 22 2020 59 mins
    Natalie Wharton, CEO, Wharton Business Consulting
    An organisation’s culture and conduct management are critical to maximise its business potential and to survive, emerge and thrive through Covid-19. Join Natalie Wharton, CEO of Wharton Business Consulting, to 1) explore organisational culture midst Covid-19 2) explain key steps in defining, measuring and embedding your desired culture & conduct 3) examine the critical leadership behaviours, capabilities and mindset required for the future
  • Covid-19-Coaching through Disruption Recorded: May 21 2020 62 mins
    SA Partners
    Join this webcast to:

    •Learn the basic principles of well-being and resilience

    •Learn more about the nature of Covid-19 crisis and the profound effect it will have on management practices going forward

    •Learn tried and tested coaching and positive psychology techniques to help you lead and support both yourself and your team during Covid-19 Crisis.

    •Learn why companies that have a culture of improvement are doing significantly better than their competition

    •Interview with senior directors from a leading FS sector company who will explain their response to Covid-19 and how their culture of improvement underpins their resilience through the crisis

    •Open Q&A with Dr Keivan Zokaei

    Guest Speakers

    Tina Morris - Chief Operating Officer at S&P Global

    Dina Patel - Head of Continuous Improvement at S&P Global
  • Anxiety & Depression Recorded: May 19 2020 41 mins
    Parent Cloud
    Understanding the symptoms and some tools to help you to cope
    - Including: Anxiety & Depression, the definitions & symptoms
    - An introduction to CBT
    - An introduction to the butterfly technique to control your symptoms
    - A summary of resources to enable people to access additional support
  • Certificate in Green and Sustainable Finance Recorded: May 13 2020 47 mins
    Simon Thompson
    Simon Thompson, CEO of the Chartered Banker Institute answers questions on the Certificate in Green and Sustainable Finance.
  • Supporting the well-being of your team Recorded: May 12 2020 39 mins
    Parent Cloud
    To raise and increase awareness of anxiety and/or depression and consider how to support staff showing signs of anxiety and/or depression.
    - Explore anxiety and/or depression and how the brain and body react to it;
    - Start to think about how and where they may see anxiety and/or depression in the work environment especially while managing a remote team
    - Think about how to start a discussion with somebody who may have anxiety and/or depression and avoid common pitfalls;
    - Start to think about how to best support your team member showing anxiety and/or depression.
  • Understanding and improving your levels of resilience Recorded: May 7 2020 26 mins
    Karen Taylor, Founder, Parent Cloud
    - Resilience: A definition
    - Measuring your resilience & the role of resilience in your work
    - Exercises: Finding Optimism using the ABCDE Model, Becoming more self-resilient & finding your purpose
    - Actions: understanding what restores and depletes your energy levels, thinking about incremental gains, building your own resilience plan, expanding your support network
  • Keeping the world’s finances moving Recorded: May 5 2020 51 mins
    Richard Jeffery, Stuart Pugh, John Henderson
    Keeping the world’s finances moving: Insights and data trends of banks back office operations during turbulent times

    Over the last three weeks banking operations have gone through a radical transformation. What was unthinkable in February has become the new normal in April. Through this period, the vital services provided by banks to society have continued largely uninterrupted.

    But whilst the mechanics of home working appear to be solved, how are operations really performing? As we begin to think about the future of banking operations, what challenges and opportunities lie ahead?

    In this Webinar ActiveOps, whose software supports operational control and capacity planning for many of the worlds outsourcers and banks, reveal what the data is telling us about the change that has happened and its impact on productivity and capacity. As differences in performance between organisations emerge, what will make the difference between surviving and thriving?

    Richard Jeffery, CEO, ActiveOps
    Stuart Pugh, ACBI, Head of Customer Success, ActiveOps
    John Henderson, FCBI, Enterprise Account Director, ActiveOps (Moderator)
  • How are UK banks and bankers responding to the Coronavirus Crisis? Recorded: Apr 29 2020 65 mins
    Bill McCall
    With a raft of UK Government support packages announced in response to the Coronavirus over the past few weeks, including the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS); this webinar will look at how UK banks and bankers are working with Government, business and society to respond to this fast moving situation and the challenges they are facing. This webinar will also consider if banks and their leaders have learned lessons from the financial crisis in 2008 and should take the opportunity this Coronavirus crisis presents to build a “new social contract” between themselves and society.
  • Keeping your career on track while working & parenting Recorded: Apr 27 2020 33 mins
    Karen Taylor, Founder, Parent Cloud
    - Understanding the challenge from a statistical perspective
    - Exercises: understanding your personal values, finding your purpose, building your support network, setting out your action plan & turning lock down to your advantage
    - Incremental gains to make life easier (both during lock down and in everyday life)
    - Making yourself accountable for your action plan, setting realistic goals
  • Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement in Financial Services Recorded: Mar 31 2020 59 mins
    SA Partners
    In today’s business environment, with increasing competition, pressure from regulation and the drive towards more responsible banking practices, the need to continuously improve the way banking operates is no-more an option, rather an essential business requirement. The culture and ways of working within banking needs to change and adapt, but how do you effectively drive this change?
    This webinar will look at why a culture of continuous business and operational improvement is increasingly important in order to drive more responsible and professional banking practices, increased business agility, efficiency and build a culture of business excellence. Whilst large scale transformation programmes present initial gains, they are often highly disruptive and often fail to drive a sustainable change in working practices, principles and behaviours required. Continuous Improvement offers a realistic and achievable alternative method to drive the best practice and culture change needed within the banking sector.
  • Investing and finance in climate emergency Recorded: Mar 5 2020 57 mins
    Lynn Murray
    The consequences of our impact upon the planet are already being felt today. A major cause of the problem is our insatiable consumption habit, which is responsible for four fifths of Scotland’s carbon emissions.

    When you consider the energy required to grow, make, process, transport and provide materials, we can no longer drain natural and limited resources to make products that are used for a short time before being thrown away. Disposability is often the most convenient option, but when products are designed to be used once, or replaced after a short time, then it’s the planet, and ultimately all of us, who lose out. In addition, this constant hunger for new materials to find and extract raw materials triggers a range of environmental issues, from deforestation and loss of species and habitat to water scarcity and plastic pollution. Under media and public scrutiny, it’s time for us to turn away from a linear system towards a circular economy where everything has value and nothing is wasted.

    Zero Waste Scotland’s Chief Finance Officer, Lynn Murray discusses the opportunities for businesses presented by the circular economy and what that means for investors and financiers, from new business models to closer relationships with customers.

    Lynn Murray, Chief Finance Officer, Zero Waste Scotland -

    Lynn joined Zero Waste Scotland five years ago when the company was formed to establish the corporate support function. She is on the Executive Leadership Team and is a Chartered Accountant with 25 years’ experience in the private, public, charitable and not-for-profit sectors. Lynn is a member of the ICAS (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland) Sustainability Panel and on the forum for Directors of Finance of public bodies.
  • Whose future? Recorded: Feb 18 2020 54 mins
    Hilary Cooper
    Whose future? The Financial Choices facing Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials

    The Financial Conduct Authority published a discussion paper in May 2019 looking at how consumers’ financial needs are changing and especially at how financial choices interact with the constraints of the generation you were born into – Boomer, Gen X or Millennial.
    In this webcast economist Hilary Cooper will seek to illuminate further the issues that affect each of these generations as they plan their spending, saving and wealth accumulation over their working lives and into retirement and old age. It will challenge and dispel a number of myths along the way.
  • Resource Efficiency - Give your clients certainty in uncertain times Recorded: Jan 28 2020 44 mins
    Paul Adderley
    Rising energy, water and raw material costs, increasing consumer pressure and changing legislation all continue to challenge the way that businesses across Scotland manage their environmental performance, resource use and profitability.

    Add the uncertainty around the impact of Brexit and it’s clear that small and medium-sized businesses need, more than ever, certainty and control over their operating costs. Resource efficiency can help provide this.

    Join this FREE lunchtime webinar and:

    •Find out about unsecured, interest-free loans from the Scottish Government that your SME clients can use to install energy efficiency equipment (currently with a 15% cashback while funds last).

    •Learn about the free Scottish Government support from Resource Efficient Scotland that helps Scottish SMEs reduce energy costs.

    •Hear first-hand from SMEs that have already implemented resource efficiency measures and reduced their operating costs and carbon impact.

    •Be equipped with key tools, case studies and knowledge to start a conversation with your clients so they too can gain the financial and reputational benefits from resource efficiency.

    •Play a key role in helping Scotland meet its net-zero by 2045 carbon target.

    Imagine how your clients will feel if you help them to save money, and what that will it do to your next NPS score.
  • Make each moment count – how to help women and girls improve their financial wel Recorded: Nov 29 2019 26 mins
    Jane Portas
    As part of the Chartered Bodies Alliance, The Chartered Banker Institute has teamed up with the Chartered Insurance Institute to support its Insuring Women’s Futures programme.
    As part of the Talk 2 10k campaign we have organised a joint webinar to explain the perils and pitfalls women face, how individuals can take control of their financial futures and how you can share this knowledge with colleagues, clients, friends and family. We hope you can join us.
  • SpeakOut: Improving workplace Mental Health and Disclosure provision Recorded: Nov 5 2019 40 mins
    Neil Chandler, Richard Ireland, Bill Meehan
    SpeakOut is an anonymous communications platform that provides a space for people to share, with confidence and complete privacy, their experience of workplace issues ranging from mental health and wellbeing to whistleblowing.
    SpeakOut enables organisations to identify workplace issues and provide support to their people, helping to build a resilient workforce
  • Protecting Vulnerable Customers Recorded: Oct 29 2019 34 mins
    Caroline Barr
    In this webcast, Caroline Barr discusses protecting vulnerable customers.

    Protecting vulnerable consumers has long been a key priority for the FCA. Its Financial Lives Survey showed that a staggering 50% of UK adults display one or more characteristics of being potentially vulnerable. The impact on vulnerable customers when things go wrong can be much greater than for other customers.

    In spite of steps taken by firms and the FCA to improve treatment of vulnerable customers, the FCA has found that there is still room for improvement. The Guidance they are consulting on is designed to provide clarity for firms about their expectations, in the hope the firms will treat all customers, including vulnerable customers, fairly. It will use the Guidance to monitor how firms treat vulnerable consumers and to hold them to account if they breach the FCA principles as they relate to vulnerable customers.
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  • Presented by: Anthony Horrigan & Jane Gotts
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