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The Value of Workplace Recovery

In this webinar Darren Howell, a workplace recovery expert from Sungard Availability Services, discusses the continued need for workplace recovery as part of an effective Disaster Recovery plan. He explores the factors that make workplace recovery so important and takes a look at invocation statistics to provide evidence for its continued value.
Recorded Apr 12 2018 24 mins
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Presented by
Daren Howell - Sungard AS
Presentation preview: The Value of Workplace Recovery

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  • Extreme Weather: What's the Forecast? Recorded: Nov 14 2018 16 mins
    Will Owen, Resilience Consultant - Sungard AS
    When organisations think of their IT infrastructure and the cloud they don't often think of extreme weather, but is that a mistake? In this webinar Will Owen discusses how extreme weather is becoming more common and reveals the key statistics which show how this is having a direct impact on IT resilience. If you've not considered the weather as a factor in your organisations resilience or specifically how it could impact your IT infrastructure, watch this webinar and get in touch with Sungard AS for more information.
  • Digital Transformation Challenge Recorded: Nov 1 2018 27 mins
    Metin Algir, Senior Director Global Consulting - Sungard AS
    Digital Transformation Challenge
  • Executive Leadership in a Crisis Recorded: Jul 27 2018 24 mins
    Chris Butler, Principal Consultant - Sungard AS
    During an organisational crisis the executive leadership team will be called upon to take control and manage the situation, often with little time to prepare and with limited information. They will need to defuse tensions, inspire confidence and reassure stakeholders all whilst dealing with a high degree of stress.

    This webinar explores the concept of leadership and what it takes to be a resilient leader when faced with a crisis.
  • Resilient Organizations “make hay while the sun shines” Recorded: Jun 15 2018 27 mins
    Dr Sandra Bell, Head of Resilience Consulting - Sungard AS
    In the modern inter-connected world, incidents that have the potential to create more than just a small glitch to operations, can, and will, be felt by others. Employees, clients, shareholders, regulators and the media are perhaps the most obvious. However, there is no longer such a thing as an “isolated incident” and relatively minor disruptions now have the potential to upset the money-making capability of the wider, and often delicately balanced, “commercial web” in which organisations operate.

    This webinar looks at how every member of the “commercial web” has a vested interest in ensuring every other member succeeds, and how resilient organisations invest in building strong relationships “while the sun shines” so they can draw on goodwill when it rains.
  • The Value of Workplace Recovery Recorded: Apr 12 2018 24 mins
    Daren Howell - Sungard AS
    In this webinar Darren Howell, a workplace recovery expert from Sungard Availability Services, discusses the continued need for workplace recovery as part of an effective Disaster Recovery plan. He explores the factors that make workplace recovery so important and takes a look at invocation statistics to provide evidence for its continued value.
  • GDPR: Time is Almost Up Recorded: Jan 12 2018 20 mins
    Rogelio Aguilar, Senior Consultant - Sungard AS
    The second webinar in our series on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This webinar looks at what you can do in the short space of time before the May 25th 2018 deadline.
  • Enabling Government to Deliver Digital Transformation Recorded: Dec 7 2017 22 mins
    Chris Ducker and Bill Shepard - Sungard AS
    This webinar takes a look at digital transformation for the Public Sector - how can you succeed and what challenges will you face? We also give a real world example of how digital transformation has worked for one of our clients.
  • Four Things Every CEO Should Know About Ransomware Recorded: Nov 3 2017 15 mins
    Dr Sandra Bell, Head of Resilience Consulting - Sungard AS
    Ransomware has become a very real threat for most organisations, with attacks like "WannaCry" and "Bad Rabbit" filling news headlines over the last year. In this webinar we look at the key facts every CEO should know about ransomware in order to prepare for a potential attack.
  • GDPR for Rookies Recorded: Oct 20 2017 26 mins
    Rogelio Aguilar, Senior Consultant - Sungard AS
    The first webinar in our series on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This webinar looks at GDPR basics, what to expect and how to prepare.
  • Building Organisational Resilience - Tricks of the Trade Recorded: Oct 12 2017 22 mins
    Dr Sandra Bell, Head of Resilience Consulting - Sungard AS
    Explore the meaning of organisational resilience and listen to the tricks of the trade Dr Sandra Bell has picked up over an extensive career.
  • Organisational Resilience: What is it and why is it important? Recorded: Oct 9 2017 29 mins
    Dr Sandra Bell, Head of Resilience Consulting - Sungard AS
    Learn what true organisational resilience means and why it is so important for modern businesses
  • Crisis Hot Seat Survival Recorded: Sep 13 2017 27 mins
    Dr Sandra Bell, Head of Resilience Consulting - Sungard AS
    Explore how to survive the "Crisis Hot Seat." What can you do to when crisis strikes your organization and what are the keys to managing the situation effectively?
  • Crisis Communications Recorded: Sep 7 2017 16 mins
    Thomas Holloway, Principal Consultant - Sungard AS
    Explore the need for preparation in modern business and how the resulting mindset of organisational readiness affords a distinct advantage when a crisis appears at your door.
  • Risk and Resilience in 2017 Recorded: May 16 2017 20 mins
    Chris Butler, Principal Cyber & Information Security Consultant - Sungard AS
    Chris will be presenting on risk and resilience in 2017, looking specifically at:

    - The current risks to businesses
    - The current threat landscape
    - The importance of resilience, including cyber resilience and how it is more than just cyber security
    - What companies need to do to become and stay resilient
  • Top Building Blocks to Combat Cyber Crime Recorded: Mar 27 2017 54 mins
    Mike Smith (Sungard AS) & Richard Cassidy (Alert Logic)
    Today's cyber attackers are fast, well-funded and organised, and they are using all the latest techniques to stay one step ahead of your security. Traditional approaches to cyber security that focus on technology alone are not providing companies with enough resilience to protect against threats across their infrastructure and business critical applications.

    Join Sungard AS and Alert logic for a live webinar as we discuss security-in-depth strategies and review how technology, people and processes need to be in place to support and secure business infrastructure and set the foundation of your security strategy.

    Key Considerations in a Cyber Security Strategy:

    • What would the impact be on your business if you were the victim of a cyber-attack?
    • What security vulnerabilities are you exposed to throughout your infrastructure?
    • How are you going to identify and remediate a cyber-attack - especially as cyber crime is a24x7 business?
    • Who do you have protecting your critical applications and data from attacks, and do they have the right skills?
  • Accelerate Your Journey to SaaS Recorded: Dec 14 2016 25 mins
    Aleksandra Corr
    This webinar is for software vendors that need to move their licensed software to a Software-as-a-Service consumption model, and how they can accelerate this journey.
    It covers what elements are needed to consider when planning, building and executing your journey, by starting to focus on the needs of the application and then choosing the right infrastructure for those needs.
    Following a Plan>Build>Run structure. What are the key technical, process and people considerations to making this trouble free?
    Throughout the presentation, we will highlight some customer pain points that may be seen whilst migrating your application to a SaaS, and use real life customer examples.
  • DDoS Attack Mitigation - Things to Consider Recorded: Nov 23 2016 16 mins
    Mike Smith, Solutions Architect at Sungard AS
    More than 7,000 DDoS attacks are launched daily and their size and sophistication is increasing. A relatively new variation of DDoS threat has become particularly prevalent – ‘reflection’ and ‘amplification’ attacks, which have risen by 68% year-on-year.

    Our webinar takes you through the areas/items you need to consider when drawing up your mitigation plan for these attacks.
  • Dealing With The New Normal: Hybrid IT Recorded: Nov 17 2016 20 mins
    Chris Ducker, Senior Director, Global Proposition Strategy at Sungard AS
    At first cloud was positioned as the answer to everything – it could simplify, reduce costs and consolidate. However, it is actually more complex, making Hybrid IT the new norm. Sungard AS’s Chris Ducker will discuss what hybrid IT means in today’s environment, its key elements, and the implications for the CIO, transitioning from IT manager to service orchestrator, infrastructure innovator and beyond.
  • Sungard AS EMEA Partner Program - UK Recorded: Apr 19 2016 7 mins
    David Rutherford, Business Development Manager, Outsourcing & Channel
    As part of the Sungard Availability Services Partner Program, you can leverage our expertise in managed IT services and business continuity to gain the resources and knowledge you need to transition into the services market. We have expanded our Channel Partner Program into Europe. View this webinar to learn more about the program.
  • ISV webinar – Accelerate your journey to SaaS Recorded: Apr 13 2016 49 mins
    Chris Ducker, Head of Proposition Marketing, Europe at Sungard Availability Services
    Sungard AS together with Cisco offer the best combination of technology platforms, partner programmes, industry expertise and support to help Software Vendors shortcut the journey to generating revenues through a Software as a Service model. In just 45 minutes, this informative webinar will answer the following questions:
    •How we can help drive growth faster with the support and resources of Cisco partner programmes
    •How our partner ecosystems can open the door to industry experts and support in your field
    •How we ensure business continuity for your application with Sungard AS’s production and recovery expertise coupled with Cisco-powered infrastructure
    •Using pre-approved Cisco-accredited designs and infrastructure to build the right fast-start platform for your environment
    •How we discover your business goals and needs to create a tailored, hybrid IT solution
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Sungard Availability Services provides managed IT services, business continuity management software and disaster recovery services.

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  • Title: The Value of Workplace Recovery
  • Live at: Apr 12 2018 1:00 pm
  • Presented by: Daren Howell - Sungard AS
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