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Rethinking DCIM: How It’s Changing the Game for Data Center Colocation

Global data center colocation users have spoken and the numbers are in. As the colocation market continues to grow, users continue to look for applicable tools that allow them to implement an integrated data center management strategy. Enter DCIM.

Driven by the need to increase cost savings and speed to market and reduce capital expenditures, power, cooling and total cost of ownership (TCO), colocation customers are reevaluating DCIM tools to address the issues in their data center facility infrastructures.

Attend this Webinar and learn how a shift in DCIM adoption for data center colocation is going to change the market, what this means for your daily operation, and the steps you can take to incorporate DCIM into your data center infrastructure management strategy.
Recorded Sep 22 2016 53 mins
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Presented by
Philippe Heim, Siemens AG; Miles Auvil, Siemens, Remi Duquette, MAYA HTT Ltd
Presentation preview: Rethinking DCIM: How It’s Changing the Game for Data Center Colocation

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  • Power and Energy Monitoring Solutions for Datacenters Recorded: Jan 31 2019 41 mins
    Accurate power monitoring is an essential for any data centre operator. It's crucially important that you get it right, in order to be able to track and improve your processes, yet most data centres have an overly complicated and inaccurate system of power monitoring. Socomec will be explaining how this is changing in this exclusive webinar.
  • Why the edge is coming and its impact on the data centre industry Recorded: May 30 2018 37 mins
    Ian Bitterlin, Geraint Davies, Mikael Berggren
    Join us for this high-level roundtable on the impact that the edge is having on the data centre industry. Driven by new and exciting technologies such as the Internet of Things and self-driving cars, the traditional landscape of hyperscale, colocation and edge data centres is set to dramatically change.
    Hear from expert representatives from Delta and moderator Ian Bitterlin to find out everything you need to know on how the edge will impact the data centre - from top to bottom.
  • Guide to Overcoming Data Center Networking Challenges Recorded: Mar 8 2018 20 mins
    FNT provides a guide to overcoming networking challenges in the data centre.
  • A practical approach to developing a UPS system/specification Recorded: Jun 8 2017 75 mins
    Mike Elms, National Sales Manager, Socomec Power Conversion
    With the increasing growth of, and dependence on, digitisation the demand and expectation of instant on-demand IT services has never been greater. Loss of availability is just not an option for any IT service provider.

    A vital element in providing this is the installation of a UPS system to provide clean, stabilised, and uninterrupted electrical power to critical IT infrastructure. Add to this the continuing rise in energy prices means that making an informed judgement of the right type, and topology, of UPS system to install is of vital consideration not only from a customer perspective but also from a commercial and CSR environmental standpoint.

    In this webinar Mike Elms will look at the main drivers for UPS development over the last 20 years from the traditional monolithic standalone blocks to the latest high-efficiency modular systems now becoming more commonplace, and how these UPS units are designed into the most commercial topologies whilst still maintaining the market demands of high availability, low maintenance, and lifetime costs.

    Finishing with an aide memoire to assist any potential user of UPS systems in making a more informed evaluation of varying proposed systems versus their actual requirements.

    Key discussion points include:
    History and Evolution of UPS systems
    UPS Internals – Rectifier/Inverter/Booster/Static Switch
    Transformer / Transformeress design
    Standalone v Modular
    UPS Systems Topology/Architecture
    Battery Systems – Sizing/Containment/Isolation
    Sizing a UPS System – Practical Example
    Producing a Technical Specification
    Evaluating Tech Submittals
  • Enabling data security compliance through intelligent rack level locking Recorded: Apr 27 2017 56 mins
    Steve Spatig
    With the massive growth in data centres and data centre technology comes a need for tighter security and compliance around increasing data security requirements. The webinar will look at the data compliance landscape and demonstrate how taking electronic, intelligent security to the data rack level helps to achieve data security compliance and reduce the risk of accidental or intentional data breach. The webinar will offer detailed information around the new rack level security solutions currently being adopted by the industry and demonstrates how easy the solutions are to integrate with existing security software, building security and DCIM systems. The session will also include a walk through of retrofit installation for those considering retrofitting existing data cabinets with electronic locks.

    1) Explain the increasing need for enhanced physical security at the data centre
    - The implications of breach
    - The increasing regulatory and compliance requirements
    - Explanation of various data security compliance requirements

    2) What is rack level security
    - Who is using it and why
    - How it works
    - Different options available
    - Main value points for using RLS

    3) How to Retrofit on existing data cabinets
    - Simplified walk through of how to retrofit and integrate RLS
    - Show ease of integration, compatibility with security software systems/DCIM systems
    - Enables versatility and choice- Works with PDUs, DCIM, Softwares..
    - Compatibility of panel prep
  • Video Interview: Rethinking BI in the era of AI and Machine Learning Recorded: Apr 27 2017 15 mins
    Naveen Miglani, CEO and co-founder of SplashBI & Ina Yulo, Senior Content Strategist, BrightTALK
    Interview in partnership with BrightTALK, The Stack and Cloud Industry Forum
    BrightTALK discussed with Naveen Miglani, CEO and co-founder of SplashBI, the relationship between BI and digital transformation.

    Among topics covered:

    1. What is the future of BI?
    2. What are the implications of AI and machine learning on BI?
    3. What's the impact of digital transformation in the BI sector and vice versa?
    4. What can organisations do today to best prepare for all the changes?
    5. What are the key challenges for businesses in adopting and implementing a BI solution?
    6. What's the role of IT now in a self-service BI environment?
    7. Where are we seeing the most ROI when purchasing a BI reporting tool?

    About the speaker:
    Naveen Miglani is the CEO and Founder of Splash Business Intelligence and EiS Technologies. Naveen has more than 25 years of industry experience, including corporate strategy, service offerings, and business intelligence. Prior to joining EiS Technologies, Naveen held leadership roles at GE Energy and Oracle Corporation, as well as worked across many departments, including IT, Management, Business Development, Marketing, and Finance. Naveen holds a BS in Engineering and an MBA with a major in Information Systems and International Business from Mercer University.
  • The current state of digital transformation in UK - research results Recorded: Apr 27 2017 23 mins
    Alex Hilton, CEO, Cloud Industry Forum & Frank Bennet, Deputy Chairman, Cloud Industry Forum
    Interview in partnership with BrightTALK, The Stack and Cloud Industry Forum
    In this conversation, Alex and Frank are revealing the results of the annual research performed by Cloud Industry Forum in regards to the current state of digital transformation in the UK.

    The discussion covers the importance of cloud for digital transformation, as well as other "a ha" moments to expect in 2017.
  • T-Systems CTO Interview: Disrupting the mobile industry - trends and predictions Recorded: Apr 27 2017 11 mins
    Scott Cairns, CTO, T-Systems & Frank Bennett, Deputy Chairman, Cloud Industry Forum
    Interview in partnership with BrightTALK, The Stack and Cloud Industry Forum
    Scott Cairns, CTO of T-Systems, discusses with Frank Bennett, what are the challenges and opportunities in the telecommunication industry.

    Some topics discussed:
    - How do AI and machine learning disrupt the industry
    - What is the future of IoT
    - Security in IoT
    - Next industries to be disrupted
    - How home will look like in 5-10 years
    - How car industry will change in 5-10 years
    - The most promising applications of VR and AR in the future
  • Video interview: The IT revolution - what to expect and how to get ready for it Recorded: Apr 27 2017 25 mins
    Ray O'Farrell (CTO & Chief Development Officer) & Richard Munro (CTO Cloud Services), VMware & Andrew Bird, EA Visionary
    Interview in partnership with BrightTALK, The Stack and Cloud Industry Forum
    We interview Ray O’Farrell (Chief Technology Officer and Chief Development Officer, VMware) & Richard Munro (CTO Cloud Services, EMEA, VMware) to find out what they think about the digital IT revolution and what is the role of CTOs and CIOs in this regard.

    Among topics discussed:

    - What are the main prerequisites for digital transformation? Is there such a term as “being ready or not” for digital transformation?
    - How can companies pursue digital transformation in case they don’t have a strategic expertise in house nor any experience in platform building?
    - Does the type of cloud define the way digital transformation is going to progress or digital transformation defines the cloud strategy that the enterprise should adopt?
    - How does DevOps and Containers fit into the digital transformation process? How do they contribute to innovation?
    - What are the best reality checked strategies to accelerate transformation?
  • Video interview: Decoding the experiences of a Digital Transformation guru Recorded: Apr 27 2017 24 mins
    Christopher Wroath, Director of Digital Transformation, NHS Education for Scotland & Andrew Bird, EA Visionary
    Interview in partnership with BrightTALK, The Stack and Cloud Industry Forum
    In this interview Christopher Wroath, Director of Digital Transformation, NHS Education for Scotland, shares with us the lessons he has learned from his digital transformation experiences and how his current job is different from all the other ones he had in the past.

    Among topics discussed:
    - The story behind NHS digital transformation
    - Differences between digital transformation in public and private sectors
    - Triggers for digital transformation
    - Stages of digital transformation
    - Barriers to a successful digital transformation
    - Culture need for digital transformation

    About the speaker:

    Christopher is a digital leader working in the Scottish NHS to transform a disparate and complex information landscape into a single unified environment putting individual members of the NHS and social care workforce at the centre of delivery. Defining and delivering the NHS Education for Scotland (NES) vision for a comprehensive digital transformation by implementing dynamic change through innovative and agile approaches to technical, cultural and organisational challenges by leading the design and in house build of the NES Digital Platform.
  • Video interview: The next stages of digital transformation Recorded: Apr 25 2017 18 mins
    Nigel Williams, IT Evangelist, Commvault & Andrew Bird, EA Visionary,
    Interview in partnership with BrightTALK, The Stack and Cloud Industry Forum
    In this discussion, Nigel Williams, IT Evangelist at Commvault, described what it means to drive digital transformations in the cloud.

    Among topics discussed:

    - Digital transformation struggles
    - Cloud computing contribution to the digital revolution
    - Top 5 enterprise cloud priorities to help with digital transformation
    - The criteria for a smart cloud strategy
    - Backup/recovery challenges in digital transformation
    - And others

    About the speaker:

    Nigel Williams is an IT Evangelist and responsible for Marketing in EMEA at Commvault. Prior to his current role, he held the same position at OpenText and a variety of senior positions at EMC/Legato and EMC/Documentum. Nigel has over 25 years experience in Information Management and is a keen industry watcher. He holds an Honours Degree in English Literature and also studied Electronic Engineering as part of his entry to the IT industry."
  • Video Interview: Cyber security predictions for 2018 Recorded: Apr 25 2017 22 mins
    Daniele Catteddu, CTO, Cloud Security Alliance & Andrew Bird, EA Visionary, Interview Moderator
    Interview in partnership with BrightTALK, The Stack and Cloud Industry Forum
    In this in-depth discussion about the future of cyber security, Daniele Catteddu, CTO of Cloud Security Alliance, analyses the following topics:

    - Changes and trends in the threat landscape
    - Leading prevention technologies against cyber attacks targeting IoT
    - Protecting critical infrastructure with AI and machine learning
    - Yahoo breach lessons
    - The most overlooked area of cyber security
    - Main security challenges in digital transformation

    About the speaker:
    Daniele Catteddu is an information security and risk management practitioner, technologies expert and privacy evangelist with over 15 of experience. He worked in several senior roles both in the private and public sector. Daniele is member of various national and international security expert groups and committees on cyber-security and privacy, keynote speaker at several conferences and author of numerous studies and papers on Risk Management, Cyber Security and Privacy.

    Currently he is the Chief Technology Officer, at Cloud Security Alliance, where he is responsible to drive, on a global scale, the adoption of the technology strategy roadmap within key CSA lines of business: Research, Membership Services, Standards, Education and Products. He identifies technology trends, global policies and evolving social behavior and their impact on information security and on CSA’s activities.
    Daniele leads the product management for CSA and chairs the Futures Advisory Committee.
  • The ransomware of things, or what to expect from the future of cybersecurity Recorded: Apr 25 2017 19 mins
    Rik Ferguson, VP Security Research, TrendMicro & Andrew Bird, EA Visionary, Interview Moderator
    Interview in partnership with BrightTALK, The Stack and Cloud Industry Forum
    Rik Ferguson, VP of Security Research at TrendMicro, joined us for a video interview to discuss the following trending topics:

    - The evolution of attack vectors in the past years
    - Antwerp Seaport shipping container system hack and what can we learn from it
    - What to do when hit by a ransomware attack
    - Cyber security and Brexit
    - Cyber security and the Russian hack of the US election
    - The most overlooked area of cyber security that professionals should concentrate on
    - Leading prevention technologies against ransomware
    - Ransomware of Things
    - Security challenges in digital transformation

    About the Speaker:

    Rik Ferguson, Vice President of Security Research at Trend Micro, is a Special Advisor to Europol EC3, project leader with the International Cyber Security Prevention Alliance (ICSPA), Vice Chair of the Centre for Strategic Cyberspace & Security Science and advisor to various UK government technology forums. In April 2011 Rik was inducted into the Infosecurity Hall of Fame

    As a presenter at global industry events such as RSA, Mobile World Congress, InfoSecurity, Virus Bulletin, RUSI and the e-Crime Congress, Rik addresses the challenges posed by emerging technology and online crime. He is frequently interviewed by the BBC, CNN, CNBC, Channel 4, Sky News and Al-Jazeera English and is quoted by national newspapers and trade publications throughout the world.

    Rik writes the Countermeasures blog and is the lead spokesperson for Trend Micro, he also writes regular columns for CIO, ZDNet, T3 and several other European publications. In this position, Rik is actively engaged in research into online threats and the underground economy. He also researches the wider implications of new developments in the Information Technology arena and their impact on security both for consumers and in the enterprise.
  • Interview: Five Strategies For Accelerating Cloud Deployment In The Enterprise Recorded: Apr 25 2017 16 mins
    Jez Back, Senior Manager in Cloud, Deloitte & Breda Bayer, CIF, Interview Moderator
    Interview in partnership with BrightTALK, The Stack and Cloud Industry Forum
    Jez Back, Senior Manager in Cloud, Deloitte, joined BrightTALK for an interview to share what enterprises are doing right and wrong with cloud deployment.

    Among topics discussed:

    - Main obstacles/challenges with cloud deployment
    - Strategies for accelerating cloud deployment
    - Security in the cloud
    - The stages of cloud deployment
    - One advice that CIOs should remember when planning cloud deployment

    About the Speaker:
    Jez is a cloud technology specialist and technology platforms & mobility SME, creating ecosystems of alliance partners to drive value in business transformations; with a proven record of delivering outstanding results in diverse high-pressure environments for 10 years in the technology sector.
  • Interview: Top 5 tips for CIOs implementing a digital strategy Recorded: Apr 25 2017 20 mins
    Matthew Finnie, CTO, Interoute & Andrew Bird, EA Visionary, Interview Moderator
    Interview in partnership with BrightTALK, The Stack and Cloud Industry Forum
    Mathew Finnie, CTO of Interoute, got on camera to analyse with Andrew Bird, EA Visionary, the impact of global political and economical changes on digital transformation.

    Among topics discussed:

    - Opportunities of digital transformation
    - Complex issues to be aware at every stage of digital transformation
    - Brexit, Trump election and digital transformation
    - Cloud and digital transformation
    - Other technologies to remember when undergoing digital transformation
    - Top 5 tips for CIOs implementing a digital strategy

    About the Speaker:
    Never afraid to challenge the status quo of existing technology and traditional industry thinking, Matthew Finnie is one of the most provocative technology thinkers in Europe. When Matthew became Interoute¹s CTO, he had a vision that if companies centralised technology development, then Europe could produce technology success stories on par with Silicon Valley. Proving that the US model can be put to work in Europe, Interoute now owns and operates the largest networked cloud computing asset in Europe and is redefining how businesses deploy advanced communications platforms in the Cloud.
  • Interview: Getting ready for the extreme innovations in the cloud Recorded: Apr 25 2017 17 mins
    John Abel, Head of Technology and Cloud for UK, Ireland, Israel, Oracle & Andrew Bird, EA Visionary, Interview Moderator
    Interview in partnership with BrightTALK, The Stack and Cloud Industry Forum
    In this interview John Abel, the Head of Technology and Cloud for UK, Ireland and Israel at Oracle, is discussing the latest innovations in the cloud and how these impact the modern business environment.

    Among topics discussed:

    - Cloud in 2020
    - Extreme innovations in the cloud
    - Challenges with cloud adoption today
    - Legacy organisations and digital transformation in the cloud
    - "What does lobsters have to do with innovation"
    - Top 3 pieces of advice for aspiring technology leaders

    About the Speaker:
    John Abel has worked with Oracle for over 20 years and during this time he has worked in Support, Applications, Technology and Consulting.

    More recently John has been in Oracle Systems for four years. John's main focus now is Engineered Systems and Oracle Database Cloud (Database as a Service) across Europe, Middle East and Africa and he often uses his prior experience to explain all aspects of technology to customers. In his presentations, John relates to actual customer experience and provides real world answers to real world problems. John is also a successful Oracle Press Author and using his experience of over 300+ customer engagements has produced publications explaining the Oracle Technology and Applications.
  • Interview: CTO of Symantec on advanced cybersecurity Recorded: Apr 24 2017 22 mins
    Darren Thomson, CTO & VP of Technology, Symantec, EMEA & Andrew Bird, EA Visionary, Interview Moderator
    Interview in partnership with BrightTALK, The Stack and Cloud Industry Forum
    BrightTALK caught up with Darren Thomson, CTO & VP of Technology, Symantec, for an in-depth conversation on the future of cybersecurity in the context of IoT, AI and Machine Learning.

    Among topics discussed:

    - Trending business vulnerabilities in 2017
    - Particularities of pentesting
    - How to prepare for GDPR in 2018
    - Implications of IoT, AI & machine learning on cyber security
    - Yahoo breach
    - Brexit and cybersecurity
    - Recommendations to CISO's developing security strategies

    About the speaker:
    Darren is an industry recognised IT innovator and strategist, with +20 years of industry experience. He is a published author. His latest work has recently been published by Wiley Co. and is entitled, “Delivering Utility Computing: Business Driven IT Optimisation”. Details can be found at www.amazon.com.
  • Interview: Delivering DevOps in a Legacy World - IT Myth or Reality? Recorded: Apr 24 2017 16 mins
    Simon Ratcliffe, Principal Consultant & IT Evangelist, Ensono & Alex Hilton, CEO, Cloud Industry Forum, Interview Moderator
    Interview in partnership with BrightTALK, The Stack and Cloud Industry Forum
    In this interview, Simon Ratcliffe, Principal Consultant & IT Evangelist, Ensono, shared with us ideas, recommendations and best practices on how to deliver DevOps in a legacy world.

    Among topics discussed:

    - Is DevOps for the legacy world?
    - What are the challenges of DevOps for legacy systems?
    - What makes the delivery of DevOps in a legacy world so different from the other worlds (start-up world, continuous delivery world, growth world etc?)
    - Case examples in which legacy organisations thrived or failed from adopting DevOps
    - And others

    About the Speaker:
    For publications see Simon's author page on the Digital Transformation People - http://www.thedigitaltransformationpeople.com/authors/simon-ratcliffe
  • Interview: The journey from Fragile, to Agile and now DevOps Recorded: Apr 24 2017 16 mins
    Jason Man, Head of DevOps, ECS-Digital & Andrew Bird, EA Visionary, Interview Moderator
    Interview in partnership with BrightTALK, The Stack and Cloud Industry Forum
    Jason Man, the Head of DevOps, ECS-Digital, shared with us his views on how DevOps and Digital Transformation interact with each other and whether DevOps is a prerequisite to a successful digital transformation programme or not.

    Topics up for discussion:
    - DevOps and Digital Transformation - are they for everyone?
    - The prerequisites to a successful digital transformation
    - Pitfalls to avoid when adopting digital transformation from the DevOps perspective
    - DevSecOps - security challenges in digital transformation
    - The future for UK enterprises in terms of digital transformation
    - Digital transformation recommendations

    About the Speaker:
    Jason is a DevOps practitioner covering roles in Development, Build and Release Management to Continuous Delivery and DevOps consultancy across clients in different sectors and across the globe.
  • Interview: How tech innovations impact the modern BCDR strategies? Recorded: Apr 24 2017 18 mins
    Sandra Bell, Head of BC & ISDG Consulting (Europe), Sungard & Andrew Bird, EA Visionary, Interview Moderator
    Interview in partnership with BrightTALK, The Stack and Cloud Industry Forum
    In this interview, Sandra Bell, Head of BC & ISDG Consulting (Europe), Sungard, will share with us how tech innovations impact the moderb BCDR strategies.

    Topics up for discussion:

    - Innovations in the cloud and BCDR
    - Critical things to know when creating a BCDR strategy
    - Latest trends in disaster recovery
    - Business continuity and digital transformation
    - Technology recovery solutions and local resilience strategies
    - And others

    About the Speaker:
    Sandra is a seasoned risk and business continuity professional with over 25 years’ experience of the design and management of strategic, business friendly risk, continuity and security solutions in public and private sectors. Experience ranges from: the management of risk and the protection of data within the UK’s main business process outsourcer to the financial and government sectors; to the protection of the largest part of the UK’s critical national infrastructure.
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  • Title: Rethinking DCIM: How It’s Changing the Game for Data Center Colocation
  • Live at: Sep 22 2016 2:00 pm
  • Presented by: Philippe Heim, Siemens AG; Miles Auvil, Siemens, Remi Duquette, MAYA HTT Ltd
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