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Stijn Grove, Data Centre Europe

Stijn Grove, Data Centre Europe
Recorded May 24 2016 2 mins
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Stijn Grove, Data Centre Europe
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  • Enabling data security compliance through intelligent rack level locking Apr 27 2017 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Steve Spatig
    With the massive growth in data centres and data centre technology comes a need for tighter security and compliance around increasing data security requirements. The webinar will look at the data compliance landscape and demonstrate how taking electronic, intelligent security to the data rack level helps to achieve data security compliance and reduce the risk of accidental or intentional data breach. The webinar will offer detailed information around the new rack level security solutions currently being adopted by the industry and demonstrates how easy the solutions are to integrate with existing security software, building security and DCIM systems. The session will also include a walk through of retrofit installation for those considering retrofitting existing data cabinets with electronic locks.

    1) Explain the increasing need for enhanced physical security at the data centre
    - The implications of breach
    - The increasing regulatory and compliance requirements
    - Explanation of various data security compliance requirements

    2) What is rack level security
    - Who is using it and why
    - How it works
    - Different options available
    - Main value points for using RLS

    3) How to Retrofit on existing data cabinets
    - Simplified walk through of how to retrofit and integrate RLS
    - Show ease of integration, compatibility with security software systems/DCIM systems
    - Enables versatility and choice- Works with PDUs, DCIM, Softwares..
    - Compatibility of panel prep
  • Secure Your Company from the SaaS Tsunami Recorded: Feb 9 2017 57 mins
    Al Sargent - Senior Director Product Marketing
    According to Gartner, a staggering 600 to 1000 SaaS apps are in use at a typical company, yet IT only knows about & manages ~7% . The unmanaged ~93% pose very real security and compliance challenges including unauthorized access, data leakage, and violation of industry regulations.

    Gartner calls this the "SaaS Tsunami". It grows daily as employees sign up for new SaaS apps using corporate credentials —all it takes is a browser, a credit card, and an expense report—two clicks and they’re in. Join us for an interactive webinar on how to bring unmanaged SaaS apps out of the shadows to reduce security and compliance risks.

    By joining this webinar, you will:
    - Quantify the scope of the SaaS Tsunami and its security impact on your business
    - Learn how to discover and manage previously unknown apps
    - Be quick on your feet and take action when risk is introduced
    - See a demo on how you can mitigate the security threats posed by the SaaS Tsunami
  • Cloud Storage: How to fight off Data Security Threats & Stay Compliant Recorded: Nov 3 2016 64 mins
    Russ Ernst, Vice President of Product Management Blancco Technology Group; Roger Grimes, Security Columnist, InfoWorld;
    Cloud computing is considered a valuable and necessary component of doing business today. But 26 percent of organizations are either ‘not confident’ or ‘somewhat confident’ that their IT department knows about all cloud storage providers being used to store data.

    Join our webinar on Thursday, November 3 at 11 am ET / 3 pm GMT, as Russ Ernst, Vice President of Product Management for Blancco Technology Group, and Roger Grimes, Security Columnist for InfoWorld, discuss how an intelligent approach to managing data across the entire lifecycle, regular monitoring, auditing processes and the foresight to create a data exit strategy can help organizations minimize their exposure to cloud security threats and comply with data security regulations.

    What You’ll Learn:

    - Typical cloud environments deployed by organizations and how organizations prioritize various cloud security threats
    - The key factors influencing organizations’ choice of cloud storage providers
    - How common and dangerous shadow IT can be for organizations
    - The importance of establishing defined audit processes and monitoring to stay compliant with data security regulations and privacy standards
  • Digital transformation. The steps to take and pitfalls to avoid Recorded: Oct 20 2016 48 mins
    Lee Fields
    Digital transformation is at the heart of business strategy in almost all industry segments and markets. IDC predicts it will be central to the strategy of two thirds of the top 2,000 listed companies by the end of 2017.

    But nearly one in three businesses say their digital transformation lags behind the competition. So what separates the leaders from the laggards?

    Join this interactive webinar with Verizon, where they will share findings from a recent IDC survey, and provide practical advice to help address the most common challenges associated with DX. Get an understanding of:

    1) The main barrier’s to digital transformation and what your organisation can do to address them

    2) What today’s digital leaders are doing to get ahead

    3) Why 97% of respondents believe that the network is important to the success of their digital initiatives

    4) How to develop an action plan to ensure your network helps your organization thrive in an increasingly fast-paced world.
  • Rethinking DCIM: How It’s Changing the Game for Data Center Colocation Recorded: Sep 22 2016 53 mins
    Philippe Heim, Siemens AG; Miles Auvil, Siemens, Remi Duquette, MAYA HTT Ltd
    Global data center colocation users have spoken and the numbers are in. As the colocation market continues to grow, users continue to look for applicable tools that allow them to implement an integrated data center management strategy. Enter DCIM.

    Driven by the need to increase cost savings and speed to market and reduce capital expenditures, power, cooling and total cost of ownership (TCO), colocation customers are reevaluating DCIM tools to address the issues in their data center facility infrastructures.

    Attend this Webinar and learn how a shift in DCIM adoption for data center colocation is going to change the market, what this means for your daily operation, and the steps you can take to incorporate DCIM into your data center infrastructure management strategy.
  • How to leverage both Public and Private Cloud for your workload requirements Recorded: Aug 4 2016 43 mins
    Clive Leung, Solutions Architect, Centurylink
    Cloud technologies have the potential to provide numerous advantages. Just-in-time provisioning, CapEx->OpEx consumption, and Elasticity to quickly scale up/down are just some examples of the benefits that can be gained from adopting Cloud.

    However, many organizations are still challenged with finding the right Cloud deployment model and optimized configurations in which to effectively meet their IT and Business requirements.

    If you are seeking to better understand how to leverage Cloud, then you should attend this interactive seminar from CenturyLink - an Industry leading Cloud provider for more than 9 years.

    In this webinar, we’ll share our Industry experience on:
    •Understanding the different benefits of Public and Private IaaS platforms
    •Public and Private Reference Architectures for popular workloads
    •Ensuring optimized workload deployments for Cloud platforms
    •Successfully securing your Cloud environment against modern Cyber Attacks
  • Herm Reimerink, Bulk Infrastructure Recorded: May 24 2016 2 mins
    Herm Reimerink, Bulk Infrastructure
    Herm Reimerink, Bulk Infrastructure
  • Jaak Vlasveld, Green IT Recorded: May 24 2016 3 mins
    Jaak Vlasveld, Green IT
    Jaak Vlasveld, Green IT
  • Antoine Cotesier, CEO, Exoscale Recorded: May 24 2016 3 mins
    Antoine Cotesier, CEO, Exoscale
    Antoine Cotesier, CEO, Exoscale
  • Alejandra Moreno, IKEA Recorded: May 24 2016 2 mins
    Alejandra Moreno, IKEA
    Alejandra Moreno, IKEA
  • Siddhartha Agarwal, Oracle Recorded: May 24 2016 3 mins
    Siddhartha Agarwal, Oracle
    Siddhartha Agarwal, Oracle
  • Stijn Grove, Data Centre Europe Recorded: May 24 2016 2 mins
    Stijn Grove, Data Centre Europe
    Stijn Grove, Data Centre Europe
  • Frank Wegner, VMware Recorded: May 24 2016 3 mins
    Frank Wegner, VMware
    Frank Wegner, VMware
  • Arun Shenoy, Schneider Electric Recorded: May 24 2016 3 mins
    Arun Shenoy, Schneider Electric
    Arun Shenoy, Schneider Electric
  • Mike Bainbridge, Rackspace Recorded: May 24 2016 3 mins
    Mike Bainbridge, Rackspace
    Mike Bainbridge, Rackspace
  • Ricardo Quina, Nexenta Recorded: May 24 2016
    Ricardo Quina, Nexenta
    Ricardo Quina, Nexenta
  • What Challenges are Enterprises Facing Today in the Cloud? Recorded: May 24 2016 3 mins
    Matthew McKenna, CEO & VP of Key Accounts, SSH Communications
    Matthew McKenna, CEO & VP of Key Accounts, SSH Communications
  • Matt Leonard, CenturyLink Recorded: May 24 2016 3 mins
    Matt Leonard, Director Product Management, CenturyLink
    Matt Leonard, Director Product Management, CenturyLink
  • What are the biggest challenges for a CIO? Recorded: May 24 2016 3 mins
    Darran Rolls, CTO, Sailpoint Technologies
    Darran Rolls, CTO, Sailpoint Technologies
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  • Title: Stijn Grove, Data Centre Europe
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