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Drive ITSM improvements with SAM intelligence

You’ve got the service desk, you’ve got the team, you’re managing the calls. But is your ITSM function efficient and effective?

Join Snow, along with guest speakers Elinor Klavens and Robert Stroud from Forrester who present in our webinar “Drive ITSM improvements with SAM intelligence” as they explain the best practices in integrating SAM and ITSM tools and why Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions are pivotal to the smooth running of today’s enterprises.

This webinar will highlight how ITSM leaders can benefit from advanced SAM technologies, including:
•Multi-platform audit data
•Cleansed & normalized software inventory.
•Self-service technologies for software requests & deployments
Recorded Sep 1 2016 39 mins
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Presented by
Guests Elinor Klavens & Robert Stroud Forrester Research and Snow Software Experts Per Skanne and Barry Friedman
Presentation preview: Drive ITSM improvements with SAM intelligence
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  • Don’t Fight Business Unit IT, Embrace it – A CIO’s guide to survival May 11 2017 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Tim Jesser and Forrester VP Andrew Bartels
    Within three years, 50% of technology spend will be in the hands of business units, not IT. The trend towards IT self-determination is creating a Disruption Gap between IT and the rest of the business. To survive and remain relevant, IT leaders need to realize that the answer is not to fight business unit IT, but to move from a model of command and control to influence, becoming the champion for cost-effective IT consumption and defending against over-spend.

    Snow Software has joined forces with Forrester VP Andrew Bartels to provide a survival guide for CIOs bridging the Disruption Gap:

    •How to create accurate budget and planning assumptions by gaining full visibility of IT consumption
    •Managing the growth of cloud, mobile and virtualization technologies at business unit level
    •Influencing business-critical IT investments based on current and historical IT intelligence

    Start shaping your future role in the digital business today.
  • Réussir une gestion de configuration ITSM (CMDB) efficace Recorded: Mar 23 2017 47 mins
    Karim Maadi
    La mise en place d'une gestion de configuration (CMDB) ITSM efficace est essentielle pour les organisations qui souhaitent comprendre et maitriser les différents composants de leur système informatique afin de :

    - fournir aux utilisateurs les services et logiciels dont ils ont besoin
    - automatiser et rationnaliser leur processus IT

    Cependant, d'après le Gartner :

    " D'ici 2018, 75 % des organisations IT verront leurs efforts de gestion de configuration échouer en raison du manque de standardisation "

    Le défi est donc majeur et ne consiste pas seulement à construire une base de données de gestion de configuration (CMDB) mais surtout à garantir que le référentiel des actifs IT (matériels et logiciels), les utilisateurs et les relations entre eux, soient standardisés, utilisables et constamment à jour. Les changements de configuration et d'infrastructure peuvent rapidement rendre ce référentiel erroné.
  • SAP Indirect Usage risk is real: Five-step plan to minimize exposure Recorded: Mar 15 2017 41 mins
    Joachim Paulini, Brian Skiba, Florian Timm Ascherl
    SAP Indirect Usage costs are no longer just theory. A milestone judgement in the UK courts has confirmed SAP’s right to charge customers for Indirect Usage. But what is Indirect Usage? How big is the risk of unbudgeted costs? And what can you do about it? SAP licensing experts from Snow Software will explore the recent legal ruling and what it means for SAP customers around the world, providing insight and a simple five-step plan on how to optimize SAP access and licensing before it’s too late.
  • Are you ready for our biggest global SnowStorm? Recorded: Mar 6 2017 2 mins
    Snow Software
    Be a part of the world’s largest SAM community event! SnowStorm 2017 will bring together SAM professionals from 10 countries in an exciting series of community events in April, May and June!

    You’ll learn about what’s coming in 2017 from Snow’s technical experts, discuss how the cloud is changing the priorities for SAM and network with professionals managing the same challenges as you.

    Not only this, but you will be able to join interactive product workshops and benefit from an incredible networking opportunity amongst your peers.

    Learn more and register for your nearest SnowStorm today:

  • SAP Indirect Usage costs more than you think. Learn how to avoid financial risk. Recorded: Feb 16 2017 41 mins
    Brian Skiba, Dan Kirtley
    SAP customers are becoming increasingly exposed to financial risk through audits, particularly where third party applications and add-ons indirectly access and use SAP data.

    This type of access is known as Indirect Usage.

    In this webinar, we explain how some of the recent amendments to SAP’s terms and conditions might lead to further exposure for your organization. You will learn how to efficiently highlight activity in the SAP system to identify where Indirect Usage may be taking place and what to do about it.

    Don’t walk your organization into a hefty audit fine! Make sure that you’re fully prepared and reduce your exposure to a minimum.
  • Why SCCM and Snow Creates Successful SAM Recorded: Dec 14 2016 25 mins
    Sean McLaughlin - Senior Sales Executive
    This webinar highlights how organizations can combine the power of SCCM with specialist SAM capabilities from Snow Software - creating a highly effective and affordable integrated SAM solution that maximizes an organization's existing investments.
  • Building a superior CMDB: The Insider's view Recorded: Dec 1 2016 47 mins
    ServiceNow consultant, Paul ‘Doc’ Burnham and Forrester Principal Analyst, Robert Stroud
    Join guest speakers ServiceNow Consultant, Paul ‘Doc’ Burnham & Forrester Principal Analyst Robert Stroud as they discuss the importance of the CMDB and how best to support ITSM must-haves such as software models, product catalog and service catalog.
  • Otimize o valor do seu investimento SAP Recorded: Nov 23 2016 25 mins
    Elvis Martins
    Como a sua empresa garante que está obtendo o melhor valor do seu investimento SAP?

    O licenciamento SAP é complexo e as definições contratuais são difíceis de interpretar. Além da complexidade, falta de visibilidade e atividade dos usuários no sistema SAP, faz com que seja um desafio para alocar o tipo de licença correta.

    A Snow convida você a participar do webinar para entender como um gerenciamento eficaz de Ativos de Software SAP, oferece enormes benefícios para o seu negócio em termos de optimização de custos e conformidade.

    O Elvis Martins, palestrante do webex, é um ex-auditor de licenciamento SAP. Mais recentemente ele tem vindo a aconselhar os clientes em como otimizar os seus ativos.
  • Optimice el valor de su inversión en SAP Recorded: Nov 23 2016 28 mins
    Elvis Martins
    ¿Cómo su empresa se asegura de que usted está recibiendo el mejor valor de su inversión en SAP?

    La concesión de licencias de SAP es compleja y las definiciones contractuales son difíciles de interpretar. Además de la complejidad, la falta de visibilidad y la actividad de los usuarios en el sistema SAP, hace que sea un reto para asignar la licencia correcta.

    Snow te invita a participar en el seminario para entender cómo una gestión eficaz de activos de software SAP ofrece enormes beneficios a su negocio en términos de optimización de costos y el cumplimiento.
  • You don’t have to rob a bank to fund your SAM program Recorded: Nov 17 2016 20 mins
    Barry Friedman - Global VP Vendor Alliances
    How to make internal chargebacks work for you?

    Over the years, I have spoken with countless organizations about their SAM program and challenges. The one challenge that virtually every organization faces is funding. With IT organizations spending 30% of their entire budget on software, one would think funding a SAM program makes good business sense, but unfortunately, that is not the case. However, there is a solution. In this webinar we will present new creative ways to help ensure your program gets properly funded with minimal resistance or pushback.
  • Government Webinar: Accurate visibility of all software & hardware assets Recorded: Nov 15 2016 28 mins
    Kirk Bellerby, Public Sector Sales Executive
    With a strong track record in Government, find out how Snow Software provides a consolidated view of all licenses, enabling staff to use just one interface to manage multiple software vendors, device types and locations across all platforms.

    Snow Software is an ideal choice for all Government functions thanks to its multi-platform coverage and automatic software recognition of Software
  • Identifying SAP Indirect Usage Recorded: Nov 2 2016 4 mins
    Joachim Paulini; Dan Kirtley
    Snow Software’s Joachim Paulini discusses SAP Indirect Usage; what it is and why there is a growing focus from SAP auditors in this area.

    SAP charges for Indirect Usage of its software and may penalize customers heavily if they are not correctly licensed. Every user that creates, reads or manipulates SAP data must be authorized and licensed to do so (whether directly or indirectly).

    An example of Indirect Usage is where the SAP system is accessed or queried by a third-party application. This might be automated or could be the result of a user accessing functionality or reporting in the said third-party application. A major challenge for organizations is to assess the level of SAP license compliance and quantify the financial risk Indirect Usage to which they are exposed.

    In this video, Joachim Paulini investigates the indicators of Indirect Usage which are tell-tale signs of the SAP system being accessed by third-party applications. By highlighting these indicators, Snow Optimizer for SAP ® Software enables budget planning and proactive mitigation of this financial risk.

    Learn more at: http://j.mp/SnowOS

    Read the e-book: http://j.mp/2dburPn
  • Government Webinar: Accurate visibility of all software & hardware assets Recorded: Nov 2 2016 45 mins
    David Foxen, SAM Evangelist
    With a strong track record in Government, find out how Snow Software provides a consolidated view of all licenses, enabling staff to use just one interface to manage multiple software vendors, device types and locations across all platforms.

    Snow Software is an ideal choice for all Government functions thanks to its multi-platform coverage and automatic software recognition of Software
  • Why Snow Optimizer for SAP ® Recorded: Nov 2 2016 3 mins
    Joachim Paulini; Dan Kirtley
    Joachim Paulini - Snow Optimizer for SAP ® Software Technical Lead discusses why the natural solution for the SAP customer is to have their use and license management solution embedded into their SAP environment.

    The core business of an organization and their central system of record is built into their SAP environment along with the administrative processes around user management and license measurement.

    Snow Optimizer for SAP ® Software is an SAP-certified native solution for the collection and management of user and license data from across multiple SAP systems. The SAP certification means that organizations can install and use the product in their SAP environment with confidence.

    Their existing installation and applications are not affected, the SAP security features are fully employed, compatibility to future versions of the SAP NetWeaver platform is ensured and all SAP-supported databases can be used.

    Learn more at: http://j.mp/SnowOS

    Read the e-book: http://j.mp/2dburPn
  • Automating System Measurement in SAP Recorded: Nov 2 2016 5 mins
    Joachim Paulini; Dan Kirtley
    Snow Software Technical Lead for SAP solutions Joachim Paulini talks about with how using Snow Optimizer for SAP ® Software enables organization to fully automate their License Administration Workbench (LAW) report preparation and improve their SAP license management.

    SAP Basis Administrators can spend weeks on manually preparing the LAW. Where SAP systems run into tens or hundreds, Snow Optimizer for SAP ® dramatically reduces the time spent collecting and preparing the required data through automating the data collection and consolidation processes.

    With its ability to define usage profiles based on consumption data, Snow Optimizer for SAP ® Software can automate license classifications against a growing user population.

    Because the costs of different SAP licenses vary so widely, Joachim Paulini explains why it’s crucial to allocate users the individual license type that fits their true needs. By identifying which users best match a specific usage profile, Administrators can accurately determine if a user is correctly licensed or needs to be reclassified. Automated rules can reclassify users so that their license best matches their actual needs.

    Learn more at: http://j.mp/SnowOS

    Read the e-book: http://j.mp/2dburPn
  • Is Your Asset Data Actionable? Recorded: Oct 27 2016 31 mins
    Allen Biehl - Director of Professional Services, Snow Software North America
    Chances are, your company has several sources of data for the assets deployed throughout the enterprise. Systems management tools. Service management tools. Asset management tools. There’s no shortage of data. What you’re missing is actionable information, geared toward managing your software licenses. The foundation of any best-practice SAM program rests on the quality and completeness of the asset data being used. This webinar will provide you with some guidelines to ensure the data you’re using is complete (mobile devices, desktop/laptops, data center servers and cloud-based subscriptions). Then, we’ll guide you through the concepts of data normalization and consolidation. Finally, we’ll help you understand the best way to put this information to work for you, to lower the cost of your software your organization consumes.
  • SAM in 2017 Recorded: Oct 20 2016 46 mins
    David Foxen, SAM Evangelist
    Software Asset Management (SAM) is constantly evolving to keep up with current technology and vendor activity. 2016 has been a big year for SAM, playing an important role within the organisation through building important relationships with key stakeholders. But what is in store for 2017, and what are the key business drivers for Software Asset Management? Snow Software will explore the biggest challenges for SAM in 2017, and what we believe will be the key drivers for the adoption and progression of SAM within organisations. 2017 will be another big year for SAM, make sure you’re prepared!
  • Assessing SAM Maturity Recorded: Oct 13 2016 25 mins
    Naz Melyas - Senior Solutions Consultant/Technical Account Manager, Snow Software North America
    SAM Maturity can range on a scale from having limited inventory capability, minimal usage or metering data, automated entitlement management, process optimization, reduced audit risk and continuous compliance through complete asset life cycle management, trend analysis while bridging the gap between current mode of operations and desired state.

    This webinar will highlight the different techniques you can use to help assess your organization's SAM maturity.
  • Why you still need HAM to do SAM Recorded: Oct 7 2016 34 mins
    David Foxen, SAM Evangelist
    With so much focus on the new software license models and cloud services, organisations need to remember the importance hardware asset management (HAM) plays in contributing to good SAM. Organisations are just as guilty of overspending on hardware assets as they are on software assets, but with good technology you can mitigate hardware risks, save money, and manage the lifecycle of your hardware and software assets effectively.

    Effective HAM processes, policies and the ability to see what assets you have, will help you streamline your IT estate and reduce spending on hardware and software. Without proactive HAM you will find yourself purchasing licenses for devices that are hidden in someone’s desk, or are not being used effectively. This will impact prices for things like your software agreements and the company wide rule that Microsoft insists on for SMBs.

    So, don’t forget about your hardware assets. Proactively manage them and you’ll reap the benefits for both HAM and SAM!
  • Educational Institutions:Accurate visibility of all software & hardware assets Recorded: Oct 5 2016 41 mins
    David Foxen, SAM Evangelist at Snow Software
    With a strong track record in Education, find out how Snow Software provides a consolidated view of all licenses, enabling staff to use just one interface to manage multiple software vendors, device types and locations across all platforms.
We stop organizations paying too much for the software they consume
Whether it's through lack of control, lack of understanding or lack of compliance, Snow (www.snowsoftware.com) believes that most organizations today end up paying too high a price for their software.

To address this, Snow provides Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions designed to ensure that the $320 billion spent every year on enterprise software is money well spent – ensuring organizations have the appropriate licenses for the software they use – not too many, not too few.

More than 6,000 organizations worldwide rely on Snow to optimize licensing across in excess of ten million devices, from the mobile to desktop, datacenter to the cloud.

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  • Title: Drive ITSM improvements with SAM intelligence
  • Live at: Sep 1 2016 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Guests Elinor Klavens & Robert Stroud Forrester Research and Snow Software Experts Per Skanne and Barry Friedman
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